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TAEYEON 태연 'I (feat. Verbal Jint)' MV

1490276 ratings | 166772319 views
TAEYEON's first solo album "I" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/i-the-1st-mini-album-ep/id1046202716 TAEYEON Official http://taeyeon.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration TAEYEON 태연 'I (feat. Verbal Jint)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (114420)
Sulatt htoo (52 minutes ago)
167M is coming
sabrina caganda (54 minutes ago)
i wish snsd will comeback in a complete group i miss them
전현규 (1 hour ago)
이런 노래 또 안나오나
Trang Trần (1 hour ago)
200M fingthing
Jo Jo (1 hour ago)
I'm here purely because of Taeyeon. This is HER song afterall.
Arjon Hope (2 hours ago)
ARMY but not because of V Sorry I didn't know he covered it. I just discovered it in the comment section 😅
Anis Zulaikha (2 hours ago)
Who in 2019??
Alice Night (3 hours ago)
Where did they film this? It's so majestically beautiful 💭💙
windiaty yaniar (2 hours ago)
new zealand
Kim Hyun A (4 hours ago)
NamelessFüll (4 hours ago)
I'm here just because of the song, not because of anyone who covered this song
saryono nana (5 hours ago)
Timmy Christian (6 hours ago)
My life is a beauty 😊
Yellow Quail (7 hours ago)
Jimin Clark (7 hours ago)
Y’all we get it V did a cover can you not comment that. Like yeah he helped you find her but it’s kind of rude when all you see is “who came from V’s cover”. Like let’s see comments appreciating this work of art.
Sara سارا (8 hours ago)
مرت ثلاث سنوات مرحلتي الثانويه العامه 💘.، 2019 أولى جامعه
star nay (10 hours ago)
2019 👍 200 Million go sone please 💕🔥
star my (11 hours ago)
I love you taeyeon👑😍😍😍😘😘
ryehaaan (14 hours ago)
taehyung please cover this song while hobi rapping 😭
Muhammet Nezir (15 hours ago)
Gürkan Yılmaz (17 hours ago)
kızın burnu yok amq
Ljanejane_ss (17 hours ago)
simran lakra (17 hours ago)
I came here because she is the most talented and beautiful singer❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌
huifen Guo (18 hours ago)
I hope to listen a real-drum and band version of I.
love myself (18 hours ago)
Ok I love her And her voice ❤ But is it just me or taeyeon changed her pants to a skirt in the car 😅 ...... Ok just me 👌
love myself (1 hour ago)
+windiaty yaniar i know right ☺
windiaty yaniar (2 hours ago)
the top clothes is different too
cyndy hiu (18 hours ago)
💕💕💕 166,714,851 💕💕💕 21/2
Reni Anggraeni (18 hours ago)
Saya tau lagu ini karna v bts yang nyanyiin 😂😂😂
Qayyum Kamil (19 hours ago)
Forever taeyeon
BTS ARMY (19 hours ago)
I love Taeyeon
daniel270108 (20 hours ago)
ethern moon (20 hours ago)
Another time i cried. I'm so happy Taeyeon is showing her real feelings those days. I feel more close to her as a fan. Taeyeon the best Leader ♡
Era Pink Panda (20 hours ago)
i feel alive now, hihihi
Jeyco Palacio (21 hours ago)
Sin duda Taeyeon es una de las 5 mejores vocalistas del kpop
Noina 2534 (22 hours ago)
Kim Jendueki (22 hours ago)
I came here because I miss the voice of the Queen!!!! Taeyeon's vocal can eat the whole group 😋👑
Yul Kwon (22 hours ago)
170M view on her birthday 😙 fighting
YEHSIU TZU (23 hours ago)
miss u Taeyeon
hoseok enthusiast (1 day ago)
i mean im a fan of bts too but if ARMYs are here to listen can't yall just shut up, compliment the actual artist instead of saying: i came here because of V?? it's disrespectful
EXO Baekhyun (1 day ago)
saryono nana (1 day ago)
Touv Vivo (1 day ago)
NaingHtoo Aung (1 day ago)
As a SONE ; thanks of Kim Taehyun of BTS who covered such a beautiful song 💖
dont care (1 day ago)
She has pure and warming voice i love it
Rikue7 (1 day ago)
Taeyeon is my clown whenever I feel down.
Rikue7 (1 day ago)
How I would describe Taeyeon. T̲alented A̲mazing voice E̲xtremely beautiful Y̲ou bring hope and enjoyment to all your fans E̲legance O̲riginal N̲ever gives up
fernando3246 (1 day ago)
taeyeon tiene un video espectacular también me encanta cuando le pone bastante inspiración al cantar
K VM (1 day ago)
She is look like a barbie. Perfect,beauty inside and outside.
Sage Davis (1 day ago)
im in class right now and im about to cry and its not even a minute into the song. this song is so beautiful
Aufha Meyrani (1 day ago)
iama bigfan (1 day ago)
This is my to go, when i have anxiety attack.
jungkook ̈́ (1 day ago)
Hyoyeon Kim (1 day ago)
Arpita Haque (1 day ago)
Bless you if your here for Taeyeon and not for someone else
KAIful 88 (1 day ago)
Beautiful queen , with melodious voice...
Jaqueso Thiccck (1 day ago)
I could not see her nose the whole video
It’s Me (1 day ago)
Came here for tayeon
Sri Atikah (1 day ago)
Yumi Nguyễn (1 day ago)
Taeyeon ❤
Yumi Nguyễn (1 day ago)
170M fighting 🙆‍♀️
Wiekke Wulandari (1 day ago)
Bima Tv (1 day ago)
chuta chun (1 day ago)
Queen of k-pop for me ❤️
Kimberly Ann (1 day ago)
Just discovered this song because of V(lol) and found it so beautiful 😍
Dion Wiyoko (1 day ago)
ReJing Wu (1 day ago)
Taeyeon is so pretty gorgeous beautiful
kim-mi chen (1 day ago)
i miss when taeyon and baekhyun were together they did not deserve the backlash at all they looked so cute together
Who is *NOT* from Taehyung's cover?
lovely taeng (2 days ago)
Taeyeon 💜 you forever
Space Seal (2 days ago)
Anyone else living in NZ and has never been to any of these places in the MV
Ji Yeonhui (2 days ago)
166,599, views (190220)
Czerwony Studio (2 days ago)
Como me gustaría que de verdad viniesen por TaeYeon y no por que alguien hizo cover de la canción. TaeYeon tiene muy buenas canciones, demasiadas. Juhm.
sui gip (2 days ago)
Lan Anh Ngô (2 days ago)
I loave you
TaeKookie WuV (2 days ago)
This is so...beautiful
Wrong Hay (2 days ago)
An actual goddess
la kapoper jungkook (2 days ago)
Yo yo me quede sin palabras
paulo murata (2 days ago)
a bop
CHOIarvie (2 days ago)
February 2019?
Kshetrimayum Jasmine (2 days ago)
I came here because I suddenly remembered it n I saw V everywhere in the comments😂😂i didn't know that he covered this song huhu I wasn't active for few days so 😌😌anyway I'm army nd I've heard this song when it was released.... Taeyeon's voice is so good ndi really love this song💜💜💜💜😚😚💕💕💕💕
an egg tarteu (2 days ago)
someone that did not came for taehyung?
BiFour TV Noob (2 days ago)
Có ai là người Việt Nam không mấy bro ?
Helen-Louise Dumlao (2 days ago)
im crying idk why , maybe i cried cuz i miss snsd 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭
Name Instragram tayorn please
windiaty yaniar (2 days ago)
quỳnh quỳnh (2 days ago)
지나가던사람 (2 days ago)
2019.2.19 👋👋
Hue Tran (2 days ago)
ipek çanakpınar (2 days ago)
I love youu💙
Naing Htoo (2 days ago)
167M soon 5ting
Fati FATEMEH (2 days ago)
Queen of every concept Her voice...her emotions...her beautiful smile Everything about her is perfect💖
Eugene Kesandra (2 days ago)
Fati FATEMEH Exactly!
2019 ทางนี้ ฟังทุกวันเลย
6gag dele (2 days ago)
I came here for Taeyeon, not for anyone else.
Very Good!😘
ฟังเเล้วเพ้อเหมือนมีปีกตรงคำว่า fly
Itz_Katrina Kawaii (2 days ago)
Like si viniste por la canción La Luz hoy caerá de fhs? :vvvvvvvv No? Ok ..... :’’’’(
Hằng Bùi (2 days ago)
Taeyeon so beautiful 😍! MV's so good! I love you 💖 and Kim Jonghyun(SHINee 💚)!!! Love from Vietnam 💖
Amal Mohamed (2 days ago)
Hope he can sing the whole song one day
Zooie 9 (3 days ago)

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