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Make money with Hard Drives

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Selling hard drives vs taking them apart. I show you if its worth scrapping 30 hard drives... Get my Dvd...Lots of Marketing tips...http://www.ebay.com/itm/170822807327?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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ssla embedded (4 days ago)
Hello! The video is very nice...Can you subscribed to my channel, I already subscribed to your channel. My channel is "ssla embedded" Best regards!.
thomas hardin (5 days ago)
When I click on the link to your DVD eBay tells me this: “We looked everywhere. Looks like this page is missing. If you still need help, visit our help pages.” please update your link.
Clayton E (7 days ago)
RIP radio shack
tinkmarshino (12 days ago)
WOW.. it will take him only 30 hard drive to teach us how to take these things apart? I got this neat tool set and it only cost me 21 hard drives! Yup I can see it now.. out with his sign "will work for hard drives". "I am down on my luck got any spare hard drives for me?" With just 30 I can show you too how to dismantle them and make money (except for the 21 hard drive you will have to spend to get the jiffy tool kit.) !!! Sorry.. I don't mean to be flipiant here or rude.. it just struck me as funny.. But then he could go to work here instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axYKPbr9_MA
François Cauneau (1 month ago)
Excellent ! Congratulations and thanks for the information !!!
Lazy Days (1 month ago)
The cover material that you are saying are steel, in my experience, are stainless steel, which is worth much more than regular steel. Regular steel sells on the scrap market for a few cents a ton, where stainless sells for much more, currently 35 cents a pound for solid pieces.
Mike the Scrapper (1 month ago)
I have found steel, non magnetic and Aluminum. But thank you for the comment.
Sunil Kumar (1 month ago)
I removed everything broke the disk inside and rest throw it in garbage 😎 I don't have time for recycle
D. White (1 month ago)
I get all the HD's, memory and decent stuff from the local tip "IT section". The HD's are great, especially since yet to find erased ones and if lucky find interesting stuff on them (ie. fail home videos of porn star wannabees). I also grab the Windows 7 and upwards certificates that are usually still in the cases. Have a complete i5 running Windows 7 32 bit in the workshop all built 100% from stuff people thrown out. There's so much waste of perfectly good stuff it's crazy. Went there once and a company had dump 6 pc's with 21" LG flat screen monitors. Grabbed one... but should have grabbed all the monitors as they were top of the line ones and the one I salvaged was better than my main one. One thing I found in common with most was... dust.... heaps of dust on fans and heat sinks etc. Guessing CPU/MOBO/Video card/PSU got hot and slowed down. Then people assume time for upgrade and throw it.
Mike the Scrapper (1 month ago)
wow, nice...
minimumsystem (1 month ago)
At 2.48 it is steel and stainless steel. I never had a cover that was aluminum before in the thousands i have scrapped.
Mike the Scrapper (1 month ago)
I used a grinder. no sparks....Aluminum
droolerdork (2 months ago)
If these hard drives worked, I wonder if the personal data on them would be worth more? People's banking info and other private stuff can be very valuable.
Justin Tworek (2 months ago)
Wonder if bitcoin was on any of them?
Tomo Polic (2 months ago)
I wouldn't give one of my hard drive for 100.
GREATLORDPOOH (2 months ago)
It looks like you have chu in the comments
Aton Holdem (2 months ago)
amigo, como retirar a tinta preta da caixa de aluminio ? parece que eles não compram se estiver com tinta
Richard Hand (2 months ago)
Now these are videos I appreciate and enjoy. You can make a living wage doing this if you have no job. Do it in your own time and not pay taxes. Love it!
Leslie Jones (2 months ago)
the black ones are usually gold but the others are copper, i saw a video of Japanese ladies winding the gold for them hard drives that have gold
Yolando Soquite (2 months ago)
Money is the roooot of all evils...Only 2 Masters on planet Earth..God and Money!..that is why Yahusha said..Blessed are the poor, is the number 1, in the 8 beatitudes..cuz it will be easy to achieved the other 7 blessedness ..N.B. Not all poor are blessed but only those who accepted Yahusha and remained poor....
Randy Earles (2 months ago)
well done on your video
Olivia Delarosa (3 months ago)
Very cool video on scraping clean clear precise clear voice very cool intrusions you got this. thank you much
TheRealCat (3 months ago)
I pronounce it neo-din-i-um
Theonlyoneleft1000 (3 months ago)
How do you come across 30 hard drives?
Gadesht Mounigama (4 months ago)
I'd only do other thing. Use a cordless screw gun to disassemble. Way faster.
shuralmehki (5 months ago)
Unless the hard drive has been cleared or damaged, it can be placed in a compatible hard drive to recover the data on it.  This is the only part I do not recommend scraping as-is.  Flash drives, SSD, and external drives should be taken apart completely also to avoid data collection.  Other than that, good on you, mate.  I've scrapped dozens.
Mike the Scrapper (5 months ago)
I do scrape the platter. that way no data can be recovered
James Brown (6 months ago)
1 pound 14 oz @ 10 a pound equals more like 18-19 bucks, being almost 2 pounds. Just sayin
MAC AUCTIONS (8 months ago)
Why are those called logic boards? I thought that was an Apple terminology.
Clay Mccormick (8 months ago)
getting all the torx drivers you need can be a pain but as you showed it always pays to know when to to dismantle and how to dismantle and guys those circuit boards after you take all the parts off them they are still up to 45% copper by weight and the mlcc's that are to small or you miss still have palladium silver and platinum so save the boards and process them when you have a bunch or sell them to someone that can.
John Hunter (2 months ago)
lenny108 (8 months ago)
you did not explain how you got 30 hard drives for free. In our second-hand shops, they sell old hard drives for 10-20 bucks. Of course they are still working and people buy these for old pcs-. Many people keep old pcs because of different reason, mainly because they have hundreds of old software cds.
Kenneth Nicklowicz (10 months ago)
Interesting. I do I.T and usually toss them after keeping the boards for data recovery
David Bump (11 months ago)
Where do you get hard drives by the pound... for 35 cents a pound?
Sam Perez (11 months ago)
Nē oh dinE um
ashtamkar aharon (11 months ago)
chuck helton (1 year ago)
The platters have pladium in them I heard some real good $$ , so he isn't knowing the value of what's inside?
Replayer101 (1 year ago)
Nee...oh...dim...ee...um... lol
Bert Ainsworth (1 year ago)
I like the content of the video but you forgot to sand the circuit boards cleen of copper and gold leaf making up the circuits plus the sldier of each one
JCB (1 year ago)
lol 30 hdds for 1.06 in scrap.. nah the aluminum is worthless at that quantity but cold and cold could add up
Goku Zawa (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video. Sounds like a fun way to earn a little money :))
MJ Plays Gaming (1 year ago)
Ronnie (1 year ago)
People on here say its too much work. Maybe there the ones who dont work at all and are too lazy to do a single thing to make at least $1 lol. They look to there parents for a hand out perhaps I donno omg
James Van Damme (1 year ago)
I got my tool kit from Harbor freight for a couple bucks.
bo jackson (1 year ago)
if those hard drives were working, i would have given you 3$ a piece. thats more than you make with the scrap parts. and i might even pay 5-10$ for one with 200gb+ or for various other reasons. i hope they were all broken.
Percival Taylor (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info i'm a scrapper too
Chuck Finley (1 year ago)
This is something you teach little kids how to do. Not that many kids go out and mow yards anymore. When my son was about four or five years old I gave him a copy machine to take apart. Kept him busy for 3 or 4 days.
Katrina Lee (1 year ago)
Hey can you give me a hard drive hard drive for free
Mr.Lambda (1 year ago)
I want To make Hard Drives With Money)(Hehe :)
andik8005 (1 year ago)
hii... guys..., I have a tons of neodymium magnet ex hard drives. if anyone interested to buy please contact me... tq
Mike Na (1 year ago)
first mistake, you bought tools from radio shack, who isnt around anymore
Chicken Nugget (1 year ago)
40g hard drive that's not even enough the store my porn
Thai Ce (1 year ago)
so all those 30 aluminum cap can be sold at any scrap yard n they'll buy them just like that right..?
Gordon Aitchison (1 year ago)
Yet another one who does not know how to spell SEPARATE!!!!!!!
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
Spell it like you hear it.
Kevin Fitzpatrick (1 year ago)
If they work it's better to securely wipe & use or sell them :)
Ivan (1 year ago)
This is very stupid, you can use motors!!!
Ernest Petzrick (1 year ago)
Thanks Mike - My findings concur with yours.  The only issues becomes the value of one's time.  And that becomes a question of efficiency in scrapping.  Great vid, please keep it up.
Mustafa Ali (1 year ago)
That's a way of making a sideline income. Great!
gymnrat Lives (1 year ago)
looks like an INCREDIBLE waste of time for the Return!!
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
lol. you would need alot to do this. and you can do think while watching TV
Tom (1 year ago)
Save the logic boards and sell them to people that have working hard drives but broken logic boards because of surges
NOYFB NOYFB (1 year ago)
Not worth the time.
azri ajah (1 year ago)
Hai i m from asia indonesia, i have much hdd, if you want more..
George David (1 year ago)
wait, you don't know to pronounce Neodymium? God ... and you are getting angry when we call you Stupid Americans..
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
lol, Its a word I have never seen. so forgive me if I have trouble with it.
Gray Anderson (1 year ago)
I can't believe you still use lbs and oz. Did you not ever go metric??? You still use Fahrenheit too don't you?
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
Yes i use Lbs, oz and still use Fahrenheit. We also drive on the opposite side of the road.
SwordSweeper127 (1 year ago)
Make sure to format the drive if you are selling he platters bad you do not want to give your data to the others
SwordSweeper127 (1 year ago)
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
Yes I made another video showing just that.
ebox008 (1 year ago)
Sweet More Beer Money!
Vladimir Efimov (1 year ago)
The motor usually has a very high quality (and expansive) encapsulated ball bearing (built-in, but can be separated). Sometimes the head also has a smaller bearing at the joint.
alex smits (1 year ago)
lol how much you have earned?$$$$$$$$
Zachary Tribou (1 year ago)
Neo-dee-mee-um is how you pronounce it
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
Thank you. I finally saw a show that pronounced the word.
WINSTON SMITH (1 year ago)
They send this stuff to india and Pakistan by the SHIP load to be dismantled by peasants for 50 cents a day. I mean a 12 hour day!
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
They also peer into those drives stealing info.
DDD BBB (1 year ago)
You misspelt 'separate'.
Johnny reb Rebel (1 year ago)
Overall pretty interesting
YoungTimmy (1 year ago)
According to another YT video, the Hard Drive arms have PURE GOLD that runs along the arm to read the disk, can you confirm?
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
If true it would be gold plated.
MissionScrappr Will (1 year ago)
I Appreciate Ya...
Mousumi Dutta (1 year ago)
can you send me 6 magnets pl send us .adress=KG signature city, nolambur, Tamil Nadu, India and what is your phone number??????please let me know.
Hawlucha (1 year ago)
I think it would have been better to post an address somewhere private like in a private message to the video creator instead of out in the public like in the Comments section. Look in the About page on the Mike the Scrapper's channel's page to see which external link would be the best to contact him.
Don Fisher (1 year ago)
Off topic, but one of my teenage friend's nickname was "scrappy". Not sure why.
Adrian Vallejo (1 year ago)
you have 60 magnets!! What are you going to do with them? I only have 10 and there fun to mess with them
Adrian Vallejo (1 year ago)
Adrian Vallejo (1 year ago)
Mike the Scrapper (1 year ago)
I have over 100 now. I am waiting to see a market for them, so i can sell them.
Evelyn Benjamin (1 year ago)
What make is your SAT drive enclosure? How to instal the power cable to Dynamode SAT/IDE enclosure. Your drive enclosure seems to be quite easy to instal the external hard drive.
TamagoTamago (1 year ago)
You could make a sweet Magnet Fishing rig with all that Neodymium!
Tiny Tim (1 year ago)
Hi Mike the Scrapper,             I Just got done watching another Video on Scrapping Hard Drives, called (Hard Drive Tear Down for Precious Metals) and it really went into detail about gold in the end of and the Ribbon of the reader arm, those Neodymium Magnets are worth a lot ( Just Ten Sets of them can fetch $10 to $15 dollars on Ebay.. If You LEAVE Them attached to the MU-Metal Plates they're on, (as not to Ruin The  Magnets by Prying them Off or During Shipping them)). The Boards also Contain a lot of Gold Plated Pins..Then of Course You Have the Aluminum Cases and probably could sell the discs and motors to People who love to do Crafts!!
AbdulAhad (1 year ago)
where to sell the logic board
DAT Blue Husky (1 year ago)
ive done some simple scrapping and tell you that its just not worth the time taking them apart. Better off getting a job even part time will make more money. The only real money is in ceramic gold and copper. I have a nice box of solid copper heat sinks about 20lb worth already just getting them for free and bit of gold ceramic cpus etc
Kevin Erickson (2 years ago)
I'm just now getting to this point. I been doing this for a few weeks now.
Life is Art (2 years ago)
Future tech (2 years ago)
Sub to me and like this comment! I'll sub back to you... ☺️☺️👍
Johnny Stash (2 years ago)
my neighbors wife has an extensive vibrating dildo collection (around 300 dildos), how much do you this its all worth by taking them all apart?
Johnny Stash (2 years ago)
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
I would need you to make a video using them on yourself. That way I can estimate the size of the motors. Then I can give you a better answer.
PH3RY (2 years ago)
you sound just like steve jobs
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
To bad , I don't have his money.
patrick stoffregen (2 years ago)
ok, so i have a few questions. i went to the scrap yard today and i took a lot of e-scrap. for the mother boards i only got medium grade board price which is 20 cents a lb, why were those counted as medium instead of mother bord price? 2nd, i took out the boards in the hard drives and the gave me the medium board price for those as well, and i believe i should have gotten a few bucks per pound instead of 20 cents per lb. if anyone could let me know if i got screwed over or what it would help. im 18 and im just getting back into scrapping. Thank you!
patrick stoffregen (2 years ago)
has there ever been a problem when you send it to them? im guessing i got really f'd by the scrap yard? i also took in gold ram and only got 2.75 for over 1/2lb
patrick stoffregen (2 years ago)
+Mike the Scrapper alright, thank you
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
Scrapyard do not pay what e scrap buyers pay. Next time try this company. www.boardsort.com
SheWhoPlays (2 years ago)
cool. tks
Paulo Informática (2 years ago)
Very good idea..
Tanner Vogan (2 years ago)
Well now my computer doesn't work at all dude. You owe me a hard drive. Didn't know the computer wouldn't work without it.
Patrick Brady (1 month ago)
Ohh man that was hilarious.
Bradley Graham (2 months ago)
+Mike the Scrapper you shouldn't have to post common sense shit that people should already know anyways what a dumbass
Colathebuilder - (11 months ago)
Tanner Vogan If this wasn’t a joke I would be pretty disappointed! 😂
Corbin Makes Vlogs (1 year ago)
Well, tell and ask yourself: "This is coming out of my computer. Does my computer need this component to function?" Well, if you don't know the answer to that it's best to to research.
Jacob Paziuk (2 years ago)
+Niko Andruloni You could. I mean that was brutal af, but im bored so bye.
Brian Brewster (2 years ago)
Seems like a helluva lot of work to make $71. I hear the big money is melting down the gold on circuit boards.
Brian Brewster (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing, Mike. But I'm not the working-with-dangerous-acids type of guy.
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
It is a lot more then you hear. I have done Cpu pins & Ram Boards. If you have enough material and chemicals you can do it. But putting an entire Circuit Board in acid and getting gold? You would need a very large area and thousands of boards to make money. You will loose a lot of the acid strength when adding an entire board. The acid will attack everything and you would have to keep adding acid to strip the board down. Then the separation of copper, gold, silver, platinum and so on that is in the mixture.
OGIAMKS Peter (2 years ago)
Pleasecan I have your conact so that you can tell me or direct me on how to sel the one I have. Great tutorial
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
Ebay...or Mike&scrapwithmike.com
Anthony Worthington (2 years ago)
if I remember correctly it is pronounced ( Nee-o-dee-um )
liam robertson (2 years ago)
BobPaul (2 years ago)
Where do you sell the logic boards? Ebay?
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
I use www.boardsort.com
Savage_ Danny (2 years ago)
so if you dont scrape its not worthit? i got a 320gb
Jugnoo Khan (2 years ago)
Mind blowing
Aframe Antiques (2 years ago)
Right Back to you Mike. P E A C E !! I Love it. I just finished 10 - 20 more yesterday then caught your video this morning. Sure am glad I have been scrapping with you and Moose, and the other fine Scrappers of the world. I have been doing this now for a few years and have accumulated quite a bit. I am curious about the recovery of the platinum on the aperture arms? There is supposed to be a trace amount there floating over the platters or somewhere on the arm? It is easy to recover this, or any other part that is Platinum? Also is it possible to do a home recovery of the platinum on the platters, or as I have heard, it is really only done in labs, and perhaps only 1 -2 in the world specialize in doing so. Thank You for your dedication to saving the landfills, like I have of the components that do not belong in the Earth, and making a few bucks while doing so. KUDOS BUD.
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
There is so little Platinum on the boards and the cost would be high. Not to mention the gases. I thank you for watching our videos.
Carl Zimmerman (2 years ago)
You can separate the magnets from that metal back plate they are on really easy. Small flathead screwdriver or just bend the metal and the magnet will pop off.
SPEEDERT12 (2 years ago)
If you sell the platters without wiping them before selling them is there any chance that the data could've survived? If yes, can someone place the platters in a working hdd and recover it?
iggy151 (2 years ago)
Once the platter is separated from the logic board, the data cannot be recovered. Furthermore, you can nuke everything on it by simply dragging one of those magnets across the platter surface
tina taravat (2 years ago)
Aframe Antiques (2 years ago)
Only on CSI... After I get to them I am pretty sure they have lost or at the least dropped a couple of zeros or ones. hehe If they were taken off in a LAB without dust, magnet scratches, driver dings, I would say maybe. Wind-chimes made with these are money makers too. Good Man Mike. Keep it in the family of repute, you are a Godfather of Reputable sources. :)
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
I only sell my platters to a reputable company. never to the public. There may be a chance info may be recovered, if you know what to look for.
steve raby (2 years ago)
OMG !!! I've collected approx 350 dead hard drives over the years and now I know what to do with them. I was going to scrap then as whole units but now I'm going to strip them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
NP...Thank you for watching.
P M (2 years ago)
TheSunergizer (2 years ago)
Have you updated the prices lately? Thanks!
Derrin Eckelmann (2 years ago)
Can you do a video on how to process those actuator arms in hard drives ? I usually throw them away . Thanks mike !
Mike the Scrapper (2 years ago)
I just put them with my steel.
Angrezi books (2 years ago)
very good work on scrap to convert in gold, thanks u

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