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Migrate Your Site from Local to Hosting Account
In this video we will migrate our site we built using Local by Flywheel and put in on a live hosted account. Visit our site: https://www.wponabudget.com Written Review: https://www.wponabudget.com/local-by-flywheel-for-windows/
Installing Local by Flywheel for Windows
Step by step instructions from download to install to setting up a Wordpress website on your local computer. Local by Flywheel: https://local.getflywheel.com/ Wponabudget: https://www.wponabudget.com Written Review: https://www.wponabudget.com/local-by-flywheel-for-windows/
Local by Flywheel Blueprint Feature
Learn how to use Local by Flywheel to create a blueprint Wordpress site to use over and over again. WP on a Budget: https//www.wponabudget.com Written Review: https://www.wponabudget.com/local-by-flywheel-for-windows/
Wordpress Holler Box Tutorial
This plugin allows you to set custom settings for a pop up box that can be used for email opt-in, special messages or announcements and/or allow visitors to message you. Wordpress on a Budget: https://www.wponabudget.com Holler Box: http://hollerwp.com/
Jackmail Newsletter Plugin: Adding a Campaign
Using the Free Wordpress Jackmail Newsletter plugin, in this video we show had to add your first campaign.
Jackmail Newsletter Plugin and Ninja Forms
Here we will integrate Ninja Forms with the Jackmail Newsletter Plugin Wordpress on a Budget: https://www.wponabudget.com Connect on Twitter: @wponabudget
Wordpress Newsletter Plugin: Jackmail
A fantastic newsletter plugin you can use straight from Wordpress without any other extensions like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. Has a freemium package. WPonbudget: https://www.wponabudget.com Jackmail: https://www.jackmail.com/
How to use Ninja Forms with CSS Customization
How to use the free WordPress plugin Ninja Forms and I will show you how to use simple CSS to add customization. #nf-form-1-cont { background-color: #000; color:#fff; padding: 15px; box-shadow: 0px 3px 5px #444; border-radius: 9px; } Simple CSS Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-css/
Elementor Pro 2.0 Page Builder Preview
Elementor Pro 2.0 for WordPress just took the page builder plugin to all whole new level. Check out some of the features that will be coming soon. Make professional looking WordPress sites in minutes. Check out Elementor Pro: https://www.wponabudget.com/go/elementor-pro/ Check out WordPress on a Budget for more articles covering WOrdPress: https://www.wponabudget.com
Wordpress on a Budget
Welcome to the Wordpress on a Budget YouTube Channel

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