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The first one was an accident...
Check out this amusing incident that happened during an Omnigul Nightfall.
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Bad Juju - String of Awesome Perk
Do you have a moment to talk about how awesome Bad Juju is?
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Hunter Triple Jump Saves the Day
Sometimes you forget which one is the cleanse button and which one is the bash button.
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Slow down ya maniac!
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Thanks for the revive!
I think this guys brother is in the Cayde's Stash mission.
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Destiny Nightfall Strike Valus Ta'aurc Box Cheese Warning
Be careful when hiding in the cheese box spot. Those Phalanx's have got some powerful shields! NO CLIPPING MODE: IDSPISPOPD
Views: 1258 elspanielo
How do you sparrow?
I'm quite skilled with my Sparrow. Watch out Cabal!
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Archon Priest vs. Gjallarhorn
Gotta love that solar burn.
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Sleeper Simulant Backfire
Be careful where you aim that thing.
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Sol Progeny Cheese
Found this nice little safe spot on Mars.
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2 Bladedancers VS. Taniks the Scarred
Arc Burn and Brawler enabled!
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POE Treasure Room sans Treasure
I kept getting dropped in to the treasure room in the Prison of Elders, unfortunately there was no treasure to be found.
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I just wanted my damn medallion!!!
I don't mind loosing, but I do mind wasting my time.
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There will be no victory dancing!
Only defeat dancing.
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To the Stocks with yee Dreg Bastard!
Poor guy got a little hung-up.
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