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Muzzi Family Farms
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SmartWash Solutions
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#GetGoing with Moxxy Marketing to 380 Main Street
In three years our team has tripled in size, and now, so has the size of our office space. While some of us are sad we never got bunk-desks when 9 of us were crammed into 800 square feet, we’re excited to invite you to share in our celebration and Moxxy spirit as we turn off the lights on our old office, and splash some Moxxy orange on an historic Salinas building that’s now our snazzy new place. Come along—let’s #GetGoing. www.getmoxxy.com
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A large cardboard box and only one Moxxer in the office. What could possibly happen?
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Choose Packaging Materials Wisely
By Thomas Hoops Garlock Printing and Converting -- Past, Present and Future of Packaging Materials -- Materials Selection to Protect Products & Extend Shelf Life -- All Inks and Printing Processes are Not the Same -- Sustainable Packaging Options -- Film, Fins, Seals, Slits, Perforations, Laminations, etc.
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Stay Out of Court and Avoid Regulatory Action
By Dale Stern Downey Brand LLP -- FDA, USDA and Canadian Food Labeling Compliance – Are you following the rules? -- Regulated Terms vs. Unregulated Terms – It’s critical to know the difference -- Litigation Risks of Unsubstantiated Labels – Can you prove EVERYTHING your label claims? -- Even Unregulated Terms Can Get You Into Trouble -- Success and Failure in the Courts
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#GetTheSpirit With Moxxy Marketing
Check out xPoint, our mascot, in this video spreading holiday spirit in our office and throughout our community. Show your love for animals, like xPoint does, and adopt your next furry family member from a local shelter.
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A Friday afternoon of bowling. Go Team!
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Protect Your Brand and Intellectual Property
By Chris Passarelli Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty -- Value-Added Branding Through Packaging -- Proprietary Rights in Packaging Shape and Design -- Competition and Intellectual Property Considerations -- Trademarks and Copyrights: use and infringement -- Practical Tips from the Trenches
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SVHM 2011 Thanks
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#GetTheSpirit with Moxxy's Helpful Holiday Hints
Getting ready for the holidays? Here are a few tips from Moxxy's mascot, xPoint, to help you out!
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When the cats are away the Moxxers will play!
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Design Packages That Sells
By Terry Feinberg and Karen Nardozza Moxxy Marketing -- What’s Outside Sells What’s Inside -- Maintain Consistent Brand Look on Different Packaging Materials -- Fit-In While Standing Out -- Showcase Product Quality While Hiding Flaws -- Understand and Influence Consumer Purchase Decisions
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AllSafe radio spot: Moxxy Marketing
"Beware of Dog" radio spot for AllSafe Alarm, GoAllSafe.com Written and produced by Moxxy Marketing, GetMoxxy.com
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What's in the Box?! Special Delivery for Moxxy Marketing!
We just got a BIG delivery! Can you guess what we’ve got up our sleeves for the holidays? Here are a few hints: It’s orange, bigger than a bread box and has MOXXY!!!
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