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1000 Pterodactyl Horns - Lucas Kerper
In a sort of ''webcam'' style, this video should have the word ''ART'' typed all over it. Everything from the lyrics, to the cuts of video takes; this piece is it's own version/reaction solo-in-home-home-pop-culture. What this is: a piano track with melodica, flute, and guitar overlays, what this is less of: singing, and even less of: great lyrics, and what this is not: a super high budget awesome video by a group of rad video producers. From my busy work week to yours, this is a little piece I've managed to "hobby-in".
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The Flight Of The Metallic Ptarmigan [Version 2]
What began as playing the drums, one track at a time, I added various other instruments and even hand claps... In this version two, I have made some cuts and trims, also added some subtle pitch-shifting to some notes as a way of creating additional melodic features. The video and pictures are footage from a trip to New York City as well as me playing guitar and drums in my bedroom. Comment if you would like, subscribe, share, let me know what you think! Cheers!
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Winter Blues in A# 2015
A post production video phaser, a real-life drummer and bass guitar player but one at a time. Originally in A#, and finished in 2015. Tons of my music is on soundcloud.com/lkerper in fact I would have to say that much more of my music can be found there. Most likely I will have to set up a patreon account to bring in funding for this project in the long run. I would like to hire a manager and a marketing agent, although these things are down the road and do take time. Thank you for your continued support. www.lapseadrecover.bandcamp.com like "remember that one time at band camp?"
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Sandals On A Rainy Day [Video Compile with Original Guitar, Flute and Handdrum Music]
Snippette of some of my music. Music is from 2007-2010 and video was circa 2011. Older musical rendering from my desktop PC, featuring various guitar solos and even a melodica solo. Believe it or not, this is not even the full version (the full version has a longer intro...) Simple handdrum in the background, all in all a simple jovial and organic musical piece. As a side note: due to the instrumental quality of this song (there is no singing) the title is just a simple made-up song title. It is possible that changing the title would better the viewing and listening experience. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this particularly in the comments below if you feel so inclined. Cheers, and thank you for all your support!
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The Pumpkin Shuffle photo collage
Guitar solos, a little flute, a couple verses of poetic rhyme, and some random photos from 2011-2013. Folky and jazzy guitar rock that includes a piano as rythmn as well. I spent a lot of time getting the mix on this one "just right" and had fun laying down the vocals of the verses. I hope you enjoy. Also so that you know, I have a boat-load of original music that I ahve created over the years availble for free listen on www.lapseandrecover.bandcamp.com as well as my www.soundcloud.com/lkerper account eventually I will have to start up a patreon page so that I can post and create even more music for you. I hope that you enjoy!
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My Little Loop [E Maj] - Lucas Kerper
This piece has definitely been one of my favorites to work on. What began in 2015 has continued to advance and change over time making it one of my favorites from 2015! The video is from a trip to Mt. Hood, and the original music I played all the parts and recorded myself. In home production... Feel free to check out my SoundCloud page : www.SoundCloud.com/lkerper for much more of my original music.
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Jim Croce I've Got A Name Cover Song by Lucas Kerper
This is a cover of a piece of by Jim Croce. visit www.soundcloud.com/lkerper to check out my original music! enjoy! To purchase, donate, or perusal more of Lucas's original music visit: www.lapseandrecover.bandcamp.com
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Blueberry Skies [Tap] - Lucas Kerper
Touted to be one of my bests, this piece includes flutes, guitar melodies, and a live drumset. Finger tapping the guitar fretboard, singing about sunny days soplando thru reggae and high hat beats. the flute line is mellow, dusky sunset stylz. Free posters from NASA thank you you guys! All music written, recorded, and produced by Lucas James Kerper copyright 2015 Thanks to Sony Vegas Video Pro and my friends and family for all your continued support! I love you guys! "Zapping electric flashes of thunder..." Feel free to check out my www.soundcloud.com/lkerper or better yet: www.lapseandrecover.bandcamp.com or if you are wanting to really dig up some oldskool dirt, visit www.cdbaby.com/cd/luketunes lol best tho would be www.cdbaby.com/cd/lapseandrecover2
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Beautiful Autumn Leaves Blowing In The Wind ORIGINAL MUSIC
Autumn leaves and music from Oregon. Tree City USA!
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Drums, Bass, electricguitar, Indie Music °STEREO° ~SPLIT~
This is a piece meant to take you back to earlier days, when rock and roll had changed lanes and began to internetwork. Typed and described. Admitidly this is a slightly older piece originally recorded back in 2005 I believe. Acoustic drumkit, Stratocaster Fender electric guitar... #2005 #salemmusic #oregonmusic #originalmusic #folkrock dude singing solo to Tindr and tundra. #portlandoregon #indierock #indie #alternativerock #progressive #progressiverock
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Autumn House Party Music Video - Lucas Kerper
Random video collage including shots of Symmetry Symmetry, a Salem Oregon rock band performing live in a house at a party. Music "August 1 Brush To Brush" by Lucas Kerper Features Charlie Kerper on the electric guitar playing lead. www.lapseandrecover.bandcamp.com footage from Halloween night
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"Drops of Stripe and Thunder" WeVideo
Rare, thunder drops, fast-fading, medium-sized fun. This is an altered take from 2016. 'Tis truly mayhem at 125% huh!? #faster. Perhaps these videos that I've been posting could use a trim but through the WeVideo app, editing is rather limited.
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