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What Visceral Fat Does To The Body (The Doctors)
Excess visceral fat (aka belly fat) leads to heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and even sexual dysfunction. Dr. Travis Stork talks about why having a lean belly to good health on the The Doctors.
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Where do Men & Women store more fat & why? (Hindi)
Video talks about where men tend to store more fat & where women tend to store more fat & why. It is in Hindi.
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6 Types of Body Fat and How to Get Rid of It
How to get rid of annoying stubborn fat? How to get the body of your dreams in no time? There are 6 different types of body fat based on where on the body it is mainly accumulated. Here are the most effective ways to make fat disappear for every body type. Running or swimming at least 30 minutes every day will help you burn full upper body fat right off. If it seems impossible for you to fit any of those in your busy schedule, try brisk walking. Drink green tea. It’s a great natural fat burner because it’s loaded with antioxidants that can boost metabolism. Plus, if you’re doing some physical exercise, green tea will also enhance its effect. If you don’t eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism in the morning, you’ll feel hungrier, more tired and just groggy throughout the day, which will trick your body into eating more in an attempt to get energy. Find out how many calories you need on a daily basis using an online calorie calculator. It’ll take into account your gender, age, height, weight, level of activity, and your weight-loss goals. Then, you can just divide all the daily calorie intake number by 5 to figure out how many calories each meal should give you. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to hormonal imbalances, an increased appetite, and weight gain, which will result in fat being stored mostly in your belly and back. TIMESTAMPS Full upper body fat 0:45 Lower abdomen fat 2:17 Lower body fat 4:05 A bloated stomach 5:40 Lower body fat, including lower legs 7:23 A large stomach with upper back fat 8:42 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -Do aerobics because this type of fat appears due to a lack of physical activity. Stop consuming processed sugar, and forget about sugar-sweetened drinks. -Avoid stress and learn to relax. The stress hormone cortisol makes fat collect in the belly, so a good option for you is to meditate or do some breathing exercises. Drink green tea. It’s a great natural fat burner because it’s loaded with antioxidants that can boost metabolism. -Walk up hills and stairs. Riding a bike uphill or increasing the treadmill’s incline will also work. Your heart will beat faster, and you’ll have to work harder since you’re moving upward. Don’t skip breakfast. -Cut back on alcohol as most of its calories end up becoming belly fat. Eat more often but in smaller portions. -To avoid swelling, you need to drastically cut down on salty foods since salt causes fluid retention in your body. Don’t sit without moving for more than 30 minutes, try to stand up and walk around frequently. -The effective remedy for a large stomach and upper back fat is… sleeping. Eat more food that is rich in fiber. This means adding beans, peas, lentils, broccoli, oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta, avocados and raspberries to your diet. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Weight Gain: Can you Store Fat in Specific Areas- Thomas DeLauer
Click Here to Subscribe: http://Bit.ly/ThomasVid Website: http://ThomasDeLauer.com Get the Clothes I Wear at 25% Off - Use Code: TDSUMMER25 at http://www.Hylete.com Weight Gain: Can you Store Fat in Specific Areas- Thomas DeLauer… Can you store body fat in a specific area of your body? That's a big question, and a lot of people ask me, "Hey, Thomas, I store body fat in my legs," or "I store body fat in my arms or in my abdomen. Is there any way that I can change that?" Well, the short answer is kind of yes and no. You see, a lot of it ends up being dictated, of course, by our genetics, but I know that's not the answer that you want to hear. So, in this video, I'm going to break it down beyond genetics. I'm going to break it down to some hormones. I'm going to help you understand why you might be storing fat in a specific area and maybe a couple things that you can start to control that might help that situation out. Hey, if you haven't already, I do encourage you to subscribe to my channel so that you can make sure you see all the videos that I post every single week, and please turn that little bell on so you can turn on notifications to know whenever I post a new video. All right, so first and foremost, we do have to look at DNA. I want to get this out of the way. First off, we have to understand that over 50% of the actual fat storage different that occurs in our body is truly dictated by our genetics, and when it comes down to gender differences, sometimes it can be as much as 70% dictated by our genetics with that remaining 30% having to do with age, having to do with ethnicity and a number of other, still, genetic factors. So the reality is, yes genes play a big role in it, but we do have some other catalysts at play. One in particular is one that you know of, cortisol. You see, cortisol is a stress hormone. We all hear the ads, we've seen the marketing that talks about cortisol and belly fat, but the reality is, it is kind of true and here's how it works. You see, cortisol exerts a very powerful effect on adipose tissue metabolism, and it's all because of something known as glucocorticoid receptors. You see, cortisol is a glucocorticoid, and we have specific receptors that are in our fat cells called glucocorticoid receptors. These glucocorticoid receptors receive a message from cortisol and then store fat in a specific way. Well, since fat already has a glucocorticoid receptor in it, the more fat that we accumulate, the more glucocorticoid receptors we have, and the more cortisol we receive and the more fat we deposit. So, since cortisol acts via the glucocorticoid receptor, it actually triggers something known as a lipoprotein lipase, and when lipoprotein lipase acts within this continuum of glucocorticoids, it has a variable density in different areas of the body in which it deposits fat. So it goes through a specific order. It actually starts with visceral adipose tissue, which is the fat that is underneath our skin, but even one step further, surrounding our organs at the very far interior of our body. Then, the next place that [replaces 00:02:32] it is good old fashion abdominal subcu fat, which is traditional abdominal fat. Then, the next order of business after that is going to be femoral subcu fat, so that's more fat that's going to be stored in the legs. There's actually an order, so when it comes down to proving the relationship between hormones and where we store fat, cortisol is really the only one that is tried and true, and proven, to really cause body fat to be stored in a specific area. References: 1) Hormonal control of regional fat distribution. Björntorp P. Hum Reprod. 1997 Oct;12 Suppl 1:21-5. 2) Hormones and body-fat distribution. (2017, May 12). Retrieved from https://ironlifemag.com/hormones-and-body-fat-distribution/ 3) Woodhouse LJ , et al. (n.d.). Dose-dependent effects of testosterone on regional adipose tissue distribution in healthy young men. - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14764787 4) Ho KY , et al. (n.d.). Effects of gender and age on the 24-hour profile of growth hormone secretion in man: importance of endogenous estradiol concentrations. - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3782436 5) BL, W. (n.d.). Subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue: their relation to the metabolic syndrome. - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11133069 6) P, B. (n.d.). Hormonal control of regional fat distribution. - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9403318 7) De Pergola G , et al. (n.d.). Free triiodothyronine and thyroid stimulating hormone are directly associated with waist circumference, independently of insulin resistance, metabo... - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17547687
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How fat is stored in the body
I do not own this Video.No copyright infringement intended.. Promotional Purposes Only!! Subscribe, share , like and comment. Thank you http://www.youtube.com/user/karthickeswar
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The Body Part Where You Store Your Fat Reveals Your Fattening Cause
There are 6 body parts where fat is stored. Find out where do you store your fat and what does that mean. Learn more on Fitneass: https://www.fitneass.com/where-do-you-store-fat/
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Northampton Personal Trainer  - I'm A Man, Why Do I Store Fat on My Chest?
http://www.thedvcc.com/blog/im-a-man-why-do-i-store-fat-on-my-chest - In this episode, Stephen from www.TheDVCC.com answering a question that someone send him via email, which is, "I'm a man, why do I store fat on my chest?" Video highlights: 00:20 - a lot of men are storing fat on their chest 00:40 - turning their testosterone to estrogen 01:01 - increase the amount of green vegetables 01:22 - optimal level of zinc Northampton Personal Trainer - I'm A Man, Why Do I Store Fat on My Chest? : http://youtu.be/Eiq9ahlc-88 Check out more weight loss video tips - http://www.TheDVCC.com Join Our Centre - Bedford: http://www.TheDVCC.com/personal-trainer-bedford/ Join Our Centre - Milton Keynes: http://www.TheDVCC.com/personal-trainer-milton-keynes/ Join Our Centre - Northampton: http://www.TheDVCC.com/personal-trainer-northampton/ Join Our Centre - Hitchin: http://www.thedvcc.com/personal-trainer-hitchin Join Our Centre - St. Albans: http://www.thedvcc.com/personal-trainer-st-albans Check Out Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDoubleVisionConditioningCentre Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more weight loss tips : http://www.youtube.com/thedvcc1
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Where do Men & Women store more fat & why? (English)
Video talks about where men tend to store more fat & where women tend to store more fat & why. It is English version of the video.
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How to Get Rid of MAN BOOBS (Chest Fat Fix!)
Get a complete workout program to lose embarrassing chest fat http://athleanx.com/x/chest-fat-fix One of the most common and embarrassing areas that men can store fat is in their chest, as it shows up as man boobs. Nothing looks quite as bad as a set of undefined poorly developed pecs on a guy. That said, there are workouts, exercises and nutrition tips that can help you learn how to get rid of man boobs and lose the chest fat once and for all. In this video, I describe the difference between the hormonally caused gynecomastia and the much more common chest fat. In order to lose chest fat you have to first and foremost prioritize your eating. There is simply no way to burn chest fat if your diet and nutrition are lousy. No matter how many pushups or bench press reps you do, you will not be able to spot reduce the fat surrounding your chest. A good diet plan starts with one that you can actually stick with for the long term. It does you no good to follow a fad diet that helps you to temporarily lose fat, only to gain it back a month later and lose all the definition in your pecs that you were hoping for in the first place. The ATHLEAN-X factor meal plan is exactly the type of meal plan that helps you to burn chest fat and get rid of man boobs, that you can stay consistent with. Next, you can't ignore your chest workouts. Lots of guys fear that doing chest exercises will only make their already big chests look bigger. That couldn't be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, muscle tissue is much more dense than fat tissue. This means, when it's developed, your chest muscles will be smaller and more defined than they would be if they remained simply as chest fat. Lets face it, nobody likes to have their man boobs made fun of, so it's worth it to learn how to get rid of them the right way. That said, if you are going to target your chest you need to follow a complete chest workout that hits your pectorals from all angles. Check out the chest workout featured on our channel by visiting this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhMBm8r1nWY For a complete workout program that hits your chest, triceps, back, shoulders and legs be sure to head to http://athleanx.com/x/chest-fat-fix and start seeing how to lose chest fat fast while developing more overall athletic muscle. For more chest workouts and exercises to lose your man boobs and build a muscular chest be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24
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Men's Grooming Advice | Fat Face and Hairy Belly | Ask Alpha
Best Hair Style For Face Shape: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/choose-the-best-hairstyle-for-your-face-shape/ Best Side Burns For Face Shape: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/sideburn-styles-how-to-choose-best-sideburns-based-on-face-shape/ Best Facial Hair For Face Shape: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/how-to-choose-facial-hair-based-on-face-shape/ Subscribe To Alpha M. https://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaMconsulting?sub_confirmation=1 Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alpha-m/id904065848 Google Play (android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alpham.alphamplayer My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM In this video men's style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com, answers two great grooming questions. If you have chubby cheeks or a round face what can you do to make it look slimmer or to have the appearance of a more angular and chiseled structured jaw. In the second question, Alpha tackles the issue with how to shave your belly and chest and not get red and itchy bumps all over the place. Alpha gets a ton of grooming related questions so he's started a new series called "Ask Alpha Grooming Edition". Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants to be your 'guy'. The guy that you can come to with all of your grooming questions. No matter how big or small of a question or if you have a burning inquiry, send an email to [email protected] with 'GROOMING' as the subject. Question #1 - How can guys with rounder faces slim down their appearance? So you have a fat face that you want to make more chiseled? We have genetics that can predispose us with a rounder face; however, some of the guys are carrying extra body fat. First, take a look a your diet and exercise plan. You can slim down your face when losing body fat / weight. Weight loss is first noticed in the face typically. Next, the visual illusion of a chiseled jaw can be created with: 1. Hair Style - if you have round face and round hair style, your face looks rounder. Taper it on the sides and a lift for a more elongated looks. 2. Sideburns - by elongating your sideburns and having them go down your face, you can give the illusion of a longer, more structured, and streamlined face. 3. Facial Hair - light stubble or goatee can give the appearance of a more of an angular jaw appearance. Question #2 - I want to shave chest and stomach hair. Is there a proper way other than with a razor? Alpha learned the hard way that certain hairs are predisposed to becoming ingrown and itchy. Here's the trick- if you like the look of hairless, use your facial hair clippers (take it as low as it will go). You will look hairless without the effects of the razor. When you shave with a razor, the hair is shaved very low and can hook when growing back. The result is irritation and itchiness. Use the clippers, take off the attachment, hit it, scrub in the shower, and you're good-to-go.
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Where does abdominal fat accumulate? (Dissection)
In this dissection of a fat donor, you will take a look at three main places where abdominal fat accumulates: fatty layer of the superficial fascia of the abdominal wall, extraperitoneal layer, and between folds of peritoneum. Presented by: Dr. Akram Jaffar, Ph.D. Dissection was supported by Mohamed Emad and Layal Al-Barghouthi (Medical students) and Nasser Zahra (Lab Technician) Edited by: Dr. Akram Jaffar Dissection was performed at College of Medicine, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates on February, 2014. This video and its channel are supported by "Human Anatomy Education" page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AnatomyEducation
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Why Eating Fat Won't Make You Gain Weight
Everyone's concerned about what to eat, and many are turning to low-fat diets as a way to curb their weight. It makes sense, right? It's literally in the name, low fat. It will make you less fat! WRONG. You could actually gain weight by avoiding fat in favor of some sugary carb options. Here's the important role fat plays in your diet. Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai TI on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TI on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tech_insider/ TI on Twitter: https://twitter.com/techinsider -------------------------------------------------- Following is the transcript of the video: Maybe you’ve been pouring skim milk on your cereal and spritzing non-fat dressing on your salad for years. But it turns out, eating fat won’t make you fat. In fact, research shows that low-fat diets don’t seem to aid in weight loss or in reducing risk of disease compared to higher fat diets. And all those refined carbs you’ve been eating to replace that fat might be the real issue. To understand how fat can be healthy, it’s first helpful to understand what’s going on with carbs in your body. When you eat a simple carbohydrate, like a slice of bread, enzymes in your saliva immediately start breaking that food down into sugar. That surge of sugar triggers a hormone called insulin, which tells your body to store available energy in the bloodstream in fat tissue and other forms. And the later surge-crash makes you feel hungry, encouraging you to eat more. But fats are another story. Fat isn’t processed the same way as carbs. It can’t be broken down with saliva, or fully digested by stomach acid. Instead, your small intestines, with the aid of bile secreted by your liver, break it down. This happens much later in the digestive process, so fat digestion is much slower. The different fats interact with your hormones in complex ways that, unlike carbs, don’t cause a massive spike in insulin. And good fats are really important for your body to function properly. Monounsaturated fats can be found in olive oil and avocados. This good fat helps reduce inflammation and levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol in the blood. Polyunsaturated fats in foods like sunflower seeds, walnuts, and fish also have significant health benefits. Fish oil, for example, consists of one type of polyunsaturated fat called omega-3 fatty acids -- which have been found to decrease blood pressure, increase HDL or “good” cholesterol, and may also protect against heart disease. But saturated fats found in red meat and dairy are a different story. An extensive study found that replacing a small percentage of calories coming from saturated fats with calories from unsaturated fats reduced risk of death, heart disease, and a number of neurodegenerative diseases. At the same time, studies show full fat dairy is healthier than reduced fat dairy. One recent study found that drinking full-fat dairy was associated with lower risk of diabetes. So while unsaturated fats are better, saturated fats aren't entirely useless. Not only are unsaturated fats essential for your body, avoiding them in the name of weight loss isn’t actually a helpful way to shed unwanted pounds. A study by the Women’s Health Initiative assigned women to low-fat diets for eight years. They found the participants didn’t seem to gain protection against breast cancer, colorectal cancer, or cardiovascular disease. And their weights were generally the same as those of women following their usual diets. And in the carb vs fat debate, an extensive 2017 study found no association between dietary fat and heart disease. In fact, the researchers found that high-carb diets were linked to a higher risk of death. So, if studies show that fat doesn’t make us fat or increase our risk of heart disease… and carbs make us hungry and are linked to a higher risk of death, should we all just ditch carbs altogether? Probably not. Recent research seems to advocate a balanced diet that includes a combination of healthy fats and complex carbs. Researchers found that diets high in fiber and low in refined grains, meat, and sugars resulted in less weight gain. So what should you eat? The good news is that you can find healthy fats and complex carbs in a variety of tasty foods. You can find unsaturated fats in fish, olives, nuts, and seeds, and still have a place on your plate for so-called “good carbs.” Although you should probably avoid eating lots of refined carbs like white bread and rice. Foods like sweet potatoes, raw apples, and legumes are a different story., though. These foods don't cause the same sudden peaks in blood sugar. And like healthy fats, they contribute to a balanced diet to keep your body running. So go forth and toss some oil on that salad!
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Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)
WATCH THE MALE VERSION HERE: http://youtu.be/iUy3_kBme4M *FREE for a limited time:* Get our 4-part video training series on how to start a successful YouTube channel (and make money doing what you love): ►►► http://jumpcut.com/freetraining The secret to true confidence ► http://bit.ly/SPtindergirl Subscribe for more awesome videos! ► http://bit.ly/simpsubcr Tinder is one of the most popular apps on the market, so we wanted to find out what happens when a girl dresses up in a fat suit and goes on a Tinder date. Watch us live life in GOD MODE: http://www.youtube.com/simplepickup2 -- Follow us: Vine: http://vine.co/simplepickup IG: http://instagram.com/simple.pickup Snapchat: Simple-Pickup Facebook: http://facebook.com/simplepickup Twitter: http://twitter.com/simplepickup
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Fat People Funny Fail Compilation
Funny fat people fail compilation video, best of funny fat people --------------- If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email "[email protected]" or the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed! ☎ CONTACT US: #fatpeople #fatfail #fails
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Stubborn Lower Back Fat Advice @hodgetwins
SUPPORT THE HODGETWINS BY SHOPPING AT: http://officialhodgetwins.com/ Hodgetwins INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/officialhodgetwins Hodgetwins FACEBOOK Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/thehodgetwins LINKS TO Hodgetwins Other Youtube Channels: Hodgetwins Main Fitness Channel http://www.youtube.com/twinmuscleworkout Hodgetwins Current Events Channel http://www.youtube.com/hodgetwins Hodgetwins Relationship and Life Coaching Channel http://www.youtube.com/askhodgetwins Hodgetwins Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Channel http://www.youtube.com/fastingtwins Hodgetwins Bio: Keith and Kevin Hodge the Hodgetwins are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels Hodgetwins, Twinmusleworkout, AskHodgetwins and fastingtwins. They have earned a respectable 2.8 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 450 million views over these channels. YouTube Inaugural #YouTubeBLACK Event To Support Creators Of Color really changed our outlook and we would like to thank youtube for holding such an event.
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Why You Got Fat
For decades we've been told gaining and losing weight is all about the calories. Just one little problem: the research says otherwise. Diabetics undergo dramatic weight changes when they adjust their insulin levels -- and so do you. Your diet determines how much insulin your body will produce over time. From the documentary "Fat Head."
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How fat loss works in your body - the suprising truth
Learn more for free at http://www.completebodyfatcontrol.com - I love helping people take control of their weight loss, and loads of people are enjoying a healthier, leaner body. Get the lowdown on how fat loss works in your body. You deserve to know how fat loss works, and you can lose weight easily when you understand this. None of the diet BS that you see in magazines or TV - this is what is really happening in your body, every day. Understand how the fad diets screw up your chances at losing weight, and beat them all for good. This video covers how insulin regulates fat gain and fat loss, in your body.
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How to TRULY Lose Thigh Fat Fast | Do Exercises Reduce Hip size & burn leg fat overnight women & men
This is the truth on how to lose thigh fat fast without exercise. Heard of exercises reducing hip and leg fat? Well this is untrue. Find out why today. Fat loss advice for women and for men! 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=truly Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2x4dOQq How do you lose thigh fat? Do you squat the fat away? Do you wrap them in body wraps and sweat the fat out? Maybe you rub them in fat burning cream and spot reduce with targeted exercises. Or coolsculpting....yeah...coolsculpting lets freeze the fat off...Or do you think maybe just maybe you burn it the same way that you burn any other fat on your body? I want to make this video about how to lose thigh fat because after doing a quick Google and YouTube search I realized that there is so much wrong information on this topic. Unfortunately these myths take advantage of women the most because women are most effected by excess fat in their lower body due to the fact that women tend to store fat in the hips and the thighs while men store it in their belly. One of the most common myths is that you can burn fat from the thighs by targeting the fat with specific exercises. Exercises like squats lunges hip Bridges and especially inner thigh exercises are believed to burn fat right off the thighs. I mean that's why you feel the burn in your legs right? Nope that's actually completely wrong. When you're working your legs or any other muscle in your body lactic acid is a by-product of relaxing and Contracting muscles. These lactic acids are actually whats responsible for that burning feeling so it's not thigh fat being burnt it's just muscle being broken down. Building muscle is not necessarily going to result with thinner legs. In fact building muscle without burning fat can lead to even bulkier thighs. And the worst thing is that a lot of the exercises that women are told to do to burn fat from the thighs are inner and outer thigh exercises that don't require a lot of energy to perform which means unfortunately there's not going to be that much fat burnt even if you have a good diet. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that you shouldn't workout your legs with resistance training exercises to improve your lower body. The only way to give your legs a nicely defined shape is to build some muscle on your thighs. Also when you do weighted compound exercises like squats you recruit a lot of very large muscles which will make you burn more calories which could ultimately lead to burning more fat. However the ultimate deciding factor of how much fat you burn from your thighs isn't about how much exercising you do, it's about how much fat you're burning from your diet. Any kind of Target fat burning approache or spot reducing approache cannot work because we know that fat gets burnt across your whole body and not from any one specific concentrated area. This means that inner thigh exercises, body wraps, fat burner pills, and detox drinks arent going to do much for you. Fat burning creams believe it or not have shown to have some minor results in studies. However the results are so insignificant and that they might as well be considered negligible. Also I have a feeling that if you're applying something to your skin that's burning your fat underneath, it probably isn't that great for you health-wise. But I mean if losing an eighth of an inch from your thighs is worth sacrificing your health for then by all means go for it. And then there's CoolSculpting which is becoming more and more popular by the day for the quick fix Crowd. Here they apparantly will freeze the fat off with "controlled cooling". Many claim that its impossible to freeze fat cells without destroying skin cells and getting frost bite in the process. Whether that's true or not, it is well known that you have to have more than one treatment to see any kind of results, and even after multiple treatments results are described as mild. So the only way to really effectively burn thigh fat is by burning fat from your whole body through diet modification. There are a lot of diet plans out there you just have to find one that works for you. There's intermittent fasting, carb cycling plans, theres the ketogenic diet, you can do calorie counting or if it fits your Macros. Just make sure that whatever plan you do fits your lifestyle and is something you can be consistent with. Because yo yo dieting isn't gonna get you very far. I have videos about most of these diet plans that you can check out to learn more about how to do them correctly.
The Lower Back Fat / Love Handle Myth (BUSTED!!)
Lose those love handles once and for all with this… http://athleanx.com/x/burn-fat-build-athletic-muscle The lower back and love handles is one of the biggest problem areas for guys when it comes to fat storage. While women tend to store fat in their thighs and rear ends, men have the hardest time getting the stubborn fat to leave their waistline. In this video however, I’m going to dispel the proper way to attack this problem once and for all. As with any problem with body fat, your first, second and third lines of attack need to revolve around fixing your nutrition. No body fat issue is going to be tackled with exercise alone. Not only is spot reduction simply not possible or even an efficient way of going about this but it just won’t have the impact that changing your diet for the better can have. A lot of people shy away from trying to make changes to their diet and nutrition however because they simply don’t want to give up the foods that they like to eat. That’s fine, but then you better not complain when you turn around and see that layer of lower back fat accumulating around your waist. If you want to get rid of lower back fat you want to start improving the foods that you eat. Drinking too much alcohol can also be a quick place to make changes if you want to reduce your love handles and the fat that you accumulate around your waist. It’s far too easy to ingest too many calories from drinks since the liquid calories go down virtually unnoticed. Know what I mean? That said, from an exercise stand point, many people will try to get rid of their love handles and lower back fat by hitting the low back directly with hyperextensions or the love handles with side bends. Neither of these exercises will do much to decrease your body fat. First of all, the concept of spot reduction as I said is not possible. Second of all, the muscles involved in these moves (even if there were spot reduction) are not vast or large enough to cause a maximal metabolic increase by performing them. Instead, opt for the big moves like a deadlift which requires that you develop tremendous lower back strength and stability. Maintain the strong arch throughout your lower back throughout the movement and aim to increase the weight you lift on the exercise as often as possible. Over time, you’ll notice not only your low back but your entire body becoming more muscular which will help you burn more fat at rest over the long term. For a complete training system that includes fat burning meal plans, be sure to head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Start training and eating like an athlete and start looking like one year round. For more videos on how to get rid of low back fat and love handles as well as the best exercises to burn fat at home, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24
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Male With Fat Ass And Thighs--What To Do!? | Tiger Fitness
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How the Body Stores Fat | Obesity
Watch more How to Understand Obesity videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/511330-How-the-Body-Stores-Fat-Obesity When you eat food, all food has calories. Calorie is a unit of energy, so when you eat food digestion begins in your stomach and then your intestines, and your body absorbs the nutrients that it needs in to your bloodstream. Throughout the day, your body will use those calories to help everyday functions of your heart, your lung, your brain, and even just going about your daily life. Whatever excess calories are not used can then be stored as fat. One place that the body stores fat is in your liver. So if you've ever had an ultrasound or a CAT scan, someone might have told you that you have a fatty liver. Another place that your body stores fat is just centrally, in your abdomen. This is called the omentum, that's the fat that encases our organs. We all have that, but people have different amounts of fat depending on how much weight they're carrying, and that's actually the dangerous kind of fat, the kind that's found centrally. Other people store their fat, maybe lower in their bodies, in their hips, in their thighs. This is referred to as gynecoid obesity. So while there's different ways that the body stores fat, in order to determine if the amount of fat that you're storing is excessive and that it puts you at increased health risk, you might want to calculate your BMI or your body mass index. And that's the number that takes your weight and your height and forms a ratio, and helps you decide if you fall in to the obese category. A BMI of 30 or greater is considered obese and puts you at increased health risks. So these are just a few ways of how your body stores excess fat.
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From Skinny Fat to Muscular | Step by Step Transformation
Macro Calculator: http://www.thinkeatlift.com/calculator/ The ShredSmart Program: http://www.thinkeatlift.com/shredsmart/ The Greek God Program: http://www.thinkeatlift.com/ggp/ Music by LAKEY INSPIRED: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired The Skinny-Fat Physique is a term I use to describe a body that looks skinny with a shirt on and fat with the shirt off. Although skinny-fat people have a low-to-moderate body fat percentage, they still look soft and out of shape because they have very little muscle mass. They tend to accumulate fat easily around the waist but very little on their legs and arms. Also, they usually have a hip dominant bone structure: relatively narrow shoulders and rib cage and wider waist and hips. Many people starting from this point are discouraged because they think their genetics work against them and they can never have the proportions to look great. That’s not true. Look at Ryan Gosling as an example. He clearly has wide waist and hips due to his bone structure, and a tendency to store fat on his belly. But that didn’t stop him from building a great physique, and being considered one of the most attractive men alive. So while you may have what would be considered “bad genetics” you definitely can build a very attractive and strong physique. Once you develop your shoulders, arms, back and chest and get your waist smaller, you will look like a Hollywood actor.
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Why Guys and Gals store fat differently, and how to LOSE it
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How To Reduce FACE FAT In 1 Week - 100% WORKS!!
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best exercise to lose belly fat for men
my facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/FathyCr7 channel page : https://www.facebook.com/GymLife5/ my insta : https://www.instagram.com/fathy_torres/ تأثير العادة السرية على العضلات : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWswBstWLJ8 جدول القناه : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYV2zuZnFoo افضل تمارين لحرق الدهون وخاصة دهون البطن : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX31KA7o_lo&feature=youtu.be افضل طريقه لتضخيم عضلات الذراعين: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIeHhwa3ZUs افضل تمارين لاظهار عضلات البطن : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ5CQUsj2GI تمارين الضغط لشد الجسم :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJnatV_kX50 الأداء الصحيح لتمرين العقله : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft4MFg092fo فورمة الساحل : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdrLzUUBE4w تضخيم عضلات الرجل : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QltKWsnFb4 التخلص من تقوس الظهر نهائيا : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlUBxRFYPZg الحصول على خصر نحيف فى اسبوعين : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUfuddC7of4 تمرينة كتف كامله فى البيت : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnaY0xgTVNg لعمل 100 عده في الضغط : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF-d7Y-H1Qg تمارين حرق الدهون للمبتدئين : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gsbEqjAaow تمارين البطن للمبتدئين : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlOSockQEI4 احترف الضغط في خطوتين : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvbYSm2WV8g ازاى تعمل ضغط بايد واحده : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M742XQpSNSM نظام كامل للتخسيس : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkysfj1VUQE كلام مهم جدا : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HutUu08pirk افضل 5 تمارين لتخسيس الارداف والمؤخره : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzCphJc9FXo افضل نصائح لخسارة وزيادة : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reWIp_OaANY التعريف بالقناه : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEq_iPgbaAA كيفية اظهار العروق : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixxBaBQXmug علاج الام المفاصل والتهاب الاوتار:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLBQWVuA6fU 24 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises (No Crunches!) - Health.com Abs Workout: The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat | Shape Magazine Lose Belly Fat with Just Two Exercises | Men's Health The Truth: How To Burn Abdominal Fat! - Bodybuilding.com 7 exercises that burn stomach fat fast - The Times of India Lose Your Belly with Just Two Exercise Moves - Women's Health 7 Workout Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Belly Fat - Prevention 9 Proven Ways To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat - Prevention Get Ripped and Burn Abdominal Fat with our Best Abs Workout ... 101 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast - Men's Fitness Burn Fat Fast - Lose Your Love Handles for Good - Men's Fitness Top 5 best exercises to lose belly fat - NaturalNews.com 9 Moves to Beat Belly Fat for Good | Fitness Magazine 6 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat (No. 2 and 3 are Best) The Best Cardio Exercise to Lose Belly Fat | LIVESTRONG.COM Belly Fat Workout FREE - 10 Minute Ab Exercises on the App Store Lose the Stubborn Belly Fat Hiding Your Abs - Muscle & Fitness What Exercises Can Get Rid of Belly Fat? - Live Science 5 of the Best Ab Workouts for a Chiseled Core - The Cheat Sheet How To Reduce Belly Fat Within 14 Days For Women (Top Ab Workouts - No Equipment Needed) 24 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises (No Crunches!) - Health.com Abs Workout: The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat | Shape Magazine The Truth: How To Burn Abdominal Fat! - Bodybuilding.com Lose Belly Fat with Just Two Exercises | Men's Health Lose Your Belly with Just Two Exercise Moves - Women's Health 7 exercises that burn stomach fat fast - The Times of India 7 Workout Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Belly Fat - Prevention 9 Proven Ways To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat - Prevention 6 Ways to Burn Your Belly Fat Fast - Forbes 9 Moves to Beat Belly Fat for Good | Fitness Magazine Top 5 best exercises to lose belly fat - NaturalNews.com Belly Fat Workout FREE - 10 Minute Ab Exercises on the App Store Get Ripped and Burn Abdominal Fat with our Best Abs Workout ... The Best Cardio Exercise to Lose Belly Fat | LIVESTRONG.COM Aerobic Exercise Is Best Way to Burn Belly Fat - Live Science 3 Exercises Targeted to Burn Belly Fat / Fitness / Weight Loss - FitDay 12 Tricks to Help Lose Belly Fat - Cosmopolitan How to BURPEE?!?! Burn Fat FAST Workout - YouTube 13 Exercises That Are Better Than Burpees For Fat Loss - YouTube Top Three Exercises that Burn the Most Calories | LIVESTRONG.COM How many Burpees do I have to do per day to lose a lot of fat fast? #1 Fat Burning Exercise - How To Do It Right - YouTube Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Fast. - Find Info on Health & More.‎ Lose Belly Fat With Just Two Exercises | Men's Health 101 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast - Men's Fitness Get Ripped and Burn Abdominal Fat with our Best Abs Workout ... The Truth: How To Burn Abdominal Fat! - Bodybuilding.com Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For Men - YouTube How To Lose Belly Fat in Just 10 Days - YouTube 6 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat, Based on Science - Authority Nutrition Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat for Men | LIVESTRONG.COM The 5 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat | GQ Men's Top 7 Ab Training Mistakes - WebMD
5 Simple Steps to Lose Belly Fat Fast
Learn the 5 simple steps to lose belly fat fast. Well they're not really all that simple, but this video will sure simplify the process. If you're search for how to lose belly fat fast and want overnight fat burn check out this video. It'll set you straight. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=simple Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2MVIz57 The five simple steps to lose belly fat fast. By following these five simple yet very effective steps you'll get rid of your belly fat and have a flat stomach in the shortest amount of time possible. Now the goal of all of these steps is to lower your insulin levels and increase your glucagon levels. Insulin is a fat storage hormone that's released when your blood glucose levels rise. When you have low blood sugar there's very little insulin present in your body. On the other hand when you have high blood sugar insulin is running around like crazy storing excess glucose that can't be held by your liver or your muscles as fat. When your blood sugar drops low enough your body releases a hormone known as glucagon. Glucagon has the inverse effect of insulin and that's exactly why it's so important for burning body fat. Now unfortunately there's no way to Target fat burn so burning overall body fat is going to be the best and the most efficient way to burn belly fat. So when we decrease our blood glucose levels insulin levels plummet and glucagon acts to maintain normal blood glucose levels. The first step in doing this is a process known as glycogenolisis where glucagon stimulates the conversion of stored glycogen from the liver to glucose for your bloodstream. Glucagon will also promote the conversion of amino acids to glucose through a process known as gluconeogenesis. And the last and most important thing that it does for losing belly fat is that glucagon acts on adispose tissue to stimulate the breakdown of fat stores into the bloodstream. so the question is how do we decrease insulin levels and increase glucagon levels to prevent us from storing any more fat and instead to help us burn more fat? And the first step is to follow a low-carb diet by eliminating all processed foods simple carbohydrates and sugary beverages and in general limiting all carbs. Now low carb diet is not the only way that you can burn belly fat but it's one of the fastest ways that you can lower your insulin levels in order to burn belly fat. In one study people with metabolic syndrome were randomized to receive either a low-fat or low-carb diet containing 1500 calories. The insulin levels dropped by an average of 50 percent in the low carb group and only 19 percent in the low-fat group even though they had the same amount of calories. Carbohydrates are the most insulinogenic out of the three macronutrients protein carbs and fats. Now in general consuming fewer calories has consistently shown to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin levels in overweight and obese people regardless of the type of diet that they consume. So again even though it's not the only way to do it a low-carb diet can help you deplete the glycogen in your liver and start burning fat faster. Step number two is to try fasting because not eating is by far one of the best ways to keep insulin levels at their lowest. I mean it makes sense if you're not taking it any calories your body is nothing to convert to glucose. Start off with intermittent fasting where you fast for 16 hours a day and only eat during an 8-hour time block of the day. So you might skip breakfast and instead just have lunch and dinner everyday. Fasting definitely works however be warned some people when they break their fast will be so hungry that they drastically overeat and that is going to cause a huge Spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. To the point where it might have not even been so bad if you just didn't fast. So for that reason fasting is not the answer for everyone. If you're the type of person that gets uncontrollably hungry when you fast and then you binge eat after the fast you may be better off spreading out your meals into small portions throughout the day and just sticking to a low-carb diet. However like I said I would definitely give it a shot because there's nothing out there that can lower your insulin levels the way that fasting can. The third step is to begin exercising consistently and regularly. I always like to use the gas tank example with this one imagine that your body's gas tank the fuel that it runs off of is glycogen. And every time you eat your refilling that gas tank. Just by breathing being awake standing sitting even sleeping your body has to use some energy from the gas tank almost like a car that's running while parked. However the amount of energy it uses while parked is not all that much. When you exercise it's like driving your car in that your car begins running off of more gas to get it from point A to point B
Why do I store fat on my hips, thighs and butt?
Tarryn explains the underlying reason for fat storing on the hips, thighs and butt. You'll find out what needs to be addressed to see results in this area. Take my free body type quiz http://bit.ly/quiz-bodytype To take my free training http://bit.ly/free_training_4u
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5 Intermittent Fasting Tricks to Burn Fat Faster
Learn 5 intermittent fasting weight loss tricks to burn fat faster. These tips will help those of you looking to lose weight fast. If you are on the ketogenic diet some of these tips will benefit you as well 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=fasting Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2wplFbl Timestamps: #1 Stick to foods that won’t spike your blood sugar/insulin level – 0:34 #2 Keto fasting – 3:01 #3 Extend the length of your fast – 4:39 #4 Performing fasted workouts – 5:30 #5 Lifting heavy weights – 7:41 You really shouldn't start an intermittent fasting plan......... Well.... at least not until you watch this video because today I'm giving away the top 5 ways that will allow you to burn fat faster while fasting. If you've already tried intermittent fasting and you did it correctly you've probably already noticed some great results. You probably lost some body fat, maybe lost a few pounds off the scale, and you've become more productive in the process.... which is all great. But I know if you could double or triple your results without spending more time in the gym or in the kitchen you would be more than happy to learn how. Am I right? ....I think i'm right. So let's get started with the very first trick... When you break your fast, during your feeding window you want to stick to foods that don't spike your blood sugar, and more importantly don't spike your insulin levels. And those two things aren't always the same. As many of you already know one of the major benefits of fasting is that it'll allow you lower your insulin levels. Insulin is a fat storage hormone that serves as a bridge between your cells and the nutrients coming into your body. Your body will also stop burning fat when insulin levels are elevated. When we fast we are not just looking to lower calories by not eating, even though fasting will definitely do this the main goal of fasting for fat loss is to decrease insulin levels. And there really is no better solution for doing just that, when you simply don't eat your bodies insulin levels are naturally at their lowest. However, what most people don't realize is that even if you fast perfectly, once you break your fast you can spike your blood sugar and insulin levels high enough to cause your body to actually store fat rather than burn it. So if you want to burn fat at the fastest rate the goal has to be to keep your insulin levels low even after breaking your fast. We can do that by understanding some basic principles and then making a decision on what to eat during your feeding window around those key concepts. First let's get the obvious out of the way.... sweets, processed foods, and junk food will spike your insulin levels the highest while providing the lowest amount of nutrients. So if you want to burn fat faster after breaking your fast stick only to real wholesome single ingredient foods. Most of these foods you'll find by sticking to the outside aisles of your local grocery store or supermarket while avoiding the inner aisles. Next you have to know that carbohydrates have the biggest impact on your insulin levels, certain types of dairy have equally as big of an impact, other sources of protein have a moderate impact, and fat has the smallest impact. By not overindulging in carbohydrates and dairy after breaking your fast you'll already be miles ahead of most people. Since fasting is supposed to be a flexible dieting structure, I don't want you to restrict your carbs or dairy to nothing. In fact by doing that it'll probably make you want to have them even more. Instead I want you to break your fast with a large serving of vegetables in order to fill your stomach up and take the edge off your hunger. Then move on to your protein & fat sources, and then if you're still hungry you can move on to some low glycemic carbohydrates & dairy. This will allow you to limit your insulin spikes during your feeding window without actually thinking about it & without restrictions. Let's move on to the second way to burn fat faster that goes hand in hand with the first tip we just went over. I'm talking about keto fasting. Keto fasting is a combination of the ketogenic diet & fasting. This will make your diet a little less flexible because you will have to adhere to a certrain macronutrient split, but it's an incredibly effective way to speed up the amount of fat lost from fasting. Here you would start by setting up a regular intermittent fasting & feeding window. An common example would be to break your fast at 1 o clock & then switch back to fasting at 9 o clock. But during that 8 hour feeding window, with this method you'll actually want to keep your carbohydrate consumption under only 5 to 10 percent of your total daily caloric intake. This means no grains, no starchy veggies, & only berries for your fruit. Studies on fasted training: tinyurl.com/ybosvgqf tinyurl.com/y7n9d4jc
3 Secrets to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Faster
Learn how to burn stubborn body fat faster than ever before. If you're looking for a way to lose belly fat fast this video will help walk you through the process. Find out how to reduce and totally get rid of that last little bit of fat. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=secrets Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2oSwsan In today's video we're going to be going over 3 secrets to burn stubborn fat faster. People have stubborn fat in all kinds of places but the most common spots are the belly the thighs the bat wings and the love handles. Even though stubborn fat is a little harder to get rid of you're going to be more than prepared to deal with all your stubborn fat after watching this video. First let me just clarify that we can't Target fat burn and no this is not one of the secrets because most people already know this. You can't choose a particular section or area of your body that you want to burn fat for and target it. So even though you might have stubborn belly fat there's no way to do certain exercises that will decrease just your belly fat. Fat loss happens across our whole body so while you're burning fat from your belly you're also give me burning fat from your toes hands your face and from your whole body. So when we're looking for a way to burn fat faster from a particular area we're really looking for a way to burn fat faster across our whole body in general. The first way that we're going to do this is by depleting our gas tank and keeping that gas tank really low. So your body has a gas tank and instead of running off of gas it runs off of glycogen. Most people think that glycogen only comes from carbs but the truth is that protein can also very easily be converted into glucose and stored away for later use. When your gas tank is full of glycogen your body will use the glycogen and spare your fat cells whenever it needs energy. Whether that be energy for going about your regular day or energy for completing your workout either way your body is going to prefer to use glucose. The only way that we're going to get access to the fat cells is after the glycogen stores have already been depleted. So if we can deplete the glycogen stores and keep them depleted we can speed up the fat loss process. So how do we deplete glycogen. Well one very simple way is by not consuming too much glycogen and again protein don't forget can be converted into glycogen so I'm not necessarily advocating a low-carb diet here because low-carb diets are not the only way to burn through your glycogen stores and start burning fat. You can do it a number of different ways but the key is to maintain a negative calorie balance in order to use all the stored glucose. You can even do a pure carb diet where you only have carbohydrates and still burn through all the glycogen just by maintaining a calorie deficit. I know this because I've done it myself before and I have a whole video about it. So first of all you can have to maintain a calorie deficit second of all you should incorporate some heavy weight training. There is no better way to burn glucose then through anaerobic training. Anaerobic training involves exercises that require you to use primarily glycogen rather than oxygen for energy. Almost all weight training as long as the weight is heavy enough will be considered anaerobic training and will help you deplete your glycogen stores faster. I recommended their minimum of 3 days a week of weight training but with 5 days a week you're going to burn through a lot more of that glucose so if your schedule allows try to do weight training more frequently. Remember once that glucose is out of the way that's when you have direct access to your fat stores that's actually why ketogenic diets work so well for fat loss, they actually switch your body's main source of fuel from glycogen over to ketones that come from fat. The second thing that you can do is fasting. This is another excellent way to decrease glucose in your body and empty out the gas tank but that's not the only reason why fasting is so good for fat loss. Insulin is your fat storage hormone. To make it really simple when your insulin levels are high it is virtually impossible to burn fat. When insulin and blood sugar levels are low glucagon is released to draw energy from your cells. So now instead of pudding glucose into your cells this will pull from your cells. Glucagon and insulin are opposites and you really only going to get one or the other. again to burn fat we want to try to keep our insulin levels low and insulin levels dont get much lower then where they'll be at when your fasting. The pont is that fasting is one of the fastest and the best ways to keep your insulin levels really low. Also when you fast usually it's a lot easier to maintain a calorie deficit throughout the day.
How To Lose Visceral Fat – It's Not As Hard As You Think!
►► FREE Meal Plan http://fitfatherproject.com/get-free-meal-plan ►► FREE Workout https://fitfatherproject.com/get-free-workout ►► FREE Workout https://fitfatherproject.com/get-free-muscle-workout ►► Join the 30-Day Program here → http://bit.ly/2r8JO1l Subscribe to our channel here → https://goo.gl/wxghQ5 ** How To Lose Visceral Fat** In this video, I walk you through how visceral fat differs from subcutaneous fat, what the dangers of elevated levels are, how you can lose visceral fat fast, and what the main areas are to help you keep visceral fat off your body over the long-term. So, get out your pen and paper and make some notes. (…or just use this description) ;) *What Is Fat? (0:37) Fat cells are essentially storage containers that store energy that can be used by the body at a later stage, for activities or natural bodily functions. When you eat, energy is being taken into the body by the food you eat (hence calories are a unit of energy). If you store more calories than you burn each day, you end up with constantly increasing fat stores (a belly)! *What Is VISCERAL Fat? (1:32) When your body takes in an excess of fat that is not being burned off through exercise or natural movement, you end up with stored fat. As well as storing under your skin, which is known as subcutaneous fat (the fat you can pinch), fat can go deep and be stored around your organs. In small amounts, this is protective. In large amounts, this is toxic and dangerous! An increased amount of visceral fat can literally strangle your internal organs, reduce blood supply to your organs and actually cause issues like fatty liver when the increase in fat cells in your blood goes inside your organs. *How To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat (2:33) Getting rid of visceral fat is done in pretty much the same way as losing fat in general, in that you should make sure you sleep enough, get enough water each day, follow a healthy meal plan and do more physical activity or formal exercise. Our guidelines for this, are: • Sleep at least 7 hours per night • Drink half your bodyweight in lbs, in oz’s of water • Follow a sustainable meal plan ►► http://fitfatherproject.com/get-free-meal-plan • Follow a structured workout ►► https://fitfatherproject.com/get-free-workout *How Does Exercise Help Me Lose Visceral Fat Quickly? (3:40) Exercise will help you to improve the circulation throughout your entire body, so will help reach the deep fat cells to pull energy from there too. This will help to mobilize the energy contained in that deep visceral fat and pull it to our muscles so we can perform regular movement, physical activity, and formal workouts. *How Will I Know I’m Losing Visceral Fat? (4:35) Measuring your belly circumference is a good starting point to seeing if you’re losing visceral fat from your belly. If your belly circumference is shrinking, it’s very likely your visceral fat levels are also decreasing. This is a simple way to measure it, but is an effective way too. You can go further and actually have a DEXA scan on your body, which will identify the levels of visceral fat in your body. This is very expensive, but obviously much more accurate. I hope this information has been helpful and valuable for you and has taught you the key areas of how to lose visceral belly fat. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and don’t forget we’re here for you all the way! Your friends here at the FFP, -Dr. Balduzzi + The Men's Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project **Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.
Women Dating Fat Guys - MGTOW
"Hey Sandman, cjk here. Your insight is beyond your years, thanks for doing what you do. One of my Favorite bachelors was Benny Hill an eccentric actor in the UK. And I'm sure he was single due to extreme happiness. What do you think? Well CJK thanks for the donation and question. First of all Benny Hill the comedian I don't really know if he was single due to it being his choice. I think in some crazy way he was a true forced loneliness guy because he was overweight, unattractive and didn't spend money on women. Benny Hill never married or had children but he did propose to two women during his lifetime but he was rejected both times. So there could be some trauma relationship trauma that prevented him from getting married. Maybe during the whole course of what was happening in those relationships it threw him off to marriage and he decided he didn't want to get married. Or maybe he accepted that women didn't love him for himself but only his money. And in the end he decided to marry his money instead. Other people often thought he was gay but he claimed that wasn't true. The truth is he was also really cheap guy. He wouldn't fix his mothers leaky roof even when he had millions of pounds in his bank account. So let me get this straight, he was a very cheap guy that didn't spend any money on himself and shopped in bargain stores. What little money he did spend was spent on travel. But he stayed in modest places rather then five star hotels. He rented a small two room apartment in London, didn't have a car and walked everywhere. And even with all the walking he was still overweight. I'm sure that he could have been having lots of sex with many prostitutes and women in relationships in the final third of his life but I think he was too cheap to part with his money. Here was a guy that died with 15 million pounds that eventually all went to his nieces and nephews. Some men have a very hard time enjoying their money. I have a very hard time justifying to myself to spend money on things that I don't need. I was raised to live a very frugal life and that money represents a safety net and freedom. His demon was his frugal lifestyle and being unable to give himself a good quality life. But you know what would have happened if he bought a fancy apartment, even if it was a good investment. Learned to drive and spent money lavishly on cars? That type of behavior would have properly attracted a gold digger that would be out to take his money and lifestyle for her own. I think he understood that after his two proposals and became disenchanted with women and decided to instead focus on his comedy. But at the end of it all I think that women rejected him because he was overweight and mildly obese more then anything else. Women hate fat men as is promised in the title of this video. 10 pictures paid for and licensed through BigStock.com (In order of appearance) 1. Nomad Soul - Man holding a huge bread on field of wheat http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-85366361/stock-photo-man-holding-a-huge-bread-on-field-of-wheat 2. Mukhina1 - Finger art of couple with meter. The concept man is thin, woman is fat. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-98591663/stock-photo-finger-art-of-couple-with-meter-the-concept-man-is-thin%2C-woman-is-fat 3. Nomad Soul - Girl is wondering about men http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-75252730/stock-photo-girl-is-wondering-about-men 4. Malp - Us Obesity Concept http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-72131278/stock-photo-us-obesity-concept 5. milkovasa - Pair in bed http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-29288234/stock-photo-pair-in-bed 6. olly2 - Tired housewife preparing food and overweight man sitting in an armchair http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-12159593/stock-photo-tired-housewife-preparing-food-and-overweight-man-sitting-in-an-armchair 7. Ishihara Shojiro - Woman doctor with a medical examination in obese patient http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-37001119/stock-photo-woman-doctor-with-a-medical-examination-in-obese-patient 8. Nyul - Love couple having breakfast together. Woman giving apple to her boyfriend. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-13096229/stock-photo-love-couple-having-breakfast-together-woman-giving-apple-to-her-boyfriend 9. dolgachov - bright picture of couple eating different food (focus on man) http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-38624314/stock-photo-bright-picture-of-couple-eating-different-food-%28focus-on-man%29 10. Creatista - Couple Fighting Or Sharing Shocking Secret http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-8006296/stock-photo-couple-fighting-or-sharing-shocking-secret
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20 Min Fat Burning Workouts to do at Home without Equipment for Men & Women to Lose Weight Fast
Download the FREE HASfit app: Android http://bit.ly/HASfitAndroid -- iPhone http://bit.ly/HASfitiOS Visit http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/weight-loss-home/fat-torching-workouts-to-do-at-home/ for the 20 Min Fat Burning Workouts to do at Home without Equipment for Men & Women to Lose Weight Fast instructions Donate with Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hasfit Shop HASfit Tribe store: https://hasfit.myshopify.com/ Start a Free Fitness Program Calendar: Which program is right for me? http://goo.gl/bvRcjV Foundation (beginner) - https://goo.gl/Ay3m3t Motive: (intermediate thru advanced) - https://goo.gl/qH3aSF 30 Day Muscle Building Program: https://goo.gl/aNkmbx 30 Day Ab Challenge Calendar: https://goo.gl/fu0OeU Classic Programs: 30 Day Challenge to Get in Shape (beginner – intermediate): http://goo.gl/YtALOu Warrior 90 HIIT (intermediate): http://goo.gl/NxwO5u Hero 90 (advanced): http://goo.gl/a8BYTk 30 Day Ab Plan (intermediate): http://goo.gl/hVsttG 30 Day Low Impact Program (beginner): http://goo.gl/yH99lZ Get our Diet Guide: Eating For Life https://goo.gl/7qnHn4 Personal Training Services: http://hasfitpersonaltrainer.com Follow us for more! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HASFitness/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hasfit_official/ Snapchat: @hasfit Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeartSoulFit Disclaimer: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting a HASfit program or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. This is particularly true if you (or your family) have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you have ever experienced chest pain when exercising or have experienced chest pain in the past month when not engaged in physical activity, smoke, have high cholesterol, are obese, or have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in physical activity. Do not start this fitness program if your physician or health care provider advises against it. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising you should stop immediately. HASfit offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical or health related advice from your health-care professional because of something you may have read on this site. The use of any information provided on this site is solely at your own risk. HASfit makes no warrants, promises, or claims regarding accuracy of the calories burned estimate. It is provided only as a general reference and each person should use an indirect calorimetry system for a more accurate estimate. Developments in medical research may impact the health, fitness and nutritional advice that appears here. No assurance can be given that the advice contained on HASfit will always include the most recent findings or developments with respect to the particular material.
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How to Burn STORED BODY FAT - Deep Information by Guru Mann
How to Burn STORED BODY FAT? Get deep Information by fitness expert Guru Mann. ❤❤❤ Thanks and Love #GuruMann ❤❤❤ LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For all updates : ★ SUBSCRIBE Us on Guru Mann Fitness :www.youtube.com/GuruMannFitness ★ SUBSCRIBE Us on Health & Fitness : http://bit.ly/1eBikoz ★ LIKE us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tserieshealt... ★ Follow us on Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/tserieshealth ★ Follow Guru Mann on Instagram: GURUMANN Check out http://www.gurumann.com for more information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IIf your have missed it here are all Fitness Program by Guru Mann. 👉🏼 MUSCLE SIZE 5x5 - SIZE GAIN WORKOUT Program http://bit.ly/2dg6nhd 👉🏼ULTIMATE ARMS: Biceps Workout, Triceps Workout http://bit.ly/2cZs4kx 👉🏼 Muscular 8 Fat Loss Program: http://bit.ly/2dnT9kt 👉🏼 Pure Mass' 8 Weeks Mass Building Program http://bit.ly/2d2Bejq 👉🏼LEAN MODE Workout: http://bit.ly/2cRL5TF Nutrition: http://bit.ly/2dfOpb4 👉🏼 GAINER (Pecs & Delts): http://bit.ly/2dcq489 👉🏼SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL 8 Weeks Fat Shred Program: http://bit.ly/1OoMv9J 👉🏼 GET RIPPED 6 weeks MALE & FEMALE Fitness Model Workout Program: http://bit.ly/2cHp3pi 👉🏼CONTROL DIABETES: http://bit.ly/2dcq9Zv
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Stubborn Lower Body Fat | Hormones that Burn & Store Fat
More info: http://www.beyondfitlife.com Addressing the body's hormonal situation is our last step to targeting the tough-to-tone areas in women. The main question seems to be this: why do certain areas of the body lose fat quicker, while others are more stubborn? As inconvenient for us as it is, our bodies preferentially store fat according to hormonal patterns, and for many women this means in the hips, butt and thighs. (Whereas men often store in the midsection). This is more than a caloric issue. In fact, most women who go on a low calorie diet will lose fat from their upper bodies, and none from their lower. This happens because stubborn fat storage is about hormones not calories, and we store based on 2 types of cell receptors: alpha adrenergic receptors and beta adrenergic receptors. The former locks fat in, while the latter encourages fat release. And surprise! Women have much higher densities of the former in the legs, butt and thighs, while men have a great density of the alpha adrenergic receptors in their midsections. Not to get too much into the science, but all you need to know if you want to burn fat from stubborn areas is that decreasing alphas and increasing betas is ideal. Let's take a look at specific female hormones that cause fat storage in the butt, legs and thighs of women. Because women have higher levels of the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone, they tend to store fat lower, saturating the thighs and glutes and creating that pear shape look. Estrogen's effect is prominent in the thighs and hips of women. This hormone usually out-does the actions of cortisol, HGH, testosterone and even progesterone to encourage fat storage in this area. However, as we age, levels of reproductive hormones (progesterone, estrogen and testosterone) decrease, along with HGH. This reduction coupled with the increase in cortisol from stressful lives, lack of sleep and long-duration, low-intensity exercise, leaves most individuals storing more and more fat in their middle. This is why it is common to see older adult females resembling more of the "apple shape." For childbearing and because estrogen is highly active in this area, women's bodies hold onto fat in these places stubbornly. It's not uncommon for many women to gain weight FIRST in their thighs, hips and glutes. If you've ever felt the difference when you try to zip up their jeans after even just a few weeks off track, you know what I'm talking about. More info: http://www.beyondfitlife.com Want fitness & nutrition so simple it works.... FOR LIFE?! Fat-loss doesn't' have to be a puzzle. Are you ready to crack the code and piece together your own personal blueprint which you can use again and again? That's a BeyondFit Life! What do BeyondFit Life members receive? Instant access to downloadable, printable: -Fat-burning workouts (no gym required) -Fast, simple recipes (no fancy ingredients) -Workout PDFs updated each month -Incredible fat-loss lifestyle bonus material -And LIVE online support Click HERE to join and start downloading your workouts and recipes now! http://www.beyondfitlife.com
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Lose Your Love Handles (FASTER)! 6 LOW BACK FAT LOSS TIPS
Get 60% off the Digital Body Analyzer Scale here:http://vitagoods.com/pages/alpha60 Code: ALPHA60 This scale is pretty amazing and a great tool to make sure you are on track and making progress! Special thank you to Vitagoods for making such a great body fat analyzing scale and for sponsoring this video! Best Hair Product in The UNIVERSE! http://peteandpedro.com Use Code: YOUAREAWESOME25 for 25% OFF Your Order! Best Skin Care In The UNIVERSE! https://tiege.com Use code: ALPHAM25 for 25% OFF your 1st Tiege Hanley kit! http://tiege.com All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Check out my NEW website: http://www.alpham.com The BEST Hair Styling Products http://www.peteandpedro.com All Things Alpha M. http://www.alpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com Best Grooming Tool: http://bit.ly/2tiyTXO Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ My Businesses: http://www.alpham.com Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com MENfluential Conference: http://menfluentialconference.com/ Tiege Hanley: http://tiege.com Alpha HATES love handles! They are annoying pockets of fat - he seriously hates them! Not matter what you do, they seem like they never go away. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is presenting the 30-day plan to lose those love handles. BEFORE You Get Started First, check your body fat to see where you're starting from. Use the Digital Body Analyzer Scale. It's the best that Alpha's used. You are working out and trying to lose body fat, you NEED one of these. it gives the best representation of your body versus a scale that uses weight as a measure of success. You could gain 10 pounds of muscle but lose 5 pounds of fat, and the body weight scale won't give an accurate picture. 30-Day Love Handle Elimination Plan 1. Eliminate alcohol 2. Stop doing crunches - instead work out 4xs a week, focusing on big body parts & compound movements (squats, deadlifts, pull ups, lat pull downs). You'll burn more calories. 3. Do cardio - steady state cardio in your target zone (stairmaster, treadmill, long runs) on an empty stomach 5 - 7 days a week. Also you could try HIIT. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. 4. Chill with carbs - opt for whole grains instead 5. Reduce your calories by 500 per day (3,500 per week = pound of fat gone per week) 6. START! Just do it! Find Your Target Zone The number one way to reduce your body fat the fastest, easiest, and safest is doing cardio 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing it for 30-minutes first thing in the morning is the same as an hour-and-half later in the day. The body dips into your fat stores as the energy to keep going. You have to do the cardio in your target zone: 220 - your age = number That number is multiplied by .6 as well as by .75 EXAMPLE If your age is 42 220-42= 178 178 x .6 = 107 (lower range) 178 x .75 = 134 (upper range) If you workout with your heart rate between 110 and 138, you are using fatty acids to keep going Those two numbers are your lower and upper range. You will be using nothing but fatty acids to keep going in that zone. You don't have to go the gym. You can walk around the neighborhood or jog in place. Simply get your heart rate in that zone.
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When You Burn Fat, Where Does it Go?
When you burn fat, where does it go? Many people, even some doctors, think it’s just “burned up.” But that’s not possible! Find out where your fat really goes! Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow Or help support us by subscribing to our page on Subbable: https://subbable.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Thanks Tank Tumblr: http://thankstank.tumblr.com Sources: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-12/uons-wyl121414.php http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/biology/metab.html
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What is beer belly? Visceral Fat? How to lose belly fat?
Beer belly, or by a short definition is an enlarged midsection. According to research studies, where your body stores fat is influenced by your sex, gender, age, lifestyle, and genetics. Men tend to store fat in the belly first, while women tend to store fat around their hips, butts, thighs, and of course the belly too, but usually less than men in calories count. Unlike subcutaneous fat, which is found under the skin, visceral fat is found between your organs. When it comes to beer belly, visceral fat is the one you have to watch out for, the reason is that visceral fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. Cardio, resistance weight training, and good diets will definitely help you lose weight overall, but it will take time to lose your stubborn beer belly. The reason is that visceral fats, the fats found between organs will take a longer time to get rid off than the subcutaneous fat that is found under your skin. Animation: GoAnimate Permision via Subscriber Plan Background Music: Sleeping Sheep By The Green Orbs - Youtube Free Music Library GoAnimate Royalty Free Music Audio Format Permission Audacity http://www.audacityteam.org/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ LAME for mp3 format Permission lame_enc.dll www.mp3dev.org http://lame.sourceforge.net/license.txt Leave me a feedback by commenting down below. This will help me improve or give me an idea what the next video should be about. If you like the video, subscribe, like, or share the video. Thanks! Twitter: https://twitter.com/FunSimpleLIFE
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How to go from “sugar burner” to “fat burner” in less than 1 week with strategic carb manipulation…
Free report uncovers how to burn more belly fat in 12 minutes than an entire hour of low intensity cardio: http://gl12.net/ytdepletereport Hey, everybody. Shaun Hadsall here with Get Lean in 12 and inside this short fat-loss video, I'm going to teach you how to go from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner in less than one week. And this is a strategy that I've used with my clients for over 20 years now. I'm a stubborn fat expert and I've been doing this a long time. I've helped over 100,000 people over the last five years alone and inside this video I just want to share how I transform my client's metabolisms from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner in less than one week. And we're going to do this by manipulating carbohydrates and using something called a deplete day. Now most people make the mistake of depleting with the wrong foods, for the wrong durations, and at the wrong times. And inside this video, I'm going to show you how to do it the right way so that your body stops burning sugars and it starts burning fat. So let's talk about how to transform your metabolism from a sugar burner to being fat burning in less than one week. So here is a picture of your body. Now it looks kind of funny. I know that, but I'm going to explain it here. So in here is your organs, your tissues, and your hormones. And we're going to particularly talk about manipulating insulin, leptin in your thyroid with a deplete day to maximize your hormones, so that you can burn more belly fat. In here, you have stored energy in the form of what we call glycogen. And this is stored energy inside your liver and inside your muscle tissue from the carbohydrates that you eat. So an average person's every day diet, when they consume a balanced meal and they start consuming carbohydrates, they start filling up their glycogen tank. So you start storing energy from the carbohydrates that you eat inside your energy tank. Well, over time, if you're not consistently burning off more than you're taking in, then your tank fills up. And what ends up happening is then every time you eat impact carbohydrates, these are non-fibrous carbohydrates. Now your body has nowhere to store them, so if you're not walking down the road or exercising to burn it off, you're going to suffer from what we call fat spillover. And these extra energy that you're eating is going to spill over and be stored as body fat. This is what causes people to accumulate a big belly. So what we're going to do is we're going to bring your energy tank all the way down to here in about four to six days and that will allow your metabolism to come over here and start grabbing and using body fat as fuel instead of burning sugars and carbohydrates. So what you want to do is we want to manipulate insulin first. So when insulin is elevated, your body can't burn belly fat because insulin's your body's number one fat storage hormone. So when you eat too many carbohydrates or you eat sugars or starches on their own, you spike insulin levels, making it impossible for your body to access belly fat. So by lowering your carb grams, your impact carbs. So when you look at the label and you count carbohydrates, you're take the amount of fiber. You're going to subtract that from the total carb count. What's leftover is your impact carbs. So for about five to six days in a row, you want to keep your impact carbs under 25 grams. And this can be very difficult, however, the first time my wife did this, she lost eight pounds of belly fat in one week. So it does work.
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Fat Guy Dancing In The Store
That guy is Awesome. Meanwhile in Russia. Join Us On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MeanwhileRussia Автор: Ivan Krugov http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbMKr3xk-yMcqjVGnhKHNsw Корпорация Центр http://www.corpcentre.ru/ Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/MeanwhileRussia Google+ http://plus.google.com/u/0/b/10298936... Мы ВКонтакте http://vk.com/meanwhilerussia Vote for us on King of the Web http://kingofweb.com/users/meanwhiler... If you like our YouTube channel, and want to help us, vote for us here http://kingofweb.com/users/meanwhiler... and simply give us a minute of your time to log in with your Facebook and vote! You can vote ten times per day till the end of the election (just click on the vote button 10 times). We love posting videos for all of you, and now we need your help to take the crown! :) We upload only those videos for which we have obtained permission from the copyright holder/owner. If you have any interesting or funny video and you want it to be published in this channel, please contact us. We welcome video suggestions from our viewers, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you own the copyright to any video, posted on this channel and this video was mistakenly posted without your permission, please contact us. E-mail:: [email protected] Мы загружаем только те видео, на которые мы получили разрешение от правообладателя / владельца. Если у вас есть интересное или смешное видео и вы хотите, чтобы оно было опубликовано на этом канале, свяжитесь с нами. Мы приветствуем любые предложения и пожелания от наших зрителей и если у вас есть какие-то вопросы, не стесняйтесь спрашивать. Если вы обладаете авторскими правами на какое-либо видео, размещенное на этом канале и это видео было по ошибке размещено без вашего согласия, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами. E-mail: [email protected] . JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/ .
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PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE Here's the link to SUBSCRIBE - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheLeanMachines WATCH MORE OF OUR VIDEOS ON OUR CHANNEL PAGE http://www.youtube.com/TheLeanMachines OUR TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/TheLeanMachines OUR FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/TheLeanMachines CHECK OUT OUR VLOG CHANNEL PAGE http://youtube.com/TheLeanMachinesVlogs GET YOUR LEANMACHINES GOODIES HERE GUYS!! U.S STORE- http://theleanmachines.spreadshirt.com U.K STORE- http://theleanmachines.spreadshirt.co.uk
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Fat Burning Cardio Workout | Full Body Workout At Home | Best Bodyweight Exercise |Gym Workout
Hello Guys this workout routine tone your abs and burn your access store fat. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B01JEMBH8I/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=3638&creative=24630&creativeASIN=B01JEMBH8I&linkCode=as2&tag=bodymoveindia-21 Like share and please Subscribe
Insights on Female Fat Loss
Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect explains why hormonally women and men store fat differently and how women can increase fat burning in the thighs, hips and glutes through correct exercise. Want to know even more? Join the Female Fat Loss Formula: http://www.metaboliceffect.com/product/female-fat-loss-formula/
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20 Min HIIT Cardio at Home for Men & Women - Fat Burning 20 Minute Cardio Home Workout
Download the FREE HASfit app: Android http://bit.ly/HASfitAndroid -- iPhone http://bit.ly/HASfitiOS Instructions for 20 Min HIIT Cardio at Home for Men & Women - Fat Burning 20 Minute Cardio Home Workout: http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/cardio-aerobic/20-min-hiit-cardio-at-home/ Donate on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hasfit Shop the HASfit Tribe store: https://hasfit.myshopify.com/ Buy Coach Kozak's book, Stay Fit For Life: http://amzn.to/2uSUJPN Start a Free Fitness Program Calendar: Which program is right for me? http://goo.gl/bvRcjV Foundation (beginner) - https://goo.gl/Ay3m3t Motive: (intermediate thru advanced) - https://goo.gl/qH3aSF 30 Day Muscle Building Program: https://goo.gl/aNkmbx 30 Day Ab Challenge Calendar: https://goo.gl/fu0OeU Here's the Equipment We Use: https://goo.gl/AXI25d Classic Programs: 30 Day Challenge to Get in Shape (beginner – intermediate): http://goo.gl/YtALOu Warrior 90 HIIT (intermediate): http://goo.gl/NxwO5u Hero 90 (advanced): http://goo.gl/a8BYTk 30 Day Ab Plan (intermediate): http://goo.gl/hVsttG 30 Day Low Impact Program (beginner): http://goo.gl/yH99lZ Get our Diet Guide: Eating For Life https://goo.gl/7qnHn4 Personal Training Services: http://hasfitpersonaltrainer.com Follow us for more! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HASFitness/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hasfit_official/ Snapchat: @hasfit Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeartSoulFit Disclaimer: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting a HASfit program or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. This is particularly true if you (or your family) have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you have ever experienced chest pain when exercising or have experienced chest pain in the past month when not engaged in physical activity, smoke, have high cholesterol, are obese, or have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in physical activity. Do not start this fitness program if your physician or health care provider advises against it. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising you should stop immediately. HASfit offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical or health related advice from your health-care professional because of something you may have read on this site. The use of any information provided on this site is solely at your own risk. HASfit makes no warrants, promises, or claims regarding accuracy of the calories burned estimate. It is provided only as a general reference and each person should use an indirect calorimetry system for a more accurate estimate. Developments in medical research may impact the health, fitness and nutritional advice that appears here. No assurance can be given that the advice contained on HASfit will always include the most recent findings or developments with respect to the particular material.
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How To Lose Belly Fat In 7 Days For Men & women At Home (Most Recommended)
Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week at Home for Men & Women- Amazing Remedy without Workout & Exercise Sassy Water – The Most Efficient Drink for Losing Belly Fat Cynthia Sass, the nutritionist that actually “invented” this drink, called “Sassy” in her honor, says that this magical water has amazing effect on the digestive system and significantly relieves bloating. Ingredients: • 8 glasses water • 1 tsp grated ginger root • 1 medium-sized cucumber, peeled and cut into slices • 1 medium-sized lemon cut into slices • 12 fresh mint leaves and 1 tsp dried mint Preparation and Consumption: Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, leave them overnight, and it is best if you keep the bowl in the fridge. Consume 4-5 glasses during the whole day. You can start drinking it in the morning before your breakfast for better and instant results. You will feel like you have lost 1 pound after the first two hours. Nutritionists say that by regular consumption of this drink and moderate physical activity, it would melt the belly fat and help you finally get that flat and sexy stomach. People who have consumed this drink regularly say that the results they achieved are more than fantastic if you take in consider that you could lose up to 12 kilograms, of course by following a proper diet regimen as well. This “Sassy” water is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, nor for people having stomach problems or allergy to any of the ingredients listed! Eat This and Lose Belly Fat! 1. Oatmeal Your morning snack attack is caused by a dip in blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich oatmeal stays in your stomach for hours, staving off a doughnut run. Watch out: Steer clear of the sugary flavored varieties. Choose the plain stuff, and sweeten it with berries. 2. Almonds and Other Nuts Go nuts! They slim your tummy by keeping it full. A Purdue University study showed that people who ate nuts felt full longer than those who ate rice cakes. Stick to 24 almonds a day to satisfy your hunger pangs without overloading on calories. Watch out: Skip salted nuts; too much sodium raises blood pressure. 3. Protein Powder It's not just for gym rats! Protein powder contains amino acids that burn fat and build muscle. Add two teaspoons to a smoothie for a fat-busting drink. Find it at health food stores. Watch out: Make that smoothie with fruit, yogurt, and low-fat milk — adding protein powder to a chocolate shake doesn't make it health food (we wish). 4. Olive Oil Everyone needs a little fat — it controls hunger. Go for monounsaturated fats like olive or canola oil. They will help keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings. Watch out: Steer clear of hydrogenated vegetable oils; they're loaded with unhealthy trans fat. 5. Berries Berries stuff a lot of filling fiber into a tiny package: Just one cup of raspberries has six grams. Watch out: Jelly is the junk food of the fruit world. It has almost no fiber and contains added sugar. 101 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast The average man's body houses 43.2 pounds of fat. And at any one moment, that number is either increasing or decreasing—it's never stagnant. Spend more of each day burning fat than you do storing it, and over time, you'll bury your belly forever. Sound simple? It is. You see, there's no single secret formula for losing fat. In fact, find 100 successful losers and they'll give you 100 different ways to win the battle of the bulge. But we did them one better. On the following pages, you'll find 101 tips designed to help you lose your love handles, bust your gut, and define your abs. Simply incorporate three or four into your life every day, and you'll finish off your fat easier and faster than you ever imagined possible. Eat more protein. About 25%-30% of the calories in each gram of protein are burned in digestion, compared to only 6%-8% of the calories in carbs. Do the math: You save 41 calories every time you substitute 50 grams of protein for an equal amount of carbs. Read labels. Avoid foods with "high-fructose corn syrup" in the ingredients list. Since 1971, consumption of this sugar substitute—which is used to sweeten soda, commercial baked goods, and even condiments—has increased more than 350% in the U.S., paralleling the rise in obesity.
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5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat - ONLY 5 MIN!
These are 5 exercises to help reduce belly fat in only 5 minutes. This workout is for those of you that want to lose weight and get a flat belly / stomach fast. This is an excellent workout for men & women to lose stubborn belly fat at home. If you're looking for a quick weight loss workout that doesn't take a lot of time this is it. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=reduce Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2ORP7yb Timestamps: Exercise #1: Battle Ropes 1:17 Exercise #2: Split Squat Jumps 3:04 Exercise #3: Medicine Ball Slams 4:26 Exercise #4: Pushup Mountain Climber 5:58 Exercise #5: Valslide Pikes 6:30 If you want to burn stubborn fat in the fastest way possible then I highly recommend that you watch this video because today I'm going over 5 exercises that'll burn fat during and long after your workout. And the best part is that it'll only take you 5 minutes. If that sounds good to you then let's get started. This routine can be used by itself or the way that I like for my clients to do it is as a finisher at the end of their weight training workouts. Today I'll show you both ways you'll be able to do it as a standalone workout or you can do it after your weight training workout. Weight training is an anaerobic activity that primarily uses glucose for energy. By doing weight training before doing this 5 minute circuit you can burn through all the stored glycogen in your liver and your muscles and then you have an open pathway to your fat stores. This quick workout is referred to as a finisher because it's meant to do exactly what it sounds like. When you combo this with a proper eating plan and by positioning this after weight training or even after a cardio workout you can bet you're going to burn significantly more fat. Rather than count reps all 5 exercises are done in intervals. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds straight before moving on to the next. With this finisher you're not taking any breaks until you're fully done with all five minutes. Like I said it's called a finisher for a reason. So for the very first exercise we're using battle ropes. If you don't have access to battle ropes don't worry I'm going to give you another exercise you can do instead. But for this exercise you would start by holding the ropes in your hands and slightly squatting down with your hips back and your chest straight up. Bump your hips forward as you raise both arms and ropes over your head. Then bring the ropes back down to slam them as hard as you can into the ground. As you're coming down to slam the ropes bring your hips back to assist in this full body movement. Repeat this three times and once you do 3 slams bring the ropes to the ground. Next Plant your hands on the ground and jumped out into a push-up position keeping your shoulder blades tailbone and your heels in a straight line. So make sure that you're not dropping your hips down to the ground and also make sure that your hips aren't coming up into a downward dog position. From that position perform a push-up or if it's too difficult you can drop to your knees and perform a push-up from there. Once done with the push-up hop your feet back in stand up & perform three more slams with the ropes. Then go back to the push-up. Repeat this again & again 4 1 one minute straight. & try to count how many reps you can get within that minute because the next time that you do this workout you want to try to get more reps within the minute. If you don't have access to battle ropes which most gyms nowadays will have them but if you don't you can just do regular burpees instead. This is pretty much the second half of the movement that we just went over. You would just plant your hands on the ground jump out into a push-up position perform a push up pop your feet back in & jump up. If you don't have the battle rope then I want you to do those burpees with weights in your hands to make it more challenging. The next exercise that you're going to move right into without a break is the split squat jump. This is also commonly referred to as Plyometrics lunges. To perform this exercise start by stepping far forward with one foot while keeping the other foot planted behind you up on your toes. If you don't step far enough forward you'll know because your knee will be going past your front toe on that front leg. You want to be far enough for word to create a box between your legs as you go down for your lunge. The other thing to keep in mind is that you don't only want distance between your front & your back foot vertically but you also want distance horizontally. I see too many people trying to do lunges at the gym trying to keep both their feet in a straight line. However this is wrong because you want your feet hip distance apart horizontally this will help you maintain balance & also decrease the chances of an injury. Once you have the proper position keep your back straight & vertical while
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Quick Chest fat Fix) at Home
Get a complete workout program to lose embarrassing chest fat One of the most common and embarrassing areas that men can store fat is in their chest, as it shows up as man boobs. Nothing looks quite as bad as a set of undefined poorly developed pecs on a guy. That said, there are workouts, exercises and nutrition tips that can help you learn how to get rid of man boobs and lose the chest fat once and for all. A good diet plan starts with one that you can actually stick with for the long term. It does you no good to follow a fad diet that helps you to temporarily lose fat, only to gain it back a month later and lose all the definition in your pecs that you were hoping for in the first place. Subscribe ,like, share AND comment Thank you guys for watching! Press the thumbs up if you liked it!! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tyrone_esix/
Should You BULK or CUT First (SKINNY FAT FIX)
Should you bulk or cut first if you're skinny fat or a beginner? This cutting vs bulking will teach you which one to do first and how to do it. You'll learn best way to structure your diet and workout to optimally burn fat while cutting and build the most muscle when bulking. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=bulk Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2wkHNDo If you want to pack on some solid muscle, but you also want to lower your body fat percentage you're probably wondering which one you should do first. Is it better to bulk before cutting or is it better to cut before bulking. Does doing one before the other or doing them in a certain order speed up your progress? Well that's exactly what I'm gonna go over today...bulking vs cutting, and by the end of this video you'll know exactly which one to do first based on your goals. The decision of which one to do first is especially difficult on two groups of people beginners & people that would refer to themselves as skinny fat. As a totally new beginner the really amazing factor that you have on your side is a little something that we call newbie gains. Meaning it doesn't matter all that much what you do even if you're doing the wrong thing you'll probably lose a little bit of fat & add a little bit of muscle at the same time. Unfortunately this only applies to absolute beginners. Once you're no longer brand new you're going to have to pick one that you want to seriously focus & work on. If you've been working out for some time & you're skinny fat this choice can be tough because you don't have much muscle mass so you very quickly identify building muscle as a main goal. But, you have another problem, if you're skinny fat you have some body fat that you can't get rid of in those stubborn problem areas like your belly, your love handles, your chest, and your arms. Even though you may look completely fine in your clothes under those clothes you have stubborn fat that you want to reduce & probably eliminate altogether. So someone that's skinny fat will definitely have to decide whether they're going to bulk or cut first. When your goal is to bulk you're trying to build as much muscle as possible. On the other hand cutting is trying to burn as much fat as you can while sparring as much muscle mass as possible in the proccess. To differentiate further there are two opposite ways to bulk. You can do a clean bulk & a dirty bulk. Regardless of which way you choose to bulk, clean, or dirty they both require you to create a calorie surplus. When you put yourself into a calories surplus not only can you build muscle, but you can also gain fat. With a clean bulk your primary aim is to build muscle, but you want to do it in a way that minimizes the amount of body fat you gain in the process. So you'll typically be eating lean sources of protein like chicken breast & white fish, complex carbohydrates like brown rice & yams, & good sources of fats like avocados. Also your overall calorie surplus won't be too crazy high because that will also increase the chances of you putting on more fat. With a dirty bulk you pretty much don't care how much fat you gain in the process of bulking. Your main mission is to just build muscle. The fat you'll take care of after bulking up. Dirty bulks are very effective at building muscle, in fact they're probably one of the most effective things you can do to build muscle faster, but when you eat this way you can become much fatter throughout the process, which may not be a viable option if your skinny fat & you don't feel comfortable gaining any more body fat. I very rarely recommend that you do a dirty bulk at all, the only people that I recommend doing a dirty bulk to are people that are extreme hard gainers. These guys need to do everything they can to eat more & gain weight. A clean bulk is usually the best way to go & by cycling between enough proper clean bulks & enough cutting phases back & forth you should be able to get as lean & muscular as you want. So which do you do first. Well since you're looking to do both we should start with your body fat percentage to see which one you need more. The reason we focus on body fat is because the higher your body fat percentage is when you start the higher your body fat percentage will be when your done. Also with a higher body fat percentage in the beginning you'll have higher chances of storing more calories as fat throughout the process of bulking than someone that's much leaner. You'll store more if you start off at a higher body fat percentage because as body fat levels rise insulin sensitivity drops leading to insulin Resistance. Insulin is a hormone that you need to cooperate with your body in order to be effective at building muscle & to also be effective at burning fat. When you become insulin resistant your bodies fat burning ability decreases, the likelihood of gaining body fat increases, & protein
Fat Men Dancing to ACDC
Check out the fat guys dancing to ACDC
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How to Lose Butt & Thigh Fat
How to Lose Butt & Thigh Fat Question on YouTube - Can you tell me specific exercises to lose butt and thigh fat. Answer - First and foremost there is nothing like spot reduction, so doing specific exercises for specific body parts is not going to help lose weight or body fat from these particular areas. Everyone has different body fat tendencies,some tend to store fat around belly area,some on their thighs ,butt and some tend to store fat around their back and arm region, but doing specific exercises thinking that they will help lose fat from these areas is not going to work because there is nothing like spot reduction. What you need to do is reduce your overall body fat percentage and collectively when your body fat goes down it will reduce body fat from these areas also. Here are some points that will help lose overall body fat quickly - 1. Do exercises that can help burn lot of calories like running, jumping, jogging, sports like badminton, squash etc, basically any activity that helps you to burn calories and you should do these activities at least 4 -5 times a week. 2. Even more important is you need to avoid all food that leads t accumulation of body fat like sugar, white flour, processed food, fried chicken, chocolate cookies etc. As long as you keep eating all these things it does not matter how much ever you try it will not see any difference in reduction of body fat percentage. So its important that you need to correct your eating pattern and you have to eliminate everything that leads to accumulation of body fat. 3. Once you have weight and body fat by following point one and 2 then you can incorporate exercises like hamstring curl, quadriceps extension,bird dog, hip abduction which can help you to tone you to tone up thigh and glute region however if you want to do even better exercises then you can do multi joint exercises like squat and side kick,squat and front kick, normal squats which are more effective exercises to help burn more calories and simultaneously tone up butt and thigh area. 4.You have to be consistent, that means you have to follow point one,two and three for at least 60 -90 days to see any substantial difference. Remember that you did not put on all this weight and body fat over a period of one day,seven days or even thirty days, it took good amount 4 -5 years for you to accumulate weight and body fat so you have to give it some time or i would say at least 60 -90 days to see any substantial difference. Raghav Pande is an India based Fitness Consultant He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of "You Tube Next Trainer" Click here for Body Transformation Program - http://xcellfitness.co.in/our-services/body-transformation-program/ Follow me on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/xcellfitness Follow me on twitter-http://twitter.com/raghavpande Follow me on Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/115813217951020578914/+Xcellfitnessindia/posts/p/pub Follow me on You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/user/Xcellfitnessindia
Dr. Oz: Fat and Body Types
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