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Summoners War : NEW Unawakened Monsters Transmogrifications!! + June Events
Hello everyone! Today we have some exciting news, first off, the puzzle event has been announced for June 2016 so we cover that first. The best news though, is that com2us will be making transmogrifications for pre-awakened monsters when December comes! You can find it under the picture for the transmogrify section here: http://summonerswar-forum.com/threads/rift-of-worlds-world-boss-and-transmogrification-update.3570/
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Summoners War : Time to Summon!! :D
Hello everyone! Time for me to summon for water mummy for the panda... Lol... I bought some extra scrolls and ended up running out of space. The Last Four Scrolls: fire mystic witch wind neostone agent :( wind imp champion water pierret (: will build Summary of What I Got: i.imgur.com/47k4w36.png i.imgur.com/mg1Pavg.png Mav's second and third skill went up perfectly!
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Summoners War : Time to SUMMON!!!
Warning; semi-salt ?
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Summoners War : Results of my Summoning!
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Summoners War : New Video from Com2Us!
Hello everybody! Here's a video com2us released on facebook to promote the 2 year anniversary for Summoners War! ^_^ Cool! Watch it yourself: https://www.facebook.com/SummonersWarCom2us/videos/1755681818012349/
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Summoners War : Review on hawk01's Monster
Here is hawk01, a guild member of mine. We look over his island, mons and runes, and give him advice on them. I will add spanish subtitles when I get the chance!
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Diana con mucho AP hehe - League of Legends
Jugando cosas por que si.
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Events and Guild War Battle
Today we just cover the events a bit of the new balancing of monsters. I had some problems with the video so I just left it out (wasn't going to redo it, haha!) and hopefully will get it fixed by tomorrow or monday. *I said tomorrow is free toa - which will problaby be today, May 28.
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Buin Zoo
Fui a Buin zoo! Otras fotos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507994416367362&type=1&l=6dc46f849a
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Glory Tamers : Introduction
Hey guys! I started playing this game, not many people play but I find it really fun!
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Summoners War : Random Day!
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Summoners War : Time to be a real summoner!
Hey there! Extra: I did the stones for lushen/lisa week, got 3 lightning and got 2 bombers and a mermaid ;'(
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Summoners War : Guild War from Saturday
So here we're just chilling...
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Pokemon Go : My First Day!
OMG! Someone's at the clinic at 11pm?! And... they took the gym??? LOL!!! Follow me on twitter: @neochen10 Check on Pokemon Go Server at: cmmcd.com/PokemonGo
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Como Cuando Destruyes con Katarina
Y esto es solo en practica, haha.
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SW: Para un Amigo... Toa 90 (English Subtitles)
Hola todos! Mi amigo me pidio ayuda con toa 90 entonces hice todo toa en advance aun que aun me falta grabar los videos de toa para el canal. Espero que estos tips te ayuden y para que veas como lo hice. El tiene a Poseidon y por eso use el mio, pienso que usar a Shailoq el Serpent de Agua o Spectra el Griffon de Fuego tambien hace lo mismo. Hello everybody! Don't worry, just turn on the subtitles to understand everything I say. My friend asked me for help on toa 90 so I rushed ToA just for him even though I only have videos of toa made up to around toa 53. I hope this video and tips will help him beat it, and I know he has Poseidon which is why I used mine in this case. I think he could be replaced with Shailoq the water serpent or Spectra de fire griffon depending on the situation.
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Summoners War : Reviewing CrashotxDD's Monsters Part 2
Hello everybody, here we are finishing up CrashotxDD's island and I forgot to mention how important substats are - so I will do so another time. Here's part 1: https://youtu.be/SABAXFSyDQU
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Summoners War : 2 Year Anniversary Event + Random Talk
WHAT IS THIS... oh my the beast monk is so pretty!!! So, I've been playing for a total of one year and six months now, back then people were 6*ing Drunken Masters and using a team of Water Imps to solo Giants. It was much easier to summon nat5s (apparently), and no one really knew what they were doing. Actually, I came in around the time where people starting figuring out what worked and what didn't. Cause you know when a game starts out, people just play for fun. The thing is, with this game, there is no winning. We talk a little about the story com2us has given us and what it means to summon monsters - have you guys ever wondered where the monsters come from? Anyways, a lot has changed this the beginning of the game, not just the addition of necro and raids but a lot of minor things as well. We celebrated 60 million downloads but I think this event means more to the dedicated players of SW and I can't wait for another fantastic year. ------- Here are the links to what I talked about in the Rune Tips Video that I may redo tomorrow: More Tips for Rune Removal: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/comments/48si9s/tips_for_free_rune_removal_day_success_edited/ Here's a list of how Nat5s should be runed according to certain people: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/comments/3fl0dx/ultimate_nat_5_compendium/ Here's a list of how all Nat3s should be runed according to certain people: (second post) https://forum.com2us.com/forum/main-forum/summoner-s-war/guides-and-tips-ac/649166-game-guide-how-to-rune-your-units Monsters that reduce atk bar: http://summonerswar.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:JembeL/List_of_Monsters_that_can_decrease_enemy%E2%80%99s_attack_bar Should I Keep the Rune - more In-Depth: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/comments/372pdq/guide_to_runes_rule_of_thumbs/ Important Speed Info for Late Game: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/comments/3vtfgk/indepth_guide_speedtuning_your_arena_team/ Verdehile! (Swift Vs. Violent) : https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/comments/3kndkg/the_ultimate_verdehile_fire_vampire_guide_violent/ More SW info I will cover in the future: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/comments/4ldivs/a_collection_of_some_good_high_quality_text/
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Summoners War : NEW REAL TIME LIVE ARENA BATTLES with friends and guild members!! (6/21)
Hello everybody! Check the developer's note under notices in the game to see further information on the real time / live arena battles that's coming out in two weeks. You'll be able to fight your friends and guild members in 15 seconds turn base. Also, I will be uploading the reviews I promised tonight or tomorrow - I've been busy sorry! I got an awakened fire ninetails from my toa legendary o_____o I will be talking more about her lately. STILL FAKE 5.
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Summoners War : Random Rune Upgrading!
Just a random video where I rant and I talk a little bit about how you should focus on your runes.
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Earning Mana for Beginners (and general tips)
Basically, early on, doing Secret Dungeons 2* and 3* gives more mana than Drags B7 and gives you food to evolve your monsters! Thanks for watching, if you want more of this sort of content, like, comment and/or subscribe ;) Here's a text version of what I said: DB7 7 energy for 6400+ mana with a time of 2:30 min DB10 8 energy for 13.700+ mana with a time of 3:00 min SD 2* 3 energy for 4400 mana with a time of 2:30 min D.Rift (H) 30 energy for 28.000 mana with a time of 40 sec -------------------------------- Based on 210 Energy Spent DB7 gave 192.000+ mana with 1 hour 15 min DB10 gave 360.000+ mana with 1 hour 25 min SD 2* gave 308.000+ mana with 3 hour D.Rift (H) gave 196.000+ mana with 5 minutes -------------------------------- Based on 5 minutes Time (with refills at 80 energy max) DB7 spent 14 energy, gain 12.800+ mana (5+ run per refill) 5:14 DB10 spent 12 energy, gain 20600+ mana (10 run per refill) SD 2* spent 6 energy, gain 8800+ mana (13 run per refill) DR Hard spent 210 energy, gain 196000 mana (3 run per refill) -------------------------------- Tamor 3 Hell Mode gives more exp and mana (by 1.8x) than Dimensional Rifts Hard. D.Rift Hard: 74.700 / 30 crystals From Shop: 40.000 / 30 crystals
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Summoners War : Random Talk and Guild War Battles!
Hello everybody! I usually don't have time to record the guild war battles but I'll try to get that in some days of the week! Get ready because I'll be uploading all the toa stages very soon~
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Opening Hearthstone Packs
Tons of packs! LEGENDARIES! (saved up 3k+ gold)
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Basically I should have a new hard drive by next week because my computer took a fall and it's truly too slow to even record! I will upload another video soon though.
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Summoners War : Reviewing CrashotxDD's Monsters Part 1
Hello everyone! Late upload because I've tried to record this sooo many times now!! So I decided to break it up into two parts to make sure it actually saved and it worked! Here's a summary: You're addicted to crit damage and accuracy in your substats - this is bad for monsters that don't make use of such stats like Chloe or Bernard. You need to focus much more on speed and crit rate substats. I also feel like you need to put certain monsters on priority and decide what you'll use monsters for (and not just have them as hybrids everywhere since they'll end up being mediocre). Focus on perfecting you 1-3-5 slots and change those runes with flat subs. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZa3Ez8bR6E
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Pokemon Go! : Taking a look~
I love this game c:
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League of Legends: Valentines Day Special - Ashe Support (esp)
Buenas. Hoy les traigo un especial del dia del amor y la amistad. Hehe, disfruten.
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Spin Right Round con Katarina - League of Legends
Giro y giro hehe
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Summoners War : Trial of Ascension 15-33 Stages
Hello everybody! We are going to go through all the ToA stages. Always check the description to skip to certain boss stages. Feel free to comment if you need help with a particular stage and I will try to answer your questions. Stage 20 : 3:38 Stage 30 : 12:31 Previous Part : https://youtu.be/GIztkO8MUPw Next Part : (tbc) Full Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVRaII9r0F_BOBExGnmWFOFi-QXgd_OU5 Music: 2:37 - Oogie Boogie's Song - Rodrigo & Gabriella 5:04 - Hey Kids! - Oral Cigarettes 14:27 - Dragon Force - Fairy Tail
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Summoners War : Trial of Ascension 1-15 Stages
Hello everybody! We are going to go through all the ToA stages. Always check the description to skip to certain boss stages. These videos are only going to be up to around 10 minutes long but the rest will soon come. Feel free to comment if you need help with a particular stage and I will try to answer your questions. Stage 10 : 6:10 Next Part : https://youtu.be/j8s3gP_5mxU Full Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVRaII9r0F_BOBExGnmWFOFi-QXgd_OU5
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Regresamos a League
Intentare subir varios videos a la semana. Hehe.
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Summoners War : Guild Wars Easyy!!
Hey there, just a random video on guild battle. Derp!
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Summoners War : Guild War Battles!
Hello everyone! I'm back :D
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This is why I haven't uploaded...
Cause my computer is awful :D
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Mi Tienda de Skins
Y compramos hehehe!
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Proyecto Katarina!!
hehe :D
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Momentos Interesantes en League of Legends!
Quadra! QUADRA! PENTA! PENTAAAA!!! hehe!
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Pokemon Go!
Just an update ;D
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Testing New Recording
More random sw o3o
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Summoners War : Hall of Heroes Eva the Light Pierret Overview
Hello! I literally just summoned her because i havent been able to farm this HoH due to real life studies. Might as well get this video out too! Enjoy! Summary of Sets to Use: -Violent Shield/Nemesis -Vampire Revenge -Rage Blade
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Como Cuando League es Facil...
Aveces te carrean, haha, practicando ADC.
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Toa 97 and Random
Hello! This is my first video on summoners war where we just waste wings/energy, talk a lot and pass toan 97.
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League of Legends : TROLLS GONNA TROLL (Diana Jungle)
Let's play some diana jungle! With 15 fps! Awesome ...
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Otra Katarina - League of Legends
Como se da tantas vueltas
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Summoners War : Review on Valyarian's Monster Island
Hello everybody! Here's the first review, the second will come within the next two days! Comment below if you'd like a review of your island for next week!**
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GG Syndra Easy - League of Legends
Jugando en rank
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League of Legends : Nidalee Support Game
Hai~ o3o
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