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Positioning - Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Clean Tech
Stanford CSP BUS47 - "Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Clean Tech" Spring 2012 Instructor: Tony Seba Strategic Positioning Tony Seba, author of 'Winners Take All - 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy" teaches one of the most important concepts in high tech strategy: Strategic Positioning. How did Netsuite and Salesforce.com carve out such a great market niche a decade ago?
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The Best Pricing Strategy - The Apple Way
Please Subscribe here https://goo.gl/6mVLxs to have more videos on business, entrepreneurship, motivation, personal development and success strategy. Setting the right price for a product or a service can be very challenging especially for new entrepreneurs. This is because it can be quite confusing to understand how pricing really works in the market. For example, which of these two products would you buy, the first one is priced at $800 and the second product with the same functions and usage is priced only at $4? Obviously, most of us would choose the $4 product, right? Yes and no. It all depends on 2 important factors which I am going to explain more in this video. If you say yes then why is it that a 256GB iPhone 7 which is priced at $849 is more in demand than a Freedom 251 smartphone which is priced only at $4 a piece? If you say no then why is it that most of us would choose to get a $1 mineral water than the one that is priced at $200 a bottle? So how much should you price your product then? Well, there’s no one right answer to this question because there are so many things that you need to consider such as your overall business goals, how you plan to position your product in the market, your market niche, the costs to produce your products, your product category, and your overall operational costs, just to name a few. Is there a simpler way to do this? Of course, there is, just make sure you know your product category and your positioning strategy. Let me explain. Basically, your product will fall into either one of these two big categories. One is a generic product which can be divided into convenience and shopping products. Convenience products refer to our day to day products such as food, drinks, household products, and so forth whereas shopping products refer to products like clothing, shoes, furniture, and electrical appliances. The second product category is specialty products such as exclusive clothing lines, luxury cars, branded items such as branded bags, watches, shoes, and perfumes. If it is categorised as a generic product just use cost plus profit pricing strategy. Which means, you set your price by adding up the total costs to produce one unit plus the profit you want to make for every product sold. This usually works just fine because almost all generic products are priced this way. But if your product is a specialty product, you need to decide on how you want to position it in the market, more specifically how do you want to position it in the mind of your customers and you can set whatever price you want. The most important thing that you must remember here is this, the moment you enter the market with your product positioning and pricing strategy, it will stay in there forever and, to reposition it later on in the future is almost impossible. For example, Freedom 251 smartphone is positioned as the cheapest and most affordable smartphone in the world and to reposition it just like an iPhone is near to impossible task. Therefore, how should you price your products and services? Decide on your product category and on how do you want to position it in your market. pricing strategies | pricing strategies in marketing | competitive pricing strategy | marketing pricing strategies | pricing methods | business pricing strategies | pricing strategy examples | Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/moslemanoar Connect with me on linkedin https://my.linkedin.com/in/moslem Follow me on my blog http://moslemanoar.com/ Connect with me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/moslemanoarpage Connect with me on skype moslemanoar
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HERE Positioning
Read all about how HERE positioning tech hits the spot http://her.is/28ImmAm
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Marketing positioning strategy
Learn how to use "magic quadrants" to position your products in the market-- whether you're a startup or an established company. See full course: https://www.udemy.com/rockstar-ubuild-an-inc-5000-company/?couponCode=youtube39 Complimentary lecture from an online course: How to build a multimillion dollar company. Link includes a discount code for the course.
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Paul Wiefels On Category Positioning
PAUL WIEFELS - is a managing director and one of the founding partners of The Chasm Group LLC. He provides counsel to companies and organizations -- from start-ups to the Fortune 500 -- in the areas of corporate, business, and market development strategy and specializes in product marketing and positioning strategy. He is the author of The Chasm Companion: Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies for High Technology Companies, published in North America in 2002 by HarperCollins; and published internationally in 2003 and 2005 by John Wiley & Sons. Many of Mr. Wiefels' global clients are recognized leaders in their fields including Accuray, Adobe, Agilent, Brocade Communications, Citrix, H-P, Intel, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Symantec, and VeriSign. He has worked with clients in virtually every sector of technology including information technology, consumer technology, biotechnology, medical instrumentation, and "green" technologies providing both counsel as well as capacity via a "hands on" orientation to senior management teams in North America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Wiefels' unique career background began in the consumer marketing sector where he served as an advertising agency account director working in the packaged goods and financial services sector. He transferred this experience to the technology sector where he has worked during the past 25 years. Prior to joining Chasm Group, he served as director of consulting for Landor Associates, the world's largest branding consultancy. Prior to Landor, he was worldwide director of product marketing for Ingres Corporation. Mr. Wiefels began his high tech career with Apple serving in marketing management positions with Apple's U.S. and International operations. Book Paul Wiefels at Speakers.com. http://www.speakers.com/Paul-Wiefels-speaker-biography
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Triaxis®: Unique Position Sensing Solution - Product Demo #30
Triaxis® is an innovative magnetic sensor technology capable of very precise 3 axis magnetic field measurement from a single sensor. Endless linear, angular and 3D applications e.g. for powertrain (conventional, hybrid & electric), body, comfort & lighting, chassis & safety can be developed. More details: www.melexis.com/Triaxis
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CATIA for Design - High Tech Product Design focus
Following the first CATIA for Design video teaser delivered last summer to mainly address the Transportation Design Community, we are pleased to introduce its High-Tech Product Design focused twin named "iTek". In less than 4 minutes, fly over the design workflow, and get a brief overview of CATIA V6 added value highlights within the Imagine, Create, Share and Experience phases. Watch it and share it!
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Innovative Marketing Ideas
Eight Innovative Marketing and brand ideas Cool marketing tips Also watch Experience Marketing https://youtu.be/f4iQ3TCbqTk Keywords: Take all you can if you break it Brilliant advertising strategies Proven marketing concepts Branding strategy marketing tips for small businesses Marketing strtaegies marketing management marketing strategies in India Consumer marketing tips and strategies marketing lecture advertising and marketing tips how to gain publicity great brand positioning strategies examples of great marketing
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Mod-03 Lec-06 Market Segmentation and Positioning (Contd.)
Consumer Behaviour by Dr. Sangeeta Sahney, Department of Management, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Positioning a Brand: Seven Brand Stories that Changed the World
http://602communications.com Need some branding inspiration? Then head to the movies. The best brands in the world aren't built on great products, they're built on great stories. In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell reveals the seven story plots that can change a brand from an impersonal pitch to a transcendent human drama. What would you say if I told you that you've seen every single movie ever made? It's true -- in a way. Experts say that there are only seven basic movie plots, so you probably polished off all seven before you could even spell your own name. Incidentally, the seven archetypes are: rags to riches, rebirth, quest, voyage & return, comedy, tragedy, and overcoming the monster. So what does this mean for positioning a brand? Every great marketer uses one of these stories when making a customer focused brand. So what is customer focus anyway? Customer focus is how the best advertising campaigns keep their message relevant to the only people that matter -- the customers. In this case, we're focusing on how to connect with and entertain the customers by utilizing one of the seven storytelling archetypes used by movies. The thing is: customers really don't care all that much about your product. They care about things like feeling smart, or confident, or feminine. When you start to really hone in on these feelings, you are really getting into the realm of customer relationship marketing. So what is customer relationship marketing? It's taking normal marketing and stepping it up to the next level. In an economy where every sale counts, it is essential that all companies are looking beyond a single sale. Instead, look to building a relationship with your customers to nurture a lifetime commitment. So let's take a look at some of the seven story archetypes and how to position a brand around them. The rags to riches story is one where a nobody manages to attain greatness though sheer perseverance and hard work. This can be seen in movies like Cinderella, Harry Potter, and Pretty Woman -- but also in Gatorade's brand. When positioning a brand around this archetype, you can connect with the universal idea that anyone can rise up and become legendary if they work hard enough, and some of the best television ads ever made utilize this technique. How about positioning a brand around "overcoming a monster?" In movies, it's one of the most popular, appearing in movies like Men In Black. In advertising, this archetype is all about appealing to the control-freak living inside all of us and showing how your product can overcome anything life throws at your customers. One of the best advertising campaigns around today is Allstate's "Mayhem" campaign, and it uses this technique. The quest motif is shared between classic movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Timberland's advertising. A single man against nature is the name of the game for this archetype, and Timberland thrives on it. What do the popular woman's health club and Rocky Balboa have in common? They both thrive on the rebirth archetype. Nobody is perfect, and positioning a brand around rebirth charges your brand with this idea that if you have fallen down, dammit you can pick yourself back up again and be great. So to recap: what is customer focus? It's positioning a brand around the customer. The best advertising campaigns are the ones that are built from the customer up, not the product down. What is customer relationship marketing? It's making the best television ads, and whatever else you can bring to the table, all revolve around building a rapport between your brand and the deepest emotions your customers feel. So take a tip from the movies and start compelling your customers in new ways, they'll thank you by becoming a fan for life. http://602communications.com
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What is a positioning statement?
This is an overview of a new Udemy online course entitled, Mastering Product Positioning: https://www.udemy.com/mastering-product-positioning. The course is by Mike Gospe and is based on his book, The Marketing High Ground. The course can be completed in just a few hours. Comes complete with a template, exercises, and examples. To learn more, contact Mike at [email protected] or visit www.kickstartall.com or www.udemy.com. Mastering Product Positioning
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Part II: Positioning Your Product to Win More Deals
Part II of Joe Morone's training seminar titled "Winning High Technology Sales: The Methods and Mechanics" High Tech Rochester Lunch and Learn Series, Thursday, Sept 2, 2010
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Product - Development Stages
This video explores the 8 stages of product development. As well, it helps identify what we mean by 'product' and where the development process fits into the Marketing Mix.
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Capsim R&D: Making the best products
How can we make the right products? This video walks you through the process for figuring out what customers want, and for designing the right products in the right round.
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Strategic Marketing - Positioning
Perceptual Map
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http://www.psychotactics.com/uniquenessmastery Positioning is the holy grail of marketing strategy. Once you occupy a place in a customer's brain, it stays put. But the problem with positioning, is that it's been so very hard to achieve. We have more clutter today, than ever before. And it's harder to position your brand than ever before. So we just give up. But there's no reason to give up. Positioning is easy if you know how to go about it. And you end up with more than just a positioning statement. The entire DNA of your business changes.
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XY Linear Gantry System + Z-Axis Stage (3-Axis Precision Positioning)
High-precision modular XYZ gantry automation system combined of Standa precision motorized linear stages product line positioners, which could be customized up to particular needs. Gantry system manufacturer webpage: http://www.standa.lt/products/catalog/custom_engineering?item=637
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What Is Strategic Marketing?
This video clip is from Tony Seba's "Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Cleantech" course at Stanford. What is Strategic Marketing? What are the key components of a go-to-market strategy? What decisions do you need to make to develop the business plan? Whole Product. Positioning. Target Market. Pricing. Distribution Channels. Partnerships. More....
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Positioning Your New Product .mov
What positioning a new product is, and how to do it.
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Positioning Statement
http://www.psychotactics.com/uniquenessmastery When you go about creating your positioning statement, you'd think you've achieved a lot. And you have, but it's not enough. You need to drive that positioning statement home. As part of your strategy, you have to get that message out over and over again, until it becomes second nature to your clients. So how do you do that? How do you make it part of your positioning strategy? Find out in the video below. 00:24 Why Just Creating A Uniqueness Is A Wast of Time 1:34: How Volvo Positioned their Brand
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Marketing Mondays: Positioning Differentiation
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DXN Product Positioning
Contact : SUHAIL LAMBAY : +91-9969116233 / +91-9324808000 [email protected] ( www.dxnbusiness.com )
Class Six: Niche Thyself! How to Think About Product Positioning
Your business is unique, so are your customers. Identify your niche market and it will help you position your products and/or services more effectively and successfully. This class is hosted by +Alejandro Amezcua from +Syracuse University.
Strategic Positioning - The Positioning Matrix
Rod McNealy, Johnson & Johnson Marketing Executive, Wharton Lecturer, presenting Strategic Positioning and the Positioning Matrix at Princeton, learn more at RodMcNealy.com
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Market Segmentation - Stanford "Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Clean Tech"
Stanford CSP BUS47 - "Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Clean Tech" Spring 2012 Instructor: Tony Seba Market Segmentation Tony Seba, author of 'Winners Take All - 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy" teaches one of the most important concepts in high tech strategy: Segmentation in new or emerging markets. The class includes key concepts such as - Value - Value Proposition - Value Creation and Value Capture - Bottom-up segmentation - Total Available Market (TAM)
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Neil Gaught on positioning strategy
A relevant, compelling and sustainable positioning strategy that key audiences can understand, engage with and support helps organizations define their value and focus. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neil-gaught-5583a4a/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NeilGaught Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Core-Single-Organizing-Change-Business/dp/178353785X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1491033409&sr=1-1&keywords=neil+gaught Website: http://www.neilgaught.com/soi.html
Parrot Minidrones Manbo High-tech Sensors Positioning Drone App Control RTF RM8677
Buy from: https://goo.gl/HrV71G Specifications: Brand: Parrot Item name: Minidrones Manbo Gyroscope: 3-axis gyro Motor: Coreless motor Camera: 0.3MP camera, VGA image capture (480 * 640) Control: APP control High precision hovering speed: 18km/h Vertical ascent speed: 2m/s Network connection: Via smart BT / BT V4.0 BLE BT application distance: Up to 20m Function: Forward/backward, up/down, left/right, sideward flight, hovering, height hold, gravity sensing, acrobatic flips Drone battery: 3.7V 550mAh Li-po battery Battery size: 43.5 * 25.5 * 8.5mm Battery weight: About 15g Standard charging time: About 90 minutes with the micro-USB cable (included) Fast charging time: 25 minutes with a 2.6 A charger (not included) Working time: About 7-9mins Product size: About 180 * 180 * 40mm / 7.08 * 7.08 * 1.57in Item weight: About 53g (without battery) There may be some deviation due to manual measurement. Package information: Package size: 25 * 20 * 5.8cm / 9.8 * 7.8 * 2.28in Package weight: 339g / 11.9oz Gift box package Notice: This RC model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years old. Carefully read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it's advisable to be assisted by an experienced adult. Caution for the battery: Don't over-charge, or over-discharge batteries. Don't put it beside the high temperature condition. Don't throw it into fire. Don't throw it into water. Package list: 1 * Drone 1 * 3.7V 550mAh Lipo Battery 1 * USB Charging Cable 1 * Cannon 1 * Bullet Set 1 * Claw Forceps 1 * Manual If you like this video, please kindly subscribe this channel, enjoy the newest video in the first! Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rcmomentfans/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rcmoment Customer Service Email: [email protected]
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Marketing Mix: Pricing Strategies
Review the basics of the price component of the marketing mix. This critical element of your marketing strategy can make or break your competitive position. Provided by Rasmussen College School of Business.Download the PowerPoint presentation at http://www.sophia.org/marketing-mix-pricing-basics-tutorial
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Position Tech Products
See what your cleats don't have!
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Positioning Strategy
http://www.psychotactics.com/uniquenessmastery Positioning strategy seems to be the hardest thing in the world to achieve. This is because while we understand positioning and the importance of having a positioning strategy, there are no steps telling us how to get from Point A to Point B. Like for instance, what if your product or service is so different that it's actually hard to believe. We'd all want a product that has a positioning just like that. And you'd think that a positioning strategy would be simple for such a product. But it's not! It runs into a whole bunch of trouble, because most people just won't believe what you're telling them. And there's a way out of the mess. So watch this video, because it shows you quickly how to get your uniqueness across quickly and effectively. 0:37 How to Peel Garlic In Under Ten Seconds 1:24 Demonstrating the Uniqueness 1:35 Corning Demonstrating Their Positioning Strategy 2:08 IceBreaker Positioning Positioning strategy shouldn't be hard, and it's not. If you know what to do. And do it well, that is!
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Promotion Strategy - Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Clean Tech
Stanford CSP BUS47 - "Strategic Marketing of High Tech and Clean Tech" Spring 2012 Instructor: Tony Seba Promotion Strategy Tony Seba, author of 'Winners Take All - 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy" offers tips on how new companies should build a promotion strategy (publicity, advertising, communication) without a large budget. What's the right promotion strategy? What's the right social media strategy? What are the key things to emphasize - regardless of outlet (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) What are the right messages? When should a company invest in publicity and public relations? When does it invest in advertising? What is the best content strategy? How is advertising or promotions different from branding? What do stories have to do with advertising? More information: http://www.tonyseba.com
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Market Positioning defined
Market positioning - is defined as organising for a product or service to occupy a clear, distinctive, and meaningful position in the minds of target customers relative to competing products. visit: http://www.b2bwhiteboard.com
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Pricing Strategy: Positioning and How to Price Your Product
http://MarketingPathfinders.com Pricing Strategy: Positioning and How to Price Your Product - Learn the importance of positioning and how to price a product or service. Start your pricing strategies with positioning insights and not conversations about pricing models such as "cost plus" or "penetration pricing" and so forth.
Introduction to Positioning Stages: Simplified, Standard, and High Precision
NEW CONFIGURABLE NAAMS COMPONENTS FROM MISUMI USA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYi48fVdGfA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Start configuring now! Visit http://www.misumiusa.com to get started! MISUMI's Introduction to Positioning Stages Vick Yonata, a Product Engineer with Misumi's Linear Motion Group, will be presenting this webinar. Vick has several years of applications support experience in sizing and selection of positioning stages and related components. Key Topics Covered: - Introduction to Stages - Review of mechanism - Review of accuracy - Application examples - How to configure online with CAD download Feel free to contact the engineering team with your application or product concerns at [email protected] Start configuring now! Visit http://www.misumiusa.com to get started!
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Precision Motion Control and Positioning & Drive Technologies -  Insights by PI www.pi.ws
This video explains how different drive technologies used in micro-positioning, nanopositioning and precision automation work - by PI. // Contents: Piezo Motors 0:05 Hexapods: 1:24 Piezo Nanopositioners: 3:01 Linear Motors and Gantries: 4:23 Tools for Super Resolution Microscopy: 5:49 SiP - Photonics Alignment Technologies 7:22 About PI: 9:17 Whitepapers and Technotes http://www.pi-usa.us/blog/ and http://www.pi-usa.us/Engineered_Motion_Systems/Precision_Automation_Solutions.php Broadest & Deepest Portfolio of Precision Motion and Automation Technologies PI is a global leader in precision motion and automation technologies, including linear motors, piezo motors and mechanisms, hexapod 6-axis parallel kinematic alignment platforms, air bearing gantries; hybrid drives, multi-axis nanopositioning systems. Examples: Nanopositioning Systems These stages are capable of providing nanometer size steps and below. PI offers different concepts for different applications, from ultra-precise and fast flexure stages for small travel ranges to large air bearing stages and exotic maglev systems. Gantries, Linear Motors, Precision Air Bearing Stages, Components, Systems Air bearing motion systems with linear motors provide frictionless motion with excellent guiding precision (flatness/straightness) over long travel ranges, and with high load capacity. PI's air bearing stage designs are based on more than 200 man years of experience. Hexapod 6-Axis Positioners and Motion Platforms (Stewart Platforms) Hexapod parallel positioners provide extremely versatile multi-axis motion in all degrees of freedom. They are based on a 6-axis (XYZ, Pitch, Roll, Yaw) actuator system, arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform. PI Hexapod positioners and motion simulators have many advantages over conventional multi-axis stages, such as improved dynamics, smaller package size and higher stiffness. Piezo Mechanisms: Stages & Positioners, Flexure Direct Drives, Piezo Motor Long Travel Designs Several piezo-based positioning concepts: Flexure-guided stages provide the highest precision and speed, but are limited to typically to 1 mm travel range. Several piezo motor concepts are offered for long travel ranges. Ultrasonic piezo motors provide higher speed, PiezoWalk motors excel in force generation, and stick-slip motors are very compact and cost effective. Precision Automation Stages and Actuators A large variety of linear and rotary stages and actuators for precision automation is available. Several drive technologies: 3-phase electromagnetic motors, voice coil linear motors provide high speed long travel and long service life. Custom gantry systems with mechanical bearings and air bearings are available. Photonics Alignment, Automated Fiber Positioners Fiber alignment / photonics test automation systems come in different flavors from compact XYZ motorized fiber positioners to fully automated 6 degree of freedom hexapod alignment systems with controller and software. Integrated closed-loop piezo scanners provide extremely fast response for the shortest possible alignment times. Digital Controllers / ACS Automation Controllers Closed-loop positioning and motion controllers for piezo systems and linear motors are the key to high performance motion. PI provides a very large spectrum, from miniature OEM modules, to compact digital-servo bench top controllers. High-end multi-axis controllers based on ACS modules with EtherCat® connectivity with advanced servo algorithms.
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SIKO Industrial Ethernet Position Indicator AP20 - Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory ready!
Smart Positioning / Monitored Size Changeover: We supply intelligent positioning systems especially for highly-flexible machines that effectively support machine operators at size changeover. 100% process reliability: All format changes are monitored by the machine control. Faster product changes: Intuitive and fast results with target value indicator and LEDs. Enhanced product quality: Reproducible production conditions ensure 100% fault-free goods. Simple installation and commissioning: Assembly compatible with mechanical position indicators and actuators. Available interfaces: ■■ SIKONET5 ■■ CAN ■■ Profinet ■■ Ethernet/IP ■■ EtherCAT ■■ Powerlink Profile SIKO AP20: ■■ 100% process-safe spindle adjustment ■■ Hollow shaft up to 25.4 mm ■■ 100% process-safe linear slider adjustment ■■ Robust magnetic sensor technology ■■ Easy integration via Industrial Ethernet fieldbus ■■ High ergonomics thanks to backlit display ■■ 2x LEDs for direction indication and positioning status ■■ Two-line LCD for setpoint and actual value Product Info AP20: https://www.siko-global.com/p/ap20 All Info about SIKO, our dealers and the available products: https://www.siko-global.com Don´t forget to subscribe our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/sikoglobal?sub_confirmation=1
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MV4-Marketing Strategy-Segmentation, Positioning
Chapter 2 - Marketing Strategy - Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning.
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u-blox on importance of GNSS for Autonomous Driving (in German)
Thomas Nigg, Senior Director Product Strategy, Product Center Positioning, speaks of u-blox's contribution to Autonomous Driving and of the crucial importance of GNSS technology, in particular high precision, for Levels 3, and 4 (by 2020). For Level 5 as well, but not before 2025. Functional safety of the GPS receiver and integrity guaranteeing correct satellite signals are also key for autonomous driving. u-blox also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. For the automotive sector, V2X is an important field where u-blox is active. u-blox also supports the L2 and L5 bands with enough robustness, as well as reception of all the different satellites, such as Galileo, etc. The interview is in German. https://automotive.u-blox.com/
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Target Marketing, Segmentation and Positioning
Did you like this video? Please Share It. This Video is part of Internet Marketing Course, for more info visit: http://www.digitpro.co.uk/courses/internet-marketing-course/ Course Summary: http://www.theeducators.com/portfolio-items/internet-marketing/ To be able to research and design an Internet marketing plan is an essential skill and learners will explore, the steps involved in drawing up these plans. This activity will bring together the skills covered in this unit. Learning outcomes: On successful completion of this course a learner will: 1. Understand marketing through the Internet 2. Be able to use the Internet for promotion using digital marketing communications 3. Be able to produce market research to support customer relationship management 4. Be able to design an Internet marketing plan. ----------------------------- Target Marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments... This video is part of the internet marketing course. Client: http://www.digitpro.co.uk Media Partner: http://www.theeducators.com Producer: Tony Zohari Speaker: Siamak Taslimi
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Galileo launch & u-blox positioning technology on Swiss TV (in German)
On December 15th 2016 the European Commission (EC) officially announced the launch of Galileo Initial Services. In the beginning of 2016 u-blox had already announced a firmware update for the vast majority of its u-blox M8 multi-GNSS receiver products, most which support Galileo in addition to GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS. Find the relevant products at https://www.u-blox.com/en/product-search/field_product_class/modules-199/field_product_platform/M8?utm_source=SFMC&utm_campaign=Customer+email+-+Galileo+-+20161220&utm_medium=email
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Positioning Strategy: How To Create Second-Level Uniqueness
http://www.psychotactics.com/uniquenessmastery It's hard enough to create a positioning statement or uniqueness for your product or service, but think how hard it is to retain it? A competitor can come and take that positioning away from you before you know it. Unless you have a second-level uniqueness. Once you have that second level, it's like embedding your uniqueness into the mind of your customer. But how do you get there? How do you create that second-level of uniqueness? Let's find out. And of course, for more on uniqueness, go to http://www.psychotactics.com/uniquenessmastery
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Capsim Capstone Incredible Getting Started & R&D Tutorial: Tips, Tricks & Advice
Business Strategy: Capsim Capstone R&D Guide This is the ultimate getting started guide in the Capstone simulation if you want to beat your rivals and get a good grade.
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More on positioning statements for B2B companies
This video shows how to build a "positioning statement" for your company or product. The material is taken from the book, The Marketing High Ground, by Mike Gospe. I also invite you to visit the blog: http://marketinghighground.wordpress.com
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Vision Inspection - Product Positioning and Quality Control
Product positioning and quality control by communicating robotic arm. For more: http://eravis.com.tr/giris_eng.asp
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Meet Grace Hu-Morley — a Silicon Valley Marketing Manager
Who I work with are high-tech companies who have the challenge of prioritizing features sets and turning technology into successful products. I am a catalyst for product and business success looking to help the right company create and launch truly compelling, people-friendly products. Awarded for both product and revenue creation innovation, I lead marketing and product teams—bringing new technologies to market for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies like Cisco Systems. I have brought to market some of the Worlds top market share products including IP video phones, softphones, and Unified Communications applications. I uniquely combine product management, user experience, and outbound marketing to create and launch successful, profitable products—triple digit percentage revenue growth, top market share, and significant cost savings. SPECIALTIES: Strong in product management, product marketing, product requirements, positioning, messaging, and pricing Customer and user experience Go-to-market strategy and execution Accomplished in technologies that improve the way people communicate, collaborate, and connect—web conferencing and collaboration (virtualization / SaaS models), enterprise unified communications mobility software, consumer-facing voice over IP hardware, video telephony, consumer video, Web 2.0, and mobile PC *** Who do you know in your world who is an executive in a start-up or company like Cisco, Apple, and Netflix looking to hire highly qualified product marketing professional like me to create and launch compelling products?*** ----------------------------------------------------------------- Grace Hu-Morley Catalyst for Product and Business Success Product Management | User Experience | Product Marketing Email: SVCatalyst[at]gmail[dot]com Website: http://gracehm.com/ Blog: http://gracehm.com/blog.php Twitter: http://twitter.com/gracehm ************************************* Video recording and editing by Ian Griffin Executive Communications http://www.exec-comms.com [email protected] 510-962-4721 "I help you get your videos on YouTube" ******************************************
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High Precision Positioning with Stepper Motors
Stepper motors enable accurate positioning with ease. They are used in various types of equipment for accurate rotation angle and speed control using pulse signals. Stepper motors generate high torque with a compact body, and are ideal for quick acceleration and response. Stepper motors also hold their position at stop, due to their mechanical design. Stepper motor solutions consist of a driver (takes pulse signals in and converts them to motor motion) and a stepper motor. A stepper motor rotates with a fixed step angle, just like the second hand of a clock. This angle is called "basic step angle". Oriental Motor offers stepper motors with a basic step angle of 0.36°, 0.72°, 0.9° and 1.8°. For more information visit: http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/stepper-motors/index.html
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Product and Company Positioning - Prof. Ken - The Small Biz Pilot
Prof. Ken - the "Small Biz Pilot" offers tips on product and company positioning in the market. 30PageUniveristy.com helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to "Read.", "Learn." and "Do." in a simple reader-friendly thirty page book. The 30PageUniversity.com books cover the basic fundamental and necessary steps required for any small business owner applying lessons and skills through a hands on workbook section, story section and lesson section in thirty easy-to-read pages. All material, lessons and worksheets are also supported with a series of online resources to help make any product launch a success for the inspiring entrepreneur to the seasoned marketer. Small Biz Pilot is a unique expert small business sales and marketing firm, focused on building opportunity for small business and entrepreneurs. The Small Biz Pilot team creates customized programs to assist our small business partners in the development of their sales and marketing efforts and to help execute their global go-to-market strategy.
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How to Launch a Luxury Startup
So you want to launch a luxury brand? Learn exactly what it takes to launch a luxury startup - from positioning your brand to choosing the right marketing strategies. Takeaways: 1. Understand what customers want. 2. Look at the competitive matrix. 3. Get significant startup capital together. 4. Be in it for the long-haul game. 5. Set it up for customers to engage with your brand in at least 6 touchpoints. Recommended Reading "DTC Update: The Latest Direct-to-Consumer Business Models and Strategies" http://blog.scalingretail.com/dtc-update-latest-direct-consumer-business-models-strategies/ "How to Create a Lifestyle Brand" http://blog.scalingretail.com/create-lifestyle-brand/ Check out the Scaling Retail website for more business e-commerce and retail tips, reviews and more: http://www.scalingretail.com/ Follow us here Instagram: https://instagram.com/scalingretail/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/scalingretail Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scalingretail LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nyc-retail-consultant
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High Speed Positioning Demonstration2 - SANMOTION Linear Servo Systems
Product Website:http://www.sanyodenki.com/contents/product_information/sanmotion/linear_servo_systems/sanmotion.html
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