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The Clash - Brand new Cadillac
Masters of Rock and Psychedelia - https://www.facebook.com/groups/444351265670091/# Brand New Cadillac, a 1958 12-bar blues song by Vince Taylor, It was originally released as a b-side. Featured musicians on the released recording are: Joe Moretti (guitars), Lou Brian (piano), Brian Locking (bass) and Brian Bennett (drums). The song was covered in the 60s by British beat group Downliners Sect, and later by The Clash on their 1979 album London Calling. In 1980 Teenage Head a Canadian punk band, recorded a version on their second album Frantic City. It was also covered by the Brian Setzer Orchestra on their self-titled debut album in 1994. And it was olso covered by swedish band: The GoGetters. In 2003 in album Motormouth.
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Vince Taylor and his Playboys - Brand New Cadillac
A very good rock'n roll song. Thank's for the information "vczerniak".
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The Clash - Brand New Cadillac (Official Audio)
The Clash - Brand New Cadillac (Audio) Listen On Spotify - http://smarturl.it/TheClashTT Listen On Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/TheClash_AppleMusic Amazon - http://smarturl.it/ClashHBAmazon Follow The Clash Website:http://www.theclash.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/theclash Twitter:https://twitter.com/TheClash Lyrics Drive! Drive! My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac Yes she did! My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac She said, "Hey, come here, Daddy!" "I ain't never comin' back!" Baby, baby, won't you hear my plea? C'mon, sugar, just come on back to me She said, "Balls to you, Big Daddy." Baby, baby, won't you hear my plea? Oh c'mon, just hear my plea She said, "Balls to you, Daddy." She ain't coming back to me Baby, baby drove up in a Cadillac I said, "Jesus Christ, where'd you get that Cadillac?" She said, "Balls to you, big Daddy." She ain't never coming back! She ain't never coming back! She ain't never coming back! She ain't never coming back! She ain't never coming back!
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Vince Taylor - Brand New Cadillac
Mi tema preferido de este gran artista Lastima que haya muerto en el olvido , aunque The Clash hizo una buena version de esta cancion. VISITEN MI CANAL http://www.youtube.com/user/Xtrummer?feature=mhum
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Ken Yokoyama -Brand New Cadillac(OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Guest Vo:チバユウスケ 『Songs Of The Living Dead』特設サイト https://www.pizzaofdeath.com/ken6.5th/ Ken Yokoyama「Songs Of The Living Dead」 PZCA-85 / ¥2,500(without tax) 2018.10.10 On Sale Track list 1.I Fell For You, Fuck You(新曲) 2.My Shoes(V.A参加曲) 3.What Kind Of Love(V.A参加曲 / Originally Performed by SNUFF) 4.My Day(V.A参加曲) 5.Nervous(新録 / Originally Performed by GUNS N’WANKERS) 6.Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely(未発表曲 / Originally Performed by Hüsker Dü) 7.Swap The Flies Over Your Head(新曲) 8.If The Kids Are United(V.A参加曲 / Originally Performed by SHAM69) 9.You’re Not Welcome Anymore(V.A参加曲) 10.Walk(V.A参加曲 / Originally Performed by HUSKING BEE) 11.Sayonara Hotel(V.A参加曲 / Originally Preformed by TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA) 12.Going South(初音源化) 13.Brand New Cadillac(新録 / Originally Performed by VINCE TAYLOR) 14.Dead At Budokan(初音源化) 15.Hungry Like The Wolf(V.A参加曲 / Originally Preformed by DURAN DURAN) 16.Nothin’ But Sausage (初音源化 / LIVE DVD収録曲) 17.Living After Midnight(V.A参加曲 / Originally Performed By JUDAS PRIEST) 18.A Stupid Fool (V.A参加曲) 19.A Decade Lived (V.A参加曲) 20.Soulmate(新録 / Originally Performed by NO USE FOR A NAME)
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The Clash - Brand New Cadillac
The Clash performing Brand New Cadillac live in the US in 1983
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Brand New Cadillac - The Clash (GOOD QUALITY)
Enjoy, Please subscribe for much more great music from many artist. Request music in comments section.
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8 New Cadillac Cars that Set the Gold Standard of Prestige in 2019
It is debatable, but many car enthusiasts would call the premium brand of General Motors, the pinnacle of luxury in modern American automaking. Cadillac is chosen by the US presidents and high ranking executives, successful businessman and drivers who enjoy the that extra kick from being behind the wheel of the top of the line vehicle. For the 2019 model year Cadillac will be bringing some new models and trims, some members of the lineup will be seeing their last year before the redesign or inevitable discontinuation. Lets take a look at the upcoming GM automotive luxury. 0:42 #1 2019 Cadillac XT4 In order to cash in on the growing demand for the compact luxury crossover, Cadillac is introducing an all-new XT4 model to the market to compete against similarly-sized Audi Q3, BMW X1, Lexus NX and Mercedes GLA. 1:52 #2 2019 Cadillac CT6-V Cadillac’s V family is about to be expanded with the arrival of the 2019 CT6-V premium performance sedan. However, there is nuance that the manufacturer is keeping obscure, that this model is technically just a rebadged CT6-V Sport trim. 2:53 #3 2019 Cadillac ATS-V and 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Pedestal Edition 2019 Cadillac ATS-V + 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Pedestal Edition is a limited design edition with only 300 vehicles produced. The models get new exterior elements and luxury cabin upgrades. 4:02 #4 2021 Cadillac Escala CT8 Escala surfaced for the first time as a concept built for the 2016 Pebble Beach car show. Good news is, that the Escala was officially green lit by the Cadillac executives to be released by 2021. 5:09 #5 2019 CT6 PHEV 2018 CT6 PHEV is the only electrified vehicle in the brand’s lineup. It is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged I4 paired with a two-motor Electric Variable Transmission and an 18.4 kWh battery. 6:19 #6 2019 Cadillac Escalade While the reports indicate that the redesign of Cadillac Escalade will be imminent for the 2020 model year, in 2019 we will be still seeing on the roads the fourth generation of this SUV. 7:29 #7 2019 Cadillac XT5 2019 Cadillac XT5 continues the first generation of the brand’s best-selling SUV, getting new safety and driver assist features, additional exterior colors, and optional 20-inch wheels. The automobile is rumored to receive a refresh in 2020. 8:39 #8 2019 Cadillac Elmiraj If Escala is a Cadillac concept that has already been confirmed for production, Elmiraj remains in the dimension of fantasies that we wish to materialize some day. The beautiful design was inspired by the classic 1967 Eldorado coupe and the futuristic cabrio Ciel. #ATcars2019 #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews #ATDN
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Malaguena / Brand New Cadillac - 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 (Official)
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Malaguena / Brand New Cadillac Recorded Live: 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 - Rome, NY More Brian Setzer Orchestra at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube: http://goo.gl/DUzpUF
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The Shamrocks - Cadillac (1965)
This classic Vince Taylor cover was very popular in the underground scene in France in the late 60s.
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Teenage Head - Brand New Cadillac
Track 9 from Teenage Head's 1980 album, Frantic City.
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Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros [Brand New Cadillac] HD live 1999
The Mescaleros were the backing band for Joe Strummer, formed in 1999, which went on to make three albums prior to Strummer's death in 2002. Many of the band members were multi-instrumentalists. The original line up consisted of Strummer on vocals and guitar, Antony Genn on guitar, Scott Shields on bass, Martin Slattery on keyboards and guitar, as well as flute and saxophone on select songs, Pablo Cook on various percussion instruments and Steve Barnard on drums, using his stage moniker "Smiley". Richard Flack was also employed to use effects and instruments. ****TOP 800 AG IA3DFREE TV Radio Résistance**** ia3dfree Creator Studio Publication by Alain Guilloux Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Bhindi Bhagee | Slideshow 1080p HD https://youtu.be/-1Mm5_-ESCI?list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5 Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros [Rock the Casbah live 1999] HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuNv5Hjo7N8&list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5&t=0s&index=5 Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros [I fought the law] live 1999 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FyS91yAA4E&list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5&t=0s&index=75 Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros [Brand New Cadillac] HD live 1999 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XRZVpCDM2s&list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5&t=0s&index=76 Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros [Yalla Yalla] live 1999 - 1080p HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOCYEmbBHmo&list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5&t=0s&index=77 Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros [X Ray Style] live 1999 https://youtu.be/pCJUA3xMPek?list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5 Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros [London Calling] live 1999 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mIwtdY6Lh4&list=PLGqoUxv09cppW9ebTJTghtNwt2Q-Q_NG5&index=3
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Cadillac  -  Hep Stars
This slid-show is very fast. Many pic of Cadillac cars. The group who play this song was very great in Sweden in -60.
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Brand New Cadillac - The Wild Angels
The Wild Angels rock 'n' roll band was formed in the summer of 1967. The original members were Mal Gray (vocals), Mitch Mitchell (bass), John Hawkins (lead guitar), Bob O'Connor (drums) and John Huggett (keyboards).
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Junkyard Preachers - Brand New Cadillac
Version of the Vince Taylor classic song Brand New Cadillac by Junkyard Preachers -Blues and Rockabilly Band from Cambridge UK. Check us out on My Space!
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The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Brand New Cadillac (1st TV Appearance)
The Brian Setzer Orchestra's first TV appearance. Late Show With David Letterman Brand New Cadillac 4/27/1994
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The Clash - Brand New Cadillac - 3/8/1980 - Capitol Theatre (Official)
The Clash - Brand New Cadillac Recorded Live: 3/8/1980 - Capitol Theatre - Passaic, NJ More The Clash at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube: http://goo.gl/DUzpUF
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2019 Cadillac CT6 V Sport - New Brand with twin-turbo V8 550 HP
Cadillac's got a brand-new V8, and it sounds like a whopper. The brand's new 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 will officially launch in the new CT6 V-Sport later this year, where it'll produce an impressive 550 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. This is a totally new engine, designed from the ground up, and for now, will be exclusive to Cadillac. The company says its new V8 uses a "hot V" (heyyy) configuration, mounting the turbochargers on top of the engine, which not only reduces the engine's overall packaging size, but reduces overall turbo lag because of improved airflow. This engine also utilizes cylinder deactivation technology, as well as stop-start. It'll be built at General Motors' Performance Build Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In the CT6 V-Sport, the 4.2-liter V8 will mate to a 10-speed automatic transmission with a broad 7.39 gear ratio. We don't have official acceleration times or fuel economy numbers just yet, but we're not exactly expecting this thing to be a slouch. Nor are we expecting it to be super efficient, for that matter. The V-Sport uses an all-wheel-drive layout, though Cadillac says the car has a "revised" torque split, likely with a stronger rear bias. The CT6 V-Sport gets a number of other performance upgrades to complement the V8 engine. New 20-inch wheels come shod in summer performance tires, a mechanical limited-slip differential increases rear-end traction and modified Magnetic Ride Control damper settings and stiffer suspension geometry provide better handling characteristics. Additionally, the CT6 V-Sport gets unique, 19-inch Brembo brakes and a retuned exhaust. All 2019 model year CT6 sedans get some minor visual tweaks, including restyled headlights and taillights, said to be reminiscent of the lighting elements found on the Escala concept. Inside, the CT6 finally gets Cadillac's updated infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen. The 2019 CT6 will continue to offer Super Cruise semi-autonomous technology, though obviously, that isn't available on the V-Sport. Whether or not the addition of a V-Sport model improves CT6 sales remains to be seen; Cadillac's sedans aren't exactly its hottest-selling vehicles these days. Still, the company says the CT6 V-Sport is the "first in a series of new Cadillac performance vehicles." If that means more high-output V8s in the world, you won't hear us complaining. Subscribe now : https://goo.gl/M7yJtf Follow us Facebook : https://www.fb.me/4drivetime twitter : https://twitter.com/4Drivetime
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The Milkshakes - Brand New Cadillac
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Poonanny - Brand New Cadillac
Poonanny - Brand New Cadillac https://malaco.lnk.to/WgjnQID www.malaco.com
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Brand New Blue Stretch Cadillac Escalade
Brand New Stretch Cadillac Escalade - Five Star Limo - Charlotte NC We are allways the 1st to get New Stretch limos in Charlotte, so be the 1st clients to rent this beautiful Brand New Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limo. Book Now for Wedding , Proms and up coming Birthday Partys call 704-541-0508 or www.ylimo.com for more details.
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Stray Cats - Brand New Cadillac
Recorded Live In Manchester 16th July, 2004. This recording is as raw as it gets... straight from the stage! 100% Live!!
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The Renegades - Cadillac - Studio Live Video 1964
The Renegades was formed in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s. In the beginning the group's primary influence was The Shadows, but they were soon to change their style into straightforward rock'n'roll and rhythm'n'blues. Around 1963, besides hardening their music, they also embraced themselves a harder look, when they started wearing cavalry uniforms of the time of American Civil War as their stage outfit. In February 1964, The Renegades' version of Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody" appeared on a compilation titled "Brum Beat", which introduced Birmingham's rock groups. Excepting that and an acetate single for Morden-based Oak Records and a budget priced album for Fidelio/Summit Records (produced by Delta Record Company of London), The Renegades did most of their 1964-66 recordings for the Finnish Scandia Records and after that for the Italian Ariston and Columbia Records (which leased the material forward to English, American and Middle-European labels). Kim Brown (born June 2, 1945), Denys Gibson (born February 17, 1945), Ian Mallet (born July 28, 1945) and Graham Johnson (born August 30, 1946) conquered Finland in October 1964, when they did a one-off gig at a model show in Helsinki, and then started a constant seven weeks' tour, playing at multifarious dance floors around the Finnish country side (the originally planned three-week stint was extended because of a massive success and demand). The first visit also included two tv-appearances ("Nuorten Tanssihetki" & "Uudet Tuulet" shows), and signing the record deal with Scandia Records. Since 1967, The Renegades had visited in Finland altogether seven times. Besides them, they also appeared in late 1965 in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, where they returned in 1966 to took part in song contest with "Un Giorno Tu Mi Cercherai" at San Remo music festival. The last time they were seen in Finland together was in 1971. Although they were treated here as the '2nd Beatles', The Renegades wasn't actually a beat group in the literal sense of the word. Of course they sounded rougher than fifties or early sixties groups, but a notable part of their repertoire was still straight rock'n'roll, and they were obviously affected by black blues music as well. These influences were heard also in their own compositions, but ironically, their biggest Scandinavian hit "Cadillac", which was credited to be written by themselves, was actually a simplified remake of rock'n'roll classic "Brand New Cadillac", penned and recorded by Vince Taylor. In Sweden, The Renegades' version was covered by The Hep Stars, while in Finland, Eero ja Jussi & The Boys remade it as a humorous Finnish transalation "Mosse" (which is a synonym for the popular Russian automobile brand, although the lyrics are talking about a horse of the same name). The group was definitely the most celebrated rock act in the country, but somehow they didn't have any no.1 hit on the Finnish Singles chart. However, "Cadillac" went to Top 20 in December 1964 - peaking to #2 at its best and spending altogether 5 months on the chart. The song got also a very good reception at the radio, where it climbed to the top position of national radio's popular "Kahdeksan Kärjesssä" (Top 8) poll show. Also "Seven Daffodils" and "Matelot" appeared on the Finnish Singles chart, but quite surprisingly none of their four albums charted. In addition, The Renegades appeared in the Finnish musical motion picture "Topralli", which premiered on March 22, 1966 and was directed by Yrjö Tähtelä, and they also accompanied the Finnish pop artists Danny and Ann-Christine on a couple of their recordings. In summer of 1966, after recording their fourth and the last Finnish LP, the guitarist Denys Gibson left the group, and he was replaced by Joe Dunnett. In 1967, The Renegades relocated to Italy in 1967, where they had their second hit tube. Later on, also Dunnett left the group to form his own group Rubber Duck, while the rest of The Renegades (with the new guitarist Mick Wembley) stuck together for some years until the final split-up (Dunnett however, used the group's name in 1976 on a German single which was credited to Joe Dunnett & The New Renegades). The drummer Graham Johnson settled in Italy and probably lives there today while the other members returned to England. Kim Brown came back to Finland in the 1990's, and eventually decided to stay here permanently. - Ian Mallet died on October 26, 2007 in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England after a massive heart attack. - Kim Brown, the vocalist of The Renegades, died in Helsinki on the 11th of October, 2011, after a long struggle with throat cancer
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MASKERS Brand New Cadillac
MASKERS Brand New Cadillac
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The Discoveries performing '' Brand New Cadillac '' at Jukebox Jive.The Platform Morecambe
The Discoveries performing '' Brand New Cadillac '' at Jukebox Jive.The Platform Morecambe The Discoveries on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDiscoveries1/ ----- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBLCnZhfjczRFMTyNmYPdUA http://www.rockvillerecords.com/product/the-discoveries/
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Vince Taylor and the Playboys - Brand New Cadillac
Vince Taylor and the Playboys Brand New Cadillac
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Brand New Cadillac - Live!
The Brian Setzer Orchestra performing Brand New Cadillac in 1994, the debut for the band.
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Teencats - Brand New Cadillac
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Junkyard Preachers - Brand New Cadillac
Junkyard Preachers play the Vince Taylor classic in a garage.
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Brand New Cadillac  The Clash   guitar cover
Brand New Cadillacと言えばやっぱりThe Clash! VOX mini5 UK80s Spring 0.1w
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DJ covering "Brand New Cadillac" by The Clash
DJ (on bass) covering "Brand New Cadillac" by The Clash at the 2012 Fall Coffee Shop Jam at the Q Cafe in Seattle, WA. The Jam is a semi-annual rowdy student recital featuring Rob Hampton's guitar students, Mark DiFlorio's drum students, and Brady Millard-Kish's bass students. Enjoy the music! Heartwood Guitar Instruction: http://www.heartwoodguitar.com Red Sparkle Drum Studio: http://www.redsparkledrumstudio.com/ Seattle Bass Lessons: http://www.seattlebass.com/
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Os Catalepticos - Brand New Cadillac (Live)
Os Catalépticos - Brand New Cadillac
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Brand New Cadillac
Brand New Cadillac by Bill Jones. I no longer use the name 'Stompin' Shoes' as there is a German band also called 'Stompin' Shoes'. http://www.myspace.com/stompin39shoes
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The Clash - Brand New Cadillac (4/13)
Live in Tokyo, 1982
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The Clash - Brand New Cadillac
Check out my Punk Store: http://www.occultpunkshirts.com/size-s.html Tokyo 1982.
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Brand New Cadillac-The Pinstripes
From Tamm-Ludwigsburg, Germany, a Wild Rockin' trio ! Please joint the band here: http://www.thepinstripes.com/
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10 - Track 10 The Defenders Brand new cadillac
-uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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Slick Steve & the Gangsters - Brand New Cadillac
“Brand New Cadillac”, il nuovo video di Slick Steve and the Gangsters: la rivisitazione del celebre brano di Vince Taylor vuole rendere omaggio al contempo all’era dei primordi del R&R e a Joe Strummer che con i Clash ha reso il pezzo ben più noto di quanto non fosse nella sua versione originale. Il video è stato realizzato dalla crew bolognese di SMK Videofactory che vede presto in uscita il lungometraggio “The Harvest”. Slick Steve and the Gangsters hanno partecipato con un cameo al docu-film. Il pezzo è stato registrato a Brescia presso il "Poddighe Studio". - ‘Brand New Cadillac’ is the new video from Slick Steve and the Gangsters: this version of the famous track by Vince Taylor pays tribute both to the early sound of Rock’n’Roll and to Joe Strummer, and his band The Clash, for their popular cover on the classic album ‘London Calling’.
Solo for Brand New Cadillac
Quick instructions on the Clash version solo
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Vince Taylor & The Playboys - Brand New Cadillac
Brilliant 1959 Rock n Roll song from Vince Taylor & His Playboys
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The Clash - Brand New Cadillac guitar cover
Everyone on Youtube seems to play this a bit differently. I figured this song out on my own without tabs (so no, I don't have tabs). It sounds right to me, but you be the judge. Enjoy this classic song from the Clash's "London Calling" album. Gear used: Fender Stratocaster American Standard Gibson Les Paul Classic Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi USA (for rhythm) Vox AC15CC1
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『Brand New Cadillac』by SHUN
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