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How To Make Elementor Work With The Genesis Front Page
2 FREE MONTHS on Skillshare - https://skl.sh/2Ncrz6H So I got an error message when trying out the Elementor page builder on the Genesis front page. It says, Sorry the content area was not found in your page. You must call 'the_content' function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page. Here is how to fix it. Post: https://travis.media/make-elementor-work-genesis-front-page Website: https://travis.media Twitter: https://twitter.com/travisdotmedia
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Build a blog with Mezzanine CMS - The BEST Django CMS! - 2018 Tutorial
Go and take the entire course for FREE on Skillshare - http://bit.ly/2ojMjPa Take the entire course on Udemy - http://bit.ly/2HholjR Looking for a WordPress alternative? Enjoy programming in Python? Do you love Django but wish you could have the core features there already by default and with a friendlier interface? Well Mezzanine might be exactly what you are looking for. Mezzanine is a powerful Content Management System that is built using the Django framework, but differs in that instead of having to build out models/view/templates for basic features, Mezzanine provides many of them by default, including the ability to create pages and posts in the admin with a beautiful, user-friendly interface. Mezzanine can also be added onto a Django project and can be extended with e-commerce functionality. In this course, you will learn all about its features as we build out a clean, responsive blog with dynamic blog posts, custom hero images, a contact form, and much more using Mezzanine's tools and templates. Why this class? Because aside from the docs, there are hardly any tutorials out there for using Mezzanine, and any that you do find are from 4-5 years ago. Therefore, I decided to create one comprehensive, thorough course on it myself. Also, it's common for clients to ask for blogs to be built, but are opposed to using WordPress for various reasons. Mezzanine offers the perfect alternative for them! Requirements This is a course on Mezzanine, not on HTML or CSS, so it would be good to have an understanding of the two. This will be assumed in the course. Also, since Mezzanine is built with Python and on the Django framework, the student should have a basic understanding of those as well, however because of the dozens of templates shipped with Mezzanine, these can be picked up rather quickly as we use those as "guides." Who should take this course? Anyone who wants to learn more about Mezzanine Anyone who is looking for a WordPress alternative for their blog Anyone who finds Django overkill for creating blogs for their clients. Anyone looking to add a new tool to their web development portfolio. Whether you fit into these categories or not, Mezzanine is an excellent CMS and I am certain you will be as excited to use it as I am.
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How To Install WordPress Locally With MAMP
In this video, I will show you how to easily Install WordPress on your local computer with MAMP. Whether you install WordPress locally to build out a site for your client or for your own design purposes, MAMP is a great option and makes it easy to set up. (Sorry for the mouse click noises, forgot to cut that off) My Website: https://travis.media My Learn to Code Blueprint Course: https://learntocodeblueprint.com Blog: https://travis.media/blog FREE JavaScript Course: https://travis.media/introducing-20-minute-methods-javascript
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Dubb Review and practical walkthrough - AppSumo Deal
Here's a practical walkthrough and review of a video app called Dubb - a great all around video marketing solution. The AppSumo deal is no longer available, but you can still pick it up here -- http://bit.ly/2PFaqTE Read the blog post at: http://bit.ly/2FZAzNw More blog articles & tutorials at https://travis.media
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How to import Large SQL database easily in MAMP phpMyAdmin
Not being able to import a large SQL file in your local WordPress site can be frustrating. This video will show you one easy step to import your large SQL file in MAMP on your local computer.
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Gravity Forms CSS - A Simple Guide
Gravity Forms is hands down the most powerful form plugin for WordPress. That being said, it can be very hard to style to taste. So I've created this video as a Simple Guide to Gravity Forms CSS, that will teach you 4 concepts you need to know to make it a much easier endeavor. Subscribe to the channel! I've also written a blog post on Gravity Forms CSS that includes a link for you to download the High-Quality Gravity Forms diagram for yourself. Here's the link - http://bit.ly/2Jzqnwz Make CSS changes without ANY coding knowledge - http://bit.ly/2Jcfocf
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How To Switch AdWords Express Back To AdWords
Get TWO FREE MONTHS on Skillshare - https://skl.sh/2Ncrz6H What do you do when AdWords is redirecting you to AdWords Express every time you log in? This video will show you how to easily switch your AdWords Express back to the AdWords original. My Website: travis.media Learn to Code and Get a Job in Six Months: https://www.travis.media/learn-to-code-and-get-a-job-in-six-months-step-by-step
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Moving Your Elementor Page Design To The Genesis Front Page
This is a follow-up to my video from last September entitled "How To Make Elementor Work With The Genesis Front Page." A viewer asked how to build the Elementor page in the background, and then migrate it to the Genesis front page when it's completed. This video will show you how to build your page out as a draft, add it to the Elementor library, and import it to the Genesis front page when you are ready. Subscribe to the channel to stay updated will all upcoming videos regarding web development, Genesis themes, freelancing, blogging, and conquering life in general. Website: https://travis.media Ebooks: https://travis.media
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JavaScript For Bulma - Modals
Get the vanilla JavaScript to make Bulma modals functional here. This is part of a series of videos on how to incorporate vanilla JavaScript with Bulma. Each video will look at a specific component or element of Bulma and will provide a JavaScript solution to make it functional.
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RelayThat Review: The Way I Use It For Marketing Images
** Lifetime Deal is Back through the end of the year -- http://bit.ly/2QPcz3F ** This is a followup to my detailed review of RelayThat (link below). After a few days of learning the program, I've determined how I CAN and CANNOT use it in my business and wanted to share those ways to help you use it more effectively. RelayThat is an application that I will be using a LOT and this video will show you a few ways to do that. Highly recommended. And it's currently on AppSumo for a one-time price of $49, for a lifetime license! Link to my detailed review of RelayThat - http://bit.ly/2FPl8m9 Link to get the AppSumo deal - http://bit.ly/2tWNidx And subscribe to the channel! Check out https://travis.media for all things related to coding, web development, freelancing, blogging, and conquering life in general.
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How to color over black and white image in Affinity Photo
In this video, I'll show how to easily make a photo black and white, and then paint back the colors into the image with Affinity Photo. Website: https://travis.media Travis.Media: Coding, Freelancing, Web Design, Blogging, Conquering Life...
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What does that e mean in JavaScript functions? A basic explanation with examples
What does that e mean in JavaScript and jQuery? Here is a brief, simple video showing the properties of the event object and examples of what data you can retrieve, capture, etc. with it. Be sure to Subscribe to the channel! and... check out more helpful articles relating to Freelancing, Coding, Business, and Life in general at: https://travis.media
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How to Copy your live WordPress site to your local computer with Duplicator
In this video I'll show you step-by-step how to easily make a copy of your live WordPress production website and copy it to your local computer using the Duplicator plugin. This will give you the opportunity to do testing, to further customize your website, or test upcoming WordPress releases like the Gutenberg plugin or Elementor 2.0 Beta without compromising your live website in any way. More at: https://travis.media Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/travisdotmedia
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How To Properly set up your Cookie Notice Plugin
Have you installed a cookie policy plugin recently? Perhaps because of all the GDPR hype? If you have, what exactly is your cookie plugin doing? By default, the majority of them do nothing at all. This video will take one of the most popular of them, Cookie Notice, and show you how to properly set it up. Visit the website: https://www.travis.media Learn to Code & Get a job: http://bit.ly/2Jcfocf
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How To Fix The Elementor GetComputedStyle jQuery Errors
I had multiple GetComputedStyle errors in my console on certain pages of my website, even though these pages were not using the Elementor page builder plugin. Here is a brief video on how to get rid of these GetComputed Style jQuery errors and how to avoid them in the future when using Elementor. Website: https://travis.media Twitter: https://twitter.com/travisdotmedia
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How To Create A Custom Checkbox In Gravity Forms
The associated blog post can be found here: https://travis.media/create-custom-checkbox-in-gravity-forms The checkbox in Gravity Forms takes on the default browser style. This video will show you how to create your own custom checkbox in Gravity Forms from scratch in just 3 steps. More at https://travis.media
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Learn to Code and Get a Job in Six Months - The Blueprint
Resources below! It is absolutely possible for you to learn to code and get a job within six months. You need an actionable plan, and you need to keep a narrow focus on the fundamentals (HTML, CSS, JS, etc), not getting distracted by all the options out there. I have created a free, 6-month blueprint, broken down week by week, to guide you through the process to teach you to code, nail the job interview, and land your new developer job. Get it here: The Blueprint Online Course - https://learntocodeblueprint.com The Blueprint Ebook - http://bit.ly/2jnH2DP
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How to easily override a plugin's CSS without using important rule
Sometimes it is hard to override a plugin's CSS, so we resort to using the !important rule. Here is an easy way to override it every time without using, important. More at https://travis.media Subscribe to the channel!
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Crystal.ai Review and Walkthrough - an AppSumo Steal
I am going to take you through the newest AppSumo deal, and it's one you aren't going to want to miss. Its called Crystal.ai and it's a powerful AI software that gathers up all your social & website data into one, smart, interactive hub. Is it simply a brilliant Siri? or is it more? Check out my review as I take you step buy step through the inside of Crystal.ai. DOWNLOAD NOW ---- http://bit.ly/2LusDkW My Detailed Blog Review ---- http://bit.ly/2Lwg6Of Follow me on Facebook ---- http://bit.ly/2M2MMjg
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A Review Of Filmora Video Editor (AppSumo Deal)
Filmora is on AppSumo this week for a Black Friday special of only $49! In case you're on the fence, here is a look at it in action. I've used it in the past for all of my YouTube videos (including this one) as well as my online courses and highly recommended it. My website: https://travis.media Pick it up on AppSumo at ---- http://bit.ly/2QVS02p Other Deals: SocialBee - http://bit.ly/2KhwcM2 - See my detailed review - http://bit.ly/2AfBPWH Plutio - All In One Business Solution Lemlist - Automated outreach VooPlayer - Smart video hosting Skillshare - Two FREE months access - http://bit.ly/2ojMjPa My Video Equipment: Microphone - https://amzn.to/2KiikkK Filmora Macbook Pro
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Deploying a Mezzanine project to Digital Ocean - Complete Walkthrough 2018 - Python 3
A complete walkthrough on how to deploy a Mezzanine project to Digital Ocean using Fabric and Python 3. Go and take the entire course for FREE on Skillshare - http://bit.ly/2ojMjPa Take the entire course on Udemy - http://bit.ly/2HholjR This video provides a complete walkthrough on how to deploy a Mezzanine project to Digital Ocean and includes: - A detailed look at Fabric - A walkthrough of the Fabfile.py - How to deploy with Python 3 - How to migrate your database - How to troublehoot on Digital Ocean via FTP Digital Ocean 2 free months - http://bit.ly/2OMM2jd Go and take the entire course for FREE on Skillshare - http://bit.ly/2MgAZhR Take the entire course on Udemy - http://bit.ly/2Mf5Zij Check out https://travis.media for more resources on web development, freelancing, and conquering life in general.
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How To Find Long Term Clients From Upwork
In this video, I'll give four steps to finding long-term clients from Upwork. After establishing these clients, take them off of Upwork to avoid the 20% fee in the future. More related Upwork posts: - How to make extra money on Upwork while learning to code - http://bit.ly/2Ke98Na - 6 types of Upwork job listings you should skip - http://bit.ly/2IwKV7z - Learn to code and get a job in six months blueprint - http://bit.ly/2rakdHE My website: Travis.Media
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Install WordPress locally with Local By Flywheel
A quick video showing you how to install a local copy of WordPress on your computer using Local By Flywheel. My site: https://travis.media
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JavaScript for Bulma - Tabs
Create fully functional tabs with Bulma and a little vanilla JavaScript. This is part of a larger series called JavaScript for Bulma. Subscribe to the channel!! Get FREE MONTHS of coding tutorials on Skillshare -- http://bit.ly/2ojMjPa
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Mezzanine Cartridge Tutorial - Installation and Setup
A video on how to install and setup Cartridge in a Mezzanine CMS project. Go and take the entire Mezzanine course for FREE on Skillshare - http://bit.ly/2ojMjPa Take the entire Mezzanine course on Udemy - http://bit.ly/2HholjR
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What makes a great developer? Here are three characteristics
Three consistent characteristics found in good coders and developers. Check out more at: https://travis.media
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Learn To Code in 2019 - The Blueprint Course - January Enrollment
UPDATE: The course is live! Check it out at https://learntocodeblueprint.com Here's the latest update on the Learn to Code Blueprint Course and a sneak peek into some of the lessons. As of now, December 11, it's still under construction, but I wanted to post an update as to the latest features. The course kicks off & first enrollment begins this coming January. If you are planning on learning to code in 2019, or just starting out in the field of web development, and eventually want to change careers, this will be the course for you. Watch the full video for a time-sensitive announcement regarding the first 10 enrollments! And most importantly, if you are interested, click this link to let me know here and secure your spot -- http://bit.ly/2zWCFrN
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ConvertFox and Zapier Integration - Get New Lead Alerts by Email
How to receive alerts when new leads are added in ConvertFox via integration with Zapier. 2 FREE MONTHS on Skillshare - https://www.travis.media/recommends/skillshare Take my new course on Mezzanine - https://skl.sh/2M84Nj5 Free ebook in how I learned to code and started freelancing full time in just one year - http://bit.ly/2jnH2DP
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Make CSS and style changes without knowing any Code
Make CSS Changes and style changes to your website, No Coding Required. There are three options presented in this video: 1. Page Builders - Elementor is my recommendation. Get is here http://bit.ly/2GVibBC 2. Use the Chrome Developer Tools to identify your changes (explained and demonstrated in the video) 3. Learn HTML and CSS in 1 month. For a blueprint on how to do this visit my post here -- http://bit.ly/2E779vj
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How To Exclude Categories On Specific Search Forms In WordPress
How To Exclude Categories On Specific Search Forms In WordPress. Copy the code at:
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Haven’t Used The Gutenberg WordPress Editor Yet? Then Start Here
The new Gutenberg WordPress Editor is coming with WordPress 5.0 this year. If you have not tried it out, here are three simple steps to set it up and feel confident about it in just 20 minutes. Recommended course: An Intro to Gutenberg by Joe Casabona ( http://bit.ly/intro2g ) -- use coupon code 'bufftastic' for 35% off!!
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How to Align Font Awesome Icons Horizontally
Here is how to align the Font Awesome icons horizontally on your webpage using two CSS snippets. Website: https://travis.media Twitter: https://twitter.com/travisdotmedia
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How To Remove The Genesis Blog Sidebar and Center the Text
Many people are now opting to remove the sidebar from their blog posts to free up distraction and give a more pleasing reading experience. This is a tutorial for how to remove the sidebar in the blog posts of Genesis themes and center the text in the middle of the page. Referenced Blog Post: A Balanced Solution To The WordPress Sidebar Debate --- http://bit.ly/2HBAPyK Referenced Page Builder: Elementor: http://bit.ly/2CDVkHn
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Create a Simple Drop Shadow Effect In Canva
Creating a drop shadow effect in Canva can be easily done and is a wonderful way to make your text stand out. Watch the video to see how in less than 1 minute! More at https://travis.media
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Visitor Analytics - A Review (AppSumo Lifetime Deal)
A review and walkthrough of a new AppSumo deal called Visitor Analytics. It's like Google Analytics but simpler and more focused (and it has a snazzy dashboard). Check the video for more information on it. Go get the lifetime deal --- http://bit.ly/2Dgypp5
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How To Setup Siteground's Let's Encrypt SSL In 6 Minutes
Siteground makes it easy to setup SSL with their free tool, Let's Encrypt. The process is rather easy, but there is another issue you need to address as well.... Mixed Content. Well, that's an easy fix. Watch and see. Blog Post: https://travis.media/how-to-setup-sitegrounds-lets-encrypt-ssl-in-6-minutes Website: https://travis.media Twitter: https://twitter.com/travisdotmedia
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