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[Eng Sub] I Can See Your Voice 2 SNSD Yuri brother cut
Yuri brother sing to : I DID GUESS-KIM HYEONG JUNG HERE'S THE LINK OF HIS LIVE PERFORMANCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzRqazWNGqQ * this is my rough translation for this cut of Mnet I Can See Your Voice Season 2. My translation might not be exact (since I didn't take any korean language class. And I did this based on my understanding from what they say & through the caption.) I hope you enjoy this video ^^ All right reserved to the respective company. I didn't own any content.
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BTS,SNSD & Got7- Ghost prank
Thanks for 1M views ^^ This time I make compilation of BTS,SNSD & Got7 .. I laughed so hard when see J-Hope got shocked seeing the woman. But,If I at his state,I also will act the same. and maybe could curse also xD .. For SNSD part, I can't forget Yuri's shocked face seeing the man come out from under the table. Afterwards, she goes to the ghost man and lift up his wig to see his face. So dorky~ Got7 part quite similar with SNSD , just they are alone. BamBam is the most epic xD .. He even curse. Lol..Jackson,Youngjae & JB too xD Yugyeom is the coolest one which his hyung said "he's not interesting." Jr also got no reaction that's why I cut the part his manager crawled out from under his table. BGM: BTS-Boys with fun Master Sun ost~
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[2014] Sunny FM with BTS- Talk about V with SNSD Taeyeon and Yuri in airplane
I didn't make the video with Korean subs (happen to found it during search for bantanyul by using hangul xD) . I just took it to make eng. sub for BTS conversation with Sunny regarding V that had seated beside SNSD Taeyeon and Yuri. (Credit to the owner. Just the sub is mine ^^) He already met with Yul ^^ But, he's too nervous.. ahh~ How I wish that moment had been recorded. *sigh* He's all alone with all SNSD member there. HAHA xD Jimin laugh in here was really cute. Hope they'll have moment together after this.. #TaehYul BGM: BTS-coffee 소녀시대 유리 와 태연, 방탄소년단 뷔에 비행기 같이 따세요~ 뷔율 , 탷율 , 좋아율 .. 요율 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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[ENG] 151230 Weekly Idol Apink Hayoung (SNSD Yuri CUT)
I love to see Hayoung where she immediately recognized Yuri even the face was not shown yet and how she keep smiling when watching the clips of Yuri. Apink x SNSD HayoungxYuri I do not own any of the material used in this video. It is purely for entertainment purpose.
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Weekly Idol UP10TION
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[ENG] SNSD Yuri Local Hero The Making
SNSD Yuri Local Hero The Making English subbed. ALL RIGHT RESERVED to OCN CHANNEL. I just subbed the video. Hope you guys enjoy this video ^^ (Sorry if there's a mistake)
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BTS and SNSD Yuri Dance Compilation
BangtanYul. The combination of BTS dance to SNSD song and EXID Up & Down with Yuri SNSD . ^^ Also Seaweed Dance of Rap Monster. x'DD BangtanYul is LOVE. Really want to see their moment together especially TaehYul All clip belong to it respective owner. this just merely fanmade of ARMYSONE BGM: 1.BTS Run, 2.Xing My Girl
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[소년24] Boys24- ISAAC [아이젝] from MALAYSIA
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a compile of his picture . Credit to him as I took it from his IG. hehe Just wanna support him. Hope he will smoothly pass all the challenges and got to debut soon. BGM: Boys24 (소년24)- Rising Star Let's vote for him here: http://boys24.mnet.com/boys/profile?candidateID=23#boys24_content
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Na Yoon Kwon-Missing Those Days (Local Hero OST)
Na Yoon Kwon OST Local Hero part 2 I really like this song ^^ I hope that there'll be interaction btwn Yuri and Si Hoo after this. I've watched all the latest episode, and it's really interesting. I like Yuri character ^^. Yuri kept bothering Soo Hyuk cause she think that he was the one who help her twice before. And it seem like Soo Hyuk grew up to show interest in her (ain't it?) .. Can't wait for the next episode being aired . Clip video credit to OCN channel. I just combined 2 ep to be this one video. And hopefully there'll be official MV with it OST for this drama to be released. I keep searching, and there's none. Even this edit of mine kinda suck,I hope all of you can bear with it until the official one be release (If there's one).
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Shila Amzah-Let It Go (Frozen)
Nurshahila bt Amir Amzah Singing "Let It Go"-Frozen in 3 language..(english,mandarin and malay) and also "halo"-Beyonce.Credit to Hunan TV .I didn't own anything.Just want to share with shilalas out there . Hope you enjoy. XOXO
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[ENG SUBS] Boys24 Isaac - BTS Dope & More than A TV Star performance (Ep.1)
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only rough translation from me as always ^^ .. I stan for Isaac.. Reason? Because he's from Malaysia and he also do have talents in dancing and he can sing too. Other than that, because he's so handsome tho xD .. Hope he'll be the Top7 leader tho. Anyway, I just rasa geram gilerr kt mnet tu. Da kenapa x de kluar lgsung Isaac dlm each video dorg upload. Pilih kasih betul. -_- Yg selalu muncul si... hurmm kalau korg tgk, korg dpt lha tgkp spe kan.. #Isaac #Boys24 goodluck!!
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Shila Amzah-Someone Like You (Adele)
Cr. To Hunan TV Hope you enjoy. Shilalas
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SNSD Yuri-BTS Fire
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love this part xD Yuri not singing that song but when BTS-Fire start playing, I'm like "Wah~ BangtanYul??" ㅋㅋㅋ I'm not crazy tho xD Credit to Kshowonline for subs & SBS for the video~ I can't wait for another ep to be released~ Yuri swimming is what I want to watch~
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KARA Gyuri-그대만봐요 (Only Look At You) ShiHan ver.
P/S: This is not singing by Shila & I NEVER claimed that she did sing the song in this video. Next time, do read my description 'til the end.. TQ The clips belong to the respective company. I just do some edit ^^ It's ShiHan times. After a long time, hehe.. The clips include Luhan's "Promise", Shila Amzah "Zai Jian Bu Zai Jian" & "Zai Jian". BGM: Only Look At You City Hunter OST by Kara Gyuri No hate please. It's just my preference. Don't leave a bad comment here.
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[ENG] SNSD Yuri BTS - OCN Local Hero (The Making)
TURN ONN THE CAPTION FOR ENGLISH SUBS. Anyway, Actress Yul so cool ^^ Hope this drama will be in higher ranking once its on air. Aminn.. huhu~ Video credit to OCN.
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BTS & SNSD Yuri Reaction to GD ft CL stage
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW edited vid of BTS Yul during SAF Gayo Daejeon (such a pity they don't have moment together. but as I watch fancam, BTS did facing towards MC tables , so perhaps they did saw Yuri ^^.)
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SNSD Yuri- Local Hero OST [FMV]
bgm: SNSD Taeyeon - IF (Male Version) This is just fanmade video of Local Hero aka Neighbourhood Hero drama. Starring Writer Bae (Kwon Yuri), Chan Gyu (Lee Soo Hyuk) and Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) . All right reserved to respective company. Hope you guys gonna like it ^^
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[동네의 영웅]Local Hero OST 여전히(Still)- Lee Geon [이건] of Madtown [매드타운]
my edited video with Local Hero / Neighborhood Hero OST part 3 by Lee Geon of Madtown . I already like this song ^^ Leave a comment about what you think of my edited vid ^^ (I fasten the clip to fit as many scene as I can.. ^^) Credit to the respective company. OCN channel and other that have relations with this clip and song.
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[소년24] Boys24- ISAAC [아이젝] Compilations
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a compile of his recent V app Hocheol crew and also some footage of boys24 concert and during the survival show~ I will make another one when I don't have hectic schedule. Yesterday is Isaac birthday ^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY our Sexy Isaac~ bgm: SECRET : Starlight Moonlight
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SNSD Yuri x Lee Ji Hoon - Miss You
No copyright infringement intended ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I miss them both. my past edit video for all gtsn been deleted since it being copyright strike. At that time it being aired on s b s that's why. so i make new one for yulhoon. BGM: BTOB Sungjae- Love Song (SCHOOL 2015) OST Miss You-Goblin OST (cover by Tiffani Afifa) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLa-z_OVrRc
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Shila Amzah in Changsha airport
Nur Shahila Bt. Amir Amzah Currently compete in 'I am a singer 2' in china. Video cr. to Shila Amzah Official fb I just want to share this to all Shilalas out there. I doesn't claimed anything about this video. It's all credit to the owner.
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[FMV] 진영 (Jinyoung of B1A4) - 이사랑을 (100 Days My Prince OST Part 2) 백일의 낭군님 Won Deuk X Hong Shim
No copyright infringement intended. Note: I really enjoyed this drama.. D.O really did a great job here. I really like his acting~ I'm glad I also like Jihyun. Anyway, all the cast are great. I recognized almost all cast and this really made me enjoyed it more~ BGM: B14 JinYoung- This Love
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[MV] BTS Jungkook ft Shila Amzah - Beautiful  Goblin (Guardian The Lonely and Great God) Ost
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED _________________________________________________ original cover by SHILA AMZAH- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaVWthMYt94 BTS Jungkook short cover of Goblin OST-Beautiful. I try combined with Shila Amzah cover of Beautiful too. The timing was not sync so it sound not so harmony. I tried my best to create this. hahahhahhahha x'D my skill suck.
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BTS & SNSD Yuri (방탄시대_ 2016년)
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW edited vid of BTS Yul. Include during SAF Gayo Daejeon (such a pity the MC didn't go to BTS like they do with EXO.) Just a compilation of BTS & SNSD, mostly Yuri hehe. And some random clip. lol
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Shila Amzah in China show
Nurshahila bt Amir Amzah With her father;ND Lala and Syada Amzah. Cr. to hunan TV
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"Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber (Shila Amzah Cover)
Justin Bieber- Love Yourself cover by Shila Amzah; my favourite malaysian singer ^^ her voice so nice,right? TURN ONN THE CAPTION FOR LYRICS Video credit to her Youtube channel: Shila Amzah . Here's the original links of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYpnOPF2O2o Please do watch it on her yt channel to increase the view and likes ^^
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SNSD Yuri Local Hero Ost-Little Prince [FMV]
Bae JungYeon x Choi Chan Gyu. Lee SooHyuk x Kwon Yuri coupe .. BGM: Ryeowook-Little Prince Copyright reserved to : SM ent,OCN NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I've edit TaeHyul vid. But,, unfortunately something happen to it. So, I need to edit it again from the start. So, it may take longer as I have many assignment to do. Anyway, enjoy this video.
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SNSD Yuri- Local Hero OST [FMV 2]
Song: What's wrong with Me - San E ft Kang Min Hee Original OST: You're All Surrounded drama. My clip contain scene from ep 1,3,4,5 & 6 of Local Hero drama by OCN channel. All copyright reserved to the owner of this song and story. Video edited for entertainment purpoe only. Hope you guys enjoy this. And if possible, do subscribe & share in other social media for more views ^^ I'll keep on doing FMV regarding my fav. artist. I really anticipating Yuri romance start to appear. Hopefully in ep 7. (Why did they didn't give Yuri any sweet moment with Shi Hoo? Is Yuri meant for SooHyuk? If that so,give Yuri & Soohyuk be a couple soon please. huhuu)
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[동네의 영웅]Local Hero OST - SNSD Taeyeon IF
bgm: SNSD Taeyeon If -this time it's her voice I have upload this video before but with male ver of this song,this time I change it back to TY voice. Means I have 2 same video with same song but different type of voice.
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[FMV] Seo Eunhye x Park Jungwoo
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED _________________________________________________ This is my edit for both Yuri & Jisung for their new drama together. Eventho this drama seems there'll be no romance between the lead (but I somehow want it to be happen) LOL. However, I hope Yuri can try practice to potray the emotions like some people keep on commenting how her acting kinda lack. I believe in Yul. ^^ BGM: Hwarang OST- Dream Yonghwa- I miss you (Heartstring OST)
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BTS V ft SNSD Yuri (kkabness)
Unleash the kkabness of my two most fav. member in BTS & SNSD; BTS V & Kwon Yuri . Here's another BangtanYul / Vyul video for any BangtanYul shipper :p .. I just combine their clip together. This was edited by me, but the clip using goes to its respective owner. The bgm: APink-Let Us Just Love Full credit to ACube ent. for this song. Hope you guys wil enjoy this clip ^^. Don't leave any hateful comments, as it will be delete. Anyway, this is just my preference (everyone have their preference,right? So, please respect mine since I respect all other preference too) . Keep Calm & Love BangtanYul
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Got7 & SNSD - Jackson and Yuri
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love Jackson ^^ and I reallllllyyyy love Yuri. I hope she will come to any variety show again. After done filming her drama~ bgm: got7-ms chu (cover from apink mr chu) credit to sbs LOTJ
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just make new edit of Jimin, V & Jungkook with SNSD SHY. If only my dream come true ('bout BTS & SHY / YUL compilation) I guess I'll be extremely happy. (Like how I make BTS sing Without a heart by 8eight and they did cover it x'D Just missing Yuri~ kkkk) bgm: Trouble Maker by Hyuna & Hyunseung
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BTS X SNSD -Boy in Luv
BangtanShidae collaboration x'D sorry for bad edit. BGM: BTS-Boy In Luv Video: SNSD-Bad Girl, BTS-BIY Jpn Ver.,BTS sk telecom No copyright infringement intended.
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Hyorin - Driving Me Crazy (Master's Sun OST with ENG sub)
ft EXO Luhan & SNSD Yuri .. pic. cr. to google & it's own owner. I'm just making the vids ^^ There's a lil' mistake I did about the lyrics,don't care much ~ This is for Yulhan shipper~ EXOYUL ftw.
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BTS ft SNSD- You Think I Need You [FMV]
BGM: BTS/SNSD - I Need U/You Think MASHUP/REMIX [by RYUSERALOVER] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlxSkfYIHhY) credit to her for the great mashup. ^^ I don't own anything except from editing this video. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ALL COPYRIGHT GOES TO ITS OWNER.
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CNBLUE - You're So Fine, 씨엔블루 - 이렇게 예뻤나 [Yongseo Ver.]
I love Yongseo, And hope they will become real. ^^ .. Anyway,this song is really good. Somehow I think Yonghwa wrote this for Seohyun. :p Just my opinion. Don't bash. haha xD BGM: CNBLUE - You're so fine. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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SNSD Yuri , Yoo SeungHo & Kim JaeJoong (FMV)
Starring SNSD Yuri, JYJ/DBSK Jaejoong, Zea Im Siwan, Yoo SeungHo & JiYeon. I hope Yuri will get to act alongside the actor I list above next time. :D My Favourite.. Copyright reserved to owner. I didn't owned any materials in this video & I just edit this video for fun ^^ And yea, thanks for 1000+ subscriber. I love you
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GFriend x DreamCatcher x SNSD - Into The New World (다만세) 2017
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both Dreamcatcher & GFriend perform this song of SNSD in this year. I can said that it like welcome their comeback for 10 years debut this upcoming july/august. I tried make combination of them 3. (Actually Boys24 did cover this song too, but since the beat being changed, I can't insert here. So feel free check their ver. too ^^)
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SNSD Yuri Local Hero OST [FMV]-Yesterday
Fanmade MV of Local Hero drama ^^ bgm: Xia Junsu- Yesterday No copyright infringement intended.
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Shila Amzah-Because you're my man (Fanmade MV)
This song sang by G.NA .. Credit to Blublack production for Shila amzah MV and also full credit for Wu Yi Fan MV to its respective owner. This is merely fanmade . Shila Amzah MV is from her latest song which is "Zai Jian Bu Zai Jian" Wu Yifan MV is for his ost song,entitle"Times boil the rain" Since both had a rain scene,so the idea just popped up in my mind to combine their MV together as everyone known that Shila do like Yifan. However,there's be certain part that somehow stuck,I can't do nothing about it tho since the apps make it like that. Anyway,I hope you guys will enjoy the video. No hate please. It's just for fun. Nothing in this video will harm you tho. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 욱하지마세요 여러분들. 그럼..
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BTS V ft SNSD Yuri - One Afternoon (FMV)
BangtanYul present. ^^ I'm happy that V will debut to be an actor. Hopefully they both will met in drama/web-drama or even movie. I'll be happy then I don't own the clips used. I just responsible in edit it all. All ccopyright reserved to respective company ;SM ent & BigHit ent BGM: SNSD - One Afternoon
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151208 The Show BTS-Butterfly ft SNSD Yuri
BangtanYul Ver. Hello Guys ^^ It's been so long since my last post. Here I make BTS Video with SNSD Yuri (my bias) No hate please. I know that V is too young for Yuri. But this is just my preference. kkkkk .. Age doesn't meant anything if both person were in love,right? Would like to see BTS interaction with Yuri again. Just recently, in Music Bank , BTS met TTS during their interview..Such a pity. If it was whole SNSD then I can try to find their moment together. (I like TTS too. Of course,since they are also SNSD member). This is a Fanmade Video only. Clip and music credits goes to Bighit entertainment & BTS. Clip of Yuri goes to SM ent. Credit to Jiminout channel for some of her edited video of BTS (the one with Bangtan Film mark). I like ur editing. However, I'm still a beginner in editing video that's why the outcome be like this =.=" . I tried to make a storyline,but it seems so messy(?) unorganized. kkkk Sorry for that. Just I hope you all enjoy this video Full copyright, mechanical, and performance rights are held by the assigned rights holders and licensing agencies for the respective song.
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED _________________________________________________ Yesterday on Golden Disk Award BTS performed 8eigth-Without A Heart x'D .. Such a coincidence or it's really fated? HAHAHAH That's because I've made their HOW WOULD BTS JJSV Sing Without a Heart with SNSD Yuri back in 2016. The video released on 14 JUNE 2016, and they sing yesterday , 14 JAN 2017. If only they meet Yuri, my goal accomplish. ^^ Anyway, yesterday, Suga mic not function. the heck.. poor Suga
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BTS V ft SNSD Yuri Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway [FMV]
My new edit of Yuri & V ^^ Hope u guys like it ^^ BangtanYul TaehYul/Vyul is LOVE! I wish both of them will starred in same drama together soon. :) BGM: SNSD Yoona ft 10 cm -Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway credit to SM ent. No copyright infringement intended
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How Would SNSD Yuri and BTS Rap Line sing Auditory Hallucination (환청) Kill Me Heal Me OST
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED _________________________________________________ New vid^^ BTS release a concept photo for You Never Walk Alone .. This time rapper line; RAP MONSTER, SUGA AND J-HOPE with YURI BTSYul
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Taeyeon-Love,That One Word (SNSD Yuri & BTS Jungkook) FMV
YulKook vid ^^ I made it like a storyline (but no dialogue tho) . My first attempt to make this video. What do you think ?(refer to BangtanYul shipper out there) . Anyway, I know their age so much gap (89 liner and 97 liner) like noona-dongsaeng relationship, but this is just fanmade. I repeat FANMADE . You may ship him with whoever you like, so do I. Don't watch it if you feel 'HARM' by doing so and gonna get a 'HEART ATTACK' during watching my BangtanYul edited video. It's just mix n match of the video of both of them tho. Anyway, all copyright reserved to the BigHit ent, SM ent,SBS and the rest that owned the clipped used in here. It's purely fanmade. song used: Taeyeon-Love,that one word ost You're All Surrounded.
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EXO Kris ft Shila Amzah
Bgm Xiang Ni De Ye by Guan zhe Cr to the owner of this song
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[방탄소년단] 뷔 BTS V 와 [소녀시대] 율SNSD Yuri-childhood+adult photo compilation
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just got to know that Jin injured his neck during Save Me perf. in KCON Paris. I hope he will get well soon. Poor him, still need to perform even it hurts him. I watch the fancam of BTS performing Fire recently and you can see his face definitely not well especially when he's dance to the part that require him to move his neck. Here I make Yul and Tae pre-debut+childhood and grown up photo of them. haha... After this I thought I wanna make JinYul ..Of course it will be EatJinYul TV . xDD anyone excited for this?? I never make Yul with other BTS member (personally) like I did her vid with V & Kookie. If u have any suggestion for which member I should pair up with Yuri, do write a comment for ur suggestion. I'll think about it later. ^^ Anyway I guess I will make it after I done my final. It will be on 18 June. (sorry for the vid quality , I didn't realize it. -,-' It's just a pic of them, so yeah.. it's ok. If it were vids, I'll upload the newest one.)
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Sad Love-JunHo (2PM) cover (female version)
song credit to Junho (2PM) the voice credit to AmaliaAlias I'm used it for my ff ^^
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