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NCT U 엔시티 유 '일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)' MV

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S.M.Entertainment’s new boy group, NCT’s debut single ‘일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense) (Sung by TAEYONG, MARK, JAEHYUN, DOYOUNG, TEN)’ has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/NCTU_The7thSense NCT Official http://nct.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/chnct http://www.facebook.com/NCT.smtown http://twitter.com/NCTsmtown NCT U 엔시티 유 '일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (81523)
Mimimi Momomo (22 minutes ago)
1:19 Doyoung im-
nct_ sense (38 minutes ago)
You do... You want... It's my jam
bhaw na (1 hour ago)
Bring this unit again sm
Farzana Rashid (2 hours ago)
Stre4m this to 70 M
R. (2 hours ago)
the best nct song, don’t even start...
Angela Cabreira (4 hours ago)
Is this mark, taeyong, doyoung, jaehyun and ten? Please confirm 🙏🏻 confused lol
amihcfs 01 (4 hours ago)
yup they are
Qurama_ sole (5 hours ago)
This song it's fery srange
Sanga Punte (5 hours ago)
Hard dancd
Candy (6 hours ago)
this isnt how debuts work SM but i like so you're forgiven
Got7 AhGaSe (6 hours ago)
*Iconic lines* : *Uh, and that's along as ride* -Mark *open your rice (eyes)*-Taeyong & Jaehyun [only Mark and Doyuong clearly say eyes lmao] *we'll take it slow, take it slow oh* - Doyoung *burger cheese (bulgyuchik)* - Taeyong
Got7 AhGaSe (6 hours ago)
3 years an I still come back to this *EPIC song*
Nikole M (6 hours ago)
Haechan in the back makes me go to heaven
Dïegô.542. (7 hours ago)
Cabros la verdad es que estoy aqui porque la mina que me gusta me embia videos asi.. Asique aqui haciendo lo que sea x ella..
Pudding (7 hours ago)
Sai Nivedha (8 hours ago)
This song is way too lit!! Am finding this way too late!!
Natalia Vargas (8 hours ago)
Liza David (9 hours ago)
“Open your rice. Jeremy, open your rice!”
nct_ sense (10 hours ago)
Keep str3aming guys.. 100M 🔥🔥🔥
Mercedes Griffith (11 hours ago)
So why didn't haechan debut with NCT U
Jamie King (11 hours ago)
I haven't listened to this in years and it is such a throw back♥️
Princess. E (11 hours ago)
1:09 that little booty shake
Boss has 71M now but wouldn't it better to bring this first at 100M?
bhaw na (1 hour ago)
I also hope same. This is iconic and their debut song. Dance, performeance, vocals, rap, iconic lines.. Perfect song. But views here are increasing very slowly as comp to boss. Boss will reach 100m
nakamo toyota (12 hours ago)
sex is good but 7th sense is better
Livy Cronin (12 hours ago)
Instead of opening my eyes they opened my heart.
L'Alien Pandicorn (13 hours ago)
where is my hair
uwu culture (14 hours ago)
"A lot of our pants popped." -Mork
SAK.Dance (15 hours ago)
love my nct boys.
TL (16 hours ago)
This unit had the most talent out of all NCT units. They should bring them back for another banger.
bhaw na (1 hour ago)
Yujia H (16 hours ago)
Anh Pham (17 hours ago)
2019 and its still so dope 🤤
shahanah G. (19 hours ago)
Jacksonnnn Layyyyyy Chenleeeeeeeeeeeeee
Thuy Thach (19 hours ago)
Emi Liana (21 hours ago)
00:44 the way Ten is singing that voice 💓. I just love this part most in this MV. Now i know where all those lines like Open your EyEs and LoNg asS ride are from😂 it took me a year to find the root of it
Rachel Conti (1 day ago)
Doyoung's hair tho!!😍😍😍😍
we have grown like a pretty grass :'''')
we're in 2019 and this song is not getting old
5/21 legends
vERY hOT that's the tea
0:00 legends have been borned
you do.
im not okay, after almost 3 years, i cant handle too talent, send me help
Mickey P-F (1 day ago)
I am seriously enjoying NCT 127
La Taekook (1 day ago)
Hermoso :3
-Dream In a Dream- (1 day ago)
JLTY Just luv (1 day ago)
Okay. This video is so lit 🔥. Honestly I loved when it came out, still captures my heart! Love everything about. More views yall! LETS GET IT!!!
Andressa Wannable (1 day ago)
BTS trash Bin (1 day ago)
0:40 damn that’s an aesthetic
Melissa Francisco (1 day ago)
almost 3 years after this debut and Mark's rap still hypes me every time!!
Jazmyn Allen (1 day ago)
Gokce K. (1 day ago)
A .k (1 day ago)
Nctzens where u at??? 100 MILLION before next comeback we can do it together!!!!!!
Alondra Adamson (1 day ago)
2019 anyone?
silentmockingjay (1 day ago)
65 mio views are by me :)
sad kid (1 day ago)
This deserve more view
Xlisx (1 day ago)
This is AMAZINGGGG!!! and i don’t even listen to Kpop. This is now one of my favorite songs 🖤🖤
Niyoung Kim (1 day ago)
Gue takut klo denger ni lagu sendiri serem anjirr nadanya:')) aih bgonya diriku
Donnice Johnson (1 day ago)
Doyoung sexy part starts 1:20-1:23 nice and sexy
Donnice Johnson (1 day ago)
i love this video so much,it hit's a heart string,it makes me think about life more aften,i love you nct
Petch (1 day ago)
the best!
Maddy Richardson (1 day ago)
Pinkeu Nuna (2 days ago)
Ten omg 😭😍
imma elf and exo-l (2 days ago)
verse : my missheard stupid ass : *OPEN YOUR RICE DOYOUNGI OPEN YOUR RICE*
cyanidetruth baby (2 days ago)
7th sense era will be the best era for me ever
Priscilla Guzman (2 days ago)
Never, ever, ever, EVER will I get tired of this song
Is that Mark? (2 days ago)
Best debut ever?
Is that Mark? (15 hours ago)
+I gUEss You'Ve WoNDeRed WheRe I'vE beEN Yes hahaha my username has a question mark and also the name Mark (for both Mark Tuan and Mark Lee - my bias)
I know right? I just realized your user*name has a question mark and so as this comment?
Fandoms And Kpop (2 days ago)
Eat Jin and open your rice
opal jones (2 days ago)
holaagabb (2 days ago)
jenny anne (2 days ago)
Why do I feel like the comeback of this 5 will happen ok their 5th anniversay? or not at all.. Manager-nim.. i know you know we’re used to waiting but just in case you remember this.
jimin's lost jams (2 days ago)
Im new to the fandom and I only know this song can someone show me some other songs or help me learn who's who thank you
SSN (2 days ago)
Some Recommendations: Simon says, baby don't stop, Boss, Chain, Cherry bomb, regular, Without you, no longer, we go up, back 2U💚
jimin's lost jams (2 days ago)
+enjoycaraffee thank you!😁
nicole (2 days ago)
welcome <3
enjoycaraffee (2 days ago)
Welcome to the NCT family!
Isa Rodz (2 days ago)
Wait... So ur telling me... THAT THIS IS A DEBUT SONG?!! :0 *STAN*
nicole (2 days ago)
welcome <33
enjoycaraffee (2 days ago)
MrsJeon 08 (2 days ago)
Even now in 2019 I'm still confused about nct...
1917 (2 days ago)
MrsJeon 08 if you’re talking about their concept it’s not that hard nct is a group with unlimited members (21 now )that are divided into different units , nct has 4 units now 1- Nct 127 , a unit based on seoul with 10 members 2 -Nct dream , a unit for teenager members only 3- Nct U , a rotational unit every comeback the members will change according the song concept and which members suit it the best 4- WayV , nct chinese unit NCT 2018 is the name of the project when they release an album with all units in it nct 2018 has ( 18 members ) they released an album ( nct 2018 empathy ) , so this year nct 2018 will change to nct 2019 when they release an album for all units and new members can be added ( nct = nct 2018) [ members can be in more than one unit if the concept of the unit suits them like mark / haechan .... ] hope u can understand it
trexzila (2 days ago)
yOu dO
-Dream In a Dream- (1 day ago)
YoU wAnT
Amanda Morales (2 days ago)
I’m (almost) 3 years late. I can’t believe that I just found out about kpop 3 months ago🤦🏻‍♀️
Salma Ruiz (2 days ago)
the 7th sense was way ahead of her time
Andjela Rakic (2 days ago)
I am an army,but whole last year i listened a lot of NCT songs so i think that they are my two favorite groups.😁
Andjela Rakic (23 hours ago)
+I gUEss You'Ve WoNDeRed WheRe I'vE beEN Hahahahahah i want to check out some more😂
Lol I stan 30 groups.
Humberta Brotstein (2 days ago)
spontaneously crushing on this guy at 0:40 pls help whats his name
Kiki Lala (2 days ago)
Jung Jaehyun (stage name). Lead vocalist, 1/4 of the big tiddies club, hulk of the group and part of NCT's holy trinity for vocals. Holy trinity: https://youtu.be/PmH948yZwhE https://youtu.be/y6OcvS54KYQ Check out his duet: https://youtu.be/4LPmBiFkoBk And his cover of A Whole New World: https://youtu.be/w3ps_RFHjY4 And more of his face: https://youtu.be/VB6j33QjazA Golden predebut content: https://youtu.be/0f15gINzAeY
γινομαι ενα (2 days ago)
Jung Jaehyun
Melina Fernandez (2 days ago)
Pasaron 3 años y sigo pensando que es el mejor tema
Lee Taeyong Marry Me (2 days ago)
My favourite concept ever! So proud of my babies!
Carolina Martins (2 days ago)
차가운 세상 (두) 눈을 감고 침대에 누워 두 귀를 막고 어제가 오늘 (또) 오늘이 어제 때늦은 자책만 가득한 채 We'll take it slow Baby baby We'll take it slow oh 같은 꿈 마치 날 부르는 익숙한 노래 마침내 연결돼 감싸주지 나를 Hate is on me 반복되는 매일도 괜찮다고 깊은 어둠. 위를 걸어 저 너머에 숨겨진 진짜를 봐 Open Your Eyes 조용히 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes 이제는 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes 조용히 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes 이제는 Open Your Eyes 버려지지 않는 미움과 나를 괴롭히는 꿈 (이 꿈) 저 시계는 나를 비웃듯 한 치 오차 없이 가 (oh yeah) 엉망진창 나도 날 모르겠어 어둡게 색칠 된 미래 허우적대 더 새까맣게 이 밤에 덧칠을 해 Woo Yeah 차가운 세상 (두) 눈을 감고 침대에 누워 두 귀를 막고 어제가 오늘 (또) 오늘이 어제 때늦은 자책만 가득한 채 We'll take it slow Baby baby We'll take it slow oh 같은 꿈 마치 날 부르는 익숙한 노래 마침내 연결돼 여전히 어딘가로 이름 모를 지역에 난 이름 모를 Hall 로 몇 밤을 자도 편치 않은 어딘가 에서도 결국 대부분 내 시간을 보내는 explorer (Uh) And that is a long ass ride 정신없이 휘둘리다 결국 눈을 감지 꿈과 지금 사이를 또 한번 의심하고 난 또 확인할 게 있어 바로 지금 너와 같이 (Uh) Open Your Eyes 조용히 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes 이제는 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes 조용히 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes 이제는 Open Your Eyes 난해한 저 불규칙 속에 (속에) 깊이 가려져왔던 (가려진) Story 눈을 뜨네 이 노랠 통해 읽혀 지는 너의 꿈 (꿈) 긴 잠에서 깨어난 (난) 내 일곱 번째의 감각 Oh 내 곁에 다가와 펼쳐진 밤 조금씩 가까워 지는 다른 꿈 이해가 돼 모두가 내 것처럼 다 Open Your Eyes 진짜를 봐 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes (혼자가 아니야 난 I I)
sugacoated (2 days ago)
Can't believe it's already been so long...
G G (2 days ago)
me: *watches this video every week* also me: WIg? Snatched. Nct? Kings. Hotel? Trivago.
Fellow nctzens, please check out loca by favorite
まぁぶるちょこ (2 days ago)
A wave Of fandoms (2 days ago)
Before I go into the fandom I thought mark would’ve be a vocalist just from looking at him and I was met with the fact that he was a rapper and had *THAT* *VOICE*
SSN (2 days ago)
Actually he passed the audition by singing. He also sing really well💚
lu lu (2 days ago)
The shit bro 👊❤️
the lemon head (2 days ago)
1st listen : This is a weird concept 2nd listen : Um.. the dance is cool 3rd listen : *OPEN YOUR RICE* WHERE AM I FOR THE WHOLE YEAR FOR NOT FINDING THIS BOP
Emi Liana (2 days ago)
Jyllian Paralejas (3 days ago)
Still the best! ❤
Lilly (3 days ago)
Came for the music stayed for the personality now I got both
OXIJIN DROP (3 days ago)
THIS IS ÆSTHETIC 💞💗💓💘💘💕 why did I find this until now 😪😔✌🏼
SSN (2 days ago)
Some Recommendations: Simon says, baby don't stop, BOSS, Cherry bomb, Chain, Regular, Without you, we go up, no longer💚
Aahana Roy (3 days ago)
Best debut song ever 🌻💥
park yana (3 days ago)
park yana (3 days ago)
🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱( ˘ ³˘)❤
Kim Namjoon (3 days ago)
*eat jin and open your eyes* - best lyric ever
Kira Eske (3 days ago)
Find me another debut song that slaps like this I’ll wait
YEAH MATE (3 days ago)
I have goosebumps
HaYutaMatata (3 days ago)
Thank you mark for giving us a long ass ride

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