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TAEYEON 태연 'I (feat. Verbal Jint)' MV

1387883 ratings | 157629760 views
TAEYEON's first solo album "I" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/i-the-1st-mini-album-ep/id1046202716 TAEYEON Official http://taeyeon.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration TAEYEON 태연 'I (feat. Verbal Jint)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (109361)
park jimout (10 minutes ago)
someone tell me how to escape from this song tho!!! i have been trapped here for yearsss
21 10 2018☉💜💞
JKJ Cord (46 minutes ago)
You know we all do playlists...and then we listen to them, but after a while, it just kind of becomes background noise. And once in a while a number catches your attention! And it feels great!!! I kind of noticed....those numbers are often Taeyeon!!! So I finally, I made an "All Taeyeon" playlist!!!! And WOW! They never become background noise! Every song is GREAT!!! And I didn't start out a Taeyeon fan! I am now!
Thomas Stang (43 minutes ago)
I'm the same! She is in a league all by herself! Way ahead of everyone! You ever see the videos where the other girls from Kpop meet her! They are just in awe of her! And one of the Red Velvet girls actually grabbed another's phone and said. "Hey all your playlists are Taeyeon!" I am in awe of her!
Dieulinh Vu (1 hour ago)
Min min Kim (5 hours ago)
October 2018 who still see???😍
쭈망고 (5 hours ago)
My life is so beauty
Nation Girl Group (7 hours ago)
Taeyeon 😍
Nsnia Channel (8 hours ago)
franniexa (11 hours ago)
im in love with her
플레닛! (12 hours ago)
cyndy hiu (12 hours ago)
💘💘💘 157,575,740 💘💘💘 21/10
Qayyum Kamil (13 hours ago)
SONE , let's reach 165M before 2018 end
Diana Kushenovs (18 hours ago)
She really looks like a smooth marshmellow
iRon GoLEM (19 hours ago)
She looks so pretty here
Alna N (20 hours ago)
bicheul ssonneun Sky geu arae seon I kkumkkudeushi Fly My Life is a Beauty eodiseo mani deureobon iyagi miun oriwa baekjo tto nalgi jeone nabi saramdeureun molla neoye nalgaereul mot bwa niga mannan segeraneun geon janinhaljido molla But strong girl you know you were born to fly niga heullin nunmul niga neukkin gotongeun da deo nopi naraoreul nareun wihan junbiil ppun Butterfly Everybody’s gonna see it soon bicheul ssonneun Sky geu arae seon I kkumkkudeushi Fly My Life is a Beauty ijeotteon kkum nae mam tto geuryeonae umcheuryeotteon shigan modu moa da samkyeonae jageun gieok hana dulsshik nal kkaeweoga sesang gadeuk chaeul mankeum nal pyeolcheoga gilgo gin bameul jina dashi Trip gireul tteonabollae Why not i sesange nae mameul kkaeweo juneun hanmadi honjayeotteon Yesterday sel su eomneun shiseone tteoreojineun nunmullo harul tto gyeondigo aseulhaetteon Yesterday ssodajideon maldeure heundeullineun nareul tto gamssago bicheul ssonneun Sky geu arae seon I kkumkkudeushi Fly My Life is a Beauty My Life is a Beauty kkonnipeun jeomulgo himgyeoweotteon nan jageun bicheul ttaraseo adeukaetteon nal jeo meolli bonaego challanhage naraga bicheul ssonneun Sky saeroweojin Eyes saeroweojin Eyes jeo meolliro Fly Fly High Fly High nan namane Beauty nun gameun sungan shiganeun meomchweoga nan dashi tteoolla
My_love Kim Tae Hyung (21 hours ago)
My head is exploding 😲😲😲😲 taeyeon😍😍😍
배재환 (22 hours ago)
아직까지보고잇네 ㅈㄴ예쁘다
Dương Trần (22 hours ago)
Good weal👍
NaingHtoo Aung (22 hours ago)
157,528,244 views now🙏
석궁 (23 hours ago)
3년전 피시방에서 맨날 틀어주던 노래 +suger 우리피방만 그랬나
Helen g (1 day ago)
Just came back from Taeyeon's 's concert. This was the last song she performed, it was AMAZING!!! Can't describe how beautiful it was ❤️
KPOP9 (1 day ago)
157 514 688
Angel Huang (1 day ago)
When you think that your singing is good... And then then you hear her vocals... Also she looks like an ACTUAL ANGEL I’m not even kidding I’m so jealous of her looks
dina knul (1 day ago)
I really love this song love u Taeyeon unnie : ) Fighting!!!
Arintetaake Tebwaru (1 day ago)
2018 October anyone?
김태호 (1 day ago)
노래 좋아요
bqindira (1 day ago)
she looks like a doll
such a pure and clean voice
Muhammad Rizki (1 day ago)
20 Oct 18💞💕
Aeri Byul (1 day ago)
new fact: taeyeon's "I" is the most viewed music video of a korean solo artist :)
Albin Paul (1 day ago)
If this mv hit 200m taeyeon will be the first female K-pop soloist with 200m view mv
seulgi's GF (1 day ago)
Best MV ever!!
Pang Fasai (1 day ago)
I Love music
Anisha Sarkar (1 day ago)
She is angel 💋 love you...
the killerx (1 day ago)
For me,she's is like the Korean Taylor Swift....my opinion
Mr'First Danuphon (1 day ago)
The Acts (1 day ago)
Still watching in 10/20/2018
Carlota Nullas (1 day ago)
How can she be both queen and goddess? Shes so beautiful.
SNSD THE BEST (1 day ago)
4:03 That high note literally *KILLED* me💘💘💘
SNSD THE BEST (1 day ago)
3:07 The cool TAE 😍😍😍
SNSD THE BEST (1 day ago)
2:11 awwww~ she looks like a fairy💖💖💖
쪼아앙앙 (1 day ago)
제 이름이 태연인데 ㅋㅋ 머짘ㅋㅋ
Black Tornado (1 day ago)
A year ago, I have heard this song and thought it was beautiful, but didn't know the artist. My friend was a fan of Taeyeon so I decided to find out why he liked her that much, and rediscovered this song! This is one of the songs that made me another fan of her.
Raimundo Rocha (1 day ago)
muita cimpatia no seu video querida!!!!
Gladys Carrizo Cruz (1 day ago)
Best music of ángel
YCGRis (1 day ago)
cesar ochoa (1 day ago)
esa señorita es bella
Dương Trần (1 day ago)
soso Baek (1 day ago)
soso Baek (1 day ago)
Sumalee Chaiyaboon (1 day ago)
ki shooo. (1 day ago)
Y pensar que esta fue una de las primeras canciones de kpop que escuché,la primera vez que la escuché fue en el 2016. Y yo creía que Taeyeon era gringa JAJAJAJAJ
sofia dutchens (1 day ago)
lil touch - lion heart - rdr - party - i - teach you - repeat
sofia dutchens (1 day ago)
sones let's keep streaming and reach 200M ♥
Iyan Ys (1 day ago)
I'm here in 2018, and i speechless..... oh my god taeyeon so pretty
kim Sara (1 day ago)
2018 💕
Fati FATEMEH (2 days ago)
💖💖💖taeyeon is a queen💖💖💖
suga jimin (2 days ago)
My Beloved Taehyung (2 days ago)
*Taeyeon is so beautiful like a queen. Her voice is like a gold and the MV is the most beautiful scenery and cinematography I have ever seen.* 😍 This MV is still slaying after 3 years.
Dương Trần (2 days ago)
Luchie Palma (2 days ago)
Kim Chi (2 days ago)
Tuyệt vời 😇😇😇
Fudanshi 20 (2 days ago)
Its awesome . how Taeyeon travel around the world just for shoot MV. Like this in New Zealand, Why in LA, Stay in Morroco. I really love concept like this... I hope SM give MV like this again for her.. I want see where her next country for shoot mv.
Taeyeon doesnt look Korean in this MV. she looks more like european
Sehun Chi (2 days ago)
谢蓉 (2 days ago)
Taeyeon,爱你I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ❤
ืnook noook (2 days ago)
Jason Pulamte (2 days ago)
The best korean song ive ever listen
Nat waru (2 days ago)
Diyan Ari S (2 days ago)
Love her voice ♡
DatBoyPanda (2 days ago)
Taeyeon definitely one of top 10 most beautiful smiles 😍😍😍
Hakim Dreamtrips (2 days ago)
*Top 30 SNSD MV with highest viewers from 2018-10-10 to 2018-10-16 (7days)* 1. Oh!GG - Lil'Touch (+3.904.298) *58.4M* 2. Yuri - Into You (+780.509) *3.3M* 3. Taeyeon - I (+723.716) *157.1M* 4. Tiffany - Teach You (+645.936) *4.6M* 5. SNSD - The Boys (+523.572) *204.7M* 6. SNSD - Gee (+468.276)* *216.8M* 7. SNSD - Lion Heart (+245.671) *94M* 8. Taeyeon - 11:11 (+218.334) *47.9M* 9. Taeyeon - Why (+193.401) *52.5M* 10. SNSD - I Got A Boy (+181.507) *213.1M* . 11. SNSD - Genie (+159.150) *56M* 12. SNSD - Into The New World (+152.357)* *28.2M* 13. SNSD - Party (+150.560)* *98.2M* 14. Taeyeon - Fine (+145.357) *37.3M* 15. SJJD - Mr. Taxi (Universal Music Japan) (+125.951) *137.2M* 16. SNSD - Catch Me If You Can (+118.547) *66.5M* 17. SNSD - Holiday (+116.107) *40.2M* 18. SNSD - Oh! (+105.779) *114.7M* 19. Taeyeon - Rain (+90.090) *45.2M* 20. SNSD - Run Devil Run (+82.209) *96.8M* . 21. SJJD - Paparazzi MV (+82.170) *57.3M* 22. TTS - Twinkle (+82.062) *81.7M* 23. SJJD - Galaxy Supernova (+80.113) *57.2M* 24. SJJD - Gee (+78.794) *17.3M* 25. Taeyeon - Starlight (+78.625) *35.1M* 26. Taeyeon - Stay (+78.428) *4.3M* 27. SNSD - Mr.Mr. (+76.045) *78.2M* 28. Taeyeon - Something New (+73.404) *9.6M* 29. Taeyeon - Why (Dance Ver.) (+73.026) *24.8M* 30. SJJD - Genie (+71.701) *21.1M* *From total 117 MVs* (include SMTown Channel, Coridell Ent Channel, Tiffany Young Channel, SMEnt Channel, 1theK Channel, Protocol Received Channel, Longtu Korea Channel, Transparent Art Channel, Spinnin Rec Channel, Stone Music Channel, Sandsa) *in 7 days all SNSD MV got total 11.322.650 views* *Thank you for your hardwork S💗NEs* *GG4EVA*
*She still my bias wrecker Taeyeon noona.*
Hail, Queen Taeyeon! She is friggin' beautiful, and her vocals are just, mmm, perfect! And the video is gorgeous, too!
مش حرام هذا الملاك يكون في حدا بكرهه وبهاجمه😔😔😔
hoshi shi (2 days ago)
love68274 (2 days ago)
태연은 진짜 여자인 내가 봐도 너무 예쁘다....노래까지 시원시원하게 잘불러....진짜 여신이다ㅠㅠ
zerin tasnim (2 days ago)
Where is the filming location ?
Catch GG (2 days ago)
new zealand
Ayten inci (2 days ago)
mina ri (2 days ago)
Every time I watch this I think Is this girl an angel?
miss KIM is illegal
Ekso El 15 (2 days ago)
im touched <3
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
naly thana (3 days ago)
Dante Oporto (3 days ago)
tan hermosa
고기잡이TV (3 days ago)
Min Xing Yan Set (3 days ago)
200 Milions .
Ka nan Mn (3 days ago)
Fati FATEMEH (3 days ago)
Who is stream today with me? 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Wontaek H (3 days ago)
I feel like this song and MV just opens people’s tight mind and gives little time to take break from this world!!😊
SONE & SNSD (3 days ago)

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