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CyberMonkeyDeals.com Tutorial - Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon
How to use CyberMonkeyDeals.com to source profitable products to sell on Amazon or eBay. This tutorial will show new subscribers how to use Cyber Monkey Deals to analyze and purchase inventory from over 20 different retail websites to sell on Amazon or eBay. Also includes a brief overview of how to use the Scanalyze tool for dynamic profit calculations & price and rank history on every product. With Cyber Monkey Deals you can do online arbitrage like a pro!
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How To Attend ASD (Or Any Trade Show) Without Leaving Your Home
Cordelia demonstrates how you can connect with the exhibitors at a trade show like ASD from your home computer.
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Jeff Cohen – Amazon Search Algorithm and Listing Optimization
Jeff Cohen, CMO of Seller Labs shares some of the inner workings of the Amazon.com search algorithms and how you can optimize listings. He covers everything from keywords and images to reverse ASIN lookups and enhanced brand content. ---------------------------------------- https://www.scannersociety.com https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter ----------------------------------------- Come join us and see how we can help you on your commerce journey in a "guru-free" environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY-ANiRB5Ks --------------------------------------------
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How To Find A Wholesaler For Selling On Amazon
A demonstration of 1 way to find profitable wholesalers for reselling on Amazon.
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Merchant Words Demo
Scanner Monkey is a hub for Amazon sellers. We are demo'ing how you can use MerchantWords.com to research bundles, sourcing and keywords. Scanner Monkey members receive 70% off off MerchantWords. Join today! www.ScannerMonkey.com.
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John Groleau - Sourcing Profitable Inventory at Target and Marshalls
John Groleau discusses how he sources over $35,000 in clothing and shoes in 2 months at Marshalls and Target! We also examine his finances of doing RA and using a fulfillment center to process his finds. Plus, he launches his 2 new inventory sourcing guides: "T-Rex Takes Aim at Target" and "Coffee, Tea, or T-Rex". Each book contains sourcing strategies and BOLOs to help sellers locate profitable inventory to sell on Amazon.
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How To Find A Wholesaler By Category
Using the America's Mart, Dallas Mart and ASD website, Cordelia demonstrates how to locate a wholesaler by category.
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E-Commerce News: Amazon LTSF update, PA Sales Tax, Walmart Meals and More!
Amazon had some big announcements for sellers this week. There will be FBA Inventory Storage Fees increases and some Policy Changes. The stated goal is to encourage improved inventory management. These changes are not immediate. Some start in April and others in September. In April, Regular monthly inventory storage fees will be increased by $0.05 per cubic foot for standard-size and oversize items. In July storage for sellers with a low inventory performance index will be limited. So, if you don’t have a history of selling quickly, you will not be able to store as much in fulfillment centers. Finally in Sept, long-term storage fees for FBA, Multi Channel Fulfillment and the Small and Light program will be adjusted and the assessment dates will be changed from a semi-annual basis to a monthly basis. Now, with the stated goal of a 6 month window before long term fees are charged, but only assessing it twice a year, sellers could game the system by sending inventory in at any point after Feb 15th to get almost 12 months but have it only count as 6. Starting in Sept, it will be assessed every month on the 15th so sellers will simply have to only send in inventory that will sell in an actual 6 month period. Fees increase somewhat after 6 months and significantly after 12. This is all to encourage active management of inventory that’s been in Amazon fulfillment centers for six months or longer. For full details go to: amazon.com/fba-fee-changes The words taxes and good news are rarely used together but we are doing it! Now, in addition to paying the state tax directly in Washington, Amazon must pay direct in Pennsylvania effective on April 1st. This saves small businesses time and money and is great for third party sellers. Hopefully soon, they’ll do it in every state! The packaging guidelines for apparel, fabric, and textile products such as clothing and shoes have been updated. Some of the new requirements are that all products must be in a sealed poly bag, shrink wrap or box. Shoes must in their original, manufacturer-provided box. In Industry news… eBay announced their Spring Seller updates which pleased some and horrified others. They are also rolling out changes over the next few months. A few that tie in well with Amazon sellers are their added exposure for bundles and lots. They are encouraging sellers to use universal product identifiers such as a UPC code and shared listings. Links to external sites are being discouraged and there are fee updates as well. As Amazon become more challenging for smaller sellers, this is a great time to learn about or increase eBay sales. Walmart introduces new meal kits for customers. Developed at their Culinary and Innovation Center they are made and assembled fresh in-store daily. Options include pre-portioned cooking kits, kits to accompany the rotisserie chicken, along with options that can be heated up and on the table in less than 15 minutes. Some tasty sounding choices are:Steak Dijon, Thai Curry Chicken, and Chicken Enchiladas. They serve two people and range in price from $8 to $15. Buyers can order at lunch and pick up in time to bring home for dinner that night. Walmart is integrating trending food business ideas into their current infrastructure. They want buyers to come in store and they want to attract higher end shoppers. These new meal kits will do both. It’s interesting that they are offering three options. The pre-portioned cooking kits are an ingredient based solution similar to Hello Fresh. Bloggers and pinners have been posting for years about how it’s cheaper and easier to buy a rotisserie chicken than a raw chicken and then do something creative with it. Walmart is using that idea in the second of their meal prep option. And finally, stores like Whole Foods and Costco have been offering heat and eat dinner options. Walmart is diving in with all three in a dinner blitz. Walmart is expanding their private label clothing to compete with Amazon and Target. Historically, their brand White Stag has been lower end and not attractive to brand conscious buyers. They are adding 4 new luxurious lines. Time & Tru for women size Small through 2x, Terra & Sky, a high end plus size women’s line, Wonder Nation, comfortable and durable clothes for kids and George, for men. They are using the scale, buying power and logistics that they’ve built with lower end lines and diving deeper into higher end clothing.
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Quincy Lin - Sourcing Shoes Online to Sell on Amazon
Quincy Lin joins Jay Bayne to show how he uses GatedList.com to source shoes on multiple retail websites to resell for big profits on Amazon!
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How To Analyze a Wholesale Spreadsheet Using Evaluate by Scanpower
A demonstration of how to take a large spreadsheet from a wholesaler and narrow it down to the best purchases for resale.
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Selling Shoes on Amazon with Quincy Lin
Quincy Lin joins Jay Bayne to discuss tips and strategies to help you make big profits selling shoes on Amazon! Quincy Lin is the founder of GatedList.com - a sourcing list with high profit, low ranked shoes.
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Amazon Listings Demystified: Sell More Of Your Products Without Guessing!
See how the class Amazon Listings Demystified teaches the exact technique needed to write a listing that register completely with amazon. Every word and phrase that you choose will index and then can be used for pay per click. The the guess work out of writing listings! https://www.ScannerSociety.com/Listings
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Dollar Store Arbitrage With Abby Hunt
Abby tells us all about her dollar store tips that give her an extra 36K an year in income! Sourcing at the Dollar Store is great because with very little money invested you can really do well.
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Selling on Jet.com for Amazon Sellers
Barbara Boschen, Scanner Monkey member and founder of CoMerchant.com joins us to share her own success selling on Jet and how others can too. When suspended from Amazon she decided to diversify her business. She did this in a number of ways and talks about that too.
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Using Logoed Products For Branded Packaging and Bundle Components
Some ideas for using logo merchandise for branded packing for brand registry on Amazon and also for creating bundle components that are hard to duplicate and provide a ton of value for the customer. For Amazon FBA sellers and bundlers.
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Sourcing Private Label Manufacturers In The USA
Brad Degraw give us the scoop on HOW to find the manufacturers, WHAT to say, and MORE!
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Free Keyword Research For Amazon Listings
How to use freely available tools, especially Amazon itself to do keyword research for listings that you are writing or modifying to increase sales. ---------------------------------------- https://www.scannersociety.com https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter ----------------------------------------- Come join us and see how we can help you on your commerce journey in a "guru-free" environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY-ANiRB5Ks --------------------------------------------
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International Arbitrage - Buying in the US, Selling in the UK
How to evaluate potential deals when buying product in this US and selling in the UK on Amazon. Works for retail and online arbitrage as well as wholesale.
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$15 Min Wage, Eloquii, and Toys R Us & More E-Commerce News
Amazon is increasing the minimum wage $15 an hour for all full-time, part-time, and temporary employees across the U.S, effective November 1. They are also lobbying in DC to increase the minimum wage to this rate at the federal level. Walmart made another bold branding move and acquired plus size clothing brand, Eloquii. Kroger and Walgreens today announced that they are collaborating on an exploratory pilot in 13 Walgreens stores. With just over 2000 locations nationwide, Kroger will benefit from the added footprint that they’ll get from Walgreens 8000 plus locations. Amazon opened a new store, called the 4 Star store in New York that stocks only high rated products fro. Could Toys R Us come back? Their most valuable asset in the end was their intellectual property. Harley Davidson has been a brand that was traditionally only available on their own website and in showrooms. They reached an agreement with Amazon to introduce select Harley-Davidson apparel and riding gear in their own branded storefront. NAFTA has been renegotiated and now called the USMCA. It could have a positive impact on US based sellers as it will be easier to ship and sell individual purchases into Canada and Mexico. Any order that is less than $40 will ship to Canada with no duties or taxes. Goods up to $150 will be duty free but not tax free. The Mexican threshold is $117. Merchant Fulfilling to Canada from the US, just got a big boost. Oct 5th is National Manufacturing Day in the US. It is a celebration of modern manufacturing. There are over 2500 related events nationwide from trainings, to trade shows, to meetups. Selling one’s own brand in a retail space has been difficult as a whole store’s rent can be too much but grabbing shelf space in a popular retailer is very difficult. Entrepreneur, Selene Cruz, is hoping to change this with her startup, Re:Store. It’s a co-working style store where for a small monthly fee a brand owner can sell in the shop. Amazon has started promoting it’s own brands IN LISTING for competitors. At the bottom of the listing it says, "Similar item from Our Brands" and then shows, for example, an Amazon Mama Bear diaper in a Huggies listing. Not surprisingly, brands are not happy about this. This new feature was NOT formally announced and has not been commented on by Amazon.
How To Keep Your Amazon Sellers Account Safe With Cynthia Stine
Cordelia Blake and Cynthia Stine discuss the ins and outs of managing your account to avoid suspension and give tips on what to do if you get a policy violation warning.
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Amazon Business For Third Party Sellers
Colin Puckett, Senior Marketing Manager for Amazon Business talks about how and why to sell on Amazon Business. This division of Amazon sold over 1 billion in the last 18 months, 50% of which came from third party sellers. See how you can join this powerful new Amazon division.
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How To Research Trade Shows Ahead Of Time
Cordelia demonstrates how to do trade show research on the ASD Online website. Do your legwork in advance to maximize your time at the show.
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Sam Cohen of  Amazon Consulting Experts - ACE- Reveals How To Scale An Online Business
Sam Cohen runs his own 10 million dollar plus online sales company and is in the top 1% of Amazon sellers worldwide. Having had to learn everything the hard way himself, he decided to found a company to help other sellers go big on Amazon and thus he founded Amazon Consulting Experts in 2014. He reveals some of his secrets for scaling and success in our show. He tracks him time, learns how to do everything before outsourcing it and continues to improve his ability to work smart as well as hard. His team includes staff in the Philippines and the US. He triages projects and tasks to the best level to keep everyone operating at peak efficiency. Whether he was at the beginning of his online sales journey, selling DVDs on Amazon and eBay or now, Cohen has consistently grown by taking daring risks in combination with relentless education and work. -------------------------------------------- Learn More: https://www.scannersociety.com/sam-cohen-size-matters/ Free knowledge list signup: https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter-updates/ Find out more about ACE: https://amazonconsultingexperts.com/ --------------------------------------------
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Jungle Scout Amazon Product Research App - Scanner Monkey Intro
Greg Mercer shows the Scanner Monkey tribe how to use the Jungle Scout Chrome app to make Amazon product research easy! This tutorial will show you how to use this Chrome extension to research wholesalers and private label opportunities on Amazon.
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Maximize Trade Shows with Brand Registry and Keywords – Atlanta 2018 - Inside The Scanner Studio
Join us for this powerful day of in depth interviews and workshops with two premier e-commerce leaders, Cynthia Stine of EGrowth Partners and George Lawrence of Merchant Words. Go in depth on how to use the new Amazon Brand Registry to work with wholesalers and brand owners and sell their products on Amazon. See how mastering keywords can make you a better sourcer and attract international buyers. ★Learn more at: https://www.ScannerSociety.com/Atlanta
How much does it cost to go to China to source products from The Canton Fair?
If you go you should have about $10 - 15 thousand dollars total that you can spend with a 1 -2 year timeline on profit from it. I will break this down for you, but first of all, I’m talking about a relatively efficient and enjoyable trip and ordering inventory afterwards. I’m not talking flying first class but I’m also not talking 6 stopovers and the Motel 6. Besides just being more enjoyable, being strategic about travel will help improve your time and energy management when you are there will which will help with profit. If you just go solo, with no program many of these costs are the same. Expect to spend about $1500 on a round trip plane ticket that is non stop from the US to Guangzhou. Do your stopovers in the US and then go direct. It will be more enjoyable and there is less risk of problems if you are not switching flights in a foreign country. The best hotel to stay in is the Westin Pazhou in Guangzhou. It is connected by land bridge to the Fair and has free golf cart shuttle service to get back and forth from anywhere in the fair to the hotel. The executive level is worth it because all meals and drinks are included. You can find a years worth of inventory in just 3 days at the Fair, if you are well rested and fed. This will run about $700 a night for two people so about $1400 per person for 4 nights. Once you return, plan to invest a minimum of $3 thousand on inventory and another 2 thousand on shipping. This is a total of $5k. Many spend more but if you can invest at least this much, you can order 2 - 5 products to launch. Our program is $3 thousand in 2019. It is 9 months long and includes pre trip prep, a tour, shared meals, and post trip support and help. It also includes membership in our community, a smaller mastermind of just those who go on the trip and mentors and 9 months of online meetings and support as needed. So your total budget should be between $8 thousand and 12 thousand for the first year. With this seed money, you can order 2 - 5 new private label product that can be sold individually and in bundles. With good launch success, meaning half of your products will sell well, participants can expect to break even at the end of year 1 and then be ready to accelerate launch in year two. If you have a bigger inventory budget to start with, then obviously that will change things. This trip is a good fit for a business that is ready grow beyond wholesale and arbitrage or even expand a current import model. Our students, mentors and teachers, are amazing and the journey with them is invaluable. We are here to help you before going, when there and afterwards. ***************** More info: https://www.ScannerSociety.com/China
Robyn Johnson - $100 to $1 Mill in Sales in a Year!
Robyn Johnson started her online sales business with only $100 and grew it to $1 million in sales! She talks about how to quickly diversify and scale your business to achieve similar results.
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Back To School With Sam Cohen
Tips and strategies for profiting from the back to school selling season.
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Chris Green - From Arbitrage To Merch. Master of Amazon!
Chris Green has been working in e-commerce for over 10 years. He was originally a seller and then founded the company Scanpower to help other online sellers work more efficiently and profitably. He authored several key books, including Retail Arbitrage in 2011 and Online Arbitrage in 2014. He has spoken at many conferences and events as well as online. He is an advocate for others to find their own success. He has become an influencer and eductor in the field of print on demand with his software, training and books on Merch by Amazon. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children. You can find him online in his Merch or Scanpower Facebook groups. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MerchLife/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/scanpower/ Chris Green has been working in e-commerce for over 10 years. He was originally a seller and then founded the company Scanpower to help other online sellers work more efficiently and profitably. He authored several key books, including Retail Arbitrage in 2011 and Online Arbitrage in 2014. He has spoken at many conferences and events as well as online. He is an advocate for others to find their own success. He has become an influencer and eductor in the field of print on demand with his software, training and books on Merch by Amazon. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children. You can find him online in Scanner Society and in his Merch or Scanpower Facebook groups. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MerchLife/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/scanpower/
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Jaya Patel - Cookin' Profits - Liquidation and Arbitrage To Private Label Success!
Jaya Patel is an Atlanta based entrepreneur. She started selling on Amazon and eBay and sourced via arbitrage. She even bought inventory from the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center. After growing to the point of needing a warehouse and a full time employee, she decided to conquer wholesale. She dove in and while she learned and grew successfully, she felt that the best way to control supply was to learn private label. She now has over 10 SKUs that are selling well and plans for more. Join us to learn from her inspiring seller success story. -------------------------------------------------- Come Join Us: https://www.scannersociety.com Free subscription to our knowledge list: https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter-updates/ -----------------------------------------------------
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Scanner TV Presents: John Lawson
John Lawson, speaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author of, Kick Ass Social Commerce For E-Preneurs, is now an e-commerce and marketing industry leader and internationally sought after speaker. He began life in the projects of New York and dropped out of high school. He managed to create a successful career and then almost lost it all due to a bad financial decision. He started selling on eBay to prevent bankruptcy and quickly took to e-commerce and left his “job” to become a full time entrepreneur. He initially sold computers and accessories on eBay during his lunch breaks and weekends. His early videos on YouTube were rough but are still being watched to this day. He eventually moved onto Amazon and his own website. He gave more and more talks and now teaches how to understand customers and market accordingly. He inspires entrepreneurs all over the world with his talks and information. ---------------------------------------- https://www.scannersociety.com https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter ----------------------------------------- Come join us and see how we can help you on your commerce journey in a "guru-free" environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY-ANiRB5Ks --------------------------------------------
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From Wholesale To Ordering Direct From China
Do you want to know how to pay much less than wholesale prices for the products you sell? Buy direct from China. There is a huge selection of merchandise at The Canton Fair. The advantage of being there is that as a buyer there are just more options. Instead of the one type of widget that is available from a wholesaler here, you can distinguish your product by ordering a higher quality version. One of the reasons why we see lower quality products from China is because that’s what large companies order. As a niche supplier, you can choose a nicer, better made, product. There are also size and color variations that are not available here. A bigger, red version of your widget for the same price or even less will increase your bottom line. Factories produce similar products that you never thought of and by combining orders with the same factory you can have a better negotiating position. The prices are so much lower per item there. Even with tariffs of 25%, the typical cost if ordered direct, including shipping, is 10-20% of retail price. Normal wholesale is usually 50% of retail pricing or more. This means that you can sell your own products wholesale and retail and profit both ways. By sourcing the same product from multiple vendors there are many points of comparison. You can compare them simply on customer service and how they deal with you. The proof of this is after the show. The people who follow up with you are not necessarily the same ones you met on the Canton Fair floor. By having multiple options, you can choose the more proactive factory. There are other great things to negotiate in addition to or instead of price per unit. MOQ, or minimum order quantity for first orders are open to negotiation as is production time. By finding 3-5 vendors for each product you source, you’ll end up with at least one really solid supplier. Consider our 8 month long program on importing from China which includes a trip to The Canton Fair in April. It’s a great next step for an experienced wholesaler or retailer. Sign up for more information. ****** https://www.ScannerSociety.com/China ******
Q4 And eBay with Jay and Nay
Jason T Smith and Nadene Shearstone of "Thrifty Business With Jay and Nay" join us to teach eBay basics and how to gear up for Q4.
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Shopify and Kroger Apps, Private Label Marketing, Self Publishing Matures, Starbucks and Alibaba
Shopify is continuing to grow not just as an e-commerce website platform, but also as a hq style hub for a business selling online. Their new app, PING, is a one-stop messaging solution. So if a customer emails in Amazon, eBay or sends a Facebook Message, those will all go to the PING app for the store owner to respond rather than having to check each platform for customer requests. This makes it easier to focus on overall business operations and deepening customer relationships. Kroger also has a new app, OPTUP. They say it makes “better for you” shopping simple. It integrates with buying records so that users can see how healthy their shopping habits are and and it will suggest small changes to improve a health score. People love digitally tracking their progress as the explosion of fitbits and other fitness watches has proven. So now Kroger is hoping their app will become your shopping “fit bit” with a combination of data and information to both help families be healthier but also make them more likely to shop at Kroger. Kroger is also launching a new program called, SHIP. It’s in 4 cities now but they plan to expand quickly. Customers can shop from a selection of Kroger branded products, which are not available anywhere else online, as well as additional products. These will ship for free with a $35 order or for $4.99 if it’s less. Their Simple Truth line, clothing line and other store brand products are very popular. Between this and Click List they will continue to be one of the top US retailers and grow. They have a huge advantage because they already have a lot private label and data on what’s popular that they can leverage. For private labelers, an opportunity might be to see which of their products that are popular but aren’t widely available, can be manufactured and brought to Amazon and other marketplaces. Private label or small business manufacturing is continuing to make inroads into previously inaccessible areas. Marketing top shopping lists used to be the domain of big brands. This list of alternatives to the pricey and popular Yeti Coolers, on the Retail me Not blog, includes 1 poorly named and obviously imported copy cat, the F40C4TMP. To me, this gives us all hope. If they can achieve those sales numbers and that notoriety, so can we. There is more good news for independent creators. The popular Romance Writers of America or RITA awards for the 2018 Best Romance Books had almost as many self published authors as by those from big publishing houses. 5 of the 13 winners are SELF PUBLISHED and they beat out or kept pace with those from publishers like Harlequin and Harper Collins. Authors and other creators have the ability to directly reach their customers without a middle man. These authors used Kindle Direct and Createspace publishing to sell their books. The only up front costs are in sales and marketing, all fulfillment is print and delivery on demand. While this does not mean everyone who writes their great American novel will be a bestseller, it does empower anyone to give it a try and work at it. Today’s final story is about a partnership in China that could have global ramifications. Starbucks and Alibaba have joined forces to allow Chinese customers to buy everything from freshly made lattes to their pre packaged products, seamlessly online. Join our group of e-commerce sellers, Scanner Society. Our community is a place to connect with with and learn from a community of small business owners on the move. We offer training, an amazing online community and events all over the US. *********** JOIN: https://www.ScannerSociety.com/JOIN UPDATES: https://www.ScannerSociety.com/ECOMMENT ****************
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Cyber Monkey Deals - Online Sourcing for Amazon Sellers
Jay Bayne and Trent Nguyen introduce CyberMonkeyDeals.com, a FULLY AUTOMATED ONLINE SOURCING SERVICE for Amazon sellers! Jay instructs members on how to use this new service to shop 11 online stores to resell product on Amazon. Stores include: Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Think Geek, Disney Store, Kohls, Rite-Aid, Boscovs, Mattel, and Hot Topic.
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E-Commerce News: Walmart & Handy, Amazon & DHL, Target 2 Day and more
Today we look at who the top internet retailers are. By earnings in the last fiscal year, 2 of the top 10 are online flower e-tailers, 1-800-Flowers and FTD. QVC, HSN, QVC and Evine Live are TV retailers. We’ve seen a huge push by Amazon to dominate media, as they grow their original content and fanbase for PrimeTV. Are Amazon Shopping TV Amazon Flowers on the horizon? Walmart keeps climbing in it’s push to dominate the market both online and in store. They are partnering with Handy to provide in home product setup services. Will Amazon use it’s own Services section to provide install to customers? They are also deepening their partnership with with FedEx by bringing FedEx shops into 500 of its US stores. They will offer printing and delivery services as well as short term package storage so consumers can pick up there rather than having packages delivered directly. Walmart recently surveyed its customers and found that the services they wanted most, that weren't already in stores, were packaging and shipping. Walmart, Kroger and Target now all have easy pick up of groceries and in store items available in many locations bridging the online to store gap. Target acquired Shipt last year and now just announced free two-day delivery from Target.com on hundreds of thousands of items. They are also aggressively pursuing private label, something they are already very good at, and introducing more than a dozen new exclusive brands by the end of 2018. Walgreens took a surprisingly nimble jump into to contemporary marketing with a private label lesson for all of us. Team up with influencers! They recently joined with YouTube beauty enthusiast Judy Travis of “It’s Judy Time” and are releasing a line of cosmetic bags with her. This type of partnership is within the reach of many of us. Take your Amazon selling and product development experience and team up with an influencer! The Trump administration may impose tariffs worth as much as $60 billion on Chinese products as early as this week to punish Beijing for what their saying is intellectual property theft from American businesses. Whether that is the true motive is up in the air. The exact size and makeup of the sanctions could still change. A trade war with China will impact the many small business private labelers who cannot afford to weather short term supply price increases. Many bipartisan trade organizations oppose tariffs. More domestic revenue is lost in jobs that use and sell those products than those that make them and they feel that a trade war will only hurt consumers and not China or meaningfully change IP theft practices. If you import or are planning to, pay extra attention to this developing story. Even before online retailing behemoth Amazon builds its first Prime Air shipping hub at the Cincinnati Airport, it will begin an unprecedented collaboration with its future across-the-street neighbor, DHL. It is a major strategic partnership between two of the world’s largest logistics operations. Beginning in May, DHL will continue to run its Americas Hub at CVG at night while Amazon uses the facility and equipment during the day. This shows how Amazon is not only diversifying logistics with their own brand but partnering with DHL rather than putting all their eggs in the UPS basket. More competition means lower prices for merchants and consumers as the big guys battle this out. UPS diversifies and tries to serve merchants who sell cross platform with their launch of Marketplace Shipping to merchants. All orders can be consolidated, viewed and shipped from one place inside the UPS platform. The death of toys mega giant Toys R Us has shocked many consumers. Was it Amazon or it’s own debt that killed it? In Amazon News... A Save The Date announcement went out about the second annual BOOST conference hosted by Amazon. There will be an evening reception on Jun 19th and a day long conference on the 20th in New Orleans. Stay tuned for registration details. Amazon hosted an invitation-only event on machine learning, automation, robotics and space exploration. While we were not invited we did enjoy this picture of Jeff Bezos walking his robot dog. As Amazon grows it’s clear that space and robotics are where Bezos sees the future headed. Amazon continues to offer sellers a discount on selling new Grocery & Gourmet products. As the grocery marketplace heats up, Amazon wants to reward us for bringing new brands and ideas to their marketplace. Watch out though, as our popular vendors will be snapped up by Amazon if we don’t have rock solid agreements in place.
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How To Make A Bundle Selling Bundles On Amazon: Udemy Course Introduction
See THREE Amazon bundling strategies you can use TODAY. Selling bundles on Amazon is a great way to increase ASP (average sales price), scale a business, own your listings, and build a brand. Sourcing via wholesale, private label, and arbitrage are are all covered in this comprehensive class. There are 6 specific techniques that can lead to hundreds of bundles as well as details on how to apply different sourcing methods. A 40 page ebook, brainstorming worksheet, bundle planning spread sheet and a marketing strategy sheet all come with the course. Updated with Brand Registry and UPC info for 2018!. Want the FULL COURSE? Sign Up Today! https://www.udemy.com/make-a-bundle-selling-amazon-bundles/?couponCode=YTBUNDLEFRIEND
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E-Commerce News: Amazon Visa, Woot, Amazon Business and more!
* This week, Amazon announced their Chase partnered Amazon Rewards Visa. Prime members will receive a 5% cash rebate on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases and 1 - 2% on others. As big e-com players step up their competition this is a way for Amazon to capture more sales and reward customer loyalty with a low cash investment on their part. It’s also a way for them to build possibly their greatest asset, data. They will know not just about customer spending habits on Amazon but off as well. This will help them to make strategic acquisitions in the future to build even more customer loyalty. * Amazon acquired Woot.com in 2010, but they’ve largely kept the companies separate. They are now offering Prime members free shipping on all Woot orders. They are consolidating operations across the board which is why there have been layoffs in Seattle. Adding prime shipping is yet another way to show a larger marketplace footprint, increase the value of Prime membership and further reward customer loyalty. * In Amazon Business news, a new seller B2B dashboard is available in Beta form for business sellers. With insights unique to business, it should do a better job of helping sellers to specifically strategize for this platform. Additionally, Amazon is actively trying to become a major supplier to US Hospitals and clinics. This is a huge opportunity for third party sellers and service providers as well. Amazon Business is a platform where the seller matters more and companies can register their special certifications such as Women, Minority or Veteran owned. With Amazon actively pursuing large scale buyers such as hospitals, universities and other large companies, that leave third party sellers free to pursue vendors and even create PL products for these customers. Any business owner, including sellers can register for a buyer account and see how the platform works. Very few sellers are targeting this platform in relation to the rest of Amazon so it’s a huge opportunity. * Walmart is not just coming after Amazon but Wayfair as they invest deeper in furniture. They have improved the home part of their website and added even more selection. Walmart has a real competitive advantage here by using their retail locations for storage of large items. Amazon’s warehouses are filling up faster than they can build them. Walmart already has the logistics in place to handle furniture which Amazon does not. This is a growing area of e-commerce that they can really distinguish themselves in. They also have the import and private labeling further along and can beat all their competitors with pricing and better logistics. The only way to win with these bulky and heavy items is with pure scale which Walmart is uniquely suited to achieve. * What can grocery giant Kroger teach us about Private Label? They are innovating their own brands “Private Selection” and “Simple Truth”. Rather than the old fashioned model of store brands being exact but cheaper copies of mainstream brands, they have chosen to create new products. They are leaders in the area of sustainable packaging, fair trade and organics, and just opened their Culinary Innovation Center in Cincinnati. As what has been called private label, morphs into brand building, we can all learn from Kroger. Let’s all focus on innovation, solving customer problems, and creating unique products, not simply throwing a logo on another garlic press. Amazon wants sellers and entrepreneurs inspired so they’ve launched a website where we can experience videos and articles with contributions from business celebs, Mark Cuban, Angela Duckworth, Ariana Huffington, and Tim Ferriss. They share their expertise on topics ranging from business growth and productivity, to good habits and how to drive original thinking. Check out www.Amazon.com/Insights! * And now our update from eGrowth Partners and Cynthia Stine. Bad Actors are now being thwarted on Vendor Express. In the past sellers could mess others listings on this platform. Amazon has finally closed this loophole that was allowing competitors to make changes to existing listings that weren’t theirs. Vendor Express sellers, can no longer add any product to their account that already has an offer on it (whether a 3P seller or Amazon itself). To add a new product, they must be brand registered in 2.0 and you can only add their own products to Vendor Express. Amazon continues to reward brands who register and crack down on those trying to win by hurting others as this makes the catalog messy and the customer experience bad. Sellers can continue to grow by creating their own brands and setting up current brands in Brand Registry 2.0. Find out more about us and how we help sellers like You here. www.ScannerSociety.com
E-Commerce News:  Whole Foods and Amazon, Sign Language, Fashion, and Tariffs
Amazon of offering an extra 10% off sale items to Prime members at Whole foods. There are also prime only deals, and lockers for Amazon order pickups and returns. This is starting in Florida but going nationwide this summer.  When combined with the 2 hour free delivery via Prime Now, the Whole Foods and Prime benefits keep adding up. The question is, how many shoppers really care about this? How low do prices at Whole Foods have to go before shoppers from other stores will go there. Based on a recent visit of mine, they are still much higher and not worth it.  Amazon launched an American sign Language logo spearheaded by the AmazonPwD (People with disabilities) affinity group. It’s an acknowledgement that there is more to language than lip reading. It’s designed to be inclusive to deaf employees and customers. From a more commercial perspective, this may start a trend in visual design. Logos, sayings and other things traditionally done in letters can now be re-done with ASL signs. The quickest to be able to provide products for this trend will be those in the print on demand world such as merch makers and other small businesses who can quickly pivot product selection. In a fashion coup, Walmart announced a partnership with Lord & Taylor. They will launch a new flagship store on Walmart.com in the next few weeks that will include more than 125 luxury brands such as Tommy Bahama, Vince Camuto, Lucky and Effy. I wonders if deals on these premium brands on Walmart will become BOLOs for Amazon sellers by either sourcing directly from Walmart or from stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Why not use Lord & Taylor and Walmart’s marketing dollars to increase spending on Amazon? Not to be outdone in the fashion world, Target collaborates with 150 year old Scottish brand Hunter in a limited edition spring launch of Hunter for Target. They are most known for their iconic Wellington boots also known as “Wellies”. Most items are under $30 maxing out at $80 which is a much lower price point that the products on Hunter’s website. Walmart is not just waiting for new brands to come to them, they actively seek out up and coming products and invited at least 17 unsuspecting entrepreneurs to pitch at their Open Call on June 13th. Brands such as The Door Balancer, The Drop Stoppers, and Healers Pet Care will be there in the hopes of having product selling on the shelves of every Walmart nationwide. Some of these brands are already on Amazon and some are not. A few are sold to vendor central, a few are brand registered, some well repped by third party sellers, while others are sort of unofficially there with listings that look set up by a amateurish 3P sellers. I wonder how they were discovered? This tells me that there is a huge opportunity for those trolling trade shows and the internet to “discover” other sleeper brands and work with them. The National Retail Federation came out strongly opposed to tariffs in a comical ad they did featuring 80’s movie icon from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ben Stein. “ NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay spoke out, “ Ferris Bueller was one of the best comedies of its generation, but there’s nothing funny about tariffs and trade wars”. One of the greatest challenges of being an Amazon seller and entrepreneurs balancing between new product and strategy development and current revenue growth. This is a tough balancing act as WE frequently do not have the luxury of being without profit or revenue for several years or more to grow a business like the big companies do. We at Scanner Society believe that by staying up to date with current e-commerce news and trends your strategy time is better spent.
How To Create Unique Promo Codes In Amazons Seller Central
How to create unique discount codes as an amazon seller.
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Julie Mathers - Founder & CEO of Flora and Fauna Shares Startup & Growth Strategies
Before founding the cruelty free and vegan, Flora and Fauna, in 2014, Julie Mathers, worked in retail for over 20 years and in e-commerce ten. She is a seasoned retailer and has sat on retail boards and spends any spare time she has mentoring other businesses. She is very passionate about ethical retailing and regularly speaks to it while driving Flora & Fauna to be best in class. She interweaves worlds by combining her strong commitment to the earth with sound business principles. Mathers has driven the business to be one of the fastest growing retailers in Australia at 500% growth each year. Tune in to see how she combines metrics, with personal service, and a green business from the top down. ---------------------------------------- https://www.scannersociety.com https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter ----------------------------------------- Come join us and see how we can help you on your commerce journey in a "guru-free" environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY-ANiRB5Ks --------------------------------------------
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Former Amazon Exec James Thomson Shares His Journey
James Thomson of the Prosper Show talks about his time as an Amazon Exec and give strategies for success on Amazon.
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EV1, Goodsey, Nuro And More E-Commerce News
Walmart is working with Ellen Degeneres on a new line of clothing called EV1. Smaller businesses can learn from this. They can partner with smaller influencers and create win win business opportunities. 1-800-Flowers has already beyond flowers and recently launched their gift site: Goodsey which is focused entirely on gift items. Amazon is still not the best place to find a gift, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. 1-800- FLowers have the current customer base and the money to be very successful with their new website. Keep an eye on this up and coming contender. Flying cars may not be here yet, but Kroger is bringing a driverless delivery vehicle, Nuro, to customers this month starting in Arizona. Each vehicle contains two compartments – and the customer will be given an access code to open the doors when the vehicle arrives in their driveway. Unmanned product delivery will be a game changer for Kroger and other retailers. The coolness factor alone will capture market share. It’s hard to imagine fleets of robot cars in every city. The new Google ad manager is working to compete directly with Facebook ads. Google ads can show on different devices and sites and the audience selector is more like Facebook’s. You can more easily choose who sees ads by demographic and geography amongst other things. More competition in the ad space will hopefully make for better pricing and training to help businesses earn from ads. The Kohls and Amazon partnership is growing as Kohls’ expands a pilot program to accept Amazon returns for free at over 100 stores in Chicago, Los Angeles and now Milwaukee. In addition to returns, some stores also have an Amazon section with their devices available for testing by customers. Will this partnership expand? Is Kohl’s an acquisition target for Amazon? Only time will tell. In the meantime, many arbitrageurs can continue to profit by selling Kohl’s products on Amazon. With the growth of e-commerce, comes the growth of the freight business. Uber is expanding their freight program. It started last year in Texas and they have now added 6 other states as well as the capability to better match load type with the right driver. Vetted truck drives can select loads to haul based on available space, optimizing every drive. Amazon is working another brick and mortar angle by bidding to acquire the Landmark movie chain. There are a few other big companies bidding as well. Will Amazon win and have another place to sell devices, accept returns and air their media productions? Walmart filed a patent to fix this for a virtual reality store. Customers could walk the aisles of a store without leaving their home which will make browsing for new products more effective. E‑commerce accounted for an estimated 13.3% of US retail sales in the second quarter of 2018. This is a jump from last year but also shows a lot of room for growth. Scanner Society is THE Chamber of E-Commerce and members work together to grow that percent higher and capture that revenue. We provide a focused and curated online community, training, live events internationally, and discounts to help our members connect, learn and grow. **** JOIN: ScannerSociety.com/JOIN UPDATES: ScannerSociety.com/UPDATEME
E-Commerce News: IGTV, eBay's Sneaker Drop, Prime Wardrobe and Taxes
Prime members can now save at every Whole Foods store nationwide. Download the Whole Foods app, login with your Amazon account and you’ll see the QR code that you need to scan to get your deals. The supreme court, on June 21st, issued a decision in the South Dakota vs Wayfair case, which ended the rule for a physical presence in a state as a necessity for collecting sales tax. They did say that small businesses are different than large retailers but did not specifically define what that means in the decision. The court was clear about protecting small businesses from unfair burdens but the responsibility for defining this seems to rest on the states. Prime Wardrobe, is now available. One quarter of all apparel sales in the US in 2017 were bought online and this is just growing. Amazon Prime members can now order any 8 items of clothing and have up to 7 days to try them on and return them without paying. They only pay for the kept items. The box is tricked out to make this easy. It is resealable so there is no searching for tape and a pre-printed return label comes with the order. Walmart announced top items bought for 2 day delivery in each state. Besides being entertaining, this is a great way for retailers on other platforms to see what customers want. How can you improve on it? Is there a bundle or other product opportunity? Some of the more entertaining states are Nebraska which had a baby boom, and bought a bunch of newborn socks, Coloradans stocked up on Smores fixins, people in Maine prepared for summer with mosquito head nets. eBay has stepped into the profitable athletic shoe arena with a “sneaker drop” on June 27th.They asked enthusiasts to list their most coveted pairs and had exclusive pricing on shoes direct from adidas, stadium goods and reebok all with free shipping. eBay hope to give athletic shoe retailers another option besides getting into bed with Amazon. Instagram is taking on YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat with their newest releases. They have reached 1 billion users and apparently want more! Their new video system, IGTV is custom designed for mobile users. Video have a vertical format like mobile devices and can now be up to 1 hour long. Each creator will have their own channel similar to YouTube which can be viewed on the IGTV or Instagram app. They has also added video chat similar to Snapchat, so that users can talk to each other or groups of up to 4 from within the app and there are topic channels to pinterest boards. Each platform wants to make it easier to stay where you are, but as marketers and sellers it means that we must create custom content for every different type of user and platform that they hang out on. No doubt, after IGTV is up and running, the new shopping bags that are available in Stories will be added to video too allowing direct purchase while viewing a video. Check out our new IGTV channel at ScannerSociety.com/IGTV Facebook continues their educational push with live conferences, called Facebook Boost, all over the country. They will teach both career seekers and businesses how to grow with Facebook. They are coming soon to Phoenix, Buffalo, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Columbus and more. They promise networking and training on ads, instagram, customer targeting and more. Jay Leno, car enthusiast and comedian, is spearheading 3d printing for car parts. He and his team do their own car repair and source their replacement parts with 3D printing. He shares about it on his weekly Youtube show, Jay Leno’s Garage. He himself is a world-renowned collection of nearly 300 vehicles. In addition to making more parts available, companies and individuals engaged in this classic car business are eligible for tax credits. ------------------------------------------------------ For more info for Online and Amazon sellers, resources and a great community, go to: https://www.ScannerSociety.com -------------------------------------------------------
Walmart Sales Tax Exemption - Do you have yours yet?
Walmart.com can be a lucrative source of inventory either for simple resale or for making bundles. Many online sellers buy from there and resell on Amazon or other marketplaces. If you are buying for resale, you can avoid paying sales tax both online and in store. -------------------------- More info here: https://www.scannersociety.com/tax-exempt-walmart-com-purchases/ ------------------------- Stay informed about what ecommerce can do for your business join our knowledge list: https://www.scannersociety.com/newsletter-updates/ ---------------------------
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E-Commerce News: Storefronts, eBay Takes On Taxes, Woo-commerce, Instagram and Jet.
Amazon announced their new portal that features Amazon Storefronts - a place for customers to shop a curated collection of products created by nearly 20,000 U.S. small businesses selling on Amazon. At launch, customers can search for businesses that are Family-focused, Artisans, Innovator-Makers and Women-owned Businesses. Storefronts are mini websites that have been around since 2017 for brands who register with Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0 but they were found based on brand and product searches not on their own. It’s unclear how a business is selected to be featured here. eBay actually went to bat for their sellers by lobbying in support of simpler tax standards for small businesses. eBay asked for a ban on retroactive tax collection, a phased implementation of future policy, and for remote sellers with less than 10 million dollars in revenue to be exempted. I wonder if the same people who were clueless about how Facebook makes money can understand technology and modern logistics well enough to know how to mold effective policy. WooCommerce, a Wordpress ecommerce plugin, now allows listings to push out to Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google. Shopify, and BigCommerce have already had this functionality for a while. A solopreneur can now operate on multiple platforms at once from their own central interface on their own website. Back end inventory management across platforms used to be the domain of expensive specialty software but the bulk of this functionality can now be absorbed by e-commerce platform software. Private labelers and brand owners can unify on one site or operate several niche sites that all lead to marketplaces. The brochure site used to be the standard for a business but with the lowering of the price point, a functional e-commerce site is the new bar for a brand. Instagram is expanding their shopping offerings. Shopping in Stories, which was launched in Beta in June, is now rolling out globally. When watching Stories from your favorite brands, if you see something you love, you can quickly tap on that product to buy it. Jet is "not dead yet". Their website traffic has plummeted since being acquired by Walmart but they are trying to rebuild themselves into a destination for urban millennials and have even worked out an exclusive deal with Nike. Business owners that sell brands that synch with Jet’s new marketing plan will benefit from taking the time and effort to sell on that platform. Macy’s has partnered with Facebook to expand its e-commerce experience. The store will add augmented reality mirrors and almost 150 e-commerce brands to their specialty store, The Market @ Macy’s which is in 9 locations nationally. These brands that are popular on Facebook will now be carried in store. I do not know exactly how these brands were selected but can see how this type of partnership can both draw shoppers into stores and make Facebook advertising and growth an even more vital part of building a brand. Mastering Facebook marketing is a vital skill in brand launch. Retailers are already seeing that they will have a tough time hiring temporary holiday help. Hourly wages are going up and they are even offering benefits. With a need for over 250,000 new jobs just during Q4 this will slow e-commerce delivery times even more and force companies that are doing well to pay more to their front line staff. For small business owners looking for a revenue bump in fourth quarter, do both sell products and work for a retailer or shipper!
E-Commerce News: Trump Hates On Amazon, E-Packet, Drones, Amazon Publishing Launch
Recently, Donald Trump released a series of tweets attacking Amazon. He said it’s Amazon’s fault that the U.S. Post Office is losing money on shipping packages, essentially blaming Amazon for a budget shortfall at the USPS. According to our research, Amazon simply qualifies for the rates that USPS publicly publishes, so if any blame were to be placed it would be squarely with the USPS, not Amazon. The main financial issues that the post office has, is that people just do not send much mail anymore but every home must still be serviced. Shipping and package revenue is actually growing and is on track to surpass that of first-class mail. The fact is that private companies such as DHL, UPS and FedEx can pick and choose what they will ship and at what price and the USPS cannot.A much more damaging UPSP policy to US businesses is the 2011 deal, called ePacket, with the national postal carriers of China and Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore to allow packages under 4.4 pounds to be sent to the U.S. for extremely low rates. The rates are so low that it's cheaper to ship packages from China to an American city than it is to send that same parcel from one US city to another. The approximate cost to ship a one-pound package from South Carolina to New York City is $6; from Beijing to NYC, it’s $3.66. and sending that same one-pound package from New York City back to Beijing would cost around $50. This USPS policy is much more damaging to the American economy and the USPS budget than domestic bulk rates. Renegotiating epacket would be much more helpful to the USPS bottom line than any domestic package deal with Amazon. We predict that any volatility in Amazon’s stock price is short term as any meaningful action such as an antitrust investigation takes years to complete and the company is focused on long term strategy and diversification, something we can all learn from.   Amazon is making a new acquisition with AWS acquiring a majority stake in Shapeways, the 3d print on demand platform. This represents AWSs first venture into physical services and perhaps the first indicator that Amazon will eventually add 3D print on demand to the platform. It was the acquisition of Woot.com that led the way for the pod clothing business that is now thriving, will objects be next? This also gives them access to Shapeways technology for domestic 3d prototyping and short run manufacturing.   Amazon’s engineers are at it again. Amazon has been issued a patent for technology that will allow drones to understand some basic human gestures. So, if a drone is flying at you and you wave or give it some other gesture, it will steer in a different direction. The image on the patent is especially amusing.  Amazon has been in the self publishing business for years with their CreateSpace platform. On April 1st, Amazon Publishing launched which is a competitor for traditional publishing houses. Amazon has so many advantages here it’s not even funny. The data they have on what books sell at what volume around the world will easily allow them to renegotiate contracts with existing authors and for those who do successfully self publish, they will be able to make generous offers to bigger sellers. They will have a higher profit margin for books by cutting out the middleman so they can lower prices and still make great profits. This is just one more step in Amazon’s strategy to eliminate large distributors. If companies like Hasbro and authors like JK Rowlings will sell direct to Amazon they can control market share and still lower prices.   Amazon sellers need to be aware that the Seller Feedback Removal Policy has been updated. As of mid may, feedback will only be eligible for removal 90 days. This applies to all seller feedback.   Scanner Society is sponsoring2 upcoming seller conferences. SimpleZon in Houston on April 27th and ACE in New Jersey on May 6th. There are still a few tickets available, sign up NOW! Members receive discounts to both. We invite YOU to try us out for just 5 BUCKS for the first month. Go to ScannerSociety.com/5Bucks to sign up.
Selling On Amazon In the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy from the US
In this Q & A with Steve Sawyer of the course International Arbitrage, learn how to sell overseas and the details of a special offer on his current course and support offerings.
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