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Episode 35 - Day 1 of Your Electrical Career - How To Be A Great Apprentice
What is it like being an apprentice electrician? How do you act, what is your job like, and how do you ensure you're a good helper? Showing up for work on day 1 of your apprenticeship can definitely be a strange and unfamiliar feeling. You don't know what tools you need, what to say, where to stand, how to do anything, or how things are supposed to work. In this episode I talk about how to be a good apprentice, and what your job will be like in the beginning days. You will be fully in control of how good of an apprentice electrician you become by the work you put in and the depth of interest you show in the trade.
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Ep 26 - How To Become An Electrician
I've had a ton of people ask me to make this video so here it is. If you're interested in becoming an electrician, here's how you go about it. If you have any other questions like what type of electrical tools do I need, or how do I get my apprentice electrician license please feel free to DM me on Twitter @dustinstelzer and I'll get you more specifics. Thanks for watching, please subscribe if you like these videos!
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Ep 19 - WE CRUSHED IT!!! (We Got Fired Part 3 of 3)
We totally crushed it guys!!!  We were given the chance to go back and do the work, and I have to say we showed up in a way that impressed all of us. We showed up about 15 minutes early and sat and had a meeting about how to handle this job, what to say/not say to the customer, and how to act considering the situation.  I rang the doorbell at exactly 9:00 and met with the husband.  I had a smile on my face the entire time, and shook his hand firmly and maintained eye-contact to show him I was engaged.  Dealing with customers is one of my strongest suits.  I'm a people-person, I can feel peoples' energies and I can read people very well.  I wanted him to be reasured that the Master Electrician was onsite now, and everything would go smooth. We walked the house and he showed me everything that he wanted done, including a few "extras" that he'd like taken care of.  I assured him that everything would be done that he needed done and that there was no schedule we were adhering to. After we got to work, the homeowner walked around from room to room watching us intently.  There were very few times that we were not being watched, which is fine.  We know what we're doing, so watching us is never a problem.  I took this as an opportunity rather than a pain.  I started asking him where he worked, where he was from, where they were thinking of moving (they were doing this work to sell their house), and got him laughing.  I answered any questions he had, and did the work in the exact order he asked me to do it in.  He had dogs that needed to be ushered around depending on where we were working.  By the end of it, we had made him laugh and had talked about our lives so much that he knew a lot about us...enough that he let down his guard and realized we're all really good dudes that just had a bad day on the first visit. He offered to send us a care package because, funny enough, he works for a company that makes electrical tape, wirenuts, connectors, etc.  Once we finished up we thouroughly cleaned up and took the trash with us.  The wife came up to me with a checkbook and offered to pay us.  I told her "no way, I told you it would be free so it's free" but she demanded that since we really showed up and did a stellar job that she'd like to give us something.  She proposed that we split the cost evenly.  She said figure out what you would have charged me and we can split it.  After refuting it, I finally caved and told her $400 is half (less than half, but I wanted to give her more than she was giving me) so she agreed and wrote us a check for $400! Totally a win man...I'm soooo glad that we pulled that out, and I'm glad that we handled it exactly how we did.  I am truly glad that this happened the way it did.  We needed something to keep us grounded and show us our weak spots.  We learned a valuable lesson that we will never forget on this one, and I think it will only make us a better/stronger company going forward. If you enjoy these episodes please click SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos!  Also check out our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Episode 43 - Electrical Exams and My Experiences With Them
I've taken a few electrical exams over the years of being an electrician. All of the exams are difficult and require the ability to index information while being timed. All electrical exams are open book. The first exam I took was after 2 years into my apprenticeship. This test was for my Residential Wireman's License. It was a fairly easy test, but still 4 hours of daunting information that you have to try to find. I passed it on the first try with barely any knowledge of the NEC code book. I literally used the back index and searched for terms, then hunted through the book for the answers. The next test I took was my Unrestricted Journeyman's License exam. This was a much harder test. I had a few more years of experience under my belt by this point, and had started using the code book more frequently. So I figured I'd just go into the testing center and take the exam. No problem right? Well...as it turns out the level of difficulty jumped up. I failed by ONE question! So I found a local Journeyman Electrician Test Prep course and paid a few hundred dollars to go through 3 days of intense codebook training. Boy did it work...the information I came across was stuff I'd never had known about had I not taken the class. They went deep into code knowledge, calculations, and electrical theory. Money well spent, as I passed the Journeyman Exam immediately after taking this course. I took my Master Electrician Exam and passed my first go around, but I attribute that to studying for a solid year before taking it. I practiced with practice tests mostly. I also bought a bunch of Mike Holt's electrical study materials and almost every study guide and practice test/book I could find.
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Episode 10   Why You Should Be An Electrician If You're Looking For A New Career
Are you in need of a job change and have no clue what the hell you want to do? BE AN ELECTRICIAN! Seriously, hear me out. In this episode I talk about why becoming an electrician is one of the best moves a person can make toward getting their sh*t together! Being an electrician may not seem as glorifying as your average manicured desk job. Your fingernails will not stay clean, no amount of hair gel can keep your mop in place, and you will be risking your life on a daily basis.......BUT, I swear it's the one job that finally changed my life. Without needing a degree, or having any relevant experience I was hired as an electrical Apprentice. I started out working in a residential construction environment, wiring multi-million dollar homes. It was cool seeing how the "other side" lives, and after a little while I got good at doing it. A year in I was working on commercial jobs, and seeing how businesses and large buildings were constructed. This was a lot dirtier, exhausting work but I was intrigued at how much more advanced it seemed than just wiring a house. After a year of doing this I really started to understand that electricity is not this "bolt" thing. It's a very hypothetical science that we try to understand and harness, but there's still no law of electrons because we've never seen one. Seeing the science and math behind behind this super powerful force made me instantly fall in love with it. The fact that it's hard to understand and takes years of study before you grasp the full picture makes it a perfect career choice for anyone out there looking for a change. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Journey 2 Master) if you like this video, and check out the Journey 2 Master podcast on iTunes and Stitcher! Vlog: www.journey2master.com Company: www.livewire-electrical.com
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Ep 17 - WE GOT FIRED!!!
In this episode WE GET FIRED from a job! I talk about what happened, and how we lost the business, and what my plan is to gain it back. This job should have been a dead-ringer. The customer was a referral from someone else in their neighborhood, we had a killer conversation when we spoke to schedule the work, and we closed the business...all we had to do was show up and kill them with kindness. Well, we scheduled the job in the morning after another "quick" job which ended up not being so quick. This made the boys late. That's usually never an issue, we've called customers before and gave them a head's up that we were going to be a little late because of another job running long. There's rarely an issue with this. Well on this particular day the customer had taken the day off to be home so we could get all of the work done in one day. We didn't know this. When they arrived they went over all of the work with the customer and it was a lot more work than we anticipated, so they asked if it was ok to split the work over two days...they we're very unhappy with this question...rightly so. In addition, the customer tried telling my guys about a weird issue they were having with their ADT security system acting up when they turned on some local switches near the alarm display panels. That's a bit odd, ADT security systems are all low voltage except for a 120v plug usually located in the attic. Other than that they're separate from the rest of the electrical system. My guy knew this and suggested that they didn't have anything to do with another, which was very quickly perceived as arguing by the customer. My guy called me and asked if I could stop what I was doing and come out there and help to make sure it gets done in one day and help iron out the issue. On top of it, my guys didn't have a chance to eat lunch and it was lunchtime so they got onsite and right away said they were going to go grab some lunch and come back....big NO-NO after being an hour late already. So...she calls me. She says that she's disappointed that I'm not there personally to do the work. She hired me, not my guys and she thought it strange that I would send other guys to do work for me. I explained that is how electrical, plumbing, hvac, etc companies work. A Master Electrician has several guys that work for him, and everybody does the work. I explained I can't be at every job, I take the jobs that require more experience with troubleshooting electrical problems, and let my guys do installs. She explained that she didn't feel that my guys were qualified or knowledgeable enough to be unsupervised and asked what their experience levels were. I answered honestly, but the customer wasn't happy, so she said that after everything she wants to go with another company. WE GOT FIRED!!! I've been doing this nearly a decade and I've never been fired, nor had a bad customer experience. This hit me hard. I reacted fast by calling my guys and telling them to pack up and meet me at the shop. When they got there they had tucked tails and seemed both pissed off and dissapointed. They were also extremely confused as to what happened so fast. I bought them both lunch and sat them down and talked about everything. I explained that this was my fault for not having all of the right information about the job, and for throwing them into a situation without knowing the details. I explained that I'm not upset with them, but that how they interact with customers goes a long way. It can make or break our business. I explained that their experience level is obvious, and that they need to try to project confidence and humility when talking to customers and not argue; rather just take note of their issues and say "we'll look into it." Sometimes speaking less is better. After lunch we bro-hugged, and I sent them to another job. I went over to the customers' house to apologize in person, but they weren't home. I called but got no answer, so I left a voicemail apologizing and telling them this is not the norm. I offered to do all of the electrical work for free if they would allow us the chance to show them what we're really like. Hopefully they call back and give us a shot! Please let me know what you think, or share your story if this has happened to you. If you like these episodes PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and give us some THUMBS UP action! Also check out the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Just type in Journey 2 Master and peep dat shit!
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Ep 4 - Why I Chose To Be An Electrician, And How I Got Into Electrical Work
Being an electrician was not my first pick of things to do with my life. After flying planes, working construction, being a chef, working in restaurants, being in the Marines, working in factories, and being a corporate salesman I was given the opportunity to try my hand as an electrician. I've always bounced around from job to job, and never had the "commitment" bone in me. After doing this for a few years and learning the science behind how electricity works I started to fall in love with the trade. I started doing side-jobs and also seeing the money that I could make, and after struggling for years as a single dad I finally hustled enough to make it out of the pit I was stuck in. I've met some of the coolest people and have grown up from being a punk kid always in trouble, to a responsible man with a respectable craft. Everything about it has changed my life for the better. Journey 2 Master vlog - www.journey2master.com LiveWire Website : www.livewire-electrical.com
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Episode 46 - Should You Do Sidework?
DOING SIDE-WORK IS ONE OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES IN BEING AN ELECTRICIAN. ACROSS THE COUNTRY THERE ARE DIFFERENT LAWS, STANDARDS, AND PRACTICES TO HANDLE ELECTRICIANS DOING WORK OUTSIDE OF WORKING FOR THEIR COMPANY. Here in Texas it is illegal to do sidework. Sidework is defined as any work not done under the direct supervision of a licensed and insured Master Electrician. This means as an apprentice, residential wireman, or Journeyman electrician you are breaking the law by doing paid work for your buddy down the street who just needs help hanging a ceiling fan. Say you put an ad out online somewhere advertising that you're a Journeyman Electrician for hire. Boom, you're breaking the law. You cannot advertise electrical contracting services without owning an electrical contracting business, having general liability insurance for that company, and being under the supervision of a Master Electrician. The reality is....everybody does side work. So why is it that so many people across the country break this law? Well, the truth is that once somebody finds out that you're an electrician it's difficult to NOT get sidework. Everybody wants to know a good electrician. Electricity is scary to the average person who does not understand it, so they want somebody they trust to come out and fix the problem. Once your family finds out you're an electrician you'll get calls from your Aunt or brother to come and figure out why his breaker keeps tripping. Most likely they'll flip you some cash for your time. You just did side-work. As time goes on, your uncle will tell his buddy that his niece or nephew is an electrician and he can probably install those recessed cans in the living room that he's wanted all summer, and do it cheaper than any company around. The guy calls you and you agree to go check it out because you could use some extra money. After all apprentices don't get paid very well during their apprenticeship. So you put together an estimate and realize you can triple your weekly paycheck in one afternoon. Now you start wanting more sidejobs. Side-jobs happen in this trade, however due to the extreme risk involved with our trade, it is often times not worth getting into. If you're caught doing sidework in Texas, you can get a huge fine, get your license suspended or revoked perminantly, and God forbid you hurt somebody or burn a house down you'll most likely face a lifetime lawsuit and some jail time. So is it worth it? How well do you really know what you're doing, and do you have enough money saved up to buy somebody a new house after you destroy theirs because you left a loose termination in a wall? I'm not condoning sidework, I'm just saying make sure you check your local/state laws and assess whether or not you really want to take the risk involved to get some extra money on a Saturday. Make sure the "juice is worth the squeeze" so to speak. IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE CLICK SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 48 - Am I Too Old To Be An Electrician?
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer I get asked so often by old and young people whether or not it is too late for them to become an electrician. The answer is no for most people. Unless you're 70 there's no reason why you can't get into this trade. I know plenty of electricians that are in their 30's and 40's starting this trade, and I know guys in their 50's and 60's just getting in. There's no perfect age to start. Obviously the younger you are the more experienced you'll be when you're ready to retire, but even at 40 years old you can make a 25-30 year career out of this trade. Shoot at 55 you can do this for 10+ years and prosper. We only live this one life (that we know of), so don't limit yourself to opportunities because of an entitlement such as "age." If you can move your body, bend over, climb ladders, twist tools, lift things without getting hurt most of the time, and you can see and have full control of your bodily functions....you got this. Currently the average age of electricians in the US is between 51 and 53 years old depending on who's statistics you use. That's the AVERAGE! That means there are WAY more old guys doing this than young guys, which also means at some point that there will be an extreme shortage of qualified electricians in the not so distant future. We need more people getting into this trade. We need more teachers, and more students - to be able to pass the knowledge of this craft on over the generations. --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Ep 1 - Starting Up An Electrical Contracting Company & Documenting My Journey As We Go
vlog and podcast: www.journey2master.com Facebook: @journey2master Email me: [email protected] ============================================= I'm Dustin Stelzer, I own an electrical contracting company called LiveWire Electrical Services. We're based out of Austin, TX and we want to create a company that is known for troubleshooting and problem solving. We strive to be More Like Tesla, Less Like Edison. These videos are about starting an Electrical Contracting company and documenting our successes and failures along the way. In this video I introduce myself and talk about why I've created this channel. I'd like to meet other people that are just starting out their journey to growing an electrical contracting company. This is mainly for electricians...more specifically young hustling electricians, to be able to get and give advice for how to start your own company and talk about the lessons learned along the way. Whether you're an Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master, please comment and watch our journey. It may help you on yours. I talk a little about being young and trying to find guys (and gals) that are young like me and are hustling and grinding everyday because this is their passion. I'd like to use this channel as a way to meet other electricians and get insight into how I can better grow my company. I'd also like to use this as a platform to show other electricians what we're doing and what problems we run into along the way. I'm here to teach and be taught. I'm documenting my journey from becoming a Master Electrician to growing an electrical contracting company from scratch. Please like, comment, share, or DM me if you have any thoughts or would like to get in touch.
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Ep 18 - WE GOT REHIRED!!! (We Got Fired Part 2 of 3)
WE WERE REHIRED!!!  I got a call-back from that customer that fired us and she thought it was extremely reasonable to give us a shot after offering to do all of the work for free.  I don't think there are many companies out there that would have even offered this as an option. I had the chance to talk to her for about 30 minutes and we talked through everything.  I apologized heavily for dropping the ball on this job, and guaranteed that I would be there personally to do the work, and that I'd have the same two guys there with me so we could push through this together as a learning lesson.  I told her that what happened on the first visit was not common for us, and that she'd be very happy with us if we were allowed to show up like we normally do.  All for free! She accepted the offer, and I told her to name a time and place and we'd be there.  She asked if we could do it at 9:00 am Sunday, and I said we'll be there. Well...here's hoping that this makes an impact! If you enjoy these episodes please click SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos!  Also check out our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Episode 56 - How To Interview For An Apprenticeship - WHAT IF I HAVE NO TOOL EXPERIENCE?
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer Are you about to interview to start an Electrician Apprenticeship program? In this episode I talk about the do’s and don’ts of the interview process, as well as some tips to help you overcome the “lack-of-experience” problem. When most people start out in the electrical trade, they have no experience. A lot of them will have tool experience, or at least some sort of construction or other trade knowledge - however there is a massive number of people who have none of the above. It is not impossible to get into the trades with no experience, as a lot of people tend to flock to the trades because you don’t need a degree to get a job. The entire point of an apprenticeship is to learn a craft from the very beginning through mastery. Many people are afraid that when they finally get an interview, the person interviewing will ask “do you have any tool experience?” If you don’t know the answer to this question, then the answer is probably no. This is ok! Don’t try to make up stories of how you used a screw driver to pry open a door jamb once, be completely honest. You’re here to learn these things, this will not necessarily disqualify you. I would show them your character in place of making up tool knowledge. These people have been doing this for so long that they can smell inexperience and bullshit from a mile away. The best thing you can do is be honest and tell them something along the lines of “I have zero tool experience, and I know NOTHING about electricity, but I’m an extremely self motivated person and a very hard worker. I’m here BECAUSE I have no experience, and I would like to enter my 4 year education HERE rather than wasting a bunch of money at college for a degree. All I need is the right teacher to give me a chance to prove my worth.” There are a few things I recommend doing in any interview. When you arrive, do so early. Make it a point to set your alarm 30 minutes early, set an extra reminder or 3 on your phone, have your wife, mother, sister, cousin call you and remind you, whatever it takes. This is very important to not mess up. And in reality being there early is not as important as NOT being there on time. So be early. Also shake everyone’s hand that you meet, look them in the eyes, and smile. This is first impressions 101 but it is important. People in the trades are big on respect, truthfulness, and realness. These are not people that have to deal with each other over email chains through different departments of corporate offices. Its face to face, hand to hand, everyday. CONTINUE READING AT: https://www.journey2master.com/podcast/episode-56-how-to-interview-for-an-apprenticeship-what-if-i-have-no-tool-experience #interviewtechniques #howtointerview #apprenticeships --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 51 - Should You Go To Trade School To Be An Electrician?
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer In this episode I give my OPINION on whether or not electrician trade schools are a good idea or not. Again, full disclosure here - THIS IS MY OPINION, HAVING NEVER ATTENDED ONE. I get asked this question by dozens of people every week so I wanted to give my fingers a break from typing the same response and instead record a video. My opinion is that trade school is not necessary. You should try first to get into every electrical company in the area you live in. Apply at them all. Union and Non-Union. If after trying 20-30 places you cannot get your foot in the door, or there's a wait of around 2 years to get in...trade school is a great option in the mean time. However you should definitely not decide to do trade school RATHER than getting into an apprenticeship. Let me explain... I think that trade schools are very beneficial to people who are looking for a leg up in a career that is very certification-heavy, or that are in an area where the job market is extremely saturated with qualified people. For the electrical trade, however, more often than not trade school is not a good idea. It depends on your situation and what the school provides you upon completion of the program, but I've found more often than not these schools do not produce quality electricians like an apprenticeship would. Lets weigh it out. You go into an apprenticeship in a union or at a non-union shop for 4 years. You are paid the entire time. You're actually wearing tools all day, learning from a Journeyman or Master Electrician 40 hours every week. You're logging hours to become an electrician in 4 years, and you're gaining the EXACT experience you'll need to be hire-able anywhere you go. Sounds great! Now trade school - Most trade school programs are 15 months to 2-years long. In that time you will learn a lot of book knowledge, ohm's law, basic math, and electrical theory basics. You may get a chance to do some work in a setup lab setting by an instructor who most-likely was an electrician long ago, but no longer is. However most of your time will be spent in classrooms, not in the field practicing so you're not really gaining any real-world experience. And then after 2 years of this, you still have to go do an apprenticeship. Oh and the craziest thing is....you have to PAY for this!!! Apprenticeship is free, trade school is not. Apprenticeship is experience on the job and trade school is a lot of talk and book reading, with probably some lab time. Apprenticeship hours get you to your license guaranteed, school hours may or may not count toward your license. Apprenticeship trains you to DO a job, trade school trains you ABOUT a job. It's a heavy decision to make so think wisely about where you're going to be in 5 years if you make this decision (how experienced, how well paid, and how in debt). --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Ep 29 - Real Talk (Part 2 of 2) - What's Your Why?
Since my camera died making the last REAL TALK video, I recorded a second video to finish it off. This is Part 2 of "Real Talk" where I talk about making sure you know your "why." The "WHY" we do what we do every day is an extremely important question to answer. If we lose WHAT, we still have a WHY waiting for us somewhere. Some of us have kids, some have wives, some have goals to get to a certain place for a certain reason. Don't work so hard for so long chasing all this money all the while forgetting WHY you're working so hard to begin with. I've noticed that lately all of my decisions and actions have been driven by goals and pattern.  I've gotten sucked in to chasing money and trying to hit milestones that I've lost the "why" that I originally established for my company and my life.  It's easy to get trapped in that mindset when all you're trying to do is keep everything above water but eventually you will drown.  As a journeyman electrician I was making far more money than I am as a young master electrician.  I know that I will get there, and it may take a few years because I'm building a company.  I just need to remember that the first year needs to be a training year for everyone.  We need to build a strong foundation before needing to think about profit margins and growth.  This is our year to fuck up and learn from our mistakes. That being said I've realized that I'm needed at full capacity everyday while working.  I've been so worried about filming and documenting everything we've been doing that the workmanship of everyone in the company has been faltering and that needs to be saved.  If the documenting of my company is a higher priority than the actual work we do...I've got shit backwards.  I need to slow down on my creation of content and just focus on training my guys and doing good work everyday.  The rest will come in due time. On another note, I want you all to think about something.  Really let this sink in.  You have to still enjoy life. Don't allow yourself to get to be 80 years old and regret working so hard. There's more to life than chasing money and working 70 hours a week.  We often think we've got to get to this "GOAL" right now!  But my dudes and dudettes......have patience.  The best things in life take many years to create.  Relationships, perspectives, wine, careers, skills...don't get trapped thinking that you have to make things happen RIGHT NOW. And along the way....don't forget your why... If you enjoy this content PLEASE SHARE IT, LIKE IT, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Also check out the Journey 2 Master podcast on iTunes and Stitcher
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Episode 49 - How To Work With An Asshole
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer I get asked from a good chunk of apprentices, "how do you deal with working under someone who's a complete asshole everyday?" This is something that most people will have to deal with at one point or another, so lets go into it a little bit. First and foremost I need to point out that for your entire life, you will be coming across people that don't vibe with you. You will undoubtedly have to suffer through being around people who treat you with disrespect. Sometimes it may be family members, sometimes bosses, co-workers, teachers, friends, etc. This is a skill you need to learn to hone. We teach people how to treat us. When we allow someone to act a certain way towards us, they will develop a habit of thinking that way is acceptable and will continue to do it over time. So from the jump you should have this in the back of your mind when thinking about how to react when somebody treats you unfavorably. The next thing to realize is that people are always on a path of least resistance to their own happiness. Plainly put, people will always do what makes them happiest to do. So when someone is being an asshole to you, it probably makes them feel better than it does to be kind to you. Something about their own self-esteem is elevated when they berate you. Not everyone has the same level of emotional or social maturity. Some people develop a widened consciousness at an early age, some don't develop until much later in life, and others don't mature at all. So realize that the way people treat you says more about them than it does about you. If somebody cuts you off in traffic, it's not about you. They have an idea that their priorities are more important than yours, and they don't care about what your priorities are. So they make a decision that basically puts a middle finger up in front of your face, so that they can be happy. Same goes for being an electrical apprentice. Some Journeymen or Master Electricians don't like to teach, but are stuck with a fresh new apprentice who''s never used a tool in their life. This pisses that guy off, and rather than thinking about the development of the apprentice and caring about teaching them, they're stuck in their own head and thinking fucked up thoughts about how they're getting the shit end of the deal. So they take it out on you. Or some people are really likable and some are not. The not-so-likable person may be jealous that the likable person gets more attention than they do. And if this person happens to be a middle child with years of being treated by their parents as a "stand by" kid, they may have a lifetime of hating people that get lots of attention and they'll come unglued on you. Some people see you as attractive, and think that they're not - so again they will try to belittle you so you feel ugly. My point here is that there's always a reason that someone is being an asshole to you. It doesn't come from nowhere. It's a trained behavior that has taken years of treating others the same to get to the level of professional jerk that this person has reached. Just know it is not about you; they are a hurt person, and the only way they know how to balance the scale is by putting their pain on to someone else's shoulders so their own shoulders get lightened up for a little while. My advice is to just keep being you. Don't let people phase you and take you off of your path. If you go through life constantly worrying about the way other people treat you, you're going to start a bad habit of thinking that you're not good enough. Don't let them have that power over you. Don't let their sickness or immaturity penetrate your mind and mess with your emotions. Just be strong in who you are, put on a smile, shake the haters off, and kill them with kindness. Also if you do the best work of your life everyday, after awhile they'll have no choice but to shut their mouths. You'll be respected by everyone else around, so their opinion of you will no longer be validated. The last thing I'm going to say is this....THEY WILL CONTINUE TO TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT OR NOT, NO MATTER HOW YOU ACT. So if you let them get in your head and bring you down, or if you don't...either way they're going to keep being them. So its really your choice. Will you let their poisonous attitude affect you or not? It's really that easy. --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 34 - Construction vs Service and The Different TYPES of Electrical Work You Can Do
I get asked a lot about the different types of electricians that are out there so this episode breaks down the different market segments of this trade, and what types of environments each electrical job entails. There are 2 main segments to this trade, construction and service. Within those 2 segments of electrical work, there are 3 main sub-categories that are the same on either side - either residential, commercial, or industrial. There are definitely more options than these within the electrical field but they are so specialized that they don't often allow the person in them to do anything else in the trade. For example there are automotive electrician, marine electricians, pool electricians, guys that just do solar, sign electrician, etc...they're pigeonholed to the specific environment they're in rather than being interchangeable across the industry.
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Episode 44 - Stop Losing Your Tools (Theft and Misplacing)
Something that happens a lot in the trades is theft. Leaving your tools on jobsites or sitting in the back of your truck overnight is a sure way to keep wasting money on new ones. Not only will other people take them if they're left out, they could get rained on and trashed even if people are honest and leave them where you left them. The tools we use are very expensive. I bet I have $5,000 of tools in my truck at any given time. I bet I've spent over $10,000 over the years because I've lost tools, left them on jobs, or let them be stolen out of my truck. It's a stupid fucking problem to have, so it's up to you to minimize the risk. One thing I've learned to do is when I'm on a job, leave my tools in a common place EVERY time I go to a job. I'll pick the electrical panel as a location to store everything. So when I'm done using something I put it back by the panel. Then at the end of the day I know all of my stuff is in that same area. Another trick for not leaving, a battery charger for instance, is to put your keys on the charger. At the end of the day you'll go to start your truck but you can't. So you'll go back and grab your charger and keys and will have successfully NOT forgotten $300 worth of batteries and chargers in a random room somewhere. One final note is to try to be more organized as a person. When you take a tool out from somewhere, put it back where you took it out of. Make your tools look the same way at the end of the day as they did at the beginning of the day. This will ensure that you always know where everything is. Also it will make sure you don't get jumped by 5 Journeymen in the parking lot because you didn't put their shit back and they can't find their tools lol.
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Episode 47 - The Role Of A Journeyman Electrician - How Things Change When You Get That License
After being an apprentice for 4 years, you start to wonder what it will be like to be a Journeyman Electrician.  In this episode I talk about the risks, rewards, and headaches of getting your J-card.  Some people choose to remain apprentices and never take the test to get their licenses, but others can't wait to earn the title "electrician."  So what's it like after taking that test, and getting to run jobs?  Well you've most likely seen the guys you work around have to deal with customers, deal with the boss, deal with materials, and deal with, deal with, deal with.  Being a Journeyman Electrician means you deal with a lot of shit.  Everything comes down to you for the jobs you're on, from the materials, the quality of work, the customers' happiness, efficiency, making or losing money, passing or failing inspections, all of it.   Some people can't wait to have that much responsibility, but others realize the mountain of challenges and being on top of your game is nothing to take lightly.  The level of responsibility increases dramatically when you start running your own jobs.  The pay should be increased proportionately as well.  But it's ok that you're being paid more now, because now you're an income earner.  Whatever loss the company incurs in paying you, they make back three-fold in you bringing in an income. To read this full article go to www.journey2master.com/podcast/2018/episode-47-the-roll-of-a-journeyman-electrician --- IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE CLICK SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Ep 22 - Layoffs & Electricians
I've had a number of people ask me lately about the stability of the electrical trade, and whether or not they should be worried about the economy/layoffs. In this episode I discuss my experiences with ups and downs and why being an electrician in an economic melt down is one of the BEST choices to make. Most people do not have jobs where other peoples' lives, or quality of life, is dependent upon them on a daily basis. Anyone working a desk job, cold calling hot sales leads, being an account manager, outside sales, inside sales, or waiting tables is replaceable. Trust me, I've done all of them. You're just a number, and when the time comes where the money is hurting...your a one that turns to a zero. Being an electrician affords you the chance to learn a craft that is specialized in a field that is needed by every human on the planet, every day of every week of every year. People need electricity, no matter what. When the economy goes to shit again in another 5 years, they'll still need that air conditioner to work, or their refrigerator to keep their food cold, their stove to keep food warm, their lights on, etc...Electricians will never see a day where they're not needed. It is, in my opinion, one of the most STABLE jobs to have. Please subscribe if you like these videos, and be sure to check out the Journey 2 Master podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Ep 16 - The Difference Between A Good Electrician And A Bad Electrician
What separates the quality from the riff-raff? In this episode I give my OPINION about what it takes to be a good electrician from watching the guys who came before me. Being good at anything requires constant study, dedication, commitment , and pushing yourself beyond your old boundaries. Being a good electrician is the same. With the exception of who you apprentice under, you can control how good or bad of an electrician you are. You know what I'm talking about, you see other guys around you doing shitty hack work or other guys doing outstanding neat work and wonder..."who should I be copying?" As a rule of thumb I try to always remember the phrase "IMPRESS YOURSELF." When nobody but you is looking, are you impressed with the work that you do? Do you cut a lot of corners and get that crap feeling in your stomach like "I hope nobody comes up here and sees this after I leave." Or do you stand proud and think "this is some of my best work to date" You are in control of how good (or bad) you become. I suggest reading everything you can get your hands on: books, magazines, textbooks, facebook groups, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, instagram followers, youtube channels, consume ALL of it. Keep your self inundated with what you're passionate about and it will be less difficult to stay focused on it. Also...love what you do, it makes being good at it way easier! Thanks for watching, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Also check out the Journey 2 Master Podcast and Facebook Page. vlog - www.journey2master.com podcast - Journey 2 Master (iTunes and Stitcher)
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Episode 50 - Female Electricians
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer I get asked pretty often by young women whether or not they should join the electrical trade. I always tell them a resounding "YES!" However there are some sharp edges to the sword you carry as a female electrician in your first few years that you may want to be aware of before making the leap. I've worked around a handful of female electricians over the years and have become familiar with their successes and struggles over that time. Most female electricians end up being better electricians than the males they're around, because they have to be. Being a woman who wears a tool belt is still something that is looked at as "bizarre" by most people. Not just the ones you work with, but customers, builders, and other trades. It's not a judgement that you "don't belong" its more of a rarity so seeing it is not common, and so makes people act goofy because they're not used to being around it. As a woman you will be seen as "needing help" a lot. Most guys in this trade are nice men, not all, but most. They will want to help you out because they were raised to treat a woman like something that needs to be helped or provided for. So if you're carrying something heavy they will probably offer to carry it for you. I know some women that this really pisses off. They don't want to be treated like a delicate flower, they want to be treated like any other person. Customers will make comments regularly that "oh my god, you're a female wearing tools - isn't that weird?" - they don't mean harm by this, they really do think its something out of the ordinary and to them it will always stick in their mind. Something you'll just have to get used to. You will most likely have to work twice as hard as any of the guys around you, to earn the same respect. This is very unfortunate but there is a sort of "ruggedness" or "toughness" that goes with the male bravado in this trade (all construction trades really). When a woman comes in to this craft and starts doing the same job that these men are doing, some of them will feel attacked or threatened so they will be an asshole to you. Most will not, in fact you will meet some of the most profound friend and mentors because 90% of the people you'll come across will accept you and give you respect for what you're doing. But there are those who won't. So you may find that to earn respect you have to work circles around other people, study more, know more, and do better work....for a few years, before you earn the respect of some of these hard-headed egoic men. And shitty enough, after gaining the respect of one, you'll have to keep doing it with each new one that you come across. The last thing I'm going to touch on is the male/female relationship dynamic. A lot of tradesmen don't know how to act when a female wears tools around them. They will often be attracted to you, and will most likely precede their interactions with you on the basis that they can flirt with you rather than just talk to you. You will get hit on and stared at frequently. You have to be the one to teach them how to treat you. That's just plain true for life too. We teach people what is ok and what is not ok to say (and do) to us by either allowing them or not allowing them to treat us a certain way. Either stand up for yourself or not. There's also a certain amount of attraction that can happen from a man working with a woman one on one everyday, eating meals together, spending morning, day, and sometimes evenings and weekends around them. So naturally an attraction may occur between the two of you, which can be an amazing yet catastrophic thing to happen. Just be smart and think about 5 years down the line rather than 5 minutes down the line. Is this a good thing for you...and the other person. That may seem heavily chocked with cons rather than pros - but the positive things are obvious. Its the negative that I think you should be aware of. The positive will find you. I find that the women I know who have gotten in this trade have had life changing experiences and have changed lives around them. It is definitely a good idea for women to get into this trade. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask. --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Ep 23 - Should You Get Paid Up-Front For Electrical Work?
The big question asked by so many...Should I take money up front before beginning a job? There are a lot of opinions out there on this question, and most people tend to answer yes. Here is my method/methods that I've used. I'm still not 100% sold on which I like best but I talk about many different methods I've used to take "down-payments" or "draws" up front before beginning a job. Think about this for a second. Say you start a job and don't collect any money up front. You go to the supply house and spend $1000 in materials, you rent a $1000 trencher, and you pay 3 guys to go to a job for a combined $60/hour. You get onsite and the customer changes his mind, and doesn't want to do this job all the sudden. You're paying around $200 in wasted wages plus you have to find something else for them to do for the day, plus the $2,000 you're out for the materials and rock-saw. You have none of their money up front to take that out of...you just ate a shit salad. Hope that diesel tastes good! Say you charged $4,000 for the job and took 50% up front - you could have kept back the trencher money and paid for the materials and you'd be pretty close to break-even. Maybe just out some labor cost, but that's better than eating it all. Please let me know what y'all do and if you have any suggestions. My ears are always open. Thanks for watching, please check out the Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/Journey2Master and give me a Like if you like these videos!
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Episode 58 - ELECTRICIAN TESTING - Tips For How To Take Your Electrician Exam
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer The big question on every 4th year electrical apprentice's mind is, "what is the test going to be like" to become an electrician? In this episode I talk about how the exam is laid out and what tips you should know going in on test day. The state electrical exam is very similar in most states. Not all, but most. Most states offer an open-book test, based on the current National Electrical Code. You're only allowed to bring a standard printed NEC in, not a hard-cover handbook. You won't be allowed to have small printed items tucked in the book, nothing stapled to pages, nor can you have large paragraphs of information or calculations written somewhere hidden in the pages. You are allowed to write small notes in the book (in most places, not all), and you are allowed to tab your book as long as you use official NEC tabs, not tabs made at home. The exam for Residential Wireman in Texas is a 4 hour, 83 question exam on primarily residential knowledge. You're given a standard calculator, and told to leave all other possessions other than a code-book in your car. You sit at a computer and answer 83 multiple choice questions, and are allowed to write on a scratch piece of paper (that must be turned in at the end) with a #2 pencil. After the 4 hours you're done. The Unrestricted Journeyman exam is similar to the Residential Wireman exam however it is much more difficult. It is 100 questions, but still only 4 hours. All of the rules are the same, you just have more work cut out for you in the same amount of time. Finally, the Master exam is 5 hours, 100 questions. These questions are much more involved and far more obscure/difficult. CONTINUE READING AT https://www.journey2master.com/podcast/episode-58-electrician-testing-tips-for-how-to-take-your-electrician-exam #electricianexam #electriciantesting #apprenticetips #electricalexam --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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LiveWire Electrical - Week In Review - 7/1/2017
Here's some clips of some of the jobs we were on this week. I'm trying to record more often so I can put together some videos of us out in the field. I'd like to show everyone the type of work we've been getting and how we do what we do. We're an Austin, Tx based Electrical Contractor that specializes in troubleshooting and problem solving. We offer 24-hour emergency service. We do much more than that, but service work is really what we enjoy and excel at. We also do a ton of remodels, tenant finish-outs, commercial new construction, residential new construction, solar, EV charging stations, and additions. For more info please visit www.livewire-electrical.com Cheers! Dustin Stelzer
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Ep 3 - Electrical Startups & How To Make The Phones Ring - Angie's List, Home Advisor, Yelp, & More
Well its April, we're 7 months in and we've gained a lot of knowledge of many of the paid services out there to advertise your business through. We've tried most of them, but there are still a few we need to test. In this episode we talk about the different paid lead services we've used since inception and which ones are worth the buck. From Angie's List, to Home Advisor, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Houzz, Facebook, AdIQ, Google AdWords, and Yodle - we've tried them all. I talk about the pros and cons, and who we've liked using but most importantly which one makes the phones ring! Starting your own electrical contracting company requires paying money to be seen by customers. There's no getting around it until you get to the point where you can work from straight referrals. All of these services will work, and all of them will produce phone calls and emails for you to drum up work with - however some are far more fruitful than others for far less money.
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Ep 15 - Q&A With EATON Engineers About AFCI / GFCI / AFGF Issues
The full transcript is too long to post here but if you go to www.journey2master.com you can see it in its entirety In this episode I go over the response I got back from the Eaton engineers about AFCI, GFCI, and DF (AFGF) breakers.  I have to say, I'm impressed with the prompt response and depth of detailed information they provided. Many of you who follow us on Facebook, and are engaged in the several groups we're a part of, participated in the roundup for questions to ask the Thank you for all of the input, we got a fairly quick response from them, and they did not short us on the details. I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Lanson D Relyea - Product Line Manager, and Robert (Bob) E Handick - Master Electrician at Eaton for taking the time to answer these questions with great detail and promptly. Q&A: 1)      Will they come out with a duel function type CL Classified breakers? They have them in AFCI (Eaton cl120caf). [Eaton]: Eaton may consider releasing a classified version of AFGF if there is enough demand. The testing requirements for classified breakers per UL are very labor intensive and expensive. Eaton has to test the breaker in every family of loadcenter across all manufacturers to verify the breaker and loadcenter will work together as a system. 2)      Why do all brands twist the neutral pigtail, and is there any down-side to straighten them or to cut them short? [Eaton]: The twisted or coiled pigtail is simply to fit the breakers in the packaging in the most efficient way. When installing the breakers the pigtail can be kept coiled to allow the ability to extend it or keep short without the need to custom fit via cutting and re-skinning. There is no harm caused by cutting the pigtail or to extend using a wire nut and extra piece of wire (as allowed by the local AHJ). 3)      Is there any new developments being made for motors?  They need to have more tolerance built into the AFCI's for motor circuits... Nusicance tripping on refrigerator, freezer and window A/C units gets old real fast.  May be different rated AFCI'S, like the personnel and equipment GFCI'S [Eaton]: Current generation Eaton AFCI product has been designed to be the least susceptible to brush type universal motors that are inherently noisy due to the nature of their design. Our current product does a really good job at distinguishing the difference between the intended arcing inside the motor verses a dangerous unintended arcing situation. Eaton has a dedicated team of engineers that constantly looks to refine our algorithms to ensure compatibility with new and existing appliances. 4)       I've noticed a lot of problems with mixed loads. Led and fluorescent on the same circuit. I've had a lot of problems with the tripping when led lights are on same circuit as an incandescent light and especially with a ceiling fan.  What gives? [Eaton]: We believe the real issue is the conducted emissions (noise) being generated by the LED’s electronic switching power supply more so than mixed loads. Some LED’s are found to be exceeding the conducted emissions limits set by the FCC. This noise looks very similar to a series arcing condition and if all conditions are met, the breaker may trip. The breaker also need to have a minimum amperage of current flowing through it at the same time it recognizes the noise in order for its arc protection to kick in (varies by manufacturer) which is probably why you see more issues when using other loads along with the LED’s on the same circuit. LED does not draw much current so the noise itself does not trip the breaker until you add more load such as the incandescent bulb as you described. 5)      Please ask about the coordination with appliance manufactures. The breaker needs to know the signature of appliances that create arc like noise and know to ignore them. Some manufactures ignore the need to make things that comply or to inform breaker manufactures. We end up with the requirement for arc detecting breakers but manufactures that make things that will cause trips which are not arcs. We need better coordination.  How do they address this, and do they even try? [Eaton]: Eaton designs our AFCI devices expecting that appliance manufactures will to adhere to the FCC regulation for conducted emissions. If there is a new appliance or device on the market that exceeds FCC limits, it may create an issue for interoperability. NEMA has designated a task force to align the AFCI manufacturers with the appliance manufacturers through AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). This partnership is designed to set common design standards across both manufacturing groups. It also allows for a direct connection between manufacturers if there if there are any interoperability issues between the specific brands. View more of this transcript at www.journey2master.com
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Tool Review - Bosch Daredevil 12-piece Spade Bits - THE ONLY SPADE BITS I USE!!!
GET THESE BITS: https://homedepot.sjv.io/c/1242781/456723/8154?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.homedepot.com%2Fp%2FBosch-Daredevil-High-Carbon-Steel-Standard-Spade-Bit-Set-12-Piece-DSB5012%2F305435416 Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer These Bosch Spade Bits are the only bits that I use for drilling holes in wood these days. I have tried many other paddle bits in the past but I found that the Bosh Daredevil Series is on point. The Tool I was pretty excited when Bosch sent me this 12 piece set. I already have a bunch of them in my truck but it’s about time for me to get new sharp ones - perfect timing. Most of the time I only use a handful of the sizes and the rest remain in their bag sharp is the day they were forged. Sizes are 1 1/4”, 1 1/8”, 1”, 7/8”, 13/16”, 3/4”, 11/16”, 5/8”, 9/16”, 1/2”, 3/8”, and 1/4”. As an electrician I generally only use the 5/16” and 3/8” for low-voltage. The rest of the time, the vast majority of it, I use 1/2”, 7/8” and 1” for running Romex or feeders, and on the occasion of doing commercial construction 1 1/8” and 1 1/4” (where I need to fit multiple sheathed MC cables through one hole). CONTINUE READING ARTICLE AT https://www.journey2master.com/tool-reviews/tool-review-bosch-12-piece-spade-paddle-drill-bits --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/Journey2Master?sub_confirmation=1 Sponsored - #thdprospective #homedepot #toolreviews #bosch IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 38 - Pain, Diabetes, And What Your Body Goes Through As An Electrician
This episode talks about the things your body goes through as an electrician. I've been doing this for a decade now, and my joints, my knees, and my back feel the stress of wearing a tool belt as well as bending down and working on my knees. I get back pains from so many years of lifting things incorrectly, my knees hurt from constant climbing ladders and working on my knees. Aside from that I've noticed my metabolism is starting to slow down quite a bit so keeping myself at a steady weight is more of a constant effort these days. I work around a lot of guys that have developed diabetes over the years from eating like crap and forcing their pancreas to work in overdrive. Once you have diabetes your life becomes much harder and everyday you have to battle with your body not being able to metabolize correctly. Everything you eat has a direct effect on your mood, your energy, and the rest of your body. Diabetes is no joke. I was told by all the older guys I've worked with over the years to take my health seriously. All of them said to take care of myself and eat right or I'd end up like some of them - in pain, broken, and chalked with health issues. My goal is to urge any of you thinking about entering the electrical trade, or any of you who are already electricians, to really take your health and your body seriously. You only get one. Until the year 3000 - then maybe we can all be robots with whatever consciousness we want implanted into our processing system. But lets be realistic...at that point we won't need to be electricians anymore. So for now...take care of yourself my dudes!
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Episode 31 - Closing Down Shop
Well my dudes and dudettes...it's time for some lasting change.  In this episode I talk about my recent decision to shut down my electrical contracting company and go back to work for someone else. I've taken about 4 months off of making any content online.  I've had some experiences that have shaken my perspective on life and business.  I've come to the crashing realization that I do not enjoy being a business man.  I've always thought that I was destined to own a business and run a company, and in doing so I've left some important things by the way-side. I love being an electrician.  I've stated that on many occasions and by now that is common knowledge for most people.  I was TRYING to love being a business man and thought that I could easily do both at the same time.  Boy was I wrong.  Being a businessperson is an entire journey on it's own that takes many years to perfect.  It also requires a number of people around you as mentors and examples to really nurture your journey.  Being the person that's out in the field doing the work while having to be in the office answering phones, doing bids, marketing, chasing money, and managing employees turns very quickly into an allday-everyday job.  I found myself consumed 24/7 with getting business and chasing money, and after a year of thinking that's what I wanted for my life I came to the understanding that I was living a lie. I was offered a job by the man who first hired me as an apprentice.  He is one of the men I respect most on this planet, and is the only man I'd willingly leave self-employment for.  It's been a couple months of working for him now, and my life is back to sustainability again.  I have a paycheck and can pay my bills again!  I'm still keeping my company open but not advertising.  I'd like to still be able to do side-work legally and to do that I need to maintain my contractor's license and general liability insurance. It has been an outstanding year of learning, successes, failures.  I've left the money behind and now go boldly into the future humbly as a lifetime student of this craft. If you enjoy these episodes please click SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos!  Also check out our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Episode 13 - Hard Work, Burnout, & Self Motivation
This episode is fire! I get a little bat-shit-crazy and go bananas on everyone about self-motivation, not burning out, and how much hard work is entailed in this entrepreneur thing. Let's be honest here. This shit is hard. Being a young independent Master Electrician hustling to build an Electrical Contracting company from nothing is the single hardest thing I've don in my life. Period. I've always worked my ass off, most of the time working 6-7 days a week, full time, holding down 2 or 3 jobs and just barely scraping by. This is harder. I work more, and harder, now than I've ever worked in my life. Don't get me wrong, I still love what I do, but just to set the record straight for any of you young guys thinking of diving off into this...get your perspective straight. Its not sailing down easy street, working 2 days a week, sitting on an island somewhere smoking blunts and watching the money just roll in. Its 5 hours of sleep, 19 hours of work. Every day, no breaks, no vacations...just constant hustle. Self-motivation is a huge factor in not burning out. So is loving what you do. It takes a lot longer to get burned out on something when its your singular joy in life. If you're not the type that can motivate yourself to change the issues in your life, you'll have a very difficult time trying to get anywhere. Don't run around with one foot nailed to the floor. Figure your shit out, whatever is holding you back (eh em...yourself), stop giving a shit about what other people think of you or what expectations they have for you, and DO YOU! So how do you stay motivated, and how do you not burn out? For that you'll just have to watch the video above! If you'd like to hear these videos in podcast form, please check out the Journey 2 Master PODCAST in iTunes and Stitcher. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and LIKE!!! vlog: www.journey2master.com company site: www.livewire-electrical.com
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Episode 36 - Mistakes I Made As An Apprentice Electrician
When I was an apprentice electrician I made quite a few mistakes, as we all do. There were times that I broke things, times I wired something incorrectly, and of course...times that I've shocked myself. In this episode I talk about all of the crazy shit I've done to hurt myself and break things over the years in hopes that y'all won't do the same. I've learned to slow down over the years, and really pay attention to what I'm doing. From early on I chose to pay for my mistakes, and anything I messed up. As an apprentice/helper you don't get paid the best at first so this really made an impact in my wallet. But that was a huge teacher for me. Being broke and paying for my mistakes helped me not make as many mistakes. In the electrical trade you are working with a force that is very dangerous. It is your responsibility as an apprentice to watch the guys around you and make sure they are safe. It is also your job as a journeyman and a master to do the same. There's no reason that you and your crew should not make it home to your families at the end of the day. Being an electrician is dangerous, sure...but that can be significantly reduced by watching out for and communicating with one-another. Be safe out there my dudes! Please subscribe if you like this content and follow me on facebook @journey2master!
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Episode 55 - Language Of The Trades - The Uncensored Way I Speak (Let People Be - Part 2)
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer This video is sort of a "hot topic" I suppose. Let the comments begin... In the trades you'll hear a lot of colorful language. There's no denying that, just walk on to any jobsite where people are sawing, swinging hammers, hauling heavy sharp pieces of metal, and doing hard, dangerous, laborious work - and you're sure to hear the peasant's version of the King's English a time or two. Cussing (or cursing) is something that nearly everyone does. God forbid a YouTuber does it in one of their videos! Well, this YouTuber cusses, plain and simple. I am uniquely me, and I am proud as hell of that fact. I don't hide or cover any part of myself so what you see in my videos is the real me. Brutally honest, colorful language, gestural arms (with a life of their own it appears lol), teaching, learning, and loving above all. I've been contacted by a few people over the years that have told me they'd like me to stop using "foul language" in my videos because it affects them, or makes them unable to use my content for their own gain. There are some teachers that want to use my content in their classroom, but can't because there are some bad words (no worse than the stuff they're watching after school, or while watching their favorite Fortnite player do his or her gaming videos at night when you're not paying attention). People cuss my friends. I cuss, my wife cusses, my kid cusses, my parents and grandparents cuss, my friends cuss, my music, radio, tv, and movies cuss....and you know what? Nobody's died from it yet. In fact we've managed not to hurt or ruin the lives of anyone around us because we use curse-words. Its actually ok. Spewing hate, or using foul language at someone is a different thing. That is hatred, and it's armed with intent to harm. I've never been one to direct hate at someone, regardless what words I use. I've always preceded every interaction with people in my life, with respect and humility, especially when coming into their home or business. However, when I am by myself or with friends I speak how I speak. This is how I speak. I think of you and I as friends. I'm not going to put on a show or be fake for you, I'm going to be real to the core with you. So that being said, I'm just going to continue being me, and talking the way I talk. I'm not a fake plastic person, and censoring myself is not an option. So stop holding people up to YOUR standards for their lives, and let people be. Don't forget we're all free, and we all deserve to live a life free from oppression of other's beliefs. Spend more time loving people and supporting them for who they are - that's love. Love is not trying to change people to make them what you want them to be. I love you crazy people Dustin --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Ep 5 - How To Get Better Pricing From Electrical Supply Houses
In this episode I talk about how a new electrical contractor should go about getting the best pricing on their materials by sitting down with their local supply houses. As an electrical contractor you should be getting lower prices than the average person off the street, and the only way to do that is to talk to the manager at your electrical supply house of choice and ask them what you can do to get specialized pricing and/or rebates from the manufacturers of the equipment they sell. A lot of times you can just start a cash account and pay for materials as you need them and the supply house will give you better pricing, but sometimes you have to open a credit account to get their rebates. The manufacturer offers lower pricing to the supply house based off of your purchasing volume, so sticking with one or two main supply houses will benefit you in the long run. I also talk about maintaining an excellent relationship with your supply house. Having a great relationship with your supply houses makes them more likely to go to bat for you when you need something. It also makes them want to work harder for you to keep you coming back and buying more. Please subscribe if you like this video, and check out the Journey 2 Master podcast on iTunes and Stitcher! Journey 2 Master vlog - www.journey2master.com LiveWire Website : www.livewire-electrical.com
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LiveWire Electrical - Facebook Commercial
This is the commercial I put togethet to use on Facebook for LiveWire. It was free (because I had all the video and audio software to edit it), and I used my iPhone to take the video. Now days it is extremely easy to make decent content for cheap and distribute it to a TON of people on social media. I recorded clips of video, clips of me talking, and used Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, and Adobe Photoshop CS5 to edit on my computer. Also, the music is royalty free music from YouTube. If you'd like to make your own video for your company and you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]
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Episode 53 - New Work Van Walk-Through (as requested)
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer As requested I’ve done an episode on the new Dodge Ram ProMaster City that I recently got as a work van. I started working out of this thing (and subsequently making this video) about 6 weeks ago, and have been working out of it since. This video has some audio issues, so please try your hardest to make it through the whole thing knowing I messed up and tried to put lipstick on a pig. That being said…this new van is pretty awesome. I got it over a weekend and had Saturday and Sunday to build shelving and get it ready for work on the following Monday. I got a bunch of 1x12’s and 1x4’s and went to town on building shelving that lined the interior sides. I needed some decent sized shelving to be able to put material bins in that I could use to separate all of my electrical materials like wirenuts, plugs, switches, connectors, couplings, screws, bolts, washers, etc. After building the two side shelves I realized it wasn’t going to be enough space. I decided to build in a 3rd shelf in the middle (towards the front of the van) that could mimic the side shelves. Doing this, however, would mean that I would be limited on storage for tools in the front half, as well as.......CONTINUE READING AT https://www.journey2master.com/episode-53-new-work-van-walkthrough --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 54 - Apprentice and Master Shoot The Sh*t
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer In this episode, I’m sitting down with on of the apprentices that I work with. We are going to dive into the life of an apprentice, as well as reflect on a few of our past endeavors. For those of you long time listeners, we even get into some LiveWire shit! I wanted to sit down with Colten and pick his brain about his experience being an apprentice over the past four years. For those of you who don’t know, Colten was my first employee at LiveWire, He saw all of our successes, as well as our failures, and he stayed with us through the thick and the thin. The life of an apprentice isn’t easy. It can be a long, grueling process that can take 4-5 years (depending on what part of the country you live in). The people that you’re working with, or working for, can really make or break that experience. No one enjoys waking up early to go to work with an asshole! The majority of the guys I have seen quit usually do so because they cant stand the guy they are working under. I talked to Colten about his experiences with that. From working with me, as well as a few other companies, really just trying to get his take on it. This episode is rooted on what made him want to be an electrician. What made him leave the trade, and what made him come back and decide that he could make a career out of it. His story is an interesting one. Before I got him hired on at the company I was working for, the dude never picked up a tool in his life. He was as green as they come! It has been really cool to watch his development over the years. going from someone who has no idea what he was doing, to figuring out how to be the best apprentice he could be. From not knowing how to run a wire down a wall, to being extremely meticulous and proud of the work that he does. After we talk about his experiences, we dive into our old company. The things we enjoyed about it, as well as the things we hated. All of our successes, and the failures that came with them. And why we ultimately had to decide to close up shop. It was interesting hearing his point of view on his role in the company, and how he saw our wins and loses. We talk pretty bluntly about the company and how I ran things vs how I maybe SHOULD have run things. Colten is one of my main dudes, I’ve enjoyed working with him over the past 10 years off and on and I really think he brings a unique and refreshing outlook to the trade. For any of you apprentices out there wondering what your next few years could look like, WATCH THIS EPISODE!!! --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 39 - Every Master Has A Master - How To Learn More and Have People WANT To Teach You
As a master electrician I've learned over the years that there is always someone out there who is better than me. There will always be an older guy that's been doing this longer and that has a different way of thinking. Every person has a different perspective and has had different experiences. When I was a young apprentice electrician I was very quick to cut people off in the middle of their explanations to me. I wanted them to know that I already knew what they were telling me and I wanted to prove to them how "good" I was. It was a very egotistical thing to do but I needed validation that I was good because I really thought I was better than I was. It wasn't until being in this for a few years, and being humbly knowledge-beaten down by some guys and girls that have known far more than me, that finally forced me to stop talking about how much I know and how good I am...and just be good and let the work show for itself how good I was. I see a lot of younger people these days that do this. They want so badly to be instantaneously good at something, and they don't see that it takes YEARS of everyday dedication to a craft to become good. They lack patience, and they try to make up for the fact that they really kinda suck at something...but telling people how amazing they are. I put it like this. You can watch Stevie Ray Vaughan or Derek Trucks play guitar. You can watch Danny Carey drum. None of these guys have to say a word. Their artisan-ship with their craft stands alone without words needing to be exchanged. They don't sit on stage and profess how awesome they are. You just know they're awesome when they play that first note. Nowadays I try to go about life as a student. Even as a Master Electrician working under another Master, I defer to the roll of a student. I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. I want the knowledge. I want to be that hobbly old 70 year old badass electrician that can solve problems before getting out of his work truck. I want to be that electrician that has so much experience that people know my skill level because it bleeds out of me when I strap my tools on. I've learned to shut up and listen.
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Episode 59 - Do You Work Fast Or Slow - TWO TYPES OF ELECTRICIANS
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer Do you keep getting shit from the people that you work around for working too slow? Do you think you're working your ass off, but you still can't seem to keep up with everyone you work around? Then this episode is for you. I was sent a message recently through Instagram by someone who asked me “What can I do to increase my speed while working? I feel like everyone around me works much faster than me and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” Well in my experience there are 2 different types of workers in the trades, when it comes to pace of working. There are those who work slow and methodical, and those who work fast and hard. That’s not really true though. There are those who work slow and inefficient, fast and efficient, slow and efficient, and fast and inefficient. There are those who are lazy, and those who keep working constantly. So really there are many different types of workers, but for the most part your pace and quality will be the noticeable trait of how you will be judged in this environment. This can be a rather sticky subject but there are a lot of people out there in the trades that talk about how fast they work or how slow they work and both argue about how their method is better. Fast and Hard There are some companies that specialize in being able to pump out large volume, so speed and efficiency are of extreme importance. These companies, a lot of times, are competing for jobs through the bidding process so the jobs they accept are traditionally lower than a lot of other companies. This does not leave much margin for error, nor does it allow for meticulous care nor working at a slow, calm pace. There is nothing wrong with this method, it is just how a certain segment of this trade operates. And it’s not limited to just the electrical trade either; there are a lot of other trades that do things this way. Slow and Meticulous Another large portion of the industry, and this applies to almost all other trades as well, focus on bidding high and working slow, safe, and precise. These companies typically, not always, bid higher with the understanding that a job will take longer. They want to ensure that everybody is doing safe, clean work and nobody is in a rush to get anything done, unnecessarily. Of course things happen, problems come up, and deadlines are still an issue, but overall these companies value the fact that they work slow and take their time. And just as the fast and hard companies above, the slow and meticulous companies are usually known for their style of work. The Sweet Spot This is only MY opinion here, but I believe it is the most beneficial to have a company be a combination of both. There are some jobs that you’ll need to be fast and effective, and there are some that you’ll need to be slow and meticulous. I’ve worked for companies that have certain crews that are fast, and some that are slow. The boss gives the slow “white-glove” jobs to the slow, meticulous guys (girls) while the fast jobs that are time sensitive go to guys that can get out of first gear. And they tend to have crews that fall in the middle and can handle both environments. If all of your crews can be cross-trained in a way that allows everyone to have multiple gears and work together in a way that everyone understands what the time and place is for each, I think that will benefit profitability in an outstanding way. --- #workingslow #electricians #construction #workethic SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/Journey2Master?sub_confirmation=1 IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Watch Ep 54 Live With Me in 1 hour!!
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Ep 9 - When To Start Hiring an Apprentice or Journeyman Electrician?
This episode dives into HIRING. When I chose to hire and why, as well as what dollar figures I had as a target before I made the jump to hire. Hiring is perhaps the scariest part I've come across as a small business owner. As a new electrical contractor I always thought there was some secret formula, or a "quant" figure that would show the math behind when I should hire. After doing this awhile I realized that's not always the case. I knew what the dollars looked like, rather what I thought they SHOULD look like, before hiring a full time employee. I had my mind set on $10,000 in the bank. In comes Colten. I decided to hire Colten once I saw that 10,000 in the bank but boy was it a rough time up until that point. Working on your own, by yourself, in this trade is a very difficult thing to sustain. When I started out I very quickly became far busier than I thought I would be, so I knew I needed help fast. So for the first hire I just made the leap when the money looked good and the timing felt right. For me the $10,000 figure worked out. It wasn't based off of a set time/expendature ratio or anything smart. $10k just seemed like a responsible amount to have laying around in the event of an emergency. My goal is to have $15,000 in the bank and hire a green helper soon. This way my 3rd year helper can start training someone which will in turn skyrocket his own knowledge. (Actually I already did this after the time of this recording - if you want to hear that listen to Episode 8 or watch it on YouTube by clicking here: Episode 8 - MID MAY UPDATE (Rentals, Facebook Ads, Organization, and Hiring) My next goal is to have 6 months of all expenses saved up (including a Journeyman's Wages for that 6 months) before hiring on a full time Journeyman Electrician. Hopefully time-wise this will happen around the first of 2018. This way I've got a good established crew with nearly a year together, so it will be a good transition into having a journeyman that can help lead the team. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Journey 2 Master) if you like this video, and check out the Journey 2 Master podcast on iTunes and Stitcher! Journey 2 Master vlog - www.journey2master.com LiveWire Website : www.livewire-electrical.com
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Milwaukee STUD vs Stanley FATMAX - Which Tape-Measure Is The Best?
MILWAUKEE STUD - https://homedepot.sjv.io/c/1242781/456723/8154?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.homedepot.com%2Fp%2FMilwaukee-25-ft-STUD-Tape-Measure-48-22-9925%2F304847110 STANLEY FATMAX - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00002PV66/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=journey2maste-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B00002PV66&linkId=fd324f8f7c156316305f7b06bb4b86ac Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer Alright my friends, finally I go over these two TOP contenders for what I consider the BEST tape measures on the market. If you are a professional tradesman then you probably see these being used around you on a constant basis. Which one takes it? Let's dig in and see… The Similarities At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference between these two tapes. They are both relatively the same size, however, the stud is slightly larger and a little more oddly shaped. Both of them are considered “right-handed” (in my opinion at least. What this means is that they are both set up to be clipped on the right side of your waist, grabbed with your right hand, and quickly used with your right hand. The reason I don’t consider these “left-handed” is that the tapes point out behind you if you were to clip them on your left waist/pocket. If you were to grab them with your left hand you’d have to flip the tool around to use it to measure with. I have left-handed friends that this bugs the shit out of, but it’s really rare to find brands that think about this. Both of these tapes have a screw that holds the rear clip in place. I see this as a poor idea, as screws tend to strip out, unscrew, or wear out making the clip fall off a year down the line. I have only used the STUD for a couple months now so it’s hard to tell if the clip will have the same issues that every STUD I’ve ever used has - The clip falling off because the screw comes unscrews or strips out and falls off. Once this happens it’s time to buy a new one or just demote this one to be used in your garage. I personally think the clips should be integrated better, in a way that doesn’t require a weak screw to hold the clip on. Especially because this clip is opened and closed sometimes dozens of times per day. The markings on the tapes are very similar, same measurements, same red color marks 16’ spacing, bold black marks every 12.” Both tapes auto-retract - which believe it or not there are tapes that stay out and only release and retract once you push a button. Ya, annoying as hell. When comparing this 6 1/2 inch standard cordless circular saw to the higher powered 60volt FLEXVOLT counterpart, there is a noticeable difference in power and reliability. The 20 volt standard setup does everything you’d expect a circular saw to do in a wood-cutting environment. I did not get the chance to cut metal with a metal Diablo blade but I will test this out at some point. Once I changed over to the 60v saw the blade cut through the wood like butter. There’s a definite step-up in power with a 60v brushless system. The only gripe I have with the FLEXVOLT saw is that the blade is on the reverse side of the tool, whereas the standard 20v saw is rigged on the left of the tool as you’re using it - making it a lot easier to see your cut as you’re using it. CONTINUE READING AT: https://www.journey2master.com/tool-reviews/tool-review-milwaukee-stud-vs-stanley-fatmax-which-tape-measure-is-the-best #thdprospective #homedepot #tapemeasure #toolreviews --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/Journey2Master?sub_confirmation=1 IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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TOOL REVIEW - Dewalt 2-Tool Combo Circular Saw and Reciprocating (SAWZALL) Saw
GET THIS KIT - https://homedepot.sjv.io/c/1242781/456723/8154?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.homedepot.com%2Fp%2FDEWALT-20-Volt-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Circular-and-Reciprocating-Saws-Combo-Kit-2-Tool-with-ToughSystem-Case-DCKTS253D1%2F305947561 Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer This 2-tool combination saw kit is an outstanding idea. It comes with a full-size cordless (not brushless) reciprocating saw and a 6 1/2” cordless (not brushless) circular saw, as well as a standard 20v charger and (2) 3aH batteries. This is not the XR set, so this is a standard-duty saw set. The XR is a longer-lived battery system meant for more of a professional tradesman, whereas this standard 2-tool combo kit is meant for less rugged use. The Circular Saw The circular saw is a bit smaller than my other models of [Dewalt circular saws], and for some reason is left-handed (or at least, left-bladed). The blade is set up on the left side of the handle, where both of my other Dewalt circular saws are setup blade on the right. That does not effect the functionality of the tool one bit, it’s more convenient this way in my opinion. For a right-handed person this is actually more to your benefit as you’re normally standing on the left side of the tool where you can easily see what you’re cutting. With the other models I have, the blade is on the right side, so you have to look through the tool to make sure that your mark is lined up with the [saw blade]. I don’t use the little notched-lines on the front frame of the saw when I’m cutting. I feel more confident getting consistent cuts by looking at the actual blade and the line I drew on the material and, watch the blade the entire time I cut. This saw, like all of the others I’ve come across from Dewalt, has a blade key that slides into the tool. This is a great feature because it means you can quickly remove your blades whenever you need to without having to go get a socket set. The saw is powerful enough to cut wood consistently and reliably. I did notice that there is a noticeable power difference between this saw and my 2 FlexVolt 60-v XR saws, but this is to be expected with the higher voltage brushless rigs. CONTINUE READING AT: https://www.electricianu.com/tool-reviews/tool-review-dewalt-2-tool-combo-circular-saw-and-reciprocating-saw-with-tough-system #thdprospective #toolreviews #dewalt #tools --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/Journey2Master?sub_confirmation=1 IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Fireside chat - minus the fire...
Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer --- SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCwf9niZNaW8mkECB6GT6raQ IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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Episode 24 - Solo Saturday  (Electrical Work We've Got Going On Currently)
Today I get to work alone. None of my guys wanted to work this weekend so I have to fill in and take care of some loose ends. They’ve been busting their little electrician asses for me all week so they deserve to have 2 solid days off. In this video I go over a few jobs that I had to do today and finally documented an talked about the jobs as I was doing them. Some of you have been asking for more shots out in the field so I’m trying to up my production game on these videos! Please leave comments and let me know what you think! If you enjoy these episodes please click SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos! Also check out our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Ep 20 - 20 Best Electrical Books and Test Prep Study Guides
If you aspire to be a wizard electrician, or just somebody super into electricity, this episode is for you.  I've compiled a good chunk of my electrical library, and in this video I go through the 20 books that I think are worth reading and why. As many of you know, I'm a nerd.  I read a lot of electrical articles, magazines, books, etc.  I've had quite a few people ask me on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter what books they should read, and where might they find practice tests for taking their Journeyman test. So...I've compiled a list of my top 20 electrical books (listed in order of the video) Trigonometry - (really...any trigonometry text book that was written in the last 10 years will work)  Trigonometry deals with angles, and as an electrician that helps you understand sine waves, pipe bending, and layout.  Trig is not essential to know to be an electrician, but it will help you out if you do know it. Basic Electricity And Electronics - A great intro to the fundamentals of electricity, how it works, what it is, and the basic components involved.  This goes a little into ohm's law as well. Currents, Fields, And Particles - This is an old-school electrical engineering or physics book I'm sure.  Super dense with calculus level math, and physics.  It's a great read if you can hang with it. Electronics From The Ground Up - A good fudamentals book for you hackers and tinkerers out there.  This goes more into electronics than electrical Principles Of Electrodynamics - Another old-school electrical engineering/physics text Electricity 1-7 - Hands down the best book on the planet for every electrician to read.  It covers the technicalities of theory and explains everything in a very straight forward way.  The illustrations on every page help visual learners as well.  BUY THIS BOOK TODAY! Grounding v.s. Bonding - One of Mike Holt's books, very in depth.  Packed with tons of great illustrations, code references, and explanations beyond the code. Basic Motor Controls - Another one of Mike Holt's books, this pertains less to code than actual components, diagrams, schematics, and ladder logic.  Good book to get your chops around if you're just starting down your path into motor controls. Industrial Motor Controls - This is another one of my favorites.  So in depth, this book covers everything you'll come across in the field from switches, relays, contactors to motors, generators, transformers, and all of the thousands of switching devices that interact with these components to make automation happen. Principals of Electric Circuits - College text book, nothing special except for instructional math, example problems you can work through.  Focuses a lot more on electronics than electrical. Transformer Principals And Applications - I've never known there was so much to know about transformers until I read this book.  It demands a little knowledge of electrical so it's not a good starter book if you're a day one greenhorn but by the end of it you'll know more than you could ever imagine. BUY THIS BOOK! The Tesla Papers - This is more of a fun book to read if you're super nerdy and like history.  It goes through a lot of Nikola Tesla's papers, experiments, and diagrams.  Loads of great perspective from this guy. Tesla - Master Of Lightning - Another good book simply for novelty.  Not a lot to learn theory from here, but a good one if you like Tesla and want to know more about him. Current N.E.C Code Book (NFPA 70) - Duh... Understanding The Electrical Code Vol. 1 - Mike Holt's explanation (with images) of the NEC chapters 1-4 Understanding The Electrical Code Vol. 2 - Mike Holt's explanation (with images) of the NEC chapters 5-8 Electrical Exam Preparation - Mike Holt's exam prep book, very good to get your hands ahold of if you're looking for study materials for a journeyman/master electrician test. Dewalt Electrical Licensing Exam Guide - Another great study guide chalked full of practice tests.  Seriously...TONS of tests.  Just be sure to buy the most current version available. Electrical Courses For Apprentices And Journeymen - This is right up there with Electricity 1-7 as far as depth and quality.  This book is a MUST HAVE.  Buy it and read it, re-read it, and read it again.  It will continue to teach you as you grow in your career.  There's not much that isn't covered in this book. EC&M Magazine - In my opinion, the ONLY electrical magazine to concern yourself with.  There are others, but they mostly talk about the industry and brands, whereas EC&M talks about things that matter to us guys in the field. There are more books that could be added to this list but I figured in light of this being my 20th episode, I'd do 20 books to make it easier. Please let me know if there are any other books out there that you've read that you think would make an outstanding addition (or trade) to this list.
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Episode 37 - Paying Child Support, Getting Pregnant At 18, and Being A Single Parent
I've been a single parent since I've been a parent. Let me tell you guys it has been a very tough road. I was finishing my first year of college 1000 miles away from my parent. I was in the prime of my party days going to school at ASU to fly planes, with the whole future ahead of me. I decided around this time that I'd join the Marines...I was in prime-time rapid decision making mode with life changing choices it would seem. I was with a woman that I didn't love so much as I loved being around. We were more in "lust" with each other, than love really...so naturally being uncautious, unprotected, and unaware...we got pregnant. Yikes. It was my choice to keep the baby. I felt wrong about having it, wrong about killing it, and wrong about letting somebody else raise it. Ultimately though I felt that if I was responsible enough to make a human life, then I was damn sure responsible enough to take care of it and raise it. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I ran away from my kid, or chose to kill it because I just "wasn't ready." I'm not pro-life, nor am I pro-choice. I'm pro-taking-care-of-your-responsibilities. I stand for owning up to your mistakes, and handling your business. So this is what I did. My son is now 13 years old and we are the tightest of compadres. His mother and I split almost as soon as he was born and have been apart the entire time. Let me be the first to tell you that being a single parent is a rocky road up a steep cliff for years on end. Child support has made my life extremely hard to weather at times. Not only does the Government take out 1/4 of your check for taxes every week, but they take another 1/4 for child support every week as well. You get used to only taking home 1/2 of a paycheck, but it is rough as hell for the first 5 years or so. You'll get used to your power getting shut off, paying rent late (because you're paying it by yourself), gas getting shut off, filling your gas tank only 1/2 full because its all the money you have. I mean it, things as a single parent will get hard fast. But it will get better. Eventually things will smooth out once you find a job that you decide to stick with. After a few years you'll begin to earn more at this job and you'll be able to pay the bills you have more consistently. The weight of everything you have to do for this child will lighten and it will become more fluid. I promise. Just keep grinding. Be sure that you always think of the best interest of your child at all times, and be there for them everyday. We heard that term used over and over. "BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD." It's amazing when you take a second and really think about that. Remove yourself from the equation, and think about what is the best thing for your kid...and do that. Kinda clears up the muddy waters a bit doesn't it? If you like listening to this podcast, check it out on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and OverCast.
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Episode 32 - Husband & Wife Electrical Life
In this episode I bring my wife Emily into the thunder-dome and get her take on managing the office side of an electrical contracting company. It's one thing to be an electrician and try to run your own company.  It is an entirely other thing being a husband-and-wife duo, both trying to run said company.  Emily talks about some of our successes and failures over the past year, as well as sheds some light on things any of you may want to consider if you're thinking of running your own company together. The main points of this episode revolve around organization, keeping good records, estimating, scheduling, and keeping work at work so you can keep sanity in your marriage.  Emily goes over some of the paperwork and filing system we used to keep our electrical contracting company smooth on the office end.  She also delves into customer service and how to interact with customers in a way that makes them want to keep coming back to you in the future. If you enjoy these episodes please click SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos!  Also check out our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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TOOL REVIEW Jackson Palmer Technician Backpack
I was excited when Jackson Palmer reached out to me and offered to send me one of their tool backpacks to test out. I’m a big fan of backpacks for doing service work, and have used Klein and CLC’s rigs in the past. I wanted badly to see if there were other brands around competing in the space. There are other brands that have backpack options, namely Dewalt, VetoProPack, and Milwaukee, however I’ve not yet tried their versions. First Impression Upon receiving the Jackson Palmer bag I found the quality of material higher than anticipated. It seems to be a very rugged bag, with a ton of pouches and slots for tooling out however you see fit. This bag at first glance has the look and feel of a technician bag. The front of the bag has a buckle-style pouch that I would imagine you could use to put a roll of wire, or a wrapped up extension cord in. Beyond that the use of this pouch is a bit lackluster. It opens too far, and is too loose to use it for any other purpose. The top carry handle seems sturdy, but my personal preference is to take away the need for 2 handles that need to be Velcro secured to one another. The Velcro will wear out in a very short time, and just having to have an extra step between me and my tools doesn't sit right with me. I'd prefer if there was just a single rigid handle on the back side, so I can set the bag down and open zippers without anything impeding me. The Inside After opening the bag up I started looking at the pouches. This is where I was the most excited to be. There are several different pouch sizes on both sides of the main tool compartment that appear to be for screwdrivers, pliers, nut drivers, dikes, testers, etc. However when I started to fill the pouches up none of my tools would fit! All of the pouches are only about 4" deep! Whoa, that's a terrible design flaw. All of the hand tools that an electrician will need are going to be 8-12 inches long, so almost every tool I put in here was not adequately accounted for. Putting screwdrivers, files, nut-drivers, or anything with a handle and shaft would not work in the top row, and that's the only slots they gave in the entire bag for these tools. The remaining pouches are wider, but still only the same 4" depth! I tried putting my Lineman's Pliers, Side-cutting Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, Multi-meter, and everything else I had in this bag. All of the tools were loose in the bag, and would most likely fall out of every pouch if this bag tipped over in the back of my truck. Very poor oversight on the design of this bag for practical use. Inside this compartment I also found a zipper and opened it to find a possible document holder, or tablet slot. This is not a bad idea to have, possible spot for loose drillbits, gloves, etc. The Outside Upon inspection of the outside of the bag I found a netted water bottle pouch that would work for holding a bottle of water, or maybe a multimeter. This netting is not a very good choice of material in my opinion and will most likely rip the first time it scrapes across my toolbox or a piece of wire sitting in the back of my truck. There's also no external clip or slot for a tape-measure or to hang a drill from. They did manage to get a small nylon loop on the bag for hanging rolls of electrical tape from, and I think that is about the only thing this bag has to offer for an electrician's everyday use. The rear of the bag is the best designed part in my opinion. There are pads on the bag to soften the feel of it on your back. The shoulder straps appear to be very rigidly put together, and would withstand long term use. They've even included a buckle so that if you 2-strap this backpack on your back, you can keep the middle clasped to have a tighter fit while wearing the bag. The bottom of the bag is hard and flat, which is a must in these types of bags. I think they nailed the look and functionality of the bottom of this bag. In Summary In summary, this bag is not a professional tool bag. There are a lot of features missing, mainly any ability to put tools in it. I rate this bag a 2 out of 5 stars as it completely misses the point of it's function, but still has some use for someone other than a tradesman. This would be a neat backpack for a kid to go to school with, a college student, a photographer, or maybe a once-in-a-while tool user that may work in the home-services field, but just needs to keep a few tools nearby for "just-in-case" use.
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Episode 40 - CONSCIOUSNESS - Where Are You Shining Your Flashlight?
Hello everyone! I've been slow getting content out the past couple weeks because I've been working out of town for the past 13 weeks. In this episode I give everyone an update on how I'm doing and talk a little bit about some things that have been on my mind. I've been less than graceful at times when it comes to dealing with my own anger and depression. I used to be a very egotistical prick. I've hurt people, lied to friends, hidden things, acted extremely selfish to get what I want....I've been to jail, I've been jealous, I've compared myself to other people only to come to the conclusion that I'm not good enough or that I'm "less than" them. I view consciousness like a flashlight in a dark room. What we choose to shine our flashlight on is what we see as "reality" around us. If we stick to looking at the same wall all the time and don't choose to look around the room and see what else is there from time to time we can get stuck in a world of hurt. We don't even realize that the other walls are decorated differently. They may have different art on them, different pictures, memories, or inspiration. If we constantly focus on all of the bad shit going on around us...to the point we think "god" or "the world" is out to get us...we will continue to find more bad shit. It's what we're looking for so it's what we're used to finding. However if you get outside of yourself for a bit and start to realize that everything in your life is a result of an action YOU'VE taken to get there, you realize things are much more in your control than you thought. The only way thing are going to become different than they are is if you take a step in a different direction than you've ever taken. Takes balls...I know. To become uncomfortable and try something new is scary as shit. But facing that fear is where the beauty comes out from hiding once the lesson is over. If any of you need help please feel free to reach out. You can message me at: www.facebook.com/journey2master email me at: [email protected] or tweet me at: @dustinstelzer I love y'all, and challenge you to live while you're here as your best self. Be proud of yourself, impress yourself. Stop giving a fuck about your past or what people think of you. Do you and do it well. If you don't know what that looks like maybe it's time you try something different everyday from the time you wake up til the time you go to bed. And keep doing it until you notice a difference. Be well - peace
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TOOL REVIEW - Veto Propac Tech XL Technician Toolbag
GET THIS BAG: https://amzn.to/2PdHykX Website: https://www.journey2master.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/journey2master Electrical Wizardry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12643... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustin.stelzer Today we’re going to talk about a new tool bag that I’ve been testing out, the Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Technician Tool Bag. I’ve been ridiculously excited to get my hands on a Veto bag, and I’ve got to say, I’m not disappointed. I’d never heard of Veto Pro Pac until I started seeing their bags floating around on Instagram. It seems they are wise about influencer marketing because there are a TON of Instagram influencers that have these bags and talk about them like they’re the greatest thing since the invention of electricity. I find most tool bags miss the mark so of course, I had to get one to try out. Open opening the bag, I dove into the biggest pouches first, duh. I had to see if I even respected this bag, to begin with, and whether or not I would even want to keep digging into its features. I was blown away by the storage system offered inside! The amount of hand-tools and handled-tools you can store in this bag is close to perfect for my needs as an electrician. I immediately started filling pockets with tools. The depth of pockets is perfect for long-handled tools like screwdrivers, even long insulated ones as many electricians have. I can fit files, torpedo levels, channel locks, nut drivers, chisels, you name it - the pockets are designed with these tools in mind. THANK YOU VETO!! One side of this bag is meant for strictly handled-tools like screwdrivers while the other side appears to be designed for hand-tools such as side-cutting pliers, lineman’s pliers, channel locks, PVC cutters, wire-strippers, foldable Allen wrenches, etc. One side has slightly skinnier pouches in it than the other side. Other than that, the quality of material and stoutness of the zipper design seems to be top notch. One thing I hate about bags with zippers is that after a year of use the zippers start to fail - normally due to people stuffing way too much in a bag and trying to force the zippers around something time and time again. This bag holds so much, and is heavy enough as it is, that I can’t possibly see over-stuffing it with anything! It would be far too heavy. The bag does come with a shoulder strap which I have started using over the past week, and holy hell does that make a difference in being able to carry this bag in and out of a job. CONTINUE READING AT: https://www.electricianu.com/tool-reviews/tool-review-veto-pro-pac-tech-xl-carry-tool-bag --- #vetopropac #toolbags #toolreviews #electriciantools SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/Journey2Master?sub_confirmation=1 IF YOU ENJOY THESE EPISODES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS! ALSO CHECK OUT THE PODCAST ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD, IHEARTRADIO, OVERCAST AND STITCHER!
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