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GIFT BOX CAKE - Birthday Cake Ideas by Cakes StepbyStep

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GIFT BOX CAKE - Birthday Cake Ideas by Cakes StepbyStep To stay up to date with my latest videos, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel (if you are not). To find out more about the items I use, please visit: http://www.cakesstepbystep.com/ You can support this channel by sharing my videos. Thank you. ************************FOLLOW ME******************************** *FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/cakesstepbystep/ *INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/cakesstepbystep/ *PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/cakesstepbystep/ *TWITTER https://twitter.com/CakesStepByStep/ CakesStepbyStep is about cakes and cupcakes decorating with fondant and buttercream frosting. Also you can watch simple chocolate decoration techniques and cake recipes. Learn with me basic cake decoration techniques which will help you to decórate your own cake masterpiece. ***********HAVE FUN! Music from Youtube Audio Library
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Text Comments (31)
Blessed One (1 month ago)
Ivanize Araujo (5 months ago)
Moro em Recife
Ivanize Araujo (5 months ago)
Lindo vc é o número 10 gostaria muito de lhe conhece mais não tenho dinheiro pra pagar um curso com vc.
Rosa mel (2 years ago)
amei 🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎🕯❤🕎💘
karina olivera (2 years ago)
muy bonito..gracias
Hubby Wifey (2 years ago)
just wanted to say that you're a pro at what you do and also an inspiration to me..youre not about the look at me ,but look at my cakes..I love how you show us in simplicity and easiness..a big thank you
공듀달봄 (2 years ago)
WOW!!♥♥ GOOD!!!-ㅁ-👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Lalaine Joy Borja (2 years ago)
I love the designs
Erika Gomez (3 years ago)
Hoy you do the blue things
blendercloth (3 years ago)
What kind of paste are you using for the decoration? Simple fondant or modelling paste (what recipe)? Your cakes look beautifull. I want to surprise my wife by baking one for her!
ali sudi (3 years ago)
as always bravo!
azalea nava (3 years ago)
Congratulation is beautifull job.
realgirl16 (3 years ago)
What is the bow made out of?
Altynai Skkorich (3 years ago)
sheri p (4 years ago)
I love your channel. A;=ll of the videos are great to learn from. -Sweet Little Cake Shop
Juanita Mas (4 years ago)
I am a cake decorator and self taught I use some of your techniques my way thank you so much for your help
Juanita Mas (4 years ago)
I love your work thank you
Juanita Mas (4 years ago)
I need some help I'm reaching out to everybody I need to know if you possibly have any ideas on how to make a car cake light up thank you
Martha Torres (4 years ago)
Cakes StepByStep (4 years ago)
+martha torres Thank you.
Pretty cake
Cakes StepByStep (4 years ago)
+Raghad Abdulla abd continental Thank you.
Sofy Partida (4 years ago)
thank you
SoSue Me (4 years ago)
All of your cakes are so pretty , I am watching all the tutorials over agian
SoSue Me (4 years ago)
Never thought of making a bow from a smoother,,,,thats brillant
Cakes StepByStep (4 years ago)
+Susan Kang Thank you.
SoSue Me (4 years ago)
Wow...just beautiful !!!    So talented!
Marjorie Antoine (4 years ago)
beautifull and cute bravo
Cakes StepByStep (4 years ago)
+Marjorie Antoine Thank you.

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