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CodeTalk Series: Unit Testing PL SQL Code in the Real World

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Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation It’s been quite a while since Oracle Database developers could complain that there were no tools to help them automate the testing of PL/SQL program units. These days, you can choose from SQL Developer with its integrated unit testing, utPLSQL, an open source framework, Code Tester for Oracle, a commercial product from Quest Software, and more. In this CodeTalk, Steven hosts a conversation with three developers who have been heavily involved in establishment strong unit testing processes with their dev teams. Learn from their experiences, mistakes and lessons! The 2017 CodeTalk Series Webinars are Co-sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG.
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Timothy Petchel (1 year ago)
I'm very interested in applying TTD to my development practices as well as introducing it to the entire development staff as a standard of development. Doing a lot of research on the various flavors of implementation including TOAD (which we have a full developer license for), UTPLSQL and there's another one, PLunit which I've had problems installing. But this is good news for the plsql community. Glad Steve didn't give up on it.
Timothy Petchel (1 year ago)
Stefan Poschenrieder (1 year ago)
please use this link for follow-up meetings I will do https://doodle.com/poll/v5iqihzhqri94apd
Stefan Poschenrieder (1 year ago)
if someone is interested in tdd by generating utplsql via excel, please follow me via twitter @utPlsqlXl for follow up meetings
Stefan Poschenrieder (1 year ago)
congrats, this will change your way of coding and testing.
Shreevathsa Jayanna (1 year ago)
Interested, please reply. need help in setting up unit testing with excel and utplsql integration.

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