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Ep 25 - Electrician Websites (Do You Need A Website As An Electrical Contractor)

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Let's face it, all attention is on the web these days.  There's not a lot of people (other than your grandmother) who still uses a phone book, or reads reader's digest.  Everything is online.  All peoples' eyeballs and ears are online in some sort of fashion.  If you're a business and you don't have an online presence, you're invisible. If you have been doing business for 25 years and have been able to turn yourself to strictly word-of-mouth, then this does not apply to you.  But for those of us coming up, word of mouth will come over time.  Until then we have to climb to the top for attention. Your website should be your core.  You need to have a home base so that people can find you when they're searching for you.  More often than not they will not end up finding your website unless they see you on another website and they click the link to go to your page.  If you have a presence on Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Twitter, Angie's List, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Houzz, Bing, Instagram, etc...then it is a lot easier for people to trip over you while browsing.  Once they do, often times the first action they'll take is click to go to your website.  A lot won't, instead they'll just click your phone number and call you. This brings up mobile optimization.  Make sure that your website is optimized for smart phones.  Most Squarespace and Wordpress templates are already set up for this so you're already good to go once you get the site created.  People spend more time and do more on their handheld devices than they do on their desktop computers these days.  My volume is about 75% mobile and 25% desktop currently. If you're an electrician people are going to be searching your location + the word "electrician" so make sure you get your site listed in the google maps rankings.  Get good reviews too, this helps rankings. Please leave comments and let me know what you think of the episode! If you enjoy these episodes please click SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos!  Also check out our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Kylee Lee (5 days ago)
Can you do a video on marketing and how you started
coul (3 months ago)
What is your electrician website? What town?
coul (3 months ago)
If you don't have years of online marketing experience, don't waste your time putting up a website yourself, most of the time it makes you look more ridiculous than if you didn't have a website in the first place. Also, I bet you can't show me one example of a site that ranks well using wix, square space or any other diy web builder. Anyone can watch a youtube video and then put in an electrical panel, but would you really trust it to be done right?
Journey 2 Master (3 months ago)
I see your point. I did all of my own stuff and it worked out very well for me, but I've been familiar with the web design and content marketing space for years. Online WYSIWYG editors that require no coding are really making it easy for people to establish a foundational online presence. Foundational being the keyword. I agree though, to really make it work for you you need to know SEO, tagging, meta-info and how to maximize back-linking through social media platforms....as well as consistently creating well-groomed content. All of that being said, not having a website at all means you don't exist in the modern age of the smart-phone. So I still believe it's a good idea to have one even if it's not fantastic.
smartchip (9 months ago)
Good vid, I shall join the electrician forum,
Kenny Schwartz (1 year ago)
Hey bud been watchin all your videos! Hey im at that stage were im wantin too start my own business. Can you contact me at 9377231660 thats my cell wanted to get help with building a website and have questions about being insured? Thankyou My name is Kenny keep up the goodwork bud!
I've never had a website. I understand, that with modern programming even a child can easily fill in some fields with words and pictures and thus "create" a website. But I heard, that a website only makes sense if it is ranked highly by search engines, and this is where money talk. You stop paying - your site drops down and gets forgotten, and we are talking of like a thousand dollars a month, needed to keep a website afloat. Is that true, about constant expenses, required by a website to stay alive and visible for your potential clients? By the way, Dustin, I noticed you named your company with a quite common name; there is a number of companies with very similar, if not identical, names. Why so? It took me some time and efforts to find your web site by googling the words Live Wire. Did you consider taking a more unique name?
Journey 2 Master (1 year ago)
Its not that you have to pay a lot of money, rather you have to be creating a lot of new content. The more unique content you create across the web the more relevant your site becomes. Posting pictures, writing blog posts, doing videos, engaging in social media...getting yourself out there everywhere...is what does it. When you pay a company to do search engine optimization and ranking they do all of this for you. I believe this is what you're referring to, and in my opinion I believe there's no need to pay someone else to curate content for you. I realized a bit too late that the name versions of my company's name were being used in some other large cities in the US. There's Livewire Electric, Livewire Inc, Livewire Electric Co, etc. Some of them have been around for quite awhile so it will be an uphill battle to overtake the attention when searching for LiveWire but I'm up to the challenge! =) I do not want to re-brand my company being a year into it already. We have a steady customer base and we're growing so changing everything at this point I feel is an unnecessary move.
White Wing STI_E36 (1 year ago)
awesome topic man! I'm a brand new electrician trainee in CA. I've updated my father's old website that never seem to have generated any leads, if any, at all. with the new website and design i've made for the electrical company and it has created some leads! but this is my first to ever create a website for a business. i'd appreciate your input on the one i've created. https://www.boazelectric.com
White Wing STI_E36 (1 year ago)
awesome! thanks for your inputs. much appreciated. yes, i have been meaning to remove the pop-up. it was setup to pop up once and it never has pop up on me whenever i edit the site since. valid points on the social media outlets. my dad isn't very tech savvy and i still do hold a day time job and was only able to go on the job with him whenever possible. and whenever i'm onsite with him is when i post on IG & FB. but man, thank you for your input. I will definitely make the necessary update. i wish the best of luck on your electrical/business endeavors. you're making the right/necessary steps. as with everything, it is all but timing, so long you put up your due diligence into things... no doubt it will come into fruition! keep at it bro!!
Journey 2 Master (1 year ago)
It looks very professional, great job! My only suggestion is think about your text over your backgrounds. Some of the images like the header make it difficult to read the font with the shiny light bulbs in the background. Also a lot of the text has drop shadows behind it which actually make it seem blurry and harder to read. Other than that man, great pictures, yelp reviews, structure, etc. Very easy to navigate. Well done! I think somebody in your company should start pushing content on social media multiple times/day and that person should be active in commenting/liking other peoples' content the same amount every day. You'll see your traffic increase quite a bit. There's a lot of competition out there for attention so you need to be the guy in the crowd jumping up and down with the big yellow sign saying "hey look at me" multiple times every day. People will start to notice you. I have this problem too...just not enough time in the day to do it while I'm running the company, doing work, estimates, emails, phone calls, recording/editing podcasts, vlog, YouTube....etc. I need a full time camera/social media guy! Oh ya last thing...I'd take down the popup that says "like our Facebook" - its more annoying than anything, and nobody enjoys having something popup and distract them. It makes you feel like you're being advertised to. Make it native like the yelp reviews where they find it as they're scrolling. If they want to like it, they will.
Reality is a Comedy (1 year ago)
I use Google AdWords and that seems to work really well. When I get too busy with work I put the ad on hold. I agree, posting pictures on google plus also helps a lot.

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