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Millions of job opportunities await talent in the era of IoT
The Internet of Things promises to create a futuristic network of billions of connected devices, prompting more demand for skilled people in Malaysia. Employers are not only faced with challenges to attract the right talent, but also retaining them. Developing creative retention strategies and offering employees an inclusive work environment are the answers. But there’s more to it, as Melissa Ong (Astro Awani, Media Prima) reports from Johor Bahru. https://www.flextronics.com/careers/malaysia-english
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What corporate chiefs can learn from President El-Sisi's "60 Minutes" fiasco
Comments by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to CBS' "60 Minutes" were controversial enough. But his minders made matters worse when they demanded the current affairs show's producers not broadcast the interview. CBS went ahead anyway this morning Singapore time, providing valuable lessons for corporate chiefs fronting the media. Mark Laudi discusses three learnings on Media Savvy. Sources: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/egypt-president-el-sisi-denies-ordering-massacre-in-interview-his-government-later-tried-to-block-60-minutes-2019-01-06/ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/president-el-sisi-how-egypt-tried-to-kill-a-60-minutes-interview/
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Cybersquatting. Scam or reality?
Not all emails regarding theft of domain names are to be taken seriously. But there are genuine cases when a company may be infringing on someone else’s domain name. At times like this, the company needs to take a call on whether is works out cheaper to buy the domain name or to go to court and fight for the right to use the domain name. It would also depend on how genuine the request is. Another thing to watch out for is registering your IP in countries other than your home country. You must ensure that your IP is registered in countries like China. When the company decides to expand their business, they may encounter resistance regarding their trademark, patents and copyright. Cybersquatting is something even larger organisations face. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung are often faced with lawsuits from cybersquatters. The financial might of these companies allows them to go to court with these IP cases. But smaller businesses cannot always afford lawsuits. It is important for businesses to keep all these points in mind while setting up a company. Do a patent search in advance and make sure you are not coming up with an idea that already exists and has been registered. Do sufficient research on trademarks and domain names and ensure you are not infringing on anothers intellectual property. Consult a lawyer and know your rights. It is better to invest time and effort in protecting yourself and your company instead of enduring a lengthy lawsuit.
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Most important wine facts
Appreciating and understanding wine is easy! David Coleman explains the basic concepts every wine connoisseur should know.
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AIM London 2013 - Dr. Gabriel Walter
Dr. Gabriel Walter of QEOS speaking at the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in London, UK.
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Investing in Wine
It's become popular over the years to invest in wine. But not everyone has been successful. Here are the most important things you need to know.
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Why should startups care about Intellectual Property?
Entrepreneurs and startups must understand that protecting your intellectual property is an important step in setting up a business. Brand identity must be trademarked; domain names, URLs, company logos, business ideas, they all need to be protected from theft. Companies must learn the difference between copyright, trademark and patent. Ideas cannot be protected by copyright, trademark or patent. Apart from protecting themselves, companies must also be careful not to infringe on someone else’s IP. Stealing and blocking of domain names is a common phenomenon today. Companies must be alert to register their domain names quickly to avoid incurring heavy fees to release relevant domain names from the clutches of ‘trolls’. Watch the clip and find out what Bryan and Yingyu from Via Law Corp have to say.
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Is signing a non-disclosure agreement before a pitch mandatory?
Can an entrepreneur ask for an NDA to be signed before he/she pitches an idea? And will the investing companies sign it? Is it a fool proof document and does it protect you legally? Should you have a lawyer read an NDA before you sign it? Part three of our series on Intellectual Property deals with weather you should sign an NDA without reading it, the scope of an NDA and the exceptions to an NDA. Watch the clip and find out what Bryan and Yingyu from Via Law Corp have to say.
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Why KL Convention Centre is the Best Conference Venue
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) has been acknowledged as the best conference facility in Asia Pacific, after taking the Best Conference Venue at the inaugural Asia Pacific MICE Awards 2015. CEO Alan Pryor tells eventv's Mark Laudi what he believes clinched it.
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What Volkswagen is doing right in the emissions scandal
Presented by Mark Laudi, CEO, Hong Bao Media www.hongbaomedia.com "The test manipulations are a moral and political disaster for Volkswagen." Yes, that may well be the case, and we all know by now that Volkswagen, the German carmaker, tried to rig test results in the lab when it came to checking for emissions of some of their diesel engines. But without wanting to excuse what Volkswagen did there are some very valuable lessons for us in the media business about how it's dealing with the crisis. And you probably couldn't come across a better example of crisis communications or crisis management in the contemporary times than this one. Let's take a look at some of the other things that they said and did. The first thing is this statement here from 20 September in which the then-chief executive Prof Dr Martin Winterkorn just issued this five paragraph statement. The first paragraph very succinctly explains what happened. And without any further ado went into this apology. "I personally am deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public." And the two keywords in this paragraph are the words "sorry" and "trust" because it really is all about trust, how consumers feel about the brand. And the word "sorry" is also significant because he didn't say "I apologise". He also didn't say "we are still investigating" or giving any other sort of excuse which would suggest that they don't already know what's going on. It's almost surprising that they came out with that word "sorry" quite so soon but really speaks to the number #1 rule in crisis communications which is to say sorry, which is to express regret or remorse. That's the first "R" in crisis communications. Then we saw a couple of other announcements and comments. "We will co-operate fully with the responsible agencies with transparency and urgency, to clearly, openly and completely establish all of the facts of this case." So once again, from a communications perspective, you've really got all the things in here that we need. Transparency, urgency, clarity, openness, a complete desire to establish all of the facts of this case. From a communications perspective where not left wanting at all. The counter-example of this, the antithesis of this, if you weren't to do what Volkswagen did, would be to try to hide the facts, to try to buy time that investigations are still ongoing, or some other excuse not to express regret. Volkswagen didn't do any of that. They are out there straight away saying exactly how sorry they are - the first "R", regret - and expressing how they are going to remedy the situation, which is the second "R". So when we look further through their news announcements we see more of that remorse and that remedy coming through. And all this is part of a news page which is updated so frequently you can't probably see that from where you're sitting. But we've seen multiple announcements, including videos, as well as text-based announcements from a variety of people on their homepage. So they're frequently updating members of the public, investors, car buyers, dealers with what's going on. The alternative to doing this is to not provide these updates, is to leave people wondering, is to perhaps give the impression that you've got something to hide. So once again, kudos to Volkswagen for getting this part of their crisis communications right. We then come to this statement and look at the fact that Dr Herbert Diess, the Chief Executive of Volkswagen Passenger Cars continues that remorse that we saw in the previous statement. "Volkswagen will do everything humanly possible to win back the trust - there's that trust word again - of our customers, the dealerships and the public." Once again, we may not like them for having rigged their lab tests but in communications terms they are getting a lot of things right. And when we look at the statement which we started our conversation with, very clearly laid out, just five clear points, no obfuscation, no flowery language, no attempts to hide what's going on, everything is laid out very very clearly, wrapping up with this statement from the Deputy Chairman Berthold Huber at the end: "The unlawful behaviour of engineers and technicians involved in engine development shocked Volkswagen just as it shocked the public." So first of all, there is no hiding of what happened, it was unlawful behaviour, there is no trying to hide who was behind it, not staff generally but engineers and technicians. "We can only apologise and ask our customers the public the authorities and our investors to give us a chance to make amends." And that's where we get over to the remedy part of the crisis communications story. From a crisis communications perspective Volkswagen is certainly better than the lab tests.
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CGWeek 2013: Outsourcing & Governance
If you are one of the many companies that outsources part of your production, how are you keeping tabs of the governance standards of your suppliers? Assurances alone won't do, says RSM Ethos' Tay Woon Teck.
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DueDilligence: Raffles Education Corp
We go on the ground at Raffles Education Corp's campus north of Beijing to find out what's really going on at Oriental University City.
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What makes Shangri-La so popular with the MICE industry in Malaysia?
Mark Laudi of eventv joins Manfred Weber, General Manager, Shangri-La Hotel in the presidential suite to discuss what makes the Shangri-La such an attractive property for business events. Watch this video to know more about why it is such a hit with the MICE industry. For more videos from the Malaysia Business Events Week follow our channel on YouTube. For more information on us follow us on Twitter (@HongBaoMedia) and on MyNewsDesk (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/sg/hong-bao-media) or visit our website - www.hongbaomedia.com
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Good - and bad - reasons for companies to go IPO
Do companies going for IPOs really know why they're doing it? Critically, do investors know? And do companies know what they're getting themselves into once they're trading on the market? Ex-fund manager Simon Weston reveals some surprises in store for those which don't do their homework.
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Media Savvy: Why accountants must also be communications experts
Accountants are increasingly focused on Integrated Reporting - a framework which helps organisations "to communicate a clear, concise, integrated story that explains how all of their resources are creating value", as the International Integrated Reporting Council says (http://integratedreporting.org/). This necessarily means accountants must also be communications experts. But the numbers alone aren't enough. Are you geared up with the communications skills to tell your company's story? Click the icon in the top right corner to take part in our poll.
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How to choose a speaker for your event?
Andrew Vine, CEO, The Insight Bureau talks about how the choice of speakers depends on the kind of event it is. He classifies them into two categories, the ‘look smart world’ and the ‘act smart world’. The former is about big conferences and events and companies looking smart in front of their customers. The latter is about companies bringing people together to discuss how to make the world better. The choice is also between content and entertainment, while you can have both at your event, the choice of each speaker depends on whether your focus in on the content or on entertainment. He highlights some things that event organisers need to be keeping in mind while choosing speakers and moderators for their event. For more information on the Singapore MICE Forum visit: https://smf-2015.pathable.com For more information about us visit our website: http://hongbaomedia.com/ For more updates and videos, hit the subscribe button or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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What Western businesses operating in China must know
Today on Simon Says we discuss China. Obviously with the currency devaluation and the changes in the stock market, its something people are keen to know more about. Once heralded as the economy that was going to knock America off its top spot, China is now stuck in the so-called middle income trap. The first part of growth they experienced was typically to do with mobilizing massively cheap labor to provide manufactured goods to the global economy. That theory is over now, because China is becoming increasingly complex and increasingly costly. Also for political and other reasons it is increasingly problematic to operate in if you're a large foreign company. Is the communist government becoming too draconian and how does that impact China's growth? Please subscribe to our channel for more videos or visit our website - www.hongbaomedia.com or visit Simon Littlewood's ACG website - http://www.acgrowthdelivered.com/ Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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Interra moves to the mainboard
Chairman Edwin Soeryadjaya tells us the latest, after ringing the gong to mark his company's upgrade from Catalist.
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Indonesia Convention Exhibition - Making Jakarta an attractive MICE destination
Hendrik Engelking, Sales and Marketing Advisor to the Indonesia Convention Exhibition speaks to Mark Laudi of eventv about the facilities available at the ICE for business events in Jakarta. For more videos of the MICE Asia Pacific Awards and Conference 2015 follow our YouTube channel. For more information on eventv and follow us on Twitter (@HongBaoMedia) or on MyNewsdesk (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/sg/hong-bao-media) or visit our website (www.hongbaomedia.com)
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Qian Hu CEO: the importance of being media savvy
Qian Hu Corporation CEO Kenny Yap explains to Hong Bao Media's Mark Laudi why communication is important for him, and how he developed the passion and skill for it. To develop your executive presence, tackle tough media interviews and present confidently, contact Hong Bao Media. http://hongbaomedia.com/mediatraining.php For more videos, images and updates you can also follow us on Twitter and MyNewsDesk: @HongBaoMedia http://www.mynewsdesk.com/sg/hong-bao-media
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Interview  Stu Lloyd on innovation
Everyone talks about innovation, but let's get real: many companies are too entrenched in their ways to build an entrepreneurial culture. Stu Lloyd tells Mark Laudi in this LIVE webcast from the Mumbrella 360 Asia conference what they can do about it ...apart from hiring him to teach them...!
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Managing Accounts Receivable
The bigger the companies, often the longer suppliers have to wait to get paid. Simon Littlewood gives concrete tips for getting paid quicker.
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What issues threaten to plague the events industry?
Jime Essink, President & CEO, UBM Asia, discusses the threats to the events industry. Threats he says come from natural disasters, things beyond our control. Technology is not a threat to the events industry at all; in fact it helps develop the industry. Face to face meetings are the traditional way of doing things, and event organisers are very resistant to changes and to adopt technology. Apps and technology should be used before the event to allow attendees to plan their meetings and their program. At the event they are blown away by the people, the set up, the people and they want to see what is at the event; app usage at the event will be less. He adds that there is a lot of potential for the events industry to grow in the ASEAN region because of the growing economies and the large local markets. For more information on the Singapore MICE Forum visit: https://smf-2015.pathable.com For more information about us visit our website: http://hongbaomedia.com/ For more updates and videos, hit the subscribe button or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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What to expect at the Malaysia Business Events Week?
Tina Altieri, Managing Principal, Media Australasia Exchange gives us a sneak peek into what to expect from her session at the Malaysia Business Events Week. Watch this video to find out what she has in store for the event. For more videos from the Malaysia Business Events Week follow our channel on YouTube. For more information on us follow us on Twitter (@HongBaoMedia) and on MyNewsDesk (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/sg/hong-bao-media) or visit our website - www.hongbaomedia.com
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The importance of email to publishers
Sure, you publish a website. But how do you keep your visitors engaged? A regular e-newsletter is a must, says Paulo Bongarto from Xtenit at the Asian Publishers Convention 2013 in Manila.
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How much impact does corporate culture have on governance?
The answer is: huge! Dennis Lee, Director of Risk Advisory at RSM says corporate governance starts at the top and goes hand-in-hand with corporate culture - a topic which has not received enough attention. But it will, at this year's SIAS Corporate Governance Week.
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CGWeek 2013: Asean and governance
What is the state of corporate governance in major ASEAN markets today? Professor Mak Yuen Teen from the NUS Business School gives us a preview of his panel discussion at the 4th Singapore Corporate Governance Week.
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Why event managers and venue owners must adopt digital
Digitalisation of Venues - New Service Opportunities was the title of the UFI meeting in Singapore April 21-22, 2016, but behind this innocuous headline lie huge global changes venue owners and event managers must come to grips with. Watch Kai Hattendorf, Managing Director of the global association of the exhibition industry, as he: * Debunks the myth that the internet competes with the exhibition industry * Explains where the revenue opportunities are * Reveals cutting edge ways to use digital technologies to provide match making services and to build a community of exhibitors and attendees * Gives examples of where Asia is leading the world, and where the gaps are ...and look what pops up in the background during his interview with eventv's Mark Laudi! www.ufi.org www.suntecsingapore.com www.eventv.asia www.hongbaomedia.com
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What makes Singapore such an attractive destination for business events?
Vincent Lelay, Cluster General Manager, Accor speaks with Mark Laudi about what makes Singapore so attractive to the MICE industry as a business destination. He discusses the competition Singapore faces today from its neighbors and how they deal with this competition. The Singapore Resorts and Spa is undergoing a face-lift and upon completion will be a part of the Sofitel group. For more information on the Singapore MICE Forum visit: https://smf-2015.pathable.com For more information about us visit our website: http://hongbaomedia.com/ For more updates and videos, hit the subscribe button or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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Investing Surplus Funds
Charities must manage their funds well, in order to have maximum impact and to retain donors' trust. But they are frequently ill-equipped to do so. It's a topic that's going to be raised during Corporate Governance Week 2016 by speakings including Prof Ho Yew Kee, who gives this preview in conversation with Mark Laudi
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Investing Behavior and Trading Psychology
What is the objective of being a good trader and how can you keep your emotions out of your investment decisions? Nabil Mattar from IG gets into the details with us.
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Value Hunters - Casa Holdings
14/01/2015 - Value investing is the stock picking method popularised by Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Christopher H Browne and others. The idea is simply to buy undervalued companies
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SIIC Environment Holdings Opening Gong
The company formerly known as Asia Water Technology celebrates its move to the mainboard. Chairman Zhou Jun explains the significance of the move.
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How Koelnmesse uses digital to drive new business
Sometimes, new ideas for the exhibition industry are best found *outside* the industry. Dr Stefan Eckert, SVP of Koelnmesse, calls this being a "smart follower", and blows apart the old way of doing things in conversation with eventv's Mark Laudi, such as: * New business models * Going mobile-first * Bringing event venues up to speed with state-of-the-art technology * Talking about "participants", rather than "exhibitors" and "delegates". www.ufi.org www.koelnmesse.com www.suntecsingapore.com www.eventv.asia www.hongbaomedia.com
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AIM London 2013 - Dr. Saw Khay Yong
Dr. Saw Khay Yong of KLSMC Stem Cells speaking at the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in London, UK.
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IPBC Global 2015 - Patent pools, arbitration, mediation
Anyone who is involved in the Intellectual Property industry knows how difficult it is to find a price both buyers and sellers can be happy with. The industry has always been looking to reach the elusive goal of Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory pricing. But in an industry built on defending intransigent positions, it's unlikely the scales of justice will ever fully come to rest. Mark Laudi reports from IPBC Global in San Francisco.
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Critical issues to consider when live streaming a corporate events
BEN KITTOW from The Streaming Company joins us live from London, demonstrating how close to broadcast quality low latency networks have become. Highlight: what happened when they had to arrange a live webcast for a well-known political figure.
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Oxley Holdings - IPO Briefing
Meenal Kumar of OCBC Investment Research explains key risk factors, track record and management
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Now available through Coach Connector: our executive presence and media skills coaching
HBM's Mark Laudi has joined the Coach Connector portal where HR and Learning & Development professionals can choose coaches in a range of cities. In this interview at the HRSummit 2018 in Singapore, Mark asks CEO Fraser Murray the top five questions HROs need to know about the portal.
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How IoT will secure event venues
When the UFI meeting in Singapore heard about digitalisation of venues, security was obviously a key concern. Reinforced by the Paris attacks in November 2015 - where sports and music venues were targeted - event managers and venue owners are increasingly focused on ensuring the safety of participants. eventv's Mark Laudi finds out from Genetec's Charles Cousins how the Internet of Things is changing everything from ticketing to monitoring and beyond. www.ufi.org www.genetec.com www.suntecsingapore.com www.eventv.asia www.hongbaomedia.com
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Should you build and maintain a community around your events?
Felicity Zadro, MD of Zadro Communications speaks about the importance of building a community around annual events and why communication needs to be kept alive and kicking through the year until next year’s event. Stakeholders must capitalize on the effort that is put in to put the event together. She addresses concerns event managers have about the budget to keep this community going as well as concerns about technology coming in the way of attendance at events. For more information on the Singapore MICE Forum visit: https://smf-2015.pathable.com For more information about us visit our website: http://hongbaomedia.com/ For more updates and videos, hit the subscribe button or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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Translate your presentation into vibrant sketches with Sketch Post
‘Graphic recorders’ is what they call themselves. The team from Sketch Post station themselves at your event, listen to your presentation/ideas and transform them into live, hand-drawn visuals that brighten up events. The intention is to simplify complex ideas while engaging delegates and attendees with their vibrant and colourful sketch posts. For more videos from the Malaysia Business Events Week follow our channel on YouTube. For more information on us follow us on Twitter (@HongBaoMedia) and on MyNewsDesk (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/sg/hong-bao-media) or visit our website - www.hongbaomedia.com
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What are the cutting edge changes in the events industry?
Sherrif Karamat, CAE, Chief Operating Officer, PCMA talks about the infusion of technology in the events sector is a great development in the industry. Also, the trend of events going global shows us the need for interacting globally both face to face and with technology. Technology acts as an enhancer to events, brings more people to events and exposes the events to more people around the globe. Using technology is a phenomenal way to get the message of your events out. For more information on the Singapore MICE Forum visit: https://smf-2015.pathable.com For more information about us visit our website: http://hongbaomedia.com/ For more updates and videos, hit the subscribe button or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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VIDEO: Collin Wee on why he is willing & able to appear in the media
Collin Wee, Director of International Business of Singapore-based pre-fab housing maker Well & Able Holdings shares insights with HBM's Mark Laudi why he is so free & easy when it comes to media interviews.
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Stop wasting time with proposals
"Send me a proposal" is a common refrain from prospective customers. But how do you know whether you're wasting your time, and when should you actually send the proposal?
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Hartalega: Rising appetite for defensive stocks
16/12/2014 09:00AM - Maybank Investment Bank has upgraded Hartalega to BUY with a target price of RM8.50 because it will benefit from a 9% decline in the price of Nitrile Rubber in just 2 months.
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