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Victoria's Secret Leg and Bum Workout - Train Like an Angel

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GET TONED LEGS WITH THIS Victoria's Secret INSPIRED LEGS & BUM WORKOUT ROUTINE. Victoria's Secret Leg and Bum Workout - Train Like an Angel HERE'S THE PLAYSLIST FOR THIS PROGRAM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXHCSxBsKR5x_834mP_tCWxA_DDfyO5fN
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mariam lbn (1 month ago)
I did it and i really enjoyed it. Greetings from Germany
1 Workout a Day (1 month ago)
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for the awesome comment 👌🏼🙌🏼💪🏼🙏🏼😘
Shadia Fathima (4 months ago)
hi your workouts are great. i'm not a model but want to look like.And i'm quite fat, can i do this program ?
Shadia Fathima (4 months ago)
okay thank you soo much :)
1 Workout a Day (4 months ago)
You have to eat better babe. It's all about the food is no1. Follow my model meal guide to loose weight.
Shadia Fathima (4 months ago)
thank you. what should i do to loose weight and get a lean figure fast please suggest what to do .sorry for asking too many questions
1 Workout a Day (4 months ago)
You should do the model meal guide together with this program. If you want to look like one and you need to loose weight, you probably need 1 year of eating right and training. Eating right 100% is super important if you want to look like a model. This program is 3 months long. You can repeat it until you have reached your desired results. But have patience. To get a model body you have to be born this way or you need to eat right 100% and work your ass off!💕
amatae (4 months ago)
Hi sorry for my second comment, i just finished this whole workout and I didn't really feel anything. I'm sweaty but I couldn't really feel my muscles working. Did I do the workout wrong?
1 Workout a Day (4 months ago)
To not bulk up on legs and glutes, this workout mainly has toning exercises. This is the model program and if you are a model that needs to fit in pants for jobs, you don't want to built any muscle on your legs to keep them from growing and not fitting into designer wear. To get a greater challenge out of this workout I recommend you to use ankle weights of 2kgs per leg for the toning parts.  If you like a greater challenge, please check out my playlist: Legs & Glutes There are numerous of other lower body workouts that include squats and lunges and they make you feel a burn.
amatae (4 months ago)
You have the best workouts 👏🏻👏🏻 I have a question, should I have cool down days in between these long workouts or should I go hard everyday? Which will give me the best results overall?
amatae (4 months ago)
Thank you!!
1 Workout a Day (4 months ago)
To get the best results you should push through without rest days. I normally go hard the 3 first days and the rest of the week I do each exercise slower, really focusing on my form and breath. So I do less reps per exercise and that helps if you're a bit sore. Also if needed to take a longer break somewhere in the video just hit the pause. 💕
Hoàng Anh Nguyễn (4 months ago)
Love you so much :-)
Andrea Ramirez (4 months ago)
Omggg im obsessed wth this channel ! Where does she get the knowledge to make these workouts ??
Andrea Ramirez (4 months ago)
1 Workout a Day I can definitely tell ! The mechanics of your workouts are impeccable👌love them thxs for putting quality workouts on YouTube 💓
1 Workout a Day (4 months ago)
I have trained with personal trainers for about 3 years to loose my weight and shape up. A lot of my routines and meals come from there. And I also read a lot about how the body functions. 💕
Citlalli Mtv (4 months ago)
Muchas gracias por subir estos vídeos, me ayudan muchísimo 💜
Anjy Jarkas (4 months ago)
love it so much 😍😍😘😘

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