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What Is Peking Opera?
Many of us have seen the bright masks and heard the music, but what is Peking opera? How did the performance art start? What do the costumes mean? What does it take to become a Peking opera star? Watch our video to find out!
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How to make a Chinese Calligraphy Brush
Chinese have been using brush writing pen for thousands of years and it is still an item with cultural innotation in China. How do Chinese make those pens in ancient and current times?
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Top 5 Mega Solar Projects in China
China's rapid expansion of renewable energy facilities has caught headlines around the world. Here are the top 5 mega solar projects in China.
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What do German computer scientists think of China's growth?
What do German computer scientists think of China's growth? China Matters interviewed Andreas Reuter to see his ideas. China has seen massive growth in the past three decades and international scholars have taken notice of China's improvements.
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Chinese paper making process explained
Xuanzhi paper, a cultural treasure from China, can be preserved for more than 1000 years because of its painstaking making process. Check the video to see how the Chinese make those paper manually.
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Top 5 Best Chinese Smartphones 2018 - 2019
Today, we are talking about the best Chinese smartphones. Chinese manufactures have been stepping up their game lately and some of the best smartphones are now made by Chinese brands. Some of these phones are even better than your iPhone, especially when you compare prices! Don’t forget to subscribe and let’s jump right into our list with number 5.
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How does China fight poverty? A woman's story of escaping poverty
Over the last few decades, China has been working hard to reduce poverty. This is a story about how one woman has escaped poverty with the help of the CPC.
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Top 5 Awesome Mega Projects in China
You probably know China is building some pretty amazing things, so today; we wanted to talk about the top 5 awesome mega projects in China! Here are our picks for coolest mega project! Be sure to subscribe and tell us which project you like best!
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What is Moxibustion Traditional Therapy?
What is Moxibustion Traditional Therapy? Moxibusion was a major part of the medical practices of ancient China. It is noted for having no side effects and is knows as a green therapy.
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What do overseas Chinese professors think of China's growth?
He cried when his flight went across the Yangtze River. China Matters interviewed Lawrence Wang, an overseas Chinese professor. China has seen massive growth in the past three decades and international scholars have taken notice of China's improvements.
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Learn to write "family" 家 in Chinese calligraphy!
Chinese character “家”has the meaning of house, family and home. It also consists of two parts, and the lower part is half-surrounded by the upper part. In order to write this character beautifully, you need to know how to arrange each of the two parts properly.
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What do foreign scholars think of China's growth?
China now is the second largest economy in the world, but there are lots of voices criticizing China's success. What do foreign scholars think of it? China Matters interviewed scholars outside of China to know more about the issue.
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Why China is called China?
China has been an civilization since the ancient times. But when or why is it called as the name "China"? What is its origin? It is worth finding it out, though it might be a little bit more complex than you thought.
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BEYOND THE BORDER - China & Vietnam
Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to live near the border of two major economies? We take a look a like in Dongxing City, a border city between China and Vietnam.
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How Smart is China's answer to GPS?
China recently launched another part of the Beidou Satellite System and we wanted to take a look at some of the ways China will use this system. We look at some of the important aspects of this project and how it will benefit Chinese people and everyone around the globe.
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Do you know how advanced Chinese science is now?
The world has underestimated China’s rise as a scientific power. Chinese investment is paying off with serious advances in biotech, computing and space tech. Recently, a laboratory in Shanghai has succeeded in cloning macaque monkeys and China will become the first nation in the world to send a lunar rover to explore the far side of the moon later this year. Check the video to see more.
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Why We Fight? World War II: The Asia Pacific Front
After the surprise aerial attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, China called on the UK, the U.S. and Soviet Union to establish the anti-fascist alliance.
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How AI is helping doctors in China?
Medical robots have been developing to better help hospitals treat patients in the Chinese market. We look at how artificial intelligence in medicine is changing Chinese hospitals.
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Liquid metal robot is almost here in China?
China has got breaking achievement on liquid metal research. China Matters interviewed the leader of China's liquid metal team to know about their work and more.
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Young Entrepreneurs in China: What is life like for startups?
This video show several young Chinese entrepreneurs and their stories. They are making huge changes with their innovative minds in different sectors. Find out more about Startups in China. Thumbnail Template by Thumb Temps: http://thumbtemps.com/license/
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Top 5 countries that export crude oil to China
Driven by its steady economic growth, China is now the largest importer of crude oil in the world. Here is our list of the top 5 countries that export oil to China.
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China is Leading the World in Electric Vehicles
China is currently the largest EV Market in the world and is looking to dominate the industry by 2025. China Watch wanted to find out more about this growing market and what consumers think about electric cars. Here is our first part to the EV series.
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Chinese college life in the eyes of international students
Chinese college life in the eyes of international students. We talked to some international students to find out what life in a Chinese college is like. #expatsinchina
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China's changes in the past 30 years
How much has China changed in the past 30 years? This short film looks at common scenes in the 1980s versus today. The changes will surprise you.
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Top 5 Awesome Green Projects in China
Welcome to Top 5 China, today we are talking about some of the awesome green projects in China. Many of you know about China’s pollution problem, but you might not know about some of the solutions the government and companies are working on to solve these problems. So, we are going to look at some of the awesome green projects in China.
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Uncle Hanzi Teaches Chinese: Learn Chinese Pictograph
Richard Sears, from the USA, is so passionate about the Chinese Language that he is even called Uncle Hanzi (Uncle Chinese Characters!) Join Him for a fun session on the history of the fascinating language which is spoken by over 1.3 Billion People!
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How did the Allies Win WWII in East Asia?
How the Allies Won WWII in East Asia? Cooperation, sacrifice, and mutual support connected and united the Allies to win the war. This cartoon looks at how China was able to help the Allies win in East Asia.
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How one woman helped a village fight poverty?
Over the last few decades, more than 600 million Chinese have got out of poverty.This is a story about how one village head helped her villagers to escape poverty.
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Will China Find a Cure for Cancer?
China’s biotech industry is booming and many companies are working on a cure for cancer. This means China could be the first country to successfully cure cancers in a cost effective way. New techniques are currently being tested that could improve treatment and help cure cancer.
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Do Vietnamese like working with the Chinese?
Dongxing city is the hub for cross border trade with China and Vietnam. A Look At China wanted to know more about these people and their lives. Here is a story about how these people live and work in both China and Vietnam.
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How to draw a tree in landscape painting using Chinese Brushes
Draw a tree in landscape painting is different with drawing a normal tree. Hide or expose the tip of the brush pen when drawing a tree in Chinese landscape painting. Sound familiar to you? Yes! Practice those tips you’ve learnt from learning Chinese calligraphy. It could benefit a lot.
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Top 5 Fastest Growing Industries in China
China is fast becoming the land of opportunity for many skilled professionals, so, today we wanted to take a look at some of the fastest growing industries in China. Many industries are growing rapidly in China, but we wanted to highlight these industries, let’s get started with number 5.
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Top 5 best Chinese Car Companies
Globally, China is the largest automotive market, both in terms of demand and supply. In 2017, China produced almost 25 million passenger cars and around four million commercial vehicles. China is expected to also drive demand in the automotive market, with close to 35 million expected vehicle sales in 2020. That is a lot of vehicles, so let’s talk about the biggest car companies in China.
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Top 5 Chinese achievements in the last 5 years
What are the top 5 most significant achievements for China in the last 5 years? China has been developing many new technology and improving the livelihood of its people.
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Female Conductors on China's high-speed trains
Conductors on China's high speed trains are trained for a very long time before they go to work. This video tells the story of a woman doing her job to help the train system go well.
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The New Chinese Aircraft Carrier is Powerful
China's aircraft carrier program reached a series of milestones, with its first home-built carrier launching in mid 2017. China's new military fleet will be one of the strongest in the world.
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Broken No More: a look at Kintsugi in China
Do you know how Chinese professionals repair major damage in time-valued vessels? Kintsugi, also known as Kintsukuroi, has become very popular in Chin in the last few years.
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5 Industries China is Dominating! You Can't Guess them
China has long been known for dominating manufacturing, but recently China has been dominating other markets too. So, today we are looking at the top 5 markets China is unexpectedly dominating. These markets are unexpected because you wouldn’t initially think Chinese companies would be leading in these areas. Let’s jump right into our list with number 5. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment below to tell us which markets you think China is dominating.
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Top 5 Most Powerful Chinese Brands in the Global Market
Chinese brands are often overlooked in the global market, but things are changing and China is building some powerful brands. Here are the Top 5 Most Powerful Chinese Brands in the Global Market
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How many times has Jack Ma failed?
The life of Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, was once a huge failure before he became one of the most successful businessmen in Asia.
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What do Portuguese scholars think of China's development?
What do Portuguese scholars think of China's growth? China Matters interviewed Carlos Salema to see his ideas. China has seen massive growth in the past three decades and international scholars have taken notice of China's improvements.
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Shanxi: a province where China's history began
Dubbed a cradle of China’s 5,000-year-old civilization, Shanxi has fostered a distinctive culture of its own. Check this marvelous cartoon to find out more.
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China's Sharing Economy - What's fueling the boom?
What's behind China's sharing economy boom? Is it a bubble waiting to burst or a phenom that is about to explode into the stratosphere? China Matters investigates.
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The Chinese space exploration team is achieving a lot!
China's space capabilities and ambitions have been growing rapidly in recent years.
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Top 5 greatest achievements of BRICS
The BRICS countries account for approximately 23% of global GDP and about 43% of the global population. What has it achieved in the past decade?
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Top 5 Chinese Cities for Foreign Workers
It doesn’t matter if you are from the US, Malaysia, Pakistan, or Russia there are many opportunities for foreign workers in China. So today, we are looking at the top 5 Chinese cities for foreign workers.
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Things you should know about China's aviation market
China's aviation market is booming with increasing number of people eager to travel with planes. And China wants more pilots from other countries. If you want to get rich, learn to fly in China.
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What problems can the Blockchain solve?
Food safety has long been a problem in China. Thanks to the block chain technology, Chinese retailers like JD.com are doing their best to ensure food safety in China. Check the video to see how block chain is used in the industry.
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What do German scholars think of China's growth?
What do German scholars think of China's growth? China Matters intereviewed Klaus Hekking from Heidelberg University. China has seen massive growth in the past three decades and international scholars have taken notice of China's improvements.
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Top 5 High Paying Careers in China
Are you interested in starting your new career in China? If yes, then take a look at these top 5 high paying careers. China’s economy has been growing strong for the last few decades and now many people from different countries are starting their careers here. So, let’s jump right into our list with number 5.
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