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Electric CAR Conversion! From GASOLINE to ELECTRIC car in ONE video!

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New electric project coming soon! FAQ: 1) Why I use gearbox on my DIY Electric Car? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gju0syj9gTY
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Electric Garage (4 months ago)
FAQ: 1) Why I use gearbox on my DIY Electric Car? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gju0syj9gTY
Himanshu Saini (2 days ago)
i want to buy electric car kit. Can you please give me the online site links..
Hello. Would you like to converty my G wagon from 1982? Classic collector car, mercedes benz GE 280. ?
sova sovin (9 hours ago)
Fritz Gewerth (17 hours ago)
Luv the state of the Russian roads. not! Interesting video though. Thanks :)
YAC FUENDUAR (1 day ago)
How many kilometers per charge?
cars (1 day ago)
Good one, get rid of that fossil fuel engine
Nitin Patane (2 days ago)
Phone number New
MétéoMan (2 days ago)
I want to see more of your videos.
333Lightspeed (2 days ago)
CooL Bro.
saviour delceppo (2 days ago)
Hi,I have seen you DIY electric car and am very impressed,Any chance of me getting hold of you by phone or email.my email .s [email protected]
Tim Sokolov (2 days ago)
No more gasoline!!! Better for our planet
Fernando Bonaudi (3 days ago)
Having the old petrol engine removed, why did they clean everything before starting reassembling! They also had the gearbox out and they put it again all greasy as it was!!! not very neat...
Paul Ndanyi (3 days ago)
Can i get in contact with you with regards to this project. Thanks Paul.
Jesus Aristeo Ponce (3 days ago)
Can i use these https://m.es.aliexpress.com/item/32853877874.html?spm=a2g0n.store-home.0.0.66e74326uZhY49
Where to order controller and batteries
alkemis (3 days ago)
Battery cooling system?
ابن العراق (4 days ago)
Wow !! Nice job , I need details of battery pack guys
Bodian22 Horo (4 days ago)
where can i buy that motor or how its name? please :)
Lil D_evil (5 days ago)
13k subs....16k likes.....1.1m views.. xD
Josep Rodrigues (5 days ago)
Great job
Danutz Tihu (6 days ago)
from where did u bought : motor controller lithium cells?
Anhad Solution (7 days ago)
Hw is full speed sir ?
rizzle razzleuno (7 days ago)
Nice project. Not sure if your batteries are safe, very little crash protection. I do admire your desire and success at making this conversion. Thanks for the upload.
geoff burrill (7 days ago)
Nice job. Does water pump use much electricity?
Серый (8 days ago)
Francis Marcoux (8 days ago)
Please less time on the gaz motor removal we get it. You removed it
Saraswathy Nambiar (8 days ago)
What!! Front wheel drive electric car.
Harry Menhorn (9 days ago)
Wenn du das in Deutschland machst, kommst du nie mehr aus dem Knast raus wenn man dich erwischt !!!
David R (9 days ago)
Would it be better to separate the batteries to allow better cooling? Necessary?
David R (9 days ago)
camera work really improves the viewing pleasure. well done
Привет брат
Chuck Wight (9 days ago)
can you help me convert an RX7?
LuckyGuu (9 days ago)
You are 1,000 times smarter than me!  Nice job!  *(just one thought, during the test drive the music is overpowering.  I'd really love to hear you voice your comments/thought.)  Happy Hew Year from Delaware USA!
movieguy73 (10 days ago)
I wonder if using copper to cont. cells together would work better?
movieguy73 (10 days ago)
Did you cont cooling system to heater core? little extra heat in the winter.
movieguy73 (10 days ago)
You bring the engine puller? Ya, Points to cousin. lmao
edi silva (10 days ago)
good job! congratulation!
Humphrey Lees (10 days ago)
What is the car?
algis balgis (3 days ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oka_(automobile) oka. car. russia
Jason Bournes (11 days ago)
Can you give the détails of the components bought
Jason Bournes (11 days ago)
Can i get thé names of your suppliers
Consertos e importados (11 days ago)
hello my friend, my name is wellington, I'm from Brazil. could you make available the places that bought the items? Motor, battery, controller?
Péter Kálmán (11 days ago)
Expensive but nice.
Jose Luis (11 days ago)
the Electric "Motor " substituting the "engine".
Informedia Tech (12 days ago)
where i can buy that baterrys
Nizam Iskandar (12 days ago)
just wonder would this work in torque converter,.. eg: mounted to 6 speed auto trans.
WeAreWe (12 days ago)
Beautiful work!
Rafael Seg (13 days ago)
6kw=58 kilometers 60kw=580 kilometers Great!!
Raj Gj (13 days ago)
How much kw was your motor ?
mkubali musa25 (14 days ago)
notmycupotea (14 days ago)
Seems dangerous connecting the battery cells without protection? How is this not dangerous?
Nabeel Mishah (15 days ago)
interesting how much was the total cost of conversion ?
algis balgis (3 days ago)
4000$ for electric part and 100$ for car :D
freeman1352 (15 days ago)
Scott storch is fixing up cars now
Jabulani Harvey (16 days ago)
whaaat....no radiator for the controller cooling system?
Robert Pruitt (16 days ago)
Didn't even watch. Thumbs down for lying and click-baiting.
mtabernig (17 days ago)
empy all fluids b4 start
Ratheesh krishna (17 days ago)
Bijan OK (17 days ago)
Great job, bravo!
sof david (17 days ago)
Could you please talk little bit about the break system? How did you manage the breaking system front and back?
algis balgis (3 days ago)
drive safe -leave as made in factory?
Aakash Kumar (17 days ago)
Hey, You didn't mention Your breaking system in the video. I want to know how you manage to operate the hydraulic brake system or Disk Brake Without any kind of booster
Yan Fang (18 days ago)
DHIRAJ NATH (18 days ago)
Motor details please describe
Matthew Kummerfeldt (18 days ago)
eXXposed.org (19 days ago)
XLM work! 💥
Sunsaver FromNHH (19 days ago)
Phill (19 days ago)
Man this conversion is slow as balls, perhaps over volting the motor for more performance is needed. But considering the build price it definitely meets the requirements for "cheap run about" ... people spent more on the orginal Segway back in the day.
JohnEnergy2012 (19 days ago)
That will ruin the gear box...
JohnEnergy2012 (19 days ago)
Less tape, more shrink tube...
Jacob Gallardo (20 days ago)
Cool video bro
zeeshan khan (21 days ago)
wonder full brother nice work..
enes gokler (22 days ago)
Good job bro..
Rene Ofngol (22 days ago)
Electric motors are much much more powerful than any engine😀
Rene Ofngol (22 days ago)
Is it dc motor sir or ac induction motor? Tnx sir
znameniya (22 days ago)
Ай донт андерстанд бат ай неед тис кар
znameniya (22 days ago)
how do you like that ilon mask?
ناصىر محمد (23 days ago)
Very nice ....
Vijay Rajpal (23 days ago)
Very intuitive 👍👍👍👍
ilgar kuliev (24 days ago)
loseR R1 (24 days ago)
Nice project dude !! Replace all bulbs with LED in order to save some power !, cheers!
RODALCO2007 (24 days ago)
Great conversion. Good job. and it works very well. May need to put washers/spring washers underneath the battery terminal straps.
MiKE (24 days ago)
budget tesla
A V. (24 days ago)
What cell balancers are you using?
senyo02 (25 days ago)
Spare tire in the engine bay?
You in Russia
Scott Moore (25 days ago)
Great video
mr.k (25 days ago)
no matter how silly this question sounded! Why do you speak English but you shoot in Russia?
Parsil (25 days ago)
Wait what car is that?
R K Singh (26 days ago)
Hindi language you make video
Flavio Aredes (26 days ago)
Mano cara chato fala de mais
I swear i thought in the same idea into my head .. its very easy to convert gasoline car to electric car .. greetings from Egypt you are creating the future
Бос Босович (26 days ago)
ггггг лашара
Frédéric HRECINSKI (26 days ago)
4000 Dollars d'investissement pour 58 km d'autonomie !!! Où est l'intérêt de cette conversion-bricolage ???
My-Quang Le (26 days ago)
WTF with sunny?
Tech with Benefits (27 days ago)
one video....are u serious
Chillian Cole (27 days ago)
How about the brake system sir? Without the vacuum of the intake the hydrovac would not function correctly with his good performance
Mike Stromecki (29 days ago)
Did you pull the gas tank? Great space for the batteries. If so, I missed it.
Mike Stromecki (29 days ago)
14:50 definitely Russian. Installs throttle pot. pedal in engine bay and wraps OE throttle cable around it. SMH. "The motor has 60-80... Torques." Wtf? Lmao
Cem Cardine (29 days ago)
london is the capital of great britain
Mick Pedder (29 days ago)
Elon's long lost twin brother!
Capt Larry - (29 days ago)
If you want the longest life from lithium batteries.. you will operated them between 15 % and ~85% capacity.  Avoid 100 % charge but if you must do that.. then use the car immediately, so the batteries do not sit long at 100%.  An occasional 100% charge may aid in maintaining battery balance.. Watch battery temp .. during operation and charging.   I could not understand what you said about the cell capacity in Ah.   What is the source of these batteries ?
Level1 Life (30 days ago)
That's a ton of work for such an ugly body type lmao

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