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Cobalt SS TC vs 2012 Mustang V6
Cobalt TC GM STG1 tune downpipe and CAI, 2012 Mustang V6 with borla ATAK exhaust. The distance was just slightly over quarter mile, and by the end the cobalt hit about 190 kmph. Mustang wins from a dig, but by the end of second gear the cobalt effortlessly passes the mustang.
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2001 Tiburon custom exhaust
good listen of a 2001 tiburon full exhaust
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Killing a sheep
I killed it. Then I ate it.
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2009 Cobalt SS Turbo power
GM stage 1 with other minor modifications. Elevation 3500 ft or so and metric measurements, translating over to the expected 280 horses and 320 torque. More vids of the car to come.
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How to introduce a new cat to your cat
Introduced another cat to my crazy cat. She needs a friend.
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Deadlift 370 lbs
New accomplishment , after 4 months working out straight. Shooting for 400 in another couple months. 180 lbs body weight 15% fat
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Squat 315 x2
First time setting max on squats. Had a mile run and a good warm up prior, maybe too much. With 2 reps max should be around 324 for one. Shouldn't have tried for the third!
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Baby hiccups
Baby 2 1/2 weeks hiccuping hang getting mad over it.
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Scary my precious
Surprise for little guy crank up volume.
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Cobalt turbo 87 tune modded exhaust
Use ear phones or buds for life like sound. Lower than stock tune for regular fuel. Aftermarket air exhaust bypass and all
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385 deadlift
Yup. Should have tried 400 was feeling good today. Little rage to squeeze out.
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