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Everyone seems to be forgetting about wwe's failures
My thoughts on that everyone seems to be forgetting that for years the wwe seem to be insulting the intelligence of "wrestling" fans over the whole world!!! and that because of the CM punk storyline they seem to be shafting TNA!
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jstylezPictures's webcam video 28 May 2011 06:53 (PDT)
jstylezPictures's webcam video 28 May 2011 06:53 (PDT) me just talkin about wrestling (IMO)
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jstylezPictures's webcam video April  9, 2011 11:30 AM
jstylezPictures's webcam video April 9, 2011 11:30 AM
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my fav films.wmv
A Detailed over View of some of my Favorite Films, Please watch and Rate or subscribe and see if you agree with my choices of film or see if you don't haha
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tna and what should be done.wmv
my thoughts on TNA and what they should be doing?
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Why has TNA been shafted.wmv
Q. why has the so called wrestling fans of TNA shafted TNA for the wwe storyline that CM punk has been involved in? please sent comments or response videos answering that question as accurately and respectful as you can in your own opinion.
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my Thoughts on TNA's recent Developments
My thoughts on hogans retirement and robert roodes shot at glory on OCT 16th
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reasons why christopher daniels should be TNA world champion.wmv
my thoughts and reasons as to why the "fallen angel" Christopher Daniels should be TNA World Champ.
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could there actually be a new attitude era.wmv
Could they're actually be a new attitude Era from what CM punk put out recently I think there possibly could be if TNA and UFC keeps coming out with there content of edgier stuff.
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my new dvd pick ups and law and order Special victims unit news!.wmv
my new dvd pick ups and news on Law and order SVU. hopefully its all good in the youtube hood lol. please subscribe and comment.
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my matches are as follows WWF Interconeital Title Match WM18 - William Regal vs RVD Singles Match WM21 - Kurt Angle vs Shawn MIcheals Street Fight WM17 - Shane mcmahon vs Vince McMahon (w. Special Ref Mick Foley) WWF Womans Title 3 way WM18 - Lita vs Jazz vs Trish Stratus WWF Tag Team Title TLC 2 Match WM17 - Edge and Christain vs The Hardy boys vs The Dudley Boys Singles Match WM14 - Undertaker vs Kane (w. Paul Bearer) WWF And World Heavyweight Undisputed Championships WM18 - Chris Jericho (w. Stephenie McMahon Helmsley) vs HHH MAIN EVENT Singles Match WM19 - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock
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