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[STATION X 0] 슬기(SEULGI)X신비(여자친구)X청하X소연 'Wow Thing' Dance Practice

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SEULGI X SinB X CHUNG HA X SOYEON's "Wow Thing" will be released on September 28th, 6PM(KST)! STATION X 0 Official http://smstation0.smtown.com #슬기X신비X청하X소연 #WowThing #STATIONX0 [STATION X 0] 슬기(SEULGI)X신비(여자친구)X청하X소연 'Wow Thing' Dance Practice ℗ SM Entertainment
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Text Comments (15521)
Falak Iqbal (21 hours ago)
seulgi and chunga wow
fadzilah teh (1 day ago)
0:32 .. you can detect seulgi's small mistake . it's okay .. she is the queen right :) p/s: if you want to see it.. see it in 0.5 secs
Lll Lll (1 day ago)
Sinb is in short line in gfriend:) and look now woahhh
hyuna (2 days ago)
sinb was so graceful when falling queen
Takiya Genji07 (3 days ago)
I see wow things😆
징 징 (3 days ago)
진짜 청하가 잘추긴하는구나,,,,,,
`황은비글 (3 days ago)
황은비 사랑해요 ♡:)
banana roti (4 days ago)
VRN (4 days ago)
Goddess of K-pop !!
우미 (5 days ago)
슬기는 강약조절 잘하면서 파워풀하개 추는데 신비는 강하지만 엄청 부드럽게 추는것 같아
* * (6 days ago)
RoguishGoodLooks (6 days ago)
How is Seulgi even real?? She made a mistake and still manages to look completely amazing. I don't understand. 😍
Emi Sai (7 days ago)
I'm amazed at how fast Seulgi realizes her mistake and fixed it at 0:32... PRO
soyeon g idle (8 days ago)
SOYEON SEULGİ SİNB omg soyeon is my ultimate bias, seulgi is my bias in RV and Sinb is my bias wrecker in gfriend this is the best collaboration everrrr and I also love chungha
미소천사. (8 days ago)
청하 춤선도 깔끔하고 힘조절도 정말잘한다
Ezequiel Rios (8 days ago)
Angelo Rivero (8 days ago)
When you look at their footwork and how they move their arms you get that seulgi and soyeon are the best ones here :D
Wazakauye Zulu (9 days ago)
Didn't know SinB was tall.
Queen A (9 days ago)
Seulgi so adorable, after joining deep blue eyes she comes here
Nice mo Ulo mo (10 days ago)
Bangtan Catcher (6 days ago)
So... 1. Seulgi 2. SinB 3. Chungha 4. Soyeon
Lena Chang (10 days ago)
Naj Mirafuentes (11 days ago)
Soyeon is my bias but my eyes were caught by Chungha's and Sinb's movements :< I love the smoothness yet sharp dance moves.
Tiểu Khương Kỳ (11 days ago)
Seulgi ma honeyy
Callista safa (11 days ago)
omaygat seulgi she's so amazing
Kookie and Kkukkungie (11 days ago)
all of girls is so sweet and cool
슬기는 진짜 다르다 스텝 처리까지 섬세해,,,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
3 ce (12 days ago)
왠일로 뽀쨕한 자막들이있넼ㅋ
Aisyah Mudasir (12 days ago)
Anthony Gonzalez (12 days ago)
This just ended fanwars
준휘 (14 days ago)
신비가 키가 크긴 하구나 ㅎㅎ 여자친구 기럭지 2명땜에 가려져있었는데 키 컸었네
عاشقة EXO (15 days ago)
Sinb and sulgy❤
김다엘 (15 days ago)
YouTube꽃쏘 (16 days ago)
뜰기 틀린건가
Hence laren Bayson (16 days ago)
im here bcoz of chungcha but the girl with all black with white jacket and grey hair with bangs caught my attention the most💗like,I cant take my eyes off for that girl who is she?? i think i wanna stan in her group
DEAN _ (14 days ago)
Hence laren Bayson she's SinB from Gfriend? They are awesome hope you can join our fandom! ❤️
raindrop avenue (16 days ago)
soyeon slays 💕
Namjoon's Face (16 days ago)
Okay gfriend is full of huge ass people, like damn they're tall
SugarN’Jams (17 days ago)
The more I stare at Soyeon, the better and sharper her moves look. Why isn’t anyone talking about her? She’s doing amazing! The best imo.
솜댕 (18 days ago)
검은색 티 입은 친구가 눈에 띄네요!
유트브짱이 (18 days ago)
슬기 좀 틀렸네여ㅠㅠ
Moo Abdzar (18 days ago)
Btw, SM looks so sly by only showing Soyeong, SinB, and Chungha making mistakes.
Moo Abdzar (18 days ago)
Suddenly i realize how Giant SinB is 😂
Aisyah Mudasir (19 days ago)
야호 (19 days ago)
ㅋㅋㅋ 무릎꿇고 성은이 망극하옵니다 사죄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워
Bắp Cục Bột (20 days ago)
ImStranger ThanYou (20 days ago)
Seulgi and Chungha don't hold no punches ya'll
마리#07 (20 days ago)
슬기는 진짜 계속 느끼는건데 하나하나 다 열시미 춘다
윰솔_'0' (21 days ago)
신비는 다른 멤버들의 비해 동작이 그리 큰편은 아니지만 춤선 라인이 엄청 이쁘고 가볍다❤
Ianna .V (21 days ago)
Hyuna is missing
I see 4 slaying queens (Edit: lol sinB is so extra)
Amelia putri maharany (22 days ago)
Seulgi 💛💛💛💛💛
irene kim (22 days ago)
Seulgi on point
Kidleader09 (22 days ago)
anybody knows what shoes seulgi is wearing?
im confusion (24 days ago)
I love how Sinb dances
megan vang (24 days ago)
Seulgi's dancing is always so good!
moy mooyy (24 days ago)
Still waiting for the live performance....
한경수 (25 days ago)
여기서 (여자)아이들 소연님이 입으신 아디다스 바지 구매처랑 이름이 뭔가용???!
Moo Abdzar (25 days ago)
Who's the girl with black hat? I think she has the best moves
im confusion (24 days ago)
she's Seulgi from Red Velvet.
Maryam Latifha (25 days ago)
Seulgi 🔥🔥
Space & Time (26 days ago)
look at how clean seulgi's footwork is.....goddamn, that's pure talent
꾸 빗ミ (26 days ago)
슬기언니 진짜 춤 잘춘다 사랑해요ㅠㅠ♥️❤
Fan슬기 (26 days ago)
Everybody had a mistake but Seulgi doesnt... She is my queen💗💓
Michael Lee Kwang Wooi (27 days ago)
Hope to see them performing live together on this someday!!
Eunha is my LIFE (27 days ago)
Fox Queen (27 days ago)
Fox Queen (27 days ago)
nicole torres (27 days ago)
Wich one are Chungha and Soyeon? Please help
Muliana 07 (28 days ago)
Manal Batita (28 days ago)
mochi little mochi (29 days ago)
sure they’re all great dancers, but i think soyeon is the best because of her dance practice videos
soyeon g idle (29 days ago)
For me dance ranking: 1. Seulgi 2. Soyeon 3. Chungha 4. Sinb
Ivy Paxton (1 month ago)
I hope we’ll see that performance on stage
피노끼옹 (1 month ago)
슬기 때문에 동선 이상해짐..
7꽃윤 부계 0 (1 month ago)
Muliana 07 (1 month ago)
Dam when seulgi dances, she got everyone attention, gotta keep an eyes on her dance.
정신차리자 (1 month ago)
신비는 깔끔 소연은 글래머러스하게 추고 청하는 굉장히 걸리쉬하고 슬기는 하 그냥 개멋짐...
Büşra Y. (1 month ago)
Kang Seulgii 😍
I haven’t even been that into Gfriend even though I like TFTMN but Sinb caught me attention from the beginning 🤔
Hi, would you mind to watch our cover of Wow Thing (SEULGI SINB CHUNGHA SOYEON) and leave a comment ? https://youtu.be/x8CcrnVLa1Y
드링 (1 month ago)
나만 전소연밖에 안보이나 춤선 겁나 예뻐
[* ́θ`ノ] DAYEON (1 month ago)
The song's dance is very difficult to me😂
민지공주 (1 month ago)
신비야 ㅋㅋㅋ 절하니..?
jakdb mbgmd (1 month ago)
신비 ♥♥♥
Nightball12 (1 month ago)
Look at seulgis footwork compared to the rest. That's an easy way to show the difference in skill.
Camille Torres (1 month ago)
Seulgi dance is so Cool
有明道骨 (1 month ago)
신예원 (1 month ago)
신비 넘후 귀염뽀작해ㅜㅜ💜
TV유뮈 (1 month ago)
Aisyah Mudasir (1 month ago)
{상큼발랄}버디 (1 month ago)
신비 춤선이 넘 이뻐..
guido (1 month ago)
still waiting for the whole version.
베가 (1 month ago)
0:32초에 (신비x청하) 와(슬기x소연) 중에 누가 틀렸나요?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who is wrong between (SinB x Chung Ha) and (Seulgi x So Yeon)? :D
Dallae (1 month ago)
I need a full dance practiceeee, SMMMM PLSSSSSS
MJ Castañeda (1 month ago)
If I could rank their dancing based on this video: 1. Seulgi - I don’t think she is the best dancer here overall but the way she danced this is very on point and very precise. It looks like the choreography was made for her. 2. Chungha - Skills-wise, she is indeed the best dancer overall, it just felt like she danced it in a very feminine way. But Queen Chungha dances like a water, it flows so great. 3. Soyeon - She is a really strong dancer even if she isn’t the main dancer of her group, she danced with power in this although there are points that looked unclean. 4. SinB - I guess her dancing style is very GFriend-like which focuses on much on execution and somewhat like cheerleader dancing. It felt like her dance here lacked some attitude. Don’t @ me on this, I actually think that she is a better dancer than Seulgi technically, I just do not see the “wow thing” vibes in her dance for this one.
글쓰는_닝겐 (1 month ago)
진짜 신비언니 미치겠다ㅠㅠ 춤신춤왕💜
Jennalyn Azuela (1 month ago)
Seulgi has her own way to dance.... And i think she will definetly the best dancer here
윤유나 (1 month ago)
지은 (1 month ago)
다 잘춰서 한명씩 4번 돌려봄

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