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SHINee 샤이니 '데리러 가 (Good Evening)' MV

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SHINee's the 6th album "'The Story of Light’ EP.1" has been released! Listen on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/SHINee_EP1 [Tracklist] 01 All Day All Night 02 데리러 가 (Good Evening) 03 Undercover 04 JUMP 05 안녕 (You & I) SHINee Official http://shinee6.smtown.com http://shinee.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/SHINee http://www.facebook.com/shinee http://www.instagram.com/shinee http://twitter.com/SHINee SHINee 샤이니 '데리러 가 (Good Evening)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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KYLE NIMER (1 hour ago)
R.I.P. Kim Jong Hyun
Shane Allyza Galleon (2 hours ago)
this is the best song ever 😘 💚. #OT5 💚. Shinee will always be 5.
Kim Julliet (3 hours ago)
Let's st***m lucifer
Rini sha (4 hours ago)
Please stre👉m 'LUCIFER' it's very close to 100m , " I WANT YOU" to 10m, & also " OUR PAGE " 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞
Colleen Alphonso (11 hours ago)
Shinee look like a girl XD
im so franxxi (11 hours ago)
Goodluck Onew to your military!
logan .M Makenzie (11 hours ago)
i love you key :)))
pamela condori ramos (12 hours ago)
SHINee SHINee SHINee 💚 Lee Jinki 💚 Kim Jonghyun 💚 Kim Kibum 💚 Choi Minho 💚 Lee Taemin 💚 SHINee SHINee 💚
Shawols please str***eam lucifer we're very close to 100M And also str***eam I want you it's close to 10M We need your support please help us and str**eam both of the mvs 💚😁
Mariluz Morales Gomez (17 hours ago)
Amanda F e r (21 hours ago)
Weona que brutal los brillositos, mencanta la estética que están teniendo sus vídeos ahora último💆
Thang Vu (21 hours ago)
22 692 623 (27)
Naomi Soriano (22 hours ago)
I love the song but I'm missing jonghyun I know that jonghyun will be helping them from heaven because he is an angel that takes care of all the people he loves and his fans
Perfect ♥️
Casendra Mars (1 day ago)
🙏 SHINee's "Our Page" (written by Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin for Jonghyun) merely reached 7.7M. 😢 Please show your ❤ and get it to 10M. "I Want You" needs just a little push to reach, the last two title songs left to reach 10M in their 2018 albums ❤❤❤❤❤🧚‍♀️ Please continue to ❤ SHINee while Onew is serving his country ❤❤❤❤❤
Peter Vuong (1 day ago)
The chorus sounds like Cupid by 112
Mary Eloisa (1 day ago)
*SHINEE IS NOT UNDERRATED ITS JUST ON YOUR MIND!* FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO KEPT ON COMMENTING SHINEE IS UNDERRATED PLEASE READ THIS. Point no. 1 Well based on profit earning Shinee brings profit on SM (3RD PLACE in 2016 with NO comeback) Btw, SM is the no. 1 entertainment right? So they probably have income of Millions of dollar and imagine you earning it 3rd place without a comback guess this is what you call underrated? 😂 Point no. 2 they had multiple concert especially in Japan, actually in the latest ranking shinee ranks highest in the best popular artist in Japan beating some local artist and even EXO. Point no. 3 Honey, did you even check their album sales? I suggest you do and you'll be surprised for the last 10 years they did not left top 10 ranking of most bought album based on GAON statistics 1-4 years they rank 3-4 if I recall right. Point No. 4 I believe all of you should really know this, Shawols (SHINee fandom name) aren't really that type who vote like a maniac, stream like it's no tomorrow. Let's just say they support Shinee but they still maintain their life and that is what exactly SHINee said in their interview, that Shawols doesn't need to do extra work, they're just fine just the way they are. Maybe that's why people think SHINee is underrated when in fact they are not. 😂 Point No. 5 Even a famous producer said, *"SHINee is not an idol anymore, they are a BRAND"* I will list more and more if you want me too but I guess this is long enough like c'mon guys why say Shinee is the most UNDERRATED when you don't even understand them? 😂😂 I mean other Kpop groups want to hold concert but they can't, especially in Japan, but Shinee can, cuz they aren't underrated as you have thought.
Thang Vu (1 day ago)
22 665 551 (25)
fluffyjonq (1 day ago)
Deserves 1B views ! I mean we should let people see how the talents and creativity mixed it up all together looks like
Lee Seokmin (2 days ago)
Shawlols Please Please Stream SHINee's Lucifer song and make it 100m before 18th December 2018 please https://youtu.be/Dww9UjJ4Dt8
Kim Julliet (3 hours ago)
Vanyssa Munguia (2 days ago)
Does anyone else notice the empty seat for Jonghyun? Xoxo missing him like crazy. Poor thing 💔~~
jxta mae (2 days ago)
happy birthday to my ultimate bias for hsishsodjs years, to the best leader who gives sunshine, happiness and love... *lee jinki* 💖💖 you’re the most precious human being ever ilysm dubu ❤️ i always call you my baby eventhough im nearly half of ur age hahahaha how come u don’t age ksnsksbs seeing your premilitary pics looks like a predebut pics lol anyways, we shawols will wait for you and listen to ur songs while you’re there. we will keep your promise!!
Claudia Xerx (2 days ago)
I'm crying, why this is so beautiful
Lina Samuel (2 days ago)
this song is really different than the other kpop song 😍 shinee is really special ❤️
Юи Комори (2 days ago)
Кто помнит Джёнхена?
Haikal Rosman (2 days ago)
At 3:39
Haikal Rosman (2 days ago)
Please look ok
Esma Cal (2 days ago)
Haikal Rosman (2 days ago)
Do you seen the last of their MV.I see like kim jong hyun shadow
Lola Hurter (2 days ago)
Thang Vu (2 days ago)
22 640 714 (+24)
ninefifteen (2 days ago)
So much blue <3
Shaka Choi (3 days ago)
Thank you jinki jonghyun kibum minho taemin
mahshid sabet (3 days ago)
waiting for 1M likes :)
Lee Seokmin (3 days ago)
As Tilik (3 days ago)
22 635 865
Dani Cleckley (3 days ago)
I love the fox❤💕💓
taxxioli벹 (3 days ago)
è stata la loro prima canzone senza jjongs e vi giuro che mi è ancora difficile ascoltarla.. mi fa male il cuore e le lacrime non hanno intenzione di smettere di bagnare le mie guance
Shawols don't forget to stre*am Lucifer let's reach 100M before the end of 2018 😃💪
I guess this the slowliest million .. Shawols keep the hard work please 💚 don't give up let's reach 30M please ! Fighting 💪
Thang Vu (3 days ago)
22 616 508
Rini sha (4 days ago)
Mary Eloisa (4 days ago)
*SHINee is such a hard-working group, like seriously they can do everything and I'm not surprised. They go solo they slay it they come back us a group all bowing to them yet they still humble af, and kept on improving themselves. I'm just so proud of SHINee and thankful for people who appreciates their hard work 😍 Guys don't worry about the views, I assure you SHINee is one of the top 10 ( top 3 to be specific) boy group in Kpop. 10 years and still rocking ain't that what we call Legends 💎?*
Mary Eloisa (3 days ago)
+I love Noodles and SHINee ❤❤
Your words😭😍💖💖👏
ling ling (4 days ago)
Vote for Jonghyun❤❤❤ http://mbcplus.idolchamp.com/app_proxy.html?type=vote&id=vote_957_811 종현 VS. 갓세븐
Jen (4 days ago)
Dana Paz Cuya (4 days ago)
Me encanta esta canción 😍 Como veo q no ay latinos habrá pero no los veo denle like todos los latinos q le guste esta canción ❤
Jocelyn SHINEEandBTS (4 days ago)
I Love This Song So Much and it is My Favorite Song Shinee Good Evening
Nadia Ruiz (4 days ago)
Love you Shinee keep up the great work stay safe Onew in military and amazing job on your new single and Minho happy Birthday Key great job on single Taemin stay a cute fluffy bunny also move was really good❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love you Shinee beautiful talented amazing angels love and miss you Jong-hyun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
danny taisho (4 days ago)
Puro arte!! en su maxima expresion!, divinos, bellos y riquisimos 7u7
sh,BTS BTS (4 days ago)
1m like
Yes fighting 💖
はーて (5 days ago)
Cora Rose22 (5 days ago)
SHINee are the true kings of K-Pop
Thang Vu (5 days ago)
22 570 949 (24)
esraa army (6 days ago)
Let's go to 50m 💜
Organic boy (6 days ago)
pogeunhan eodumi tto jeo meolli maemdolgo itjanni jogeumsshik bildinge geollin noeul kkeutjarage neoreul tteoollyeo eodumeul apjilleo i bameul yeoreo naega deo meonjeo neol mannago shipeun geol jigeum nan oh dalppit chaolla neomu neutgi jeone neoreul derireo ga kkamjjak nollal neoreul saenggakamyeo jigeum derireo ga (derireo ga) derireo ga (derireo ga) derireo ga (derireo ga) dareun iyu hana eopshi derireo ga i bameul apjilleo neoreul derireo ga (derireo ga) hokshi neo magyeonhi nal nal nal tteoollilkka bwa jigeum naega naega negero ga honjaseon geuriul bam bam bam gyeondigi shireo jigeum neoreul neoreul derireo ga jeomjeom deo chaoreun gappeun sumi neowa nae saireul jopiji bogo shipdan ni han madiga nae mameul jogeupage hae jom deo sokdoreul nopyeo nan changgaye bicheoreom tumyeonghi maecheo binnago isseo sum gappeun yaegideuldo modu da oh nan han georeum deo dagagalsurok on sesang modeun ge da neoro byeonhae ga nan meonjeo algo shipeo ni modeun sungan jeo dalppitboda I can feel we’re looking at each other through this door Let’s see, you’re eyes nose lips cheek jeo jeo haneul wiboda deo deo meolli maemdoldeorado gureume nae mam nallyeo hwihwangchan dalgwa hamkke bichineun bam dalppit chaolla (dalppit oh) neomu neutgi jeone neoreul derireo ga (derireo ga oh) kkamjjak nollal (oh) neoreul saenggakamyeo jigeum derireo ga derireo ga derireo ga dareun iyu hana eopshi (negero ga) derireo ga i bameul apjilleo neoreul derireo ga (derireo ga) hokshi neo magyeoni nal nal nal tteoollilkka bwa jigeum naega naega negero ga honjaseon geuriul bam bam bam gyeondigi shireo jigeum neoreul neoreul derireo ga jeogi meolli boineun oh nege nege nege nege i bameul apjilleo naega
Thang Vu (6 days ago)
22 546 801 (+25)
EXOMAX in SPRING DAY (7 days ago)
Yehet! Ohorat! My bro admits that he likes good evening and I want U! I'm so happy! I have these songs on a disc and I play it on T.V almost every week so he watch it with me everytime and I explained him about the MVs ! He said he like these songs cuz it's well composed,well written, well sang with passion and the dance is amazing! I have a Shawol in my family now! Yes! Love U universe!
jxta mae (7 days ago)
happy dibidibidirthday mr choi minho 💖 i wuv you my bb get well soon. i miss you sm
Rini sha (7 days ago)
Always 5HINee 💕💕💕
Sandra Ezeoha (7 days ago)
I Love How It’s So Aesthetic💕✨ G Go Goo Good Good E Good Ev Good Eve Good Even Good Eveni Good Evenin Good Evening💞🌜 Good Evenin Good Eveni Good Even Good Eve Good Ev Good E Good Goo Go G
SHINee Shawol (7 days ago)
#HappyMinhoDay 🎂 🎂 💕 HBD CMH ✨
SHAWOL L.O.V.E (7 days ago)
SHAWOL L.O.V.E (7 days ago)
Go Go Shawols ❤
Shawols don't forget to stre*am : Lucifer 100M Countless 10M One of those nights 2M I want you 10M Under my skin 3M Forever yours 3M Blue 1M
Happy birthday choi minho i love you💗 민호의_28번째_겨울🎂🎂
Mariana Margalho (7 days ago)
bangtan AMV (7 days ago)
I only found out about shinee because of jonghyuns death but I love their music and I support them forever. 💜💜💜
Casendra Mars (7 days ago)
🙏❤❤❤❤❤🙏 "Lucifer" "I Want You" "Countless" " Our Page" "Blue" Clear watch history, rinse and repeat Before Onew Enlists 12/10 ❤❤❤❤❤ Blue 1M I Want You 10M Countless 10M Our Page 8M Lucifer 100M ❤❤❤❤❤SHINee❤❤❤❤❤ 12/18 Our Page 10M
SHAWOL SHINEE (7 days ago)
Happy birthday my boy
Thang Vu (7 days ago)
22 521 189 (26)
SHINee迷妹纸. (7 days ago)
민호 생일 축하합니다!❤ Choi minho Happy Birthday!🎂 崔珉豪 生日快乐!✨ I hope you happy every day😁. 19911209👣.
Happy Birthday Minho.....love from India
khushbhoo rani (8 days ago)
It's a pity to see only 16M on replay .....can we make it 100M before our leader return , we've more than 2 years.....please it's such amazing song ....
khushbhoo rani (6 days ago)
Auntie67 really it's only 1 year 6 month but I thought 2 year is necessarily......
Auntie67 (6 days ago)
khushbhoo rani We have 18 months to be exact :) And yes, absolutely, let’s do it!!!
khushbhoo rani (8 days ago)
2:59 😍😍😍😍
Araceli CR (8 days ago)
Las canciones del álbum son totalmente un éxito me impresionaron más en este año y el venidero será aun más exitoso!!!!!!
Kerzazi Khaled (8 days ago)
22 501 930
hey_there_carrots (8 days ago)
I promised myself I wouldn't cry, I really did Then I saw the extra chair they left and burst into tears
Angle Of Darkness (8 days ago)
Thang Vu (8 days ago)
22 495 334
빛이나 종혀나 (9 days ago)
Drs Rapi (9 days ago)
This backsound is so good
khushbhoo rani (9 days ago)
Onew ☺ 😘😘😘
khushbhoo rani (9 days ago)
You know what minho is a dangerous namja 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Minkah_Su Lima (9 days ago)
Kennedy Grimes (9 days ago)
I am so amazed at how good this song and the choreography is its just so amazing❤
Sammi Sammi (9 days ago)
Minho in white suit is THE MOST GORGEOUS THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!
Brittney A (9 days ago)
This was my most listened to song on spotify this year <3
Ugly potato (9 days ago)
2:58 I swear I hear "Baby, don't go"
The chorus of this is a sample of a old r&b song called cupid by 112. The chorus at least. Same melody. Knew it reminded me of something.
insert funny username (9 days ago)
i get emotional whenever i listen to this
Astou Sy (10 days ago)
0.07 yess that me in chair
Ana Valgas (10 days ago)
Amo essa música. Sinto falta do Jonghyun ♡
agua de luna (10 days ago)
Forever five 😢
QUYÊN ĐỖ (10 days ago)
miss him
Maria Hatten (10 days ago)
Sounds kind of like Cupid's 112...
Madhu Yekkur (10 days ago)
Shinee is always like a home

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