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When Your Wife Cheats On You (Mandarin Video)
Zhongni discovers that his wife could be cheating on him while he's at work... or is she?
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10 Places to See in China.wmv
I made this for the Photography Merit Badge, heh heh. :) Music: Cheng Ke by Faye Wong
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Practice Mandarin - Watching Friends Dance
Gu Zhongni and Xiao Mei watch their good friends Piao Anqi and Mao Nike dance! Filmed by the renowned LeAnn but put together by Piao Anqi and Mao Nike. Bloopers at the End.
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Walking to Fourth Period
Me walking to fourth period, heh.
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All about ???
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Bonesetter's Daughter Official Trailer
Silly project I did in high school for Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan
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My Day #1
My very first vlog!
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My Day #2
My first day arriving at MIT to start the college life.
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Washing Machine
I took a video of a washing machine washing my clothes at music camp. Yeah! If you look really carefully you can see my orange polo shirt from old navy. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 319 guzilla1993
Chinese Zombies
Editing credit to Zhen De Ah. You can blame Google Translate for our Mandarin :)
Views: 169 guzilla1993

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