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RGB LED manufacturing
This video shows the manufacturing process of RGB LED's at the factory and with my explanation
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electric car factory in Shandong province
visit to electric car factory that mainly manufacturers for the local EV market in China.
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LED manufacturing 5mm LED assembly in China
This video shows the assembly process for a single color standard 5mm LED as used for Christmas decorative lighting.
Electric vehicles in China, what is going on with the EV market there?
As a consultant in the electric vehicle and solar world i have made a video about the electric car market in China, showing the manufacturing and the EV's in the street.
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Simplified explanation of Photobiomodulation with NIR on cellular level. WHY AND HOW DOES IT WORK?
in this video i try to explain the actual reasons of why NIR works as a stimulating factor for healing.
Near-infrared for healing purposes - Photobiomodulation
This Video has been posted to get a discussion started on why we don't use NIR for pain fighting and healing. there is allot of research been done in this area, as you can see when searching on Tiina Karu and Prof Hamblin. even Nasa has been using this but ive never seen it in any hospital. ( not to be confused with Infrared heat-lamps, they are very different ) Please leave your comments below, i will answer them as soon as possible.
Photobiomodulation with NIR part 2
Check out the progress on my photobiomodulation project where i share with anyone that wants to know the details about using photobiomodulation to heal faster and better
Suppliers trip China for QC
A typical week in the life of an engineer working in china

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