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Warlord Games Black Powder Waterloo unboxing
Watch as I mutter, stutter and fumble through an unboxing video of Warlord Games' Black Powder Waterloo set. A couple of months or so ago when my interest in doing Napoleonics in 28mm peaked, I was looking for an unboxing video of the set before I took the plunge and climbed off my wallet. Well, I climbed off the wallet anyway, bought the set and vowed I'd make a quick unboxing video when it arrived. There's a bit of a corporate FUBAR at the end.
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Bolt Action Blitzkrieg Germans (Warlord Games and Tamiya 1/48)
This is my latest edition to my Bolt Action collection and ever expanding Deutsches Wehrmacht. This army has got a bit of everything to be as flexible on the table as they were in 1939 and 1940. I also inadvertently use day-for-night filming techniques when focusing on some of the units. Lol. I also mention my yearly production stats at the end of the video. How about yourselves? How many models do you reckon you get done over a year? Let me know as I’m really curious to see if I’m as industrious as I think or not. Cheers and enjoy.
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Napoleonics update. How I paint a 28mm late French Infantry stand.
In this video, I go through how I make a stand of 28mm late Napoleonic French Line Infantry from start to finish, from unprimed to ready for action on the tabletop. The figures are Warlord Games, from the Battle of Waterloo set. Cheers.
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Bolt Action British Union of Fascists “fun size” Army 28mm
I’ve finished off my BUF force for Bolt Action and thought I’d show them. I think they’d be great for a smaller skirmish game of Bolt Action, like in a lot of the scenarios in SeaLion and Gigant, but they’d undoubtedly get mashed badly in a straight up battle, even in an early war one. The Finns they ain’t. 😂 As always, comments and criticism are welcome. Keep those brushes moving and we’ll see you again.
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Bolt Action Big Cats! Jagdtiger and Sturmtiger for Bolt Action.
A short video of some of the late war super heavy German armor kits I've been mucking about with over the last little while. Both are from Tamiya's 1/48 military miniature series with Warlord crew on the Jagdtiger. WARNING! (ACTHUNG!)(注意!)The music I used at the beginning is a lot louder than I thought it was when I cobbled this video together. You might want to turn the speakers down a wee bit.
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Bolt Action Battle Report 1: SS Walloonia vs. British Airborne 1000 points
My first battle report cobbled together after an extremely sweltering day of gaming in the BIG city; my SS Walloonia vs. British Airborne. Enjoy.
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Bolt Action USMC update Part 2. ( this time with Hungarians and Hauptmann Winkler)
A quick update on what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks; more leathernecks! The Hungarians are from Copplestone Casting's Back of Beyond range and Winkler is from Stoessi's heroes.Keep those brushes moving and thanks for watching. http://stoessisheroes.com/ https://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/
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Bolt Action Blitzkrieg German MMG: How to paint start to finish.
hola! Nerdos de los wargaming! In this video, I use some snapshots and footage to show how I paint a Warlord Games Blitzkrieg German Heer MMG team in 28mm. Forgive the redundancy in the face painting explanation at the beginning; there was a big gap between the photos and the voice recording. Here’s hoping some of my tips will be found useful to somebody. Have a good one. 😀
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Bolt Action Fallschirmjager AND 111th Subscriber Sweepstakes
Warlord Games, Stoessi’s Heroes and Tamiya 1/48 kits make up this huge Fallschirmjager Army for Bolt Action. I make a mistake with the numbers 6 and 4😳 to my surprise and I announce the 111th subscriber giveaway that will be happening soon. Take care and keep those brushes moving.
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Bolt Action Last Levy, winter Germans, Dad's Army, French, Romans pre-Easter update!
I've been a busy Luddite (although I'm starting to get the hang of this sci-fi tech) painting away in my heavily cluttered painting cell punctuated with coffee cups and empty beer cans. This time out I start out with a big shout out of gratitude to British Legion (go to his channel and check out all his projects and musings) and then get stuck in presenting the wargaming figures I've been working on over the past week or so. A lot of Bolt Action sprinkled with some Napoleonics and ancients as well. Have a great Easter.
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Bolt Action Battle Report 2: Fallschirmjager vs. Italian Paratroopers 1000 points...ish
A somewhat hungover von Cippangu schlepped himself and his gaming gear to the big city for a 1000 point game. We played the scenario “Surrounded” from the rule book, with the Italians being the defenders and the Fallschirmjager being the attackers.
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Bolt Action Battle Report 3: Fallschirmjager vs. Soviets 1000 points...ish
My final practice game at the club before taking my army on the road overseas. In this one, the Soviets and FJ go at it tooth and nail giving no quarter and showing no mercy.
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How to paint 28mm Gallic Celts for Hail Caesar
I paint up 4 Gallic Celts in 28 mm for Hail Caesar. I explain how to do the plaid/tartan pattern on their pants... or trousers...lol as well as how to do paint the shields. I guess straight from basic prep to the finished stand. As a bonus, you get to hear what 1000 cicadas sound like all at once as background noise.
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WIP bench update: Gauls, winter Germans and Last Levy
A quick update to show some stuff I've been working on. Watch me fumble around with a really nice camera and expose my Luddite skills.
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Bolt Action Soviets
In celebration of 120 years of film, I have made a silent film with only music and sound effects filming with a slightly better potato than the one used in my first video! This video shows my Soviet Army for the game 'Bolt Action' in all its proletariat glory and vodka soaked stench. Enjoy!
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Paint for Waterloo: Conan the Usurper Part 1
Now that the biggest thing I've ever painted is out of the way, I could get stuck into some smaller stuff. I hadn't painted fantasy stuff for quite awhile, so it's a bit of a refresher for me. The mini is by Reaper(?). Waterloo, I hope that you're staying positive, on the mend and enjoying the group build/paintfest. All the best man.
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Bolt Action Battle Report #4:  Fallschirmjager vs. Partisans. 1000 points
I brought my beer-fu skills to Rhine Westphalia to protect V2 rocket launch site from some dodgy local characters who call themselves ‘partisans’. The Soligenfreizeitkrieger (say that 10 times fast) really know how to throw down and are fantastic hosts.
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Bolt Action Tournament UFO base scenery and some painting desk flotsam.
In this update, I push my mAd EdiTiNg sKilLz to the test adding still photos and background music that's 80 years old! I give an update on my winter Germans for Bolt Action, show some terrain I've been working on for a tournament we're doing in a few months and my progress on the French that came in the Warlord Games 'Battle for Waterloo' box. I remind myself that painting all figures is fun to do and keep the "f" bombs to a shocking minimum.
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Bolt Action 1000 point Winter German Army / Terrain update for Operation:FUBAR tournament
I wanted to post a video before the weekend to show you all what I've been up to here. I have a solid 1000 point Winter German Army for Bolt Action (the MMG is also regular....I skipped it in the parade.oops) and some terrain pieces that I've been working on for our tournament Operation:FUBAR in October. Guest appearance by the IKEA desk lamp and my dirty fingers. Enjoy and keep those brushes moving!
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Spring 2018 Napoleonics, Commonwealth/Hungarian Bolt Action and WIP
A hastily cobbled together update with heavy British flavour, and seasoned with some French and Hungarian minis and a promising side of the usual German fare....and a 1/35th figure too!
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Bolt Action Armies update and Great War painting challenge figure!
An update of what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks; Some winter Soviet anti-tank units and a Nationalist Chinese guerrilla cell and a mystery figure of unknown origin for the Great War painting challenge. I hope you like it. Keep those brushes moving. 😀
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Bolt Action, Scatter Terrain, Napoleonics, Ancients and nostalgic forgotten mini painting update
I outlawed the word 'fantastic' for this one. An update of the minis and terrain I've done in the past few weeks. I've covered all of the projects that I've got going on in tandem with one another, so hopefully there is a little bit of something for all.
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Gaming club and stores tour, WIP Napoleonic British and DAK
After a pretty long hiatus, I’m back with an update of what I got up to while in the frozen wastes. A small tour of one of North America’s best, if not the world’s, gaming store, a gaming clubhouse that is second to none and the miniatures I’ve been working on, some might say ‘half-assedily’, while away. I’m glad to be back and looking forward to getting into a lot of the videos out there that I’ve missed. Also, a big 10 thumbs up and thank you to all the new subs and continued support. A bit taken aback here that the channel is on the cusp of the 100 mark. Cheers everyone!
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Bolt Action USMC, Imperial Japanese Army and Chaos Halflings
My finished and based USMC and IJA for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action as well as a unit for an odd fantasy gaming project I’ve been doing on and off for about a dozen years for a defunct game by a company whose pub I’ve been kicked out of.
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A very sloppy first video ever by a self-confessed Luddite! Bear with me as I stumble through using early 21st century technology with my slowly decaying 20th century mind to give a review of Wargames Foundry 28mm Early World War II Fallschirmjager that I prepared and painted for a wargaming friend of mine who asked me to do it for him so he could play Bolt Action.
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Projects Los! Chinese, Soviets, Jerry and reference for Bolt Action
An update of what I’ve been up to here; Nationalist Chinese, winter Soviets, German armor and thumbing through some great reference material for gaming/modeling nerds! Also, I lay out some future plans in regard to events and the channel. Thanks for watching and keep those brushes moving.
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Bolt Action Battle Report #5: Fallschirmjager vs. Partisans Part II Das Reich schlacht zuruck 1000 p
My FJ go up against Partisans in sectors. Videoed at the Rijnhotel, Arnhem, Netherlands during the Operation Market Garden anniversary weekend. Will Unterfelbwebel Dieter Metzger get himself a German Cross? Will I win a game? At the end of the game, I give a small waffle about the weekend and a couple of photos of the events happening in Arnhem and Osterbeek. Enjoy.
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Bolt Action Sea Lion LDV/Resistance Section
Here is the 10 man LDV for Operation Sea Lion by Warlord Games to be used as Dutch (possibly Belgian?) resistance in 28mm.
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Stoessi’s Heroes: Onoda, Klink and Schultz unboxing to finish.
Hey everyone! Minna Genki deshou. Wie geht’s? In this update, I go through and do some amazing minis by Stoessi’s Hereos. If you have any questions about the painting specifics, leave a comment below. Keep those brushes moving. 😀
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Tiger I walk around
A short walk around video of the Tiger I at the German Tank Museum in Munster, Niedersachsen, Germany. Definitely not 1/48th or 1/56th scale.
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Hail Caesar Gaulic horde, French Napoleonics and a trip to the museum
A couple of shout outs, audio troubles and only one fantastic "f" bomb in this update. I travel back in time starting with some Germans for Bolt Action, Chasseurs and a battalion of French line infantry for Black Powder and round up the finished work with a horde of tartan sporting madmen. I also show a gift from a friend and a cool reference book I picked up at a relatively unknown museum.
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Pre-Christmas round-up: SAGA, Ancients, Congo, Bolt Action and salutations.
In my last “painted” miniatures video of the year before I return to the frozen wastes from which I spawned, I show some odds and ends I ve been working on recently and what I’ve got coming in the near future.
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Bench Update/ WIP Napoleonics, Ancients and Bolt Action
With the Autumnal Equinox just on the horizon, I thought I'd update what's been happening on my painting desk in case you needed something to watch waiting for the End Times. 😂 I've covered the 3 periods of historical wargame painting I do on and off. Comments and criticism welcome. Have a yourselves a great weekend.
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VE Day + 72 years, 3 days update
A video of my hand punctuated with the odd miniature I've painted recently. I ask about snow effects for basing and flip you all off at the end. :) Joking aside, if someone can elucidate the mystery of winter basing and how to make it look like snow rather than white static grass, I'd love to hear about it.
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Spring Awakening Painting Update (10 sub super update! Wooooo!)
I've been busy painting away while waiting for Spring to come. Bolt Action Germans, some ancients, a first stand of Napoleonics and some scenery too. I also got the editing down to how I wanted....after a lot of trial and error. Cheers and happy painting!
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Bolt Action West Tokyo Wargamers Operation:FUBAR tournament debrief.
A very short video of our club’s first Bolt Action Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan. I had hoped to get more photos and some video, but TO responsibilities and dealing with a very determined nosy old lady who felt she had to make her presence known quite frequently threw a pretty big spanner into those plans. But, we got it done, learnt a lot and the club is looking forward to the next one.
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Waterloo painting challenge group build
In response to British Legion and Pbeccas' challenge to show support and solidarity with their great friend (oo'll fide any man!), Waterloo745, I decided to make video to show what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks. I think I got all the criteria in this one, but I'm sure I'll get another out there shortly. Only positive waves to Waterloo. You got this buddy!
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Bolt Action USMC update Part 3...and some other stuff.
More USMC, some Zulus, a couple books and a unexpected surprise gift.
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Paint for Waterloo: Conan the Usurper Part 2
A short update showing the completed figure of Conan the Usurper by Reaper. Hope you are doing well, Mr. Waterloo. Nothing but positive waves from over here. 😊
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Sweepstake winner and Hail Caesar, Saga, Napoleonic and Bolt Action update
Kurt Knipsel has orders to another gaming room sector of the front! I draw the winner of the figure, along with some other TBD goodies, and give an update of the stuff I’ve been working on across 4 games/ periods of historical tabletop wargaming. The email I have for the winner to contact me will be below this....unless I totally mess it up. To the winner: [email protected]
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Bolt Action Achtung! Panzer! Update
Pressed for time, but wanting to get something posted before the weekend, I put together a brief collage of the 1/48 Tamiya German AFVs I've done for Bolt Action over the past year or so. Keep your videos coming guys! Love to draw inspiration from everyone else's work.
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Bolt Action USMC squad update
This is the first “paint” video for me in 2018 and I thought I’d share the 10 USMC I recently finished for Bolt Action. Also, as promised I bring out one of the first, maybe even the first, figures I ever painted for some extra nostalgia.
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Strange fruit from atop Snake Mountain in the dreaded Archipelago of Cippangu
Ever eat a fruit that looks like a giant maggot, but tastes like chocolate? Didn’t think so. It’s called an Akebi and monkeys, including this one, love them.
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TableTopBattle Warlords Tournament Army February 2017
This is a short video (filmed on the original potato) of the 750 point army that I will be fielding for the Table Top Battle Warlords Tournament at Warlord Games in Nottingham in February 2017. There are the 10 units as well as a dead swish and swanky display board in this video along with a marching song sung by French speakers who threw their lot in with Adolf and the SS. Enjoy!
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Update 101: Operation Beer Garden and a Stoessi hero
I hit a big milestone for a channel like this; 101 subscribers. In this short update, I wax about my summer plan, my WIP, and show 5 minis I’ve done this weekend. If any of you have any suggestions on how to run a giveaway ( aiming for 111 sub giveaway ), please let me know. Keep those brushes moving!
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Bolt Action winter Soviet and Nationalist Chinese US Thanksgiving update
A quick update on my progress in the two armies I’m hoping to get finished by the New Year. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US and I hope the rest of you are all staying warm while painting your minis. Keep those brushes moving! 😎
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Painting like a madman: Soviets, Chinese, Tong gangs and Wee Floraemen!
I’m steadily getting through my winter Soviets and National Chinese for Bolt Action like a diesel painting engine. Here are the latest for those projects and a sneak peek of my first steps into the Empire of the Dead as well as the return of the Chaos Halflings.
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Bolt Action Scenery up-date-o-rama Summer 2017
Here is a quick update of some scenery completed for the upcoming tournament. This time I've got some electrics going and a 28mm scale time traveling guest star. All the models are Tamiya 1/48 which scale well and have a lot of details and versatility.
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Bolt Action Chinese Nationalists: how to paint uniforms and skintone
Hey everyone! This is a photo tutorial for a friend trapped in the Kafkaesque reality of Canada who wants to paint up some tabletop minis for Test of Honour on how to do East Asian oriental flesh tones....and where to buy good paint for figures on the cheap. I also through in a bit of what’s on the bench with some winter Soviets for a ‘41 inexperienced horde.
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Post New Year “loot obtained” update
Back from my Christmas travels on the tundra of the moon, I’m showing off some of the fruits of the retail therapy I underwent at the end of 2017. A big Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year is a good one and that it will be one 5hat you can look back at fondly.
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