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Watch How China Surpasses USA in New Technological Innovation And Advancement

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Learn China's Innovation and Advancement: China as an Innovation Nation - https://amzn.to/2IQIWJ2 TOP STORIES=== Israel and China – technology collaboration. AI IN CHINA- Smart Technology, A New Lifestyle. China Rapidly Expanding its Technology Sector. China's BOE produces bendable screens for smartphones. 5G test site for China International Import Expo set up in Shanghai. China drawing up plans for Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge's operation. China's first manned automatic aircraft completes test flights. US worried about Chinese technological advances. Watch the video to see all these and many more... SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/w3A8IS Don't forget to subscribe for upcoming videos - Richard Aguilar My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg MY Social Media Accounts: https://twitter.com/gygenministries https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RichardHansAguilar https://www.facebook.com/richardaguilarpage/ Thanks for watching... #theBTNews #CHINAvsUSAtechnology #Chinesetechnologicaladvances #Chinainnovation #innovativetechnology DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through those links and this small commission help support my channel and allows us to continue making videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Richard Aguilar (4 months ago)
Don't forget to Subscribe for More Latest News & Updates on Technological Innovation, Breakthroughs and Advancement shaping our modern world.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg?sub_confirmation=1
baukiki kiki (3 hours ago)
America should ask china to make affordable Robots to patrol their border instead of building walls.
J (4 hours ago)
Funny how china is so anti western yet they all try to teach their kids english and study abroad.
Master Knife (6 hours ago)
Funny cos China is still held back by communism
anton awal (13 hours ago)
Chinese strategic business technique is to buy toys, tools other machines copied them and sell at 50% off which are attractive and preferred by the 75% of the world's poor
daniel sabum (20 hours ago)
The West is dead!!! White man time is over!
Thio Muflizar (1 day ago)
World domination : Islam country - europe - usa - china - ....... ??
ABC DEF (1 day ago)
Chinese will be the leaders of New World Order. USA has lost its chance now China has risen.
Ferdinand Roaquin (1 day ago)
I have one question? Do you know any Chinese products which has a commanding lead and whose brand is known all over the world for innovation, reliability and durability like Sony, Volkswagen, Apple?
vidya sagar (1 day ago)
But all those company products are made up of Chinese electronics
lily sing (1 day ago)
western government treat your citizens great, but chinese government treat our chinese citizen very bad, slave us, that is the reason I really dislike chinese government. But western government really should do the reform, western government full of politician who only works for their vote, but chinese government full of statements who always work for the next generation. For example, if trump ask 5.1 billion dollars for science and technology innovation, that will be much useful than to build a wall. Of course, chinese governemtn also spend lots of money on controlling chinese people, that is so bad. Hope western countries can open mind and open heart to cooperate with chinese, no matter what is your culture value, no matter what race you are, just cooperate with china, to follow chinese development on the science and technology. Human being works should be reveal the world, using the science and technology to change our universe, one day we can discovery all the universe, and make human being can do everything in our universe. All countries should cooperate with china, to catch up the innovation steps of china, learn and share knowledge to each other, then make human being technology and science become better and better. USA already stop developing on the science and technology, If USA still so closed mind, it will can not catch up the developing of china, and will far behind the development. If usa is smart, it should take the chinese developing "car", and push american to be the same speed developing.
lily sing (1 day ago)
all chinese went outside, said the life speed become more slowly. In china, chinese life speed is very quickly. We do everything must be quickly, fast and correctly, or we can not finish our task. But in western countries, all life speed is very very slow. Western countries feed too much lazy people, western government should make some Incentives policies to push every people have to work hard and efficiently. . for example, never give any welfare to the young people, but give them free training chance on technology and on how to start themselves business, for example, repairing cars skills, cut hair skills, cooking delicious food skills , etc. that is much better than give money to young people to make them be lazier and lazier.
Hulagu Mongke (3 days ago)
Chinese imports baby powders from overseas and no on trust Chinese technoloy.
madmanjshum (3 days ago)
It is truly embarrassing when I hear us complaining or accusing China of either stealing or playing unfairly to attend the status of a technologically advance and innovative country that it is today. May be if we stop getting into wars and started pouring fiance resources into our universities we could still be in front of other countries, so to speak.
Jovent Mo (3 days ago)
Watch how China will declare war on Taiwan, and then face its own people's revolt, as well as face the rest of the world in war for going against humanity rights. Jia you !!!LOL
D M (5 days ago)
Xi Jinping makes China great again, Trump makes US a third world country.
Romesgtx hye (6 days ago)
China out here making moves while USA is arguing how many genders they have 😂
ian murray (7 days ago)
Once mr trump is done his run the democrats take over america will be that 3 world countrie in few decades then you can make chinas toys lol 100,o,0ooo times.
騎士say黑 (8 days ago)
China is not North Korea, we are free to fly to any country.
Zeek M (8 days ago)
Watch how china will be destroyed from space.
John Smith (10 days ago)
What is new about these robotics?
Ivan Ramirez (10 days ago)
Syed Mohammad Ali (11 days ago)
Live long China.
pyro lopez (11 days ago)
I wonder who would actually be the first country to create a true artificial AI
Edited Name (11 days ago)
Technology for Daily use is normal to the USA. Good technology is not For Sale and for show is always the best of the rest.
Foxy Eagle (12 days ago)
If America or Australia dont have 5g i am movin to China
zzzzzsleeping (12 days ago)
How can YOU surpass your master where you got or counterfeited their intellectual properties? All the things you got will be obsolete and your master will create a new one. Explain....
Willie Cruz (13 days ago)
China steals most of its technology and they also bring out technology before other companies because they aren't held back by safety standards and regulations. this allows them to take chances that most industrialized nations can't.
Tileman75 (14 days ago)
I dont think America wants robots we just had a few kill 30 people
king513 king513 (14 days ago)
Titi mo, china have one agenda... Rob, duplicate and dominate..... it will not happen.
Y Not (14 days ago)
😁😂😉Lmfao.. Technology over the peoples democracy, freedoms, liberties, justice and natural born human rights 🤔😳☹
Rocke the Boy Salia (15 days ago)
Now a hol world knows about U S about their murdering
FreedomsDmocracy1st (16 days ago)
...I don't think that China surpasses but, China gives much more use of any tech than that US. Remember, the Western World has copyright, so no other country within the Wester World can use what the other's copyright unless they permit and even within themselves. China uses all of them copyrights. Just to mention a real example: Google and Microsoft. Google has much more good apps than Microsoft has good apps, now it is that Google's has a much more advanced tech? Microsoft knows all the algorithm Google uses but, can't use them unless mutual of them both agreement or else: they, Microsoft is set to see Google in a court of law. See the opposite: Microsoft is the boss with operating system but, Google is not; is that Microsoft much more good than Google? ...no, Google can't use them 'cause of copyrights. But China steals both of them algorithm configurations and creates what you see in China's market: a much more advance of tech than the Western W...I don't think that China surpasses but, China gives much more use of any tech than that US. Remember, the Western World has copyright, so no other country within the Western World can use what the other's copyright unless they permit and even within themselves. China uses all of them copyrights. Just to mention a real example: Google and Microsoft. Google has much more good apps than Microsoft has good apps, now it is that Google's has a much more advanced tech? Microsoft knows all the algorithm Google uses but, can't use them unless mutual of them both agreement or else: they, Microsoft is set to see Google in a court of law. See the opposite: Microsoft is the boss with operating system but, Google is not; is that Microsoft much better than Google? ...no, Google can't use them 'cause of copyrights. But China steals both of them algorithm configurations and creates what you see in China's market: a much more advance of tech than the Western World techs. No, no and no! They can't even dream to say what is said by me down here or else: would affect their markets. It is the case of copyright, not that China is much advanced than the Western World in tech. Sir! Even myself am careful of the said above 'cause, could appears that I am saying either Google or Microsoft either ones is much more advanced than the other. Hope am perfectly clear. Oh! My advice to you: it seems to me that the creator of this page doesn't know the essence of what algorithm is, how to create application or how it works. Myself can't create application but knows a lot of how it works; not my intention to put you down. But be much, much more concise with what said here in this good site or internationally, it is stating the wrong facts: true false ones. Once more: copyright is the problem. Before leaving this place: any of the Western World can't copy China's hacked software, 'cause it would cost to be sued by one of any other nation that owns that soft program and China takes whoever soft it is, mix them up and creates a "new app". The Western World don't dare to do that, Western World Hackers do. They careless for copyright ...as well as China does. …and it seems there is no way to stop that. One last thing: as the Western World advances in Tech, China falls behind but, there is a but worth to mention: they, China, hack it back again and again to keep up with their own tech or else: fall behind.
Ben K (16 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂stole from US, Japan and Europe.
Eagle Beast (16 days ago)
Hmmm, if China is so advanced now, then why is China still sending their kids to study in the US, Canada, UK etc. If China is so well ahead then China should build its own universities for their citizens to learn these advanced technologies. Right?
Eagle Beast (11 days ago)
+Sy Fan if China wants to be the leader & center of innovation, then it has to have sought after, world class universities. Like the world want & need to study in Chinese universities. In other words, it should have the best learning institutions in the world. Do you see my point?
Sy Fan (14 days ago)
That is because many Chinese youngsters want to explore the world outside their country. That is a wise thing to do so they can broaden their view. They don't just go to US, but also Canada, Uk , France , ... That is actually a good attitude of learning. You can learn different things from different people.
Dick Kehoe (16 days ago)
VIVA CHINA, VIVA COMMUNISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!from Australia
Alan Liu (16 days ago)
even though there's no evidence that china steal us tech, us steal scientist and engineer from whole world
Rafael Trigos (17 days ago)
CHINA is the world new leader
jesus rosales (17 days ago)
5 g muerasen perros 💀💀☢☢☢
Jacob Ricchio (17 days ago)
none of this is advanced beyond what the US has. Stop crying china you are a country of slaves.
Sy Fan (14 days ago)
You need to research more and go visit the country, instead of easily brainwashed by western media. Within the last 30 years, China has been progressing in many areas that people like you many not realize. China is one of the few ancient civilizations. It has been existed on Earth for thousands of years.
Walkertongdee (18 days ago)
America needs to wake up and stop worrying about hanging on to old parents when they should be making new technology and progressing into the future, unfortunately, this is lost under regressive capitalism. The West should concentrate on continually making something new and stop hanging on to old technology and bitching about parents, patents mean nothing the product will soon be outdated anyway. Time for America to reinvent itself or its over, China is working together like a billion bees in a hive and the honey is flowing...
Pizzathehut El (18 days ago)
Thank you democrats for ruining USA
Walkertongdee (18 days ago)
Could it be the West taught them how to make high tech and now they can do it for themselves? Could it be the West showed them how to succeed in world trade and now they don't need or want us there? Could it just be they can do it better, cheaper and offer lower prices and be more competitive without the West holding them back and taking the lionshare of the profits? Could it be the West awakened and fed the sleeping dragon and now it's going to burn them? Could it be the West exploited the poor overburdened workers and now the Chinese companies offer them a higher wage than they got from the West? Na, of course it can’t be that. Let them come here to Thailand, we have minimum wage laws and labor is more expensive by far than China, See what happens then, same, same, westerners are running out of people to exploit, the world is finite and the West is over, done and 不相干.
And you still need the United States! If your Universities were so good! Why do you have a ton of Chinese students at Stanford, MIT, UCLA, Harvard, Cal Tech, San Jose State, USC, Georgia Tech, RIT, RPI, or U of Chicago to name a few? The only thing I will say which is true? The US needs to invest in infrastructure and not F-22's
You know what's funny about your comments? You do realize that the platform you're making your stupid comments on is a USA made platform. Btw! If it wasn't for China stealing American US Patents. China would probably still be in the rice fields. Also! It also helps when Chinese love to Fu*k. That's why you have over a billion people. Btw! Those Chinese programmers probably went to an American University. So regardless how much you want to talk about China domination of the world? Your economy is slowing down as well!
David (18 days ago)
stealing IP from USA, Korea and Japan is not a innovation nor advancement.
Samar Rd (19 days ago)
Awesome technology Love from nepal
ALEX GASANA (20 days ago)
America people are scared of China 🇨🇳 because Asian people are already intelligent than all race
david mehta (20 days ago)
in Canada, we are good at chopping down lumber and importing refugees
david mehta (20 days ago)
China is good at computer chips while America is good at eating potato chips
上官谷雨 (20 days ago)
Darrell Wood (21 days ago)
All copied and stolen
qjtvaddict (21 days ago)
Feminism killed American innovation
HighRoad UK (21 days ago)
Just tell me one thing though.. if China is so good why so many rich Chinese people and government officials families are emigrating to the west every year?
ohhh Y (18 days ago)
Some Western countries have better medical environment and education than China. In western developed countries, as long as they have money, they can go to high-quality private high schools and universities to enjoy the highest level of education. In China, the whole people need to pass the college entrance examination to determine the University level. Excellent students can go to high-quality public universities for education and the tuition and living expenses are very low, because the state has educational subsidies, and it requires IQ strength rather than money to enjoy advanced education in China. I'm sure you can understand why I said so much? In addition, only a small part of the Chinese rich class and government officials will migrate to the West.
ohhh Y (18 days ago)
Because in developed capitalist countries, rich people can enjoy more luxury and even influence politics. They have the money to choose to enjoy anywhere. Do you understand? High-quality resources in developed countries are for the rich, such as health care and education. China is still a developing country, where life is great, but some rich people will choose to go to more developed countries to enjoy a better quality of luxury life. This is normal, just like why the rich in America live in New York instead of in the countryside. Most of the wealthy Chinese still choose to live locally in China and still have a good quality of life.
cesiumion (21 days ago)
China run by Chinese while the U.S. being run by the Israeli Jews.
Namasta Man (22 days ago)
China has made tremendous progress in all fields: while white people are decline, returning to stone age & madness. White people hate to see other race prospering and so all white countries are ganging up against China's 5G technology. White people are accusing China of intellectual property theft. White people are the biggest thieves in the world and they are the dullest bulb on the Christmas tree. I live in Canada and white Canadians are the most ignorant of all the people in the world. It's got to do with bloodline.
warren munroe (22 days ago)
Robots building robots.
wong choo hin (23 days ago)
wong choo hin (23 days ago)
2500 years ago the Chinese can built the Great wall.. what more to day.. I'm a oversea Chinese.. we are hard working people.
wikct2 (23 days ago)
The only thing that the control freak US can do is doing what it does best is to spread lies about China and gear up with its allies to do harm to Chinese companies and Chinese people.
自由吗 (23 days ago)
How can China beat America, America has the soft power of freedom , democracy , ruled of law. Those don’t owned by most developing countries like China...........So those countries’ most smart brains go to America which influenced by the America’s soft power. China is a country that those people are poor ,but the government is rich. Most big companies are owned by those communist officers’ children and other family members. We here even can’t keep us safe from those communist officers’ threaten, all people must do something allowed by those powerful Chinese government officers personally,rather than the law. How can you think China will win...........
Ashfaq ahmad (24 days ago)
China says as israel is to US. Pakistan is to china.. Then china shod really transfer these technology to Pakistan.. Pak is good in military tech but it needs to improve in industrial agricultural technology
Morgan Grey (25 days ago)
wow ..The Chinese .50 cent army is out in force here.......well if they could change their Government and stop human right violations and stop cheating the WTO ...they would be better off.
Hammer Abram (25 days ago)
China was built by wall Street from the communist revolution to modern day. The advance technology was suppressed in America since Tesla and given to communist states like Russia and China.
danny yks (26 days ago)
Asian work hard to get to today, not sitting down drinking piss and smoking drug...
Tiwaking Tiwaking (27 days ago)
*The comment section is an invasion of the 50 Cent Army*
Simon Wu (27 days ago)
American is only that great, cos they stole their language from England UK amongst thousands of other stuff they stole.
Joshua Urban (27 days ago)
I believe China could revolutionize the technology sector worldwide, breaking through barriers that slow down technology advancement.
x He (29 days ago)
zee zing (29 days ago)
that's why Trump is afraid of huawei.
Yt Politics (29 days ago)
Meanwhile Indonesia struggling with the politics
manifest 73 (29 days ago)
This is why Trump and America are afraid and start making accusations like spying and stealing technology.. lol. Your not #1 anymore America.
but2star (1 month ago)
China please beware of the US government, they are gonna to steal your technologies.
Jim Sia (1 month ago)
China can make its own microchip No need copy. China has fastest computer in the world can self innovate. Others will copy chin A
James Lee (1 month ago)
We stolen some technologies like 5G. Wait, from whom?
Omar Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Rateros de tecnolojia
carnivalwrestler (1 month ago)
I welcome China's advancement as a technological leader and as a leader in the arts, too. It will soon be the Age of Asia and China will be at its forefront. I love the energy, intelligence, and dedication of Asians and the way that you promote genius and innovation.
Grade Frank (1 month ago)
there is no us tech anymore
Mr M (1 month ago)
All stolen IP Patents. China is still behind U.S. by half a decade.
trevor francis (1 month ago)
what took America 200 yrs to acheve, china have achieved it in 30 yrs
trevor francis (1 month ago)
high tech, point and press
abraham mani (1 month ago)
This is not technology invention, but it is lot of technology stealing ,their laws are very loose a company from America or Germany canot go to china and give a law suite against their companies and win for stealing , best is American government way block the Chinese from all the western markets completely , if they making products from stolen technology that is the best medicine for Chinese communist ,also there is a millitary threat from all this spin off technology carefull we are in very dangerous situation and we have to stop china in its track ,we can get global supply chain products from india Thailand Indonesia Philippines lavos combodia bengladesh etc etc ,we dont need china any more the usefullness of china is over, drop china completely boycott their product before getting into fire will you
bor jack (1 month ago)
Michael LeBlanc (1 month ago)
Glue your face to the phone, watch the entertainment, sports, and reality TV, the rest of the world has is also innovating creating a future. Your business leaders have turned the free-market capitalist system into a vulture, extraction, rent economy. The citizens in the USA are all in debt, no one owns their home, car, or even education. The World laughs as your Plutocrats and Oligarchs, the business and financial leaders, they seem to no longer care about the employees that built the company, they do not care about the country. They take all the all the profits, they no longer invest in the workers, they just all about greed, they pretend to be the world's greatest business leaders. Yet, the citizens in the USA have never felt so poor, so used, and wonder why they see no hope.
Tatine Clare (1 month ago)
we, chinese people and our nation, still have a long road to go, have many difficulties to clear out. just work and work no matter how others praised or satirized us.
rick lulu (1 month ago)
They stole that idea from the US but wait let me go look if they exist in the US first
Cam International (1 month ago)
stolen technologies.
bb z (1 month ago)
Well we put rovers on mars. Ooooooh
Lee Si Choon (1 month ago)
China and his people spend time working very hard where else US spend time on Politic, war and smoking weed.. WTF?
Zhou新 (1 month ago)
Johnny Jang (1 month ago)
It is easier to bash China than say that you are losing ground because of your bad policies. Like the old Chinese saying, your boat will fall behind if you idle against the current.
wukang feng (1 month ago)
China is good,but Do not look down the USA!it is still the most powerful and best country yet and at least 20 years.we must be aware of this fact all the time.
Howie Choi (1 month ago)
Chinese communist party needs to go... They will be replaced by a democratic party soon...
Woo Shuo (1 month ago)
of course in some field china already supassed usa . usa is nothing anything they can do we also can do.
EZENNIAKING Ifeanyi (1 month ago)
China is nowhere beside US in Technology
Weto Low (1 month ago)
Of course, its copy and paste technologies that China invented...
heavenzceed (1 month ago)
When i became a man, i put away my boyish acts...
d Gtm (1 month ago)
China is a good and progressive nation. But nothing near US. You guys need to know US is the leading example in the whole world- technology wise it is ahead of japan and Germany so forget the rest of the world. China, Russia, Europe far behind America both military and economically. By the way I am Asian not American.
Ankit kishor (1 month ago)
China copies most of the tech and innovations. 😠
dewa khmer (1 month ago)
the one who responsible destroying USA economy is open sources technology and license
Great One (1 month ago)

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