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Made in China Two Seater Electric Car

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Tesla got competition. Watch out for Made in China Two Seater Electric Vehicles. They are getting pretty and popular. We found this cute two seater electric car parked at lake park and I thought I should share this with my viewers. Maybe I should get one to review :D Looking to get into FPV Racing? But do not know how to build FPV Racing Quadcopter? Do not worry, leave the building to us. Get your OFM Swift TR260 Tilt Rotor FPV Racing Ultra Fast ready to fly Quadcopter here http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product/swiftrtrfutaba/ http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product/ofmswift/ Enjoy the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe. Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/alishanmaolife and http://www.youtube.com/alishanmao Find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/alishanmao Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alishanmao Google Plus: https://goo.gl/YatB0j Highly Customized Aerial filming and Aerial Surveillance Solutions http://onlyflyingmachines.com Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Comments and feedback welcome at [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected]
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Text Comments (117)
Kapil Dev (29 days ago)
India purchasing sir
Kaze (2 months ago)
I want this!!! If I can get this car in United States, I bet so many girls will want to ride in it. Girls love cute things. Instant chick magnet.
alishanmao (2 months ago)
well in China there are way too many of these now. even more cuter one showed up. and now you can even make a annual card. Pick one of these from dedicated stations, drive around, do your job and leave them to another dedicated station nearby. they are like rental now. you can even rent them for a month, 3 month, half year and all year long.
Veli Turapdin (2 months ago)
How much money this car Please help me for that topic
kumakum Ali (5 months ago)
I love this car but i have no money to buying car 😢
daniel lima (5 months ago)
Kalloo Singh Banjara (6 months ago)
Haw much
mohi uddin (6 months ago)
Kathern Pernell (7 months ago)
I think you can find good solution on Avasva
Lakhan Dhakad (7 months ago)
Car price 3 lakh
Pragya Garg (8 months ago)
What's the name of this car?
Saba Khan (8 months ago)
What price in Pakistani rupies?
Saba Khan (8 months ago)
I want to buy this but what avelbal in Pakistan?
alishanmao (8 months ago)
only Corruption available in Pakistan. Good things are not available :D Saba
Paulo Yoshizaki (8 months ago)
Na CHINA vai Ter Muitos Carros Movido Elétricos no Futuro !!!…………………OK!!!!!…………………………Já Vista!!!……………………
Chandan Singh (9 months ago)
mini car..cool
Hadisudanto (10 months ago)
ugly design by the way
Khalid Aftab (10 months ago)
absolute beauty and perfect for pakistani roads.
khalid Bhutta (11 months ago)
when it will be available in pakistan?
Bloxster ZBR (11 months ago)
college student car
Usama Altaf (11 months ago)
whats price in pakistan
kitne ka hai
Jaymar A.Oredeña (1 year ago)
its beutiful
Sidra Fahad (1 year ago)
Where i see smallest toy in the world
Maryam Arsalan (1 year ago)
where can I buy it is it available in Pakistan in Islamabad
alishanmao (1 year ago)
No its not, But we can produce such cars and better quality in Pakistan. I need very trustworthy people in Pakistan who would like to make this venture come true. We can Design and build Quality Electric Cars in Pakistan. I have lots of contacts in China to get quality parts assembled and shipped to pakistan where we can assemble the car and sell. Once again as I mentioned I need very trustable people for this venture. for more details, you can contact me at [email protected]
Karan Thadwani (1 year ago)
Car name??
Aleena Elif (1 year ago)
yo thats amazing for girls
Arjumand Said (1 year ago)
I want to buy this car
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
Please come to malaysia ... I love this car.....
Arib Memon (1 year ago)
I want to buy
Aruna Rana (1 year ago)
कहाँ मिले गी ये कार इंडिया में
Jonathan Long (1 year ago)
can i order one and claim it as a kit car in us?
ayesha jeo Ayesha (1 year ago)
pakistan m sale horahe hn ye car plz reply
Alen Spyctaron (1 year ago)
Alen Spyctaron (1 year ago)
Where i can buy it ? PLEASE TELL ME
I love China made I don't care what people say
u stupid indian uploader
Walking The Dog (1 year ago)
he know nothing bro lol
alishanmao (1 year ago)
So what makes you think I am an Indian?
AYAZ HUSSAIN (2 years ago)
alishanmao how i can get that car tell me brief procedure please,(pakistan)...i realy love that car
AYAZ HUSSAIN (1 year ago)
Walking The Dog thank u so much.....
Walking The Dog (1 year ago)
go to alibaba.com and search chini mini smart electric car
Pandorax علي (2 years ago)
it's nice
Dordor (2 years ago)
This car only sell $800-$1500 USD, it is really cheap. And you definitely can use it for years. 6 hours charge, 100km.
Daffa Alfian (1 year ago)
Dordo Its really cheap. its less than 20 million in Indonesian money or IDR 20.000.000,-..oh man...wonderfull car. Where we can buy this car? Please...export to Indonesia
Kerim Mušović (1 year ago)
Želja Plavog Oka BlueEyeDesire Ovo dok uvegeš kod nas doći će te 4-5 hiljada
are you sure about prices? tell me when I can buy this car?
Catnip2011 (2 years ago)
The car is as big or small (depending how you look at it) as some (or most) American's arse.
model nutty (2 years ago)
now that's a fancy golf cart (and not much more).
Gio (2 years ago)
where can we buy this toy?
Andy Casbo (2 years ago)
This baby is perfect but. the spec must be : Range 100miles , Charging 80% in10 minutes and 50Mph i buy 5
Mohammad Fakhruzzaman (8 months ago)
can your mobile charge full in 10 minutes......? -_-
Ihaveausernametoo (2 years ago)
Made in China doesn't necessarily mean bad quality. It's been proven on several occasions. Hire a consultant if importing long-distance, it's worth it. Personally I find a smaller, much much much much cheaper car of at least decent quality (I don't need a freakin' sportscar ffs) is much more appealing than Tesla's. Edit; There are cars than can do highway speeds for a fair price.
NgeangPink Funda (3 years ago)
Scott x (3 years ago)
That's different! I like the size,cute car, just what I need. As far as quality goes, well it's made in China. But as long as the wheels stay on, I can deal with the rest lol
Robert Palmore (3 years ago)
Please do a review on this car.  I may be moving to China and would like to have a car rather than a ba ba chur.
papaGhurka (3 years ago)
Well, how much is it? See if you can find it on the internet.
papaGhurka (2 years ago)
+Xilin SUN Thanks, but I'm not interested in looking until it becomes available in my area, and it is cheap. That might take many years.
Xilin SUN (2 years ago)
One interesting thing is that a lot of similar models have four doors and four seats, even though they're so small. 
Xilin SUN (2 years ago)
In China, most of the "slow four wheeled EVs" are illegal on public road. It's legal to sell and buy them for use in private areas (factory, campus, shopping malls...). However, some people still drive them on public road, especially in rural areas and relatively undeveloped cities, where traffic regulations are less enforced. Some even use them as illegal taxies.  Although illegal at the moment, they somehow tends to become a replacement of motorbikes, filling the gap between bicycles and (real) cars.  Very often they're sold in China with the name of "老年代步车", meaning "Daily used vehicle for the elderly". The concept probably was developed upon electric powered wheelchairs. Of course the vehicles are now quite different from wheelchairs. I guess to make them legal on road, a lot of safety measures have to be applied. A lot of them already feature safety belts and some even have ABS. I have not seen any advertisement mentioning airbags. The vehicle bodies seem weak and not surviving crash tests. The batteries and electric motors  are produced by dedicated companies and could be safe. The materials used in the interior looks cheap and could be emitting hazardous gas.  
papaGhurka (2 years ago)
+Xilin SUN Before it can be sold in the US, it has to meet US safety standards.
Xilin SUN (2 years ago)
+papaGhurka I guess it's illegal to drive it on road.
ThatHPI GUY (3 years ago)
Is it 3cell or 4? 😆
Naseembablo Qureshi (7 months ago)
ThatHPI GUY or that you got it
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+ThatHPI GUY :D LOL no idea. maybe 2 Cell
smokster0604 (3 years ago)
That would be great do it.
Hawaiisidecar (3 years ago)
Very cute!
George Gardinier (3 years ago)
http://www.alibaba.com/countrysearch/CN/two-seater-electric-car.html   there are lots of them over there
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+George Gardinier Yup but it seems AliBaba sells too expensive. same cars can be found very cheap on Taobao :D
Tomáš Repiský (3 years ago)
Shut up and take my money!!!
MH Bin Katab (3 years ago)
Eid Mubarak Sir, keep up the good work
French Fry (3 years ago)
Those cars should be relegated to bike paths and cart racing.  Now if it had some brushless motors and could fly, then maybe.
alishanmao (3 years ago)
Ruudy L (3 years ago)
Looks like the little town cars we have in Holland with max speed of 45km not allowed on any highway. I think this is a dressed up Golf cart
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+Ruudy L hahaha could be. These are all town cars here for those who can't afford ordinary engine cars
Crakk Stuh (3 years ago)
Looks as ugly as an indian TaTa
RCPilot (3 years ago)
+alishanmao they should try a lying down design instead of creating a vehicle so unstable that my micro heli could blow over. not that it would go faster than a walk. but then again. walking is probably faster than the traffic in the super urban regions of china. Probably brushed as well. Lol.
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+Crakk Stuh this is honestly, Chinese made cars are not too beautiful. Maybe they need some real creative designers.
Dylan Clark (3 years ago)
Looks like a knock off smart car
SnapPunch Robert (3 years ago)
You should put an Octocopter on top and try to fly it.
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+SnapPunch Robert thats a great idea. The factory where I produced my Swift TR260 tilt rotor quadcopter, is now building a single seater Hexacopter ultralight. I might be able to test fly it and post videos. They are building a similar cabin on top of hexacopter for a person to sit in and fly hexacopter. I shown the factory owner this car and told him, no need to design the cabin, just install your Hexacopter on this car and fly it LOL hehehehe. :D
waddac2 (3 years ago)
Very cool little car. Get one and you could let Arish have a go buddy LOL!!!!
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+waddac2 Now thats a good idea :D in that case need to get 4. One for Mary
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+waddac2 Now thats a good idea :D in that case need to get 4. One for Mary
waddac2 (3 years ago)
+alishanmao buy three mate then you can all play bumper cars LOL!!!!!
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+waddac2 One? Bro, I need to buy two now :D heheheh or else Haadi will be unhappy. unless if Arish agrees to carry haadi along with him in the car
Stephen Kite (3 years ago)
Yes Ali electric cars the way to go but this one far too small , imagine if you had an accident with a truck , by all means do a review if you can but too small for most people to feel safe on the roads :-)
+Stephen Kite its more dangerous a motorcycle and can road legal on the streets and high way, this chinese electric cars is for low velocity only 45 km per hour, and is for use only in the cities i think is a good option, because are cheap and friendly
dean woodcock (3 years ago)
made in china says it really
mark acker (3 years ago)
Hahahaha, Hey Spring Chicken,;-) Since you have plenty of money to buy one to do a review, order two and send one to me, cheers,;-) I need one of these but the size comparison to a truck is Freek'n scarey!!!! Thanks for posting,
mark acker (3 years ago)
MMMMMMM.???? Now you have me thinking;-) Wonder what you might be up to ?????? ;-)
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+mark acker let my new business venture start. then i can send you two to do reviews.
Brendan_636 (3 years ago)
... but you already have a awesome bike... and that looks like a death trap that inst capable of highway speeds
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+Brendan Taylor I sold the bike :D hehehe but Am after KTM Duke 390 or Benelli TNT Tornado :D
wheely132 (3 years ago)
You totally should find one to review! I'd love to see more in depth video on this!
wheely132 (3 years ago)
Sweet! What's the name of them? Like the manufacturer and model? Also, you don't need to go out and buy one just to make a video. I was talking like find one that you can review for them, and like you said, advertise so they make more sales.
robflyrc (3 years ago)
+alishanmao Make this RC , or fpv-car :)
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+wheely132 I found them actually. They cost about 15000 RMB to 20000 RMB :) pretty cheap. there is a cheaper version too, costs about 5000 RMB. But again, what would i do with them after review? :D Maybe I can find the company and ask them to lend me one for review and then return it back. they will get more exposure and more sales :D
Leo (3 years ago)
It's awesome, and I want one, but bigger. I'm tall, with long legs, I doubt i'd even fit in that thing. But I still want one in my size.
Leo (3 years ago)
+alishanmao Dynamic regenerative living bumper. That's technically impressive!
alishanmao (3 years ago)
HICHAM AIT AKKA (3 years ago)
+𝕮𝖙𝖍𝖚𝖑𝖍𝖚 Maybe something like this https://goo.gl/Cr0eE1
alishanmao (3 years ago)
+𝕮𝖙𝖍𝖚𝖑𝖍𝖚 exactly heheheh :D
Leo (3 years ago)
+alishanmao Maybe something like this. http://www.viralline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/tall-guy-small-car.jpg

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