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NCT U 엔시티 유 'BOSS' Dance Practice

481497 ratings | 20221940 views
NCT U "BOSS" MV has reached 10 million views! Thank you for your love and support! NCT Official http://www.nct2018.com http://nct.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/chnct http://www.facebook.com/NCT.smtown http://www.instagram.com/nct http://twitter.com/NCTsmtown NCT U 엔시티 유 'BOSS' Dance Practice ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (19391)
MK Kim (4 minutes ago)
진짜 춤 잘춘다
개새야뭘봐 (1 hour ago)
너무 간지나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
He tripped 2:58
Seda Okur (7 hours ago)
Taeyong GoinG CrAZy 1:26
Yeon Su (8 hours ago)
Engine (9 hours ago)
Why is nobody talking about Jaehyun my man was FEELING IT
extrachicken wang (13 hours ago)
whoever your bias is,taeyong will be your bias wrecker
Ty Track (6 hours ago)
+extrachicken wang yes especially in MV and live performance but i love his shy personality too in real life
extrachicken wang (7 hours ago)
+Ty Track he is indeed dangerous🔥😍😍
Ty Track (8 hours ago)
in my case he instantly became my bias bcz of his dance,rap,cold stare but whenever i try to stan someone else Taeyong always bias wreck me with his powerful performance,extra talent,kind heart and his DANGEROUS onscreen personality
extrachicken wang (13 hours ago)
SM produce dancing legends🔥🔥
شخصية مجهولة (18 hours ago)
ممكن اشتراك بقناتي بليييز 😘😘😘
Shruti Vlogs (19 hours ago)
Oh ma gawd they are soo talented
t t (20 hours ago)
FAWK it UP Lucas!!!💓💕
JiminnieCricket (20 hours ago)
i can't not hear taeyong saying "lego w0rld" at the beginning
Cristina A (21 hours ago)
Ok wait. Why do I discover NCT just now?! I really like this song!! Any recommendations on what I should listen to next?! Thanks!!👍
Ty Track (8 hours ago)
hey also check their rap heavy songs and everyone's station+Cristina A
Cristina A (12 hours ago)
+t t will do. Thank you!!!!!! 🤗
t t (20 hours ago)
Whiplash and my My baby Don't Like are really good songs. The 7th sense as well. Also one of the members in the group named Lucas is in a new song called Coffee Break. You should check it out.
Jhennifer Sena (21 hours ago)
i'm so in love with lucas, isn't even funny anymore
Park Jennie (23 hours ago)
Rosario Garcia (23 hours ago)
Erika Bulawan (1 day ago)
Lucassss and jaehyunnnn
Saurabh Sharma (1 day ago)
this is sooooo fucking cool
Sofiko Gobronidze (1 day ago)
ასტრო მართლა მაგრათ მღერით ყოჩახთ
Rosemarie Sacdalan (1 day ago)
Choreography = Perfect
qin curily (1 day ago)
Mark is absolutely fully capable
이지 (1 day ago)
와진짜. 춤 잘춘다
dog bump (2 days ago)
pzpx pxpy (2 days ago)
Nct has the ability to become big and be the biggest group in SM (korea+worldwide) their songs are classy, choreography and their vocals raps are really good. They are also very very energetic . But i think sm has pushed too much and making units afters units so,most people who are trying to like them are losing interest in them.
shakira asakura (1 day ago)
pzpx pxpy NCT VISION china line will debut soon... let's see how sm handle their 4 units group... every comeback they gained new fans...let's see what VISION can do to increase interest to the group...
Dawson Ting (2 days ago)
Saw IN2IT members jamming to this song. Glad that I came here after that, nice performance too IN2IT boys😉 https://youtu.be/p5fgwMGS-gY
JustxEmma Msp (2 days ago)
lucas is soo cutee
Jm clls (3 days ago)
Its my first time seeing them what a good group.
Berhonda Lane (3 days ago)
Their moves are amazing...so fluent together 😍😘😍😘
Near By (2 days ago)
Chk out nct new channels - nctdance, nctmusic, nctdaily, chnct :D
jiminiee chimchim (3 days ago)
i swear this is one of the best dance practice videos i love this
rkimm276 (3 days ago)
2:45 도영이 심쿵..💜
ALLEN SINGS (3 days ago)
It’s past midnight and I’m over here, in the dark, tryna do the dance in tip toes😂😂😂
ALLEN SINGS (3 days ago)
Holy shit this choreography looks so fun. They’re so in sync‼️ I specifically like the way the dude in all black w Nike shoes dances.
PCY REAL (3 days ago)
Who's the guy with white tshirt and grey hair color?
PCY REAL (3 days ago)
+Near By aww thankyouuu 😍
Near By (3 days ago)
Lucas Chk out NCT Yestoday, NCT 2018 Black on Black, SM Station Coffee Break 😄
_.pwarklesung.__ (3 days ago)
l e g s
Aanoosh (3 days ago)
izzie (3 days ago)
when ur already a stan yet watching this video made u stan again
Nabi Sonyeo (3 days ago)
Ugh they're all perfect but taeyong is so sassy sometimes I'm just hypnotized by him
Jean Atienza (3 days ago)
Wow, so this is NCT. Their dance is ver impressive and really sharp!
Joyonghi Ijeneun (3 days ago)
NCT has new channel - nctdance :D
aestheticnaija (3 days ago)
Is taeyong wearing socks or slides or both wtf
aestheticnaija (3 days ago)
Kiki Lala They look weird af omg
Kiki Lala (3 days ago)
Vans x Fear of God Slip On
Aayesha Fatema (3 days ago)
Who's the blond in green jacket, and didn't he get any lines??? He seems awfully overshadowed and underappreciated in the dance Also, sick dancers 7/7
xxx nana (3 days ago)
+Aayesha Fatema my pleasure !
Aayesha Fatema (3 days ago)
+xxx nana thank you!
xxx nana (3 days ago)
the one in blonde and with green jacket name WINWIN and the one who is the rapper name is MARK. hope this helps you :)
Aayesha Fatema (3 days ago)
AND AND AND AND!!!!! The rapper at 1:08 sound so hot 🔥 Some one tell me his name 🤤
jaehyuns milk (3 days ago)
im coming back to this because i miss yukhei ;-;
Maana Blue (3 days ago)
leхιe (4 days ago)
I haven't been keeping up with NCT U recently, but where the hell is Ten?!?!?! I need my bias in at least 1 group!
red clouds (3 hours ago)
He's going to be in NCT Vision coming up soon. This year he was part of NCT U's Baby Don't Stop with Taeyong and had a solo New Heroes.
mybacon exo (4 days ago)
lol why are 90% of the comments are about taeyong wearing gucci
DAHYUN Saved us all (4 days ago)
Jungwoo’s vocals had me dead.
DAHYUN Saved us all (4 days ago)
Taeyong’s Gucci shirt tho
DAHYUN Saved us all (4 days ago)
Lucas is such a visual.
DAHYUN Saved us all (4 days ago)
0:54 You’ll thank me later
Taeyong and Kris Wu look similiar
Anzac Adam (4 days ago)
I come here to watch nct but kept looking at taeyong only he is biasing me here who have same problem as me 😐😐😐
Anzac Adam (4 days ago)
+Ty Track at least there is one person
Ty Track (4 days ago)
D W (4 days ago)
Taeyong so hot!!! 🔥
sunsetsamara (4 days ago)
Taeyong - 0:13 (pink hair/gucci shirt) Mark - 1:15 (black jacket/white shoes) Lucas (Chinese) - 1:21 (white shirt/black jeans) WinWin (Chinese) - (blonde hair, green jacket) Jungwoo - 2:08 0:40 (black sweats, grey hair, black hoodie) Jaehyun - 1:32 (cammo jacket/black hat) Doyoung - 1:40 (white shirt with graphic)
Luiz Oliveira (4 days ago)
Mai Sha (4 days ago)
Taeyong,,,oh Taeyong!!!! My precious EMO boy!!! Those dark eyes dark lips,,, so so soooooo attractive!!! "i love darkeu" Taeyong 😘
kanwal khan (5 days ago)
Choreo is mind blowing
Real Pcy (5 days ago)
Taeyong i love you😘😘
Jiwoo Lee (5 days ago)
Oh Mark!
rani adisty (5 days ago)
Why everyone is disliking them, why😭
Near By (4 days ago)
1.2m likes for Boss MV and 470k likes for dance practice 😘💚
Park ChaeyoungTM (5 days ago)
when i watch first the baby don't stop MV then taeyong snatch my wig then a NCTzen recommend me to watch this and you know what? taeyong stole my heart. proof? look at my profile. he's my husby. (planning to know other members too though it's so difficult because they are 18 with 3 units right? planning to stan them. 💕
Kiki Lala (4 days ago)
Hi, to get to know them I suggest watching guides (available for group, ships and individual) or crack vids. This is a pretty complete introduction : https://youtu.be/OqGavBeRjbQ To understand their concept, I suggest to watch the NCT teaching series from this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCWU93z5PAi-X7rcdeTuphw NCT also has their own channel. The content includes vlogs, online variety series, dance practice and etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwgtORdDtUKhpjE1VBv6XfA Some of them are subbed and some are not. They are usually subbed by shubp channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5pr2OJ8CYi6IIkgzVP_xQg For offline variety content, please go through Neo Subs for NCT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7uIefmvytOyutRk51_9Uzg If you would like a complete list of variety appearances : https://listography.com/nctfield/variety_shows/nct_on_variety_shows_
Mai Sha (4 days ago)
Emo prince
Ty Track (5 days ago)
welcome.....Start with nct 127 then nct Dream and then NCT U
Taeyong why so hot in every angle and moves ??????????????? Jaehyun why did u wore cap i cant see ur face
Johnasia Davis (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who, after months of watching this, noticed the lights changing colors.
jiminナムジュン (5 days ago)
루카스는 너무 귀엽다.
Dancing Soldier (5 days ago)
Aye yo it’s da Gucci booooi!!!! Sorry for cringe 😂
theos379 (5 days ago)
Kiki Lala (5 days ago)
Happy birthday! 💚🌱💚
Carolina Cavagnaro (5 days ago)
Taeyongs sandals tho
hanbinable (5 days ago)
I bet their breathing is even on sync.
Nam Joon (5 days ago)
Omg!i have same T-Shirt with taeyong!!hoho..(proud)
song yunhyeong wife (6 days ago)
Who is the blonde one with green jacket??why he did'n get much attention?? Sorry for my bad english
Ferrero Mua (4 days ago)
song yunhyeong wife (4 days ago)
+Mai Sha owhh thanks😊
Mai Sha (4 days ago)
Our poor Winwin :(
Rocky Mybiaswrecker (6 days ago)
SMent has a SUPERB way of releasing dance practices ! 😂
Nazlıcan Tüzgen (6 days ago)
boyle şarkının aq
Lejan Pangilinan (6 days ago)
cleansing my soul rn
Michelle Yap Chyi (6 days ago)
Them legs tho 0.0
Mai Sha (6 days ago)
Lucas got a different aura that your eyes only look for him n find him after watching a glimpse of him,,, So sharp moves wow.
Miss Hard Stan (6 days ago)
God please just rip out my heart already and go Taeyong.
I M D E S ; (6 days ago)
The grey-blue (?) haired boy, oH mY LoRd he is just too handsome. 😵🚫
Joyonghi Ijeneun (6 days ago)
Jungwoo - also joined NCT 127 in Regular (Kor & Eng), Simon Says (& a cute NCT Celeb in MBC show special stage)
Samantha Michelle (6 days ago)
Jungwoo vocals.....
Laurynas V (6 days ago)
Ok is it me or I just constantly watch Taeyong even when I want to look at other members
Mai Sha (4 days ago)
Me too mate
Ugh Not You (7 days ago)
my dumbass would probably tear a muscle doing that leg move lol
shakira asakura (7 days ago)
TAEYONG is truly one of the pillar of NCT... people got easily interested on him, fans can't resist his dance, fashion and visual, non fans always asking about him, he really stand out in every performances so he gained new fans...he has a big contribution to this growing fandom... this vid was 9 months ago but people here still talking about him... LEE TAEYONG is really a gem of this group.... but of course every member is a gem for me...
Ty Track (2 days ago)
Well since 2014 he has the attracted the most amount of fans every year
Mai Sha (4 days ago)
He dragged me also
dinkly diarias (7 days ago)
I fell in luv with them bcz of this dance practice
hao hoang (7 days ago)
Very hansome .☺☺😊😊
Marifir (7 days ago)
I can't even hear this song with this dp properly. All I can hear is that Chun-li video I know I'm not the only one
shie sh (7 days ago)
Wow their feet were slimmer than me
life's a cup of tae (7 days ago)
after watching so much nct 127 after their comebacks seeing less people dancing is weird lowkey
arine army bts (7 days ago)
lesislame (7 days ago)
Their dance room is bigger than my whole apartment
mina raconte (6 days ago)
j'aime pas la kpop mais je vous kiff
conta mais, Karol! (7 days ago)
narsya prisila (7 days ago)
Dope Rookie (7 days ago)
Alessandro Simó (8 days ago)
ashiqul sarker (7 days ago)
ashiqul sarker (7 days ago)
+strony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a6Va35k43A that is BTS..
ashiqul sarker (7 days ago)
+Dope Rookie NCT SORRY
strony (7 days ago)
Um what?
Dope Rookie (7 days ago)
what NTS?
jungshook (8 days ago)
Why no one is talking about Jungwoo? I just found out his name because I was mesmerized, he dances super well and has a beautiful voice 😍
Ebby Patty (8 days ago)
I don't need NCT to win many awards. I just hope their hard work is recognized by the world. I want them to know everyone with their style of music and also their character. Let's make jisung dream come true.
Ebby Patty (7 days ago)
+Jeffrey TY yeah
AMINA A (8 days ago)
Such an awesome song and the choreography is honestly amazing. I love these guys. Much appreciation for all their daily efforts, definitely pays off. Also their fashion is on point. 🔥🔥🔥
아내정 국 (8 days ago)
Taeyong, what are you doing to me? 😂😍
safana a (8 days ago)
Jaehyun really handsome.The vocal very nice. Good at dance. Perfect singer JAEHYUN is mine 😂❤💘

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