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Styling Input Type File: Pure CSS solution
Adding a CSS style to the [ input type="file" ] using vanilla CSS has been a pain in the ass. Making changes to the button particularly is notorious. Hiding the element and styling it's label has it's own downsides. Here's a better way to achieve what is required! https://www.facebook.com/kishanwebdesigner https://www.instagram.com/kishanshetty97/
Views: 7113 Kishan Shetty
First Sight- Expectation vs Reality
This is a vine, more like an experiment. Hoping this has happened with you too as an influence of bollywood films. But here's how it really works. Enjoy!
Views: 942 Kishan Shetty
Kabali Trailer spoof
Footage entirely shot on Nexus 5x in 1080p resolution.
Views: 768 Kishan Shetty
Sunday Painting Sessions!
Wall art for a playschool, using enamel paint. Video shot on Nextbit Robin.
Views: 81 Kishan Shetty
IIN parody
Views: 253 Kishan Shetty

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