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Guldner A2KS engine re'build.
New pistons & re'bore cylinders to fit the new pistons. Pistons €150 each, re'bores were €27-50 each at Eric Bambers engineering shop, Bold street Preston (always do a good job there). Be very careful with piston rings, they break easily. Torque setting on injector bolts (I used 20 lbs feet). Cylinder head nuts (I used 24 lbs feet) "got it wrong in the video". When working with aluminium engine castings we must be gentle because threads will be damaged, or castings will be squashed out of shape when engine reaches running temperatures. ALWAYS Use "lead wire" (soldering wire) to do bumping clearances. The cylinders sits on a steel shim between cylinder base and engine crank case, this steel shim (washer) thickness determines the bumping clearance. Big end cap bolts (I used 34 lbs feet). I was an engine rebuild engineer back in the 80's, I determine torque settings from experience and guessing, cannot find any original info on this engine yet. I would like some original info please. Cylinder heads were in great condition, but for plenty soot/carbon in the exhaust ports. and a quick valve grind.
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Guldner A2KS start up.
First start'up after fitting new pistons an re'bored cylinders. Injectors sounded great, de'carboned the heads (plenty of hard soot in the exhaust ports). Valves & seats looked good with no leaking (hiss) as starter turned. Crank has .020 thou" main bearing lift @ front pulley, .010 thou @ rear main, very little end float. Will do crank next summer.
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Guldner A2KS repairs.
Got it for a few hundred bucks. A real popper sound and heavy enough to work for real too. Needs a rebore as 1 piston had broken ring damage and had scored the cylinder. Any information (torque settings, clearances etc) on this tractor will be greatly accepted. Pipe on the steering box is the "horn wire". I will fit an easy access grease pipe onto the steering box before I reassemble.
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Guldner A2KS brakes and final drive.
Parking brake and foot brake are separate brakes, but working in the same brake drum, located at the side of the transmission casing. I was able to easily handle the 1/2 axle casting alone, not too heavy. Brake friction linings are good (at this side), hand brake mechanism is seized (rusted solid). will fix all, clean out dirt and bird/mouse nests and rebuild. Success! this side works great after re'assembly. Hub oil seal repair needs a good sized press (60 tons?) to separate & rebuild, so decided to delay hub seal job for later, maybe a little less oil in there may avoid the leakage. Foot brake expander was seized solid on right hand side, have stripped & repaired both sides @ very little cost.
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Guldner A2KS Steering box modification.
This saves splitting the tractor every week to refill the steering box with oil.
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Guldner A2KS repairs.
Much the same, but in pictures so you can stop to look. Will add more. Hope this helps someone with the same tractor. Hope someone can help me with torque settings for the rebuild, Thanks. Got new oversized pistons, so old cylinders will be machined out to fit new over sized pistons. This will increase engine capacity by very little and compression ratio too.. Cylinder machining is 25-00 sterling per cylinder in UK (I'm visiting UK regular).
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Guldner A2KS new crank bushes.
Crank wasn't worn much at all (only the main bearing bushes), so fitted new standard size mains and big ends (big ends were OK, but I replaced them too), front and rear crank seals. Easy enough job using old Toyota engine pulleys & pieces of 1/2 inch threaded bar plus some wood to pull out the old and refit the new bushes. All the wear (about 20 thou lift) was in the main bearing bushes, due to old style oil filter letting small metal parts into crank bushes. Starts much better and runs smoother than before, the feel of the engine running (vibrations through the clutch and brake pedals, also through the seat and steering wheel) are very much improved (smoother). The main improvement is the sound, a nice clean combustion sound, far better than before I started work on the tractor. Will get on with the paint work next. Have to build a small barn first, always something to do first.
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DLM8. Ok, but has a big problem or 2. Done a couple of gigs, but needs 40 db boost on guitar channel
Makie Dlm 8. Using this one more now. When well cranked, this delivers almost as good as the Yamaha DXR8. OK, laugh at 8" speakers (as I did), but the range of sound that 8" speakers deliver is perfect for "my voice" and guitar/harmonica. Don't get right on the mic with harmonica, a trick that only for "listen to me" fools use. I use a TMB pre amp with PP3 battery to lift the guitar signal & all is well.
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Guldner A2KS Oil cooler.
Super, great oil cooling system.
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Guldner A2KS Top steering bush replacement.
If your steering wheel moves around at the top of its steering tube, fit a plastic bush like this and save money. Its polythene water pipe. Steering wheel was on there since 1965, aluminium steering wheel hub on steel steering shaft would never move without the dreaded "split", if you start beating with a hammer you will break the aluminium steering box down the bottom.
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Finished tractor. Guildner AK2S ?
I already posted the work I have done on this little tractor, so here it is in everyday use.
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Baby blue.
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22 August 2017
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Lay Lady Lay.
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30 November 2017
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My Telle fix.
A few mods to make this Telle usable "for me".
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Telle fix 2.
Making my Telle more usable and the 4 position switch less vulnerable to knocks while I'm using it.
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