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The Rise of Electric Cars Worldwide is Unstoppable! The Future of Electric Vehicles in 19 Minutes

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TOP STORIES==== Sales Of Electric Cars Have Doubled In Colorado. Can electric vehicles handle cold, Canadian winters. China drives consumers to electric cars. China now world’s largest electric vehicle market. Electric Tesla Pickups To Come After More Crossovers. Hyundai Motor to boost electric car lineup. Singapore rolls out electric car-sharing scheme. Watch the video to see all these and many more... SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/w3A8IS Don't forget to subscribe for upcoming videos - Richard Aguilar My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg MY Twitter and Google Plus: https://twitter.com/gygenministries https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RichardHansAguilar Thanks for watching... #theBTNews #futureofelectriccars #futureofelectricvehicles #TheRiseofElectricCars #bestelectriccarvideo #coolelectriccars #amazingelectricvehicles
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Text Comments (203)
Justin Johnson (1 day ago)
Yeah Heah!
Michael Schuyler (3 days ago)
The editing here is just terrible! You're repeating over and over. What's up with that?
Motorcycle Michael (9 days ago)
How do you recharge if the power is out? ....Just saying, a storm could knock out power for sometimes weeks. What you do then?
Michael Schuyler (3 days ago)
When is the last time you've had power go out for weeks?
Jerry Bender (26 days ago)
Dont sneeze over only 1% ONLY being electric- Thats just 7 doublings to all the cars trucks n boats on the road today -- dis cood go very fast
popdog75 (29 days ago)
Its very early days and the naysayers are just wankers who like the profits they have been reaping from the old toxic systems that have poisoned our world! In 20yrs they will be totally forgotten!
Mr. Right (30 days ago)
Excellent video thank you!
paulgilpin (1 month ago)
0:27 that's not a pickup truck.
Wolfgang Breitenseher (1 month ago)
75% of the air pollution is caused by the industry which generates electrical power. The same industry that will have to refill your electric cars. It means an increase of maybe 50% of capacity. So in the end there will be no change in the pollution over all. You're just reloacting it. The ignorance necessary to believe that electric vehicles will change anything in the energy business and its fallout, is just staggering.
S King (25 days ago)
According to the US EPA, 34% of US carbon emissions come from the generation of electricity. Transportation accounts for 28% of US carbon emissions. It seems you have to revisit this issue before you call others ignorant .......
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop China volt electric cars manufacturing in India. India always love s China. Sir here diesel price very high Sir
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please China electric cars manufacturing in India. Sir here diesel price very high Sir
Nathaniel Schroeder (1 month ago)
video made in 2016.
Peter Gadd (1 month ago)
No wonder opec are charging so much for oil.they will be extinct in 10 years
Bronson Lucas (1 month ago)
Yep...I figure that within 20 years most vehicles on the road will be electric. However, I'm getting little comment on how these things perform at minus 20C after sitting in a parking lot at some venue for three hours. Any video clips I have see try their best to minimize the hassle you have to go through to keeps these things running in cold weather. Get Elon to send his big brain types up here to work on solving this problem.
Chuck O (1 month ago)
You'll probably see a 24% degradation in range or 30% if you use purely resistive cabin heating. If you're at home in your garage you can preheat your car while its still on the charge cable and see substantial improvement. Stay tuned, in the next year you're going to see some exciting improvements in battery technology.
Industry Tourism (1 month ago)
There s the end of gulf countries nd end of Islam..
727,968,667,890 views (1 month ago)
so what about i was driving EV from new york to CA and my EV max drive only about 200km to 250km at same time i put on genset inside my EV let him charge during whole dring season do u think is work??
Chuck O (1 month ago)
You can purchase one of those new small (inverter) style gensets that produce 3000W. You won't be able to keep driving though because of the genset's exhaust in the car. Also your stops will be long while you wait to recharge at Level 1 rates. Could make for a good emergency though.
pat allen (1 month ago)
Koch brothers can drink their tar sand oil.
Boyd (6 days ago)
It will be used to make graphene and polymers. Less value but usable. The future is bright.
Ai Chan Bot (2 months ago)
やったー!٩( ᐛ )
James Sempy (2 months ago)
the EV revolution will take more time than you think. 2040 projections in Europe, only 50 % of the market will be electric. and upgarde of the grid is needed, beyond that threshold. due to rail density in Europe, 400 km range won't be a necessity. for most users, 100-150 km will do the job.
james mcbride (2 months ago)
What about pettodollar recycle the dollar and stockmarkets wall st in future? More fckd than working girls in Amsterdam i say.
Silver Phoenix #Legend (3 months ago)
Those cars are nowhere near been affordable for everybody they cost too much money it's highway robbery to charge the amount of money they charge it's cruel selfish disrespectful all they care about is making that money if they truly cared they would make the price around $500 or less
Replevideo (3 months ago)
Peopleare buying EVs because they are bribed to buy them with discounts and subsidies. When a country stops paying subsidies, like Hong Kong, EV sales drop like a brick. If they are to become mainstream they need to be rechargeable in about the same time as it takes to fill a gas tank and have about the same range as a tankful of gas, and cost about the same to buy without subsidies. A car like that is years away, and probably a long time after 2030.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
3:50 I dare you to find any element that has an atomic mass lower than lithium that isn't hydrogen and helium
Michael Schuyler (3 days ago)
+redstone craft guy Yes it is.
redstone craft guy (3 days ago)
+Michael Schuyler it's not a joke, read his reply again.
Michael Schuyler (3 days ago)
+redstone craft guy You missed his joke. Whoooosh!!!
redstone craft guy (2 months ago)
+Stephen Reid that's not an element, you know nothing about chemistry.
Stephen Reid (3 months ago)
@redstone craft guy. Sorry, my syntax/punctuation was incorrect. I should have said "No elementum (lat) has zero mass". Periodically I like an element of badinage on the table. Interestingly Boeing say the lightest metal is now Microlattice.
MagnumPI4 (4 months ago)
In case someone missed almost every other comment in the comment section, Lithium is not a heavy metal. Give yourself a round of applause!
Toby Donoho (4 months ago)
The Future is Now!
Richard Aguilar (4 months ago)
That's true I agree.. We are living in futuristic times... Thanks Toby for your comment
Gabor Kecskes (4 months ago)
Until more than 40% electricity is produced from mineral coal and oil you can't call it 'clean energy'. Even ordinary aeroplane jet engines are cleaner.
eric rodriguez (5 months ago)
Solid state battery will be out next year and its the end of oil industry
Roger Reimer (5 months ago)
This great news for the coal industry all those coal burning electric plants and massive amount of coal need to build solar panels and wind mills and even the oil industry will win lass refining need for gas more for plastics where the real money is gas is a lost leader.
pat allen (1 month ago)
We have so much of a surplus of natural gas were exporting it so coal is done, and renewables are increasing daily
Alto's Music Lab (5 months ago)
Why isn't the battery in a TRAILER, you can drop and get a new one.... Maybe RENT the battery trailer for vacation trips see?
Anil Kumar (5 months ago)
Indian government is very slowing moving to electric mobility, The government is investing so much on fossil fuel to make the big corporate happy .. China is doing great ..
Steven Barrett (5 months ago)
Very interesting apart from the annoying adverts.
juan gerena (5 months ago)
I guess we will pay more in the furture to come,like everything else cost goes up! Dirty cost money, clean cost even more.
rexhep NIKQI (5 months ago)
allgoo19 (5 months ago)
Electric cars won't solve the congestion. Cars of all kinds should be eliminated. There's no precedent in the world that the electric vehicle based city ever worked.
Patrick Chubey (6 months ago)
If they can build an electric car that will give me 500 miles real world cold weather range, I WILL buy one. My promise to you.
Chuck O (1 month ago)
You don't have long to wait.
SuperDagod1 (6 months ago)
If the price comes down just a bit more for a tesla then they might have ame as a customer. Soon Tesla will be at 500 miles when fully charged then I will buy.
AKS (6 months ago)
I checked them out and still bought a gas car. The higher insurance costs were a consideration, taking away about half the gas savings. The range is another issue......I drive too far daily for one to work for me. It also takes a long time to charge them up. Plus, battery replacement on some models is expensive once out of warranty (Ford Focus Electric....$25,000 USD, and in Canada, $60000 CDN). If those there issues were not there, I would have bought one.
Chuck O (1 month ago)
At 17,000 miles every year I'd have at least 3 oil changes to make. I don't do this myself so I'd have to make arrangements to have this done and its expensive especially if I use synthetic. Since I get far more range than I need each day (well over 200 miles), from refueling at home I also like the convenience of never having to go to a gasoline station (or a charging station). I don't have to plan around making stops to refuel which is a real pain in the Winter when its usually quite cold and nasty where I live. I also like not having to open the hood to check fluid levels. And you are wrong about recharge time. Only two seconds of my day spent refueling my vehicle, one second to plug it in before going to bed and one second to unplug it in the morning. The car is heated and defrosted before I leave my garage. I leave home with far more range than I can possibly use each day. And because its electric its far more dependable. Range might be reduced on an extremely cold day but you will never have to worry that it won't start. With any charge at all in the battery an electric car will go. Even if its only 25% charged I know with certainty that I will get to work in an electric car.
Alto's Music Lab (6 months ago)
soon breathing fumes will be ridiculed... haha- he's been driving a fumer.... FUMER stinkmobile...
Chuck O (1 month ago)
+pete smyth - spoken like a true hypocrite. The moment you or your family are being forced to deal with an unwanted smell, sound, poisonous environmental element or other such inconvenience due entirely to an ignorant and or feckless persons need to cover their insecurities, you'd probably want to fight.
pete smyth (1 month ago)
keep breathing my fumes..I won't be using an EV until fuel is no longer available..a la Mad Max.
Albera Cid (6 months ago)
lovely title
Electro Berny (5 months ago)
And the fall? Here in Europe the common cars with hydrogen are really rising and so called the future EV!
sam guapo (7 months ago)
Lithium is NOT A HEAVY METAL. Also, heavy metals are not necessarily toxic. Iron, et al are essential nutrients and are heavy metals.
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
By definition lithium is a heavy metal because of its potential effect on the environment. But, not according to your high school Atomic chart where cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metals. So, when used in a news report the term heavy metal is relative to the potential damage to the environment.
Frank Speaking (14 days ago)
+redstone craft guy Correct, but then as always in research it can be the unrecognised influences that can make the difference which may not have been included in the replication effects, theoretically it is possible as Hydrogen is in the metals category, if only it can be demonstrated, as there would be a whole raft of different properties
redstone craft guy (15 days ago)
+Frank Speaking based on what you said I assume it has never been replicated?
Frank Speaking (15 days ago)
+redstone craft guy Why I said arguably. To be valid it has to be replicated
William Oil (7 months ago)
Electric vehicles are so popular ford is now only producing trucks and suvs in the USA lol!
Patrick Chubey (7 months ago)
You know, I can actually see the charging stations having a nozzle that doesn't fit some cars because auto makers won't want to standardize their receptacle openings, and they'll do this just to throw a screw into the works. But more seriously, these things have to be completely planned, otherwise they can and will fail.
Bainsworth (7 months ago)
in the opening she called teslas semi trailer a pick up truck
Robert Galletta (7 months ago)
Ericson Gloria (7 months ago)
Ericson Gloria (7 months ago)
billdale1 (7 months ago)
"EVs are the cars of the future!" Nooooo! Fuel cell cars are the cars of the future... and always WILL be! EVs are not the cars of the future, they are ALREADY HERE, and EATING UP the automotive market due to their far greater (5X to 6X) greater efficiency compared to gasoline cars; they are far more reliable, quiet and simple. Thde typical gasoline car has 2,000-3,000 moving parts--- each of which is parasitic of the car's efficiency--- and factors into its unreliability, and need for expensive maintenance. EVs have no more than a dozen or so moving parts, all of which turn on their own center of gravity, unlike pistons, valves, springs, connecting rods, etc. Fuel cell cars are inherently low in efficiency compared to EVs, require hydrogen which must be made from one of two process, each of which are problematical either for their inefficienty or non-renewable sources. FC cars have dozens of other thorny issues which are highly unlikely ever to be resolved, such as their lack of fueling infrastructure--- there are already tens of thousands of relatively inexpensive, safe, inconspicuous EV charging stations, as opposed to the dozen or so very expensive FC stations which no one is eager to pick up the tap for--- and who wants a hydrogen fueling station in their neighborhood that is extremely dangerous? Gasses under many thousands of pounds of pressure, hundreds of degrees below zero, just waiting for an accident? Some of the big car companies promote FC cars hoping that it will confuse buyers into not buying EVs, and hopefully sticking with gasoline for a while longer... and car maintenance and repairs are 60% of the cost of ICE car ownership. Driving an EV is as close to zero maintenance as you can get--- no tune-ups, oil changes, air filters, tranny service, etc... I have three EVs, and have spent nothing on maintenance on them in years except for windshield wipers and washer fluid, new tires every year or so, and other stuff even gasoline cars require. I will never again buy a gasoline car.
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
Beech Aircraft in the 73's was building a fuel cell.
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
Great reply. Beech Aircraft was working on fuel cells, and they were also used on early spacecraft. You are right, fuel cells are more difficult to create. However, if some breakthrough pop out of left field the potential is possible, but I think low grade nuclear engines are also still possible. A crash would not cause a huge hole in the ground or wide spread radiation.
billdale1 Well said
Loudmouth Libertarian (5 months ago)
Actually, current EV models DO have a transmission that needs to be serviced. Sure there's only 1 or 2 gears, but they will fail just as often as one driven by a gasoline or diesel engine. The only way to be TRULY free of transmission problems is to place the electric motors _in the wheels_, which currently NONE of the EV designs do. The hydrogen pressure thing _can_ be mitigated with the use of materials like graphene sponges or deuterium oxide powder, which are unlikely as the latter is a controlled item by the NRC and the former shows far greater efficiency if used in ultracapacitors. Fuel cells ONLY made sense on the Space Shuttle, where safely pressurized hydrogen and oxygen were always readily available.
SAIKAT GHOSH (8 months ago)
please innovate and create a universal wheel or regulator which can convert solar and revert different energies into different energy fast or slow as needed to balance all energies..such as a regulator in solar panel will control the energy need of the panel but the surplus will revert to sun....like this.....the solar ray of sun will give continuous energy ,surplus will be in battery and without enviornment disturbance the surplus ray will return to the sun..actually the regulator or the wheel will be in fast or slow circular move as needed for the solar device like solar car..... kalki
jim Curtis (8 months ago)
twice they talk about Tesla pick up truck and twice theyshow the Tesla big rig ??? whey are you misleading people
Tamim (8 months ago)
in the normal car ther dynamo to charge the battary wa the dont use it
Tamim (8 months ago)
i dont understand way they dont use the dynamo
Tarzan (9 months ago)
Please educate the moronic news people. Lithium is not a heavy metal.
Jason Gooden (9 months ago)
About time
Elvis Dave (9 months ago)
Chevrolet has been dragging their feet on The Chevy Volt for over 10 years - influenced by oil companies - falling years behind China and Japan Electric Car Technology!
Richard Dixon (10 months ago)
Up to 1 percent
Moto arzan (10 months ago)
Another thing to consider is It already takes 4.5kw of electricity to manufacture 1 gal of gasoline. Then it takes additional Kilowatts of electricity to distribute the gasoline thousands of km's all over the country. 1gal/3.7l of gasoline will propel a compact car about 50km...the 4.5kw used to manufacture that gasoline will already propel a EV about 30km. Therefor we only need a to manufacture a "NET" additional electric capacity of effectively 20km equivalent which is about 3kw. People will charge at night when it's cheaper. This will actually help the electrical grid and balance the system rather than have peaks and valleys. Example, you can not turn up and down the power of Nuclear power plants. They run at 100% day and night. That's why we sell off electricity at a "lose". When demand goes down at night and the nuclear plant is still running at 100% we have to dump it somewhere...why not charge our cars instead?
Jojo Lloren (10 months ago)
This electric  car revolution will make the internal combustion obsolete sooner  than you can imagine
Patrick Chubey (7 months ago)
With the price of gasoline going up every dam day, I've decided to keep my low mileage 16 year old chrysler for a few more years until about 2025 when the high range electric vehicles are supposed to hit the market. My current car has about 100,000 miles on the clock and I estimate that I'll be up around the 170,000 mile range in seven years based on current driving habits. I think it's doable.
Moto arzan (10 months ago)
Pretty much everything, all technology doubles about every 1.6-2 yrs. We are at 1% for EV vehicles now in 2018. 1% goes to 2%, goes to 4%, 8,16,32,64,128. We are only 7 more doublings to 100%...or 14yrs...thats how quickly this changeover is going to happen!
apeksha KARKI (10 months ago)
What about GAC Electric Vehicle?
Karl Lansche (10 months ago)
Lithium heavy metal? Lol
Andy Appan (10 months ago)
top solar, wind fuel energyNO ENGINE, NO FUEL JET, MISSILE, ROCKET 2400 KMPH; 6 MACH; 30 MACH SPEED 1T- 100 T PAYLOAD 100 KM- 100,000 KM RANGE 60,000 T AIRCRAFT CAREER SHIP 330, 660 KNOT 100-200,000 T SUBMARINE 330, 660 , 1320 KNOT. 100 T- 100,000 T ROCKET 30 MACH. 100 T- 10,000 T IDEA STAGE DEMO 50 MN$, 3 Yrs. 1 T each
Andy Appan (10 months ago)
Truth Matters (10 months ago)
The biggest push for the electric car is that the world largest car market, China, is pushing to convert all cars into electric car by 2020. Among many factors, that is the single most strong effect for the electric car market. Gm , Volkswagen, BMW are all making electric car for the Chinese market.
letserb (11 months ago)
When people figure out this antiquated tech is a carbon nightmare bigger than fossil fuel, you won’t be able to give the junk away.
Karen Terry (7 months ago)
I think you are in for a shock, ICE cars are dying, and will happen sooner than you think.
James Davis jr (11 months ago)
And with the new Graphene Flat Batteries taking far lesstime to charge the coming of Electriccars looks wide open.
Loudmouth Libertarian (5 months ago)
Graphene is basically electrochemically neutral, and therefore useless as a battery. You are likely thinking about graphene based ultracapacitors. The cool thing about graphene is that it can be constructed to be either a conductor OR a resistor. The day they can mitigate capacitance bleed-off is the day ultracapacitors replace every battery on the planet.
Nayak Carly No Premkumar (11 months ago)
The Geographical conditions of BHARAT is more suitable than China because aur country lies near the bhoomadhya rakha and get rich of sun light and there can develop SOLAR electric engines than China, If the technological study and development is not poor than China. There no need of Competition of mass distribution weapons, that distroy our EARTH, But the development of solar power projects protect our EARTH. So need our country Use the sun rays and it can control the climate changing a higher level5tt rrrtrtyttrrttand the protect the ice bergs from melting.. Can protect the icy mountains from melting. God give us direct energy and two hands and skill to developing the technologies which is our comfort and long use and never end and zero pollutions, Thanks to God every thing give us which makes the future generation better.
Charles-A Rovira (11 months ago)
@3:50 _Heavy metals like _*_lithium_* Its the third element in the periodic table, the first two are Hydrogen and Helium, both *gases.* I wrote this and stopped watching.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Super -sim (11 months ago)
Why not make it fair and give grants/tax free deals to electric bikes, they are less polluting than evs
Loudmouth Libertarian (1 month ago)
+Amron coory What are you talking about? I mentioned nothing about carbon monoxide. A well-tuned ICE produces no carbon monoxide.
Amron coory (2 months ago)
+Loudmouth Libertarian i dont think thats correct,carbon monoxide is different that carbon dioxide
Ramon Cardona (4 months ago)
Super -sim Do you live anywhere in the USA that bikes of any type are the primary mode of transportation for commuting, shopping, going to appointments, etc year round? Thanks
Loudmouth Libertarian (5 months ago)
An average human being under physical stress, such as with bicycling, produces the same CO2 output per mile as a Ford Fiesta. A human resting puts out less than half of that amount, and you're pretty much resting when you're seated in a car.
Daniel Pfenniger (8 months ago)
Bike are 300 times more dangerous than cars concerning traffic accidents. One should include the lost lives and lost health overheads in the enrergy balance!
Richard Johnson (11 months ago)
Preheat your engine in an EV? Show me the engine. How about preheating your battery and you won’t see the drop in range as with a cold battery.
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
My point also. Battery systems tend to heat up under load. Wonder if that is enough once the car is up and running? A preheater sounds like a good idea. We do that with golf carts and cars in cold areas, like Dakota where there are places to plug in by parking areas.
John O'Neill (11 months ago)
Now that the gas engine is going away, it is time to get rid of outdated steel body panels that rust away too quickly.
Neal Archer (2 months ago)
+Amron coory i know, i have been shown around nissan sunderland body assembly plant, paint and general ( final ) assembly plant and the first member of the general public to be shown around the battery plant as well.
Amron coory (2 months ago)
+Neal Archer all japanese cars have been galvanised since the mid 80's
Roger Reimer (5 months ago)
That is why the oil industry loves plastic cars PS Plastic is subject to violet light deterioration about 7 to 10 years depending on the quality
magnus pym (6 months ago)
One modern manufacturing company is (3d) printing cars; you design on the spot; later when you want to go from a sedan to a "van" ( or any another)" body the "old " car is ground up and re-printed(recycled) into your "new" car..
John O'Neill (10 months ago)
The Saturns cars had plastic bodies, we still own one we bought new in 1999. Still runs very well. Lots of them are on the road today. I really think GM dropped them because they did not rust away like all of their other cars.
Robert Hirsch (11 months ago)
with a current market share of 1% and a very conservative growth rate of 40%/yr. (obviously this rate will change up in the next few yrs.)...EV's will capture 50% of the sales of vehicles by 2030...but it will happen sooner.
edwong3 (6 months ago)
"EV's will capture 50% of the sales of vehicles by 2030...but it will happen sooner." It's already happened in Norway.
Richard Dixon (10 months ago)
Robert Hirsch no way as they aren’t economically viable. Face it it’s religion
Dee Champoy (11 months ago)
This is THE END of ALL Demonic Believers. Where there source of all terrorist organization Oily income will put it to THE END.
Roger Reimer (5 months ago)
Oil industry loves it think of all the plastics they can sell instead of gas a lost leader
Yes even Tesla EV range takes hit close to 50% in -36 C weather but it shouldn't stop you from buying an EV just make sure you buy the biggest battery. The longer range Tesla's works fine for 95% of people in the winter and really only means you need might have top up at a supercharger . The problem I think is for the non-tesla EV's that have to use those public chargers that are slow and kind of a joke.
Well the model 3 you don't have range mode but you just need to drive it for ten minutes or less to warm up the battery. quick acceleration and deceleration helps.
Luke W (11 months ago)
NorthStead Landscaping - North Bay - Callander works on s and x but not 3
True but I found a way you can warm it up pretty quick also turning off range mode helps
Luke W (11 months ago)
Charge takes a lot longer with cold battery pack
wavey61 (11 months ago)
"made of heavy metals like lithium"... LOL... Lithium is literally the 3rd lightest material in the universe, just slightly heavier than helium!
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
By definition lithium is a heavy metal because of its potential effect on the environment. But, not according to your high school Atomic chart where cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metals. So, when used in a news report the term heavy metal is relative to the potential damage to the environment.
Frank Speaking (15 days ago)
+ROY PICKETT Neodymium and Dysprosium are produced in Australia in environmentally soft touch manner (Australia has very strict environmental lkaws and the Traditional Owners are always involved in mining in Australia and they place massive value on the welfare of the land
Eric Dew (2 months ago)
If she meant neodymium, she should have said that instead.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
+ROY PICKETT induction motors don't need magnet.
ROY PICKETT (10 months ago)
you misunderstand, the batteries are not the heavy elements being used (even though their production does have a very negative environmental impact). The Heavy elements are in the electronics like the Neodymium in the rare-earth magnets that comprise the motors. That has an even higher environmental impact, and are almost exclusively produced in China.
etmax1 (11 months ago)
immensely repetitive annoying poorly made video I stopped at 2 minutes
Diana Bogveradze (11 months ago)
does VoltEv have 400 km range on a perfect day ?
Moto arzan (10 months ago)
Volt has a gasoline motor which acts as an electricity "generator". The battery gets about 70km of range first before the engine kicks in. The "Bolt is all Electric and gets 385km for about 9mths of the year...but with electrical regenerative breaking some people can achieve as much as 500km. In the coldest of winter you will get about 250km range. I just bought a Bolt. Currently the wait time is about 9mth to a year. I was on a wait list for 9mths.
Wayne Russell (11 months ago)
Bolt - different car.Thankfully soon to be renamed Cruise.
Larry Butler (11 months ago)
Great. Yeah. But, alas, HOW ARE WE GONNA CHARGE THEM?! All summer long, the US electric grid is on the verge of MELTDOWN. Let's add a few billion megawatt loads to put us all in the dark. And, who's gonna pay to double the electric grid, electric car owners? Pfat Chance suckers.
Loudmouth Libertarian (5 months ago)
Graphene-based capacitor banks can store energy harnessed from a multitude of sources, but will most like be solar or wind which would be generated on-site. (Think of solar panels on the roof of that thing at the gas station that shades you while you pump.) Also if we ever figure out 'hot superconductors', the driving range will automatically double or triple for the same total power... with the added benefit of eliminating heat production.
Alan Foster (11 months ago)
Most EVs utilized for daily driving will charge overnight, in a garage or via on-street chargers, when other demand for electricity is at its lowest.  Meanwhile, just as with any expanding business, those companies that build and run power lines will build more in order to be able to satisfy demand.  In the '50's, expansion into the suburbs required the construction of 100's of new gas stations.  Drivers did not pay to build them.
Warren Hooper (11 months ago)
The CITY reporter was obviously given a mission to discredit EV's in cold weather. Typical MSM.
Edward Coulter (5 days ago)
+T Lima You can't have it both ways. You have not thought out the idea or are scientifically illiterate.
T Lima (6 months ago)
- Develop my idea, the 2 battery system, when one battery is going, the other one is charging through a sophisticated alternator.
Edward Wilcock (10 months ago)
We need absolute transparency and this is a start.
David Potts (11 months ago)
Rv equipment
Loui Coleman (11 months ago)
Yet we still have fools thinking Hydrogen is the future.
Enrique Padilla (11 months ago)
Joseph Stott sorry. I am typing on mobile and i am not very good at conveying my messages unless i have time to review, which is difficult on mobile, so i just dont do it, ill remember to type long comments on my laptop next time
Joseph Stott (11 months ago)
You I'm afraid Enrique. What you said was very hard to follow in parts because of the terrible sentence structure and general poor use of english.
Enrique Padilla (11 months ago)
Joseph Stott who are you talking to?
Joseph Stott (11 months ago)
I really hope english is your second language
Enrique Padilla (11 months ago)
Larry Butler well. 1. Conversion from grid electricity to battery storage is higherthan 95% (some as high as 99%). And the discharge of the batteries is extremely simmilar. So there is a heat generation of about 1-4% of the energy, while gassoline has none. Now to use. So far energy is electic car, 99% gas 100% (well not really but for the sake of argument i will ignore gasoline degeneration). Then dischage, gassoline has 0 energy loss to be added into an engine, however that does take energy to move the gas and create the pressure, that is the energy of idle, i cant calculate that bwcause different engines have different resistances so i will also set this to 0. Electric cars have a discharge loss of 1% so the conversion is now, electric 98.1%, gasoline 100% Now the creation of energy into motor or engine torque. Electeic motors are 90% efficient on average, with the highest at 98%. We will use 90%. The best ICE has an efficency of 45% and it is turbocharged. So now we have, electric 88.2% and gas 45%. Oh no. Now transmission, electic has a single gear vs multiple, so more loss than the electric. So basically am electric car is minimum 2x as efficient than even the most efficient ICE. But a tesla has a 126 empg. Also. How the hell will electricity rates go up 10-20 times?? The more something is used and mass produced the cheeper it gets as other companies start selling the product. Gasoline is the prime example of that. So i have NO IDEA WHY THE HELL YOU THINK ANY OF THAT
Dogphlap (11 months ago)
3:50 "made of heavy metals like lithium" why does the media employ the scientifically illiterate to pontificate on stuff they do not understand ?
Bo McGillacutty (2 days ago)
+Ed Maher Lol. You just invented that definition and it's completely ridiculous on every measure. You'er clueless if you compare Li to PB and Hg in terms of toxicity. May as well call H a heavy metal while you'er at it.
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
By definition lithium is a heavy metal because of its potential effect on the environment. But, not according to your high school Atomic chart where cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metals. So, when used in a news report the term heavy metal is relative to the potential damage to the environment.
Bo McGillacutty (1 month ago)
I was just going to say...lol. Typical ignorant reporter.
+Roger Reimer One-time CO2 production to make a battery beats (is far less than) CO2 production during all the use of the car.
Roger Reimer (5 months ago)
Takes a lot of C02 to make a lithium battery a lot of C02 to recycle them becasue they have a very short life 300 to 500 charges amx then land fill.
Martin Beck (11 months ago)
What is that car at 17:34?
James Hoffman (11 months ago)
3:50 “Heavy metals like lithium”. Huh?
Ed Maher (2 days ago)
By definition lithium is a heavy metal because of its potential effect on the environment. But, not according to your high school Atomic chart where cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metals. So, when used in a news report the term heavy metal is relative to the potential damage to the environment.
Patrick Chubey (7 months ago)
Maybe she meant heavy the way stoners mean heavy, as in " Oh wow man, that's heavy ".
Federico Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Its the heavymetal of the metals, it rocks!
edmaluf (11 months ago)
She meant heavy in importance. :)
Gerhard Kutt (11 months ago)
Lithium is super light. It’s the density of the other materials and the number of batteries you need. Battery technology is going to move the same way memory in computers have.
james lawson (11 months ago)
"contain heavy metals like lithium" lol its the third lighted element after hydrogen and helium...nice one america hahahaha
Michelangelo Buonarroti (11 months ago)
In the era of Trump, would you expect more understanding of science?
Kevin Lane (11 months ago)
It seems to me you left out the Sunswift Eve: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNSW_Sunswift
Kaleidoscope_Retro (11 months ago)
Awful editing
Paul Faso (1 year ago)
Loudmouth Libertarian (5 months ago)
Did you SERIOUSLY link to a *"Free-Energy Powered EV"* hoax website? One that actually promotes the FLAT EARTH delusion?!? If *ONLY* I could invent an electric car powered by the delusions of others... your post would have gotten me another 15,000 miles of driving range.
Paul Faso (11 months ago)
My pleasure- Much more to come
Paul Faso tyty
declan fitzpatrick (1 year ago)
I like your videos, but the editing is not up to scratch. There is always a lot of repetition.
Loudmouth Libertarian (5 months ago)
He does that to fish for "total video time viewed", which is the only metric YouTube cares about. It's a dishonest ploy to get you to watch double the runtime for the same content.

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