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Point and click
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Silent Killer
The scout may have dropped a corpse, but it was the sound that alerted me first.
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My experience with Casual
Really valve, really? You're going to let such obvious hackers through? Also, the demo glitched the voting menus, so I had to remake them myself. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8avMLHvLwRQ
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One fight in MGE
NOTE: This is no attack on the people playing on there, this video was made because I kept running into terrible hitbox detection. I'd also like to say that this happens with hitscan weapons as well. I've played scout many many many times and meatshots just curve around the target and do 15-40 damage. Or even Sniper & Spy, both classes just can't hit anything. Now, other MGE servers may be just fine, I am not sure of that. However, just make sure that you have a proper connection with minimal ping time.
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Welcome to my new database!
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Movement example
Τhe retching sounds are NOT mine Notice the chat after I avoided that pyro
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Airblasted into a corner
Make what you will of this
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More facestabs
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Curious encounter
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