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Jack Herald Snowboarding Age 13 , Flow Snowboards, Volcom
Link to working video- http://vimeo.com/11125996 This is my snowboard video for the 2009 2010 season. I was 13 over the season. Sponsors are Flow Snowboards, Volcom Outerwear.
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Jack Herald (@blobyjack) Instagram Remix
Remixed my instagram clips. Thanks to Volcom Snow, Signal Snowboards, Union Bindings, and to all the homies who filmed.
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Jack Herald 2013/14 Clips
Mostly rail clips from this season.
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Vimeo Link: http://vimeo.com/34930265 Spent the vacation at Blue Hills and got to ride some rails. Filmed: Will Vinke (WVinke1996) Edit: Jack Herald Song: Bun B- Put it Down
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Jack Herald and Derek Haas Summer Skating in Canton
Theres not much to skate here in Canton. But heres some of the spots, the backyard mini and the local highschool.
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A lil sumthin 4 you bustas
Good times with the Kirks Camp Squad in CO. ft. Casey Savage, Quinton Jones and Cooper Whittier shout out to Chris Waker and Benji Farrow behind the lens p.s. sorry for the letterbox
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Hyde Park Skatepark Jack Corey and Derek
The third day of fiming this week we spent at Hyde Park. It was wicked fun.
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Skate edit 3
Song: Modest Mouse- Dashboard Edited by: Jack Herald
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Skatepark Footy
Song: In the Summer Time, By: Kennedy Skaters: Corey Deltufo, Nick Randall, Dan Mikhalev, Jack Herald UPDATE: So my camera broke for the second time this summer. So until I get it fixed there may be a delay on the next few edits. ...This is footage from Hingham skatepark and Waterville Valley Skatepark from earlier in the summer. Also if your wondering why it was full screen unlike my other videos, something happened while importing.
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Lets Do This... Teaser
This is just a small taste of whats to come. Very small stuff. The full vid should come out soon. Its gonna blow your mind.
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Fall Edit
Skaters In Order of Appearance: Matt Pineo, Quinton Jones, Dan Mikhalev, Collin Durrant, Jack Herald Song: Bring It On Home By Led Zepplin Filmed W/Canon Vixia HF10, Baby Death .3x Fisheye Edited W/Final Cut Pro Been busy but finally got around to finishing this edit.
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Jack Herald/ It was a Good Day
just some rail tricks on one of those red rails not too much. song: it was a good day, ice cube this is not the original version of the song.
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Fall skating
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Jack Herald and Derek Haas at Skaters Edge
A really good day down at the edge. That place is tons of fun. The new five block is now in!!!
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A Day at Hyde Park
Skaters: Jack Herald, Matt Pineo, Ben Johnson, Alex Vinke Song: Zion I - Spinning Edited w/Final Cut Pro Filmed w/Canon Vixia HF10 and Opteka Baby Death .3x Fisheye
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A Day at RAD!
Had a sick day at rad got a bunch of clips. Skaters in order of first appearance: Matt Pineo, Nick Randall, Jack Herald, Alex Vinke Filmed W/Canon Vixia HF10 w/Opteka Baby death .3x fisheye. Edited in Final Cut Pro 5. Song; The Skinny Boys- Jock Box (workaholics intro).
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scared clownz
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Kick in the Door
READ* Video was muted by WMG. This is a link to the video with the sound: http://vimeo.com/30273472. If you'd like to play the music in another window. Here is a link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNwvHEme_JE (start at 1:14) Skaters in order of appearance: Matt Pineo, Quinton Jones, Dan MIkhalev, Mike, and Jack Herald Song: Kick in the Door By Biggie Smalls Camera: Canon Vixia HF10 w/Opteka Baby Death 0.3x fisheye. Additional Angles filmed by Will Vinke on a Sony Fx7
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Stackin' Footy
it was even harder to upload this video than to make it because the computer that i edited this on has a cookie problem and i cant sign into my youtube account so i had to transfer it over to another computer to put it online so here it is. the song is 17 years by ratatat
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Mini Ramp Edit
Skaters- Jack Herald and Matt Pineo Song: Where is My Mind, By The Pixies
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Jack Herald 2012/13
Season edit Song: Honky Cat - Elton John vimeo: https://vimeo.com/68629487
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@blobyjack Instagram skate compilation
Got bored and remixed my IG footy IG: @blobyjack
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Skate Session
Doin some tricks on Sams house on his "Icy" box. And his red rail. The song is Id Wait a Million Years by The Grass Roots. This was edited by me. That box is icy dog
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