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EXO-CBX (첸백시) 'The One' Special Clip (From EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO’rDIUM -)

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Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/EXO-CBX_HeyMama EXO-CBX Official http://exo-cbx.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/weareoneEXO http://www.facebook.com/weareoneEXO http://twitter.com/weareoneexo http://www.instagram.com/weareone.exo EXO-CBX (첸백시) 'The One' Special Clip (From EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO’rDIUM -) ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (17309)
Trần Linh (1 hour ago)
BaekHyun seems very fascinated by his girl version. But actually, he is a beautiful girl... lol
Kawaii May (6 hours ago)
*sHe GivE mE gOosE HAiR.*
Oni Dewi (8 hours ago)
Hahahahaaa kasian si suho
Kiyowo Catto (9 hours ago)
Blink ARMY (11 hours ago)
Funny 😂❤️
Park Aisha (13 hours ago)
Suho is still very handsome. That's our leader❤️ But why is Suho working like a homeless guy? He's rich like damn😂
dodo kpop (20 hours ago)
Esra G. (20 hours ago)
this video deserves more likees
Sanjay Thakur (1 day ago)
That was osm Bolle phaddu bapp 😂😂😂
Nur Alyzah (1 day ago)
Never stop smile and laugh whenever watch this video especially suho part and cbx ending dance 😂
그림그려요! (1 day ago)
허헣 광고가 러브샷이얔 광고를 건나뛸 수갘
BTS DRAMA (1 day ago)
"She give me goose hair" ~ Chen 1:41
haileww (1 day ago)
the straight face xiumin at the end is so funny
Amano Chan (1 day ago)
Lol suho is so cute when he smells the money
XOLYM솔림 (1 day ago)
백현 진짜 이뻐
exol dz (1 day ago)
baekyun you are beautiful batter them a girl 😍💕❤💓👑 xuimin & chen😘💘
Kim Jong in (1 day ago)
you're realy the ones EXO💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Kim Jong in (1 day ago)
😳 baekhyuniiii 😚😚 so beautiful girl😁😍😁
Tina Elydan (1 day ago)
hahahha ilove it
jhosselin Lozada (1 day ago)
No los supero jajajaj que tiernos ♥♥
EXOsedef LJG (1 day ago)
EXOsedef LJG (1 day ago)
EXO My Life (2 days ago)
Đặng Ngọc Hạnh (2 days ago)
mỗi lần đời buồn thấy nhạt lại coi MV cho thêm mặn mà hơn
Builz As (2 days ago)
So cute><
matheresa 2018 (2 days ago)
CBX looked so un-EXO here, LOL! And Junmyeon looked so cute! CBX should do a comedy series :D I can't move on from Minseok's hairclips :D
Huong Vu (2 days ago)
trai nhà e cả ha ha
Ash Astt (2 days ago)
Poor uri leader😂😂
kprata on (2 days ago)
Suho mto gut gut
kprata on (2 days ago)
Wow CBX mg love gut
E21 XO (2 days ago)
Yeol is my type (3 days ago)
Yeol is my type e (3 days ago)
Nia CL (3 days ago)
1:56 like a bomb.. lol!!!
야진박 (3 days ago)
When baekhyun was looking at the girl (in his mind) That girl is sooooo pretty Then the girl turned around Baekhyun: Chogyo! Baekhyun:OOOO SHT THAT’S MY SISTER! Girl: ....
elizabeth garcia (3 days ago)
2019 ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
nr_ mxira (3 days ago)
Suho must have a lots work because he gonna raised an eight kd
Sümeyra Çay (3 days ago)
Çok tatlılar
sOFia xExBxBx (4 days ago)
1:53 mi Heterosexualidad idiota !!
mymydelilah (4 days ago)
I keep laughing non stop till I cry when watching this video Thanks for up loading this... the best of EXO CBX cute moments film.
Boy Story's Girl (4 days ago)
1:28 Chen? Watcha Doin?
简简雯依 (4 days ago)
Poor suho
Rosario Monaco (4 days ago)
Omma Suho💗
Paranoid creature (4 days ago)
I don't know why I love this mischievous trio the most💙
سبحان الله (4 days ago)
ماما سوهو 😂😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖
سبحان الله (4 days ago)
K-popper Doida (4 days ago)
1:54 eu pegava
Sua Dongsaeng (22 hours ago)
Duas 😂
الله اكبر (4 days ago)
Fj Dj (4 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 بيك بكبكه
lynbae (4 days ago)
she give me goose hairrrr
Namthip Phonsrisa (4 days ago)
คือสงสารพี่จุน 555555555
israt jahan joya (5 days ago)
This video is so funny. Poor Suho.
Ahlam (5 days ago)
1:15 suho face 😂😂😂😂😂😂
suho hahahahahaha
perdykool (5 days ago)
These moves! Love these guys. Hahaha love hearing xuimin
kimi D (5 days ago)
Like su casi mueres por el video 😂😍
Tara Ap (5 days ago)
Chchch chogio~~~
nyangko sama (6 days ago)
Why in here. Baekhyun look like ji chang wook. And xiumin look like gd.
lj (6 days ago)
Zana Eris (6 days ago)
This is literally how EXO behave in real life 😂 especially Alien Bobohu
mai cao (6 days ago)
1:17 wow
mai cao (6 days ago)
0:36 haha... suho
exo aka the alcohol (6 days ago)
*dem acting skills 😂❤️*
Markpaul Palo (6 days ago)
Kim Minseok💙💙💙
Lay. L. (6 days ago)
THE END So awkward and funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Viktoryia Ji 01 (6 days ago)
Viktoryia Exo 01 (7 days ago)
Boy Story's Girl (7 days ago)
When A Girl Baekhyun Faces Baekhyun I Laughed So Hard
Oof Bagsak (7 days ago)
She give me goose hair
Cahaya putri Dianto (7 days ago)
EXO'12 D.O (7 days ago)
Hahaha cbx sooooo funny
Punyapatti Upun (8 days ago)
Very cute
Ayşe Korkmaz (8 days ago)
I love you suho 😍😍
Ayşe Korkmaz (8 days ago)
O love you Cbx 😘😘😂😂
park gigi (8 days ago)
Even as a girl he still look better than me
Dana Setiawati (8 days ago)
Bagus exo bikin kaya,gitu lagi ya
jeonbunny (8 days ago)
Suho looks so young
quỳnh đỗ (9 days ago)
Mặn mà quá ....hự hự.... Nước
A I (9 days ago)
"she gave me goose hair"
GABONFIRETM OnFire (9 days ago)
Suho 😑my baby :)
ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ (9 days ago)
не могу закончить пересматривать этот клип, боже он таковой смешной, а их аутфиты и сама задумка это что-то! на моменте с переодетым бэком вечно смеюсь хд
K-pop is my style (9 days ago)
6_12_2018 yeahaat
Niña Gato (9 days ago)
exo-cbx on crack
Monkey ._. Ch (10 days ago)
ayu shena (10 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂... so beautiful baekhyun
رِيم سعيد (10 days ago)
Arlene Mananap (10 days ago)
Kresna Yudanto (10 days ago)
Suho face is like Kris
Trang Chu (10 days ago)
This vid is so kiuuuuu awhh
What am I watching?
cutie pie fluffy cat (11 days ago)
How dare you three disrespect your mother
Helena Sheikh (11 days ago)
With this video as a proof, i can call him as Baek eonni 😂
Rae (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but does Xiumin have fucking BARRETTES in his hair????? What type of crystal meth were they on???
Jenny Trn (11 days ago)
When Baekhyun as a girl is prettier than you
Amy love Baekhyun (11 days ago)
poor suho 🤣🤣🤣 love this video 😁😁😁 thousand 👍🏻😍😍😍
حباً في الله (11 days ago)
بجد روووعة
역시 엑소 다른 그룹도 이런거 했으면
juncito vv (12 days ago)
ahora entiendo porqué Suho es rico. D:
Caxandra Ncx (12 days ago)
1:16 when leader is angry lol
Liz Ung (12 days ago)
I'm so glad I found this

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