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[THE BOYS REMIX CONTEST] Girls' Generation - The Boys (Robotaki Remix)

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Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?dwj1e9xz95aavli Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RobotakiMusic Hey guys! It's been a ridiculous amount of time since the last video post. I don't want to give the impression that I've been totally a.w.o.l. as I have been keeping busy with both school and developing my hobby towards something more of a career. If you check out my SoundCloud, I have finished a good number of official remixes for producers that I have been working on over the past couple months - give them a listen whenever you can : ) To keep this short, a ton of things are happening, and I'll need to put something a little more official down before throwing it all on to you guys. Regards to the remix, it's undoubtedly quite reminiscent of my Visual Dreams mix in both genre and structure, but it's also very different at the same time. The synths I use are much more pointed to give greater attention to rhythmic detail, and also to give contrast the the more familiar bridging section in the middle. The percussion hits harder. The harmonic structure and progression is entirely different. Over it all though, I strove to maintain that funky aspect I preserve as an artist. I have to say, the lack of an apparent harmonic chorus in the original had me stumped at first. In rearranging the structure, I think I put something that flows more given my take of the track. Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening! Having a cappellas finally allowed production value to go as high as possible : ) Thank you SM for this opportunity!
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Text Comments (417)
Vivian Ha (10 days ago)
Just wanted to come back and tell you that this is my favourite remix ever and I still listen to it regularly. Thank you for this masterpiece, there's no doubt you should've won!
Jessica (1 month ago)
How you didn’t win still baffles me
정두 (3 months ago)
Still the best remix of snsd
Fitria Aidili (11 months ago)
Oh damnnn
Tom Jung (1 year ago)
nuclearProtocol (2 years ago)
I am enchanted by 2:08-3:08. So perfect.
Chistrina Marpaung (2 years ago)
Who won the remix contest of the boys ?
ruby waterfall (2 years ago)
this is so good. how could u not win with this
kaye&clyde (3 years ago)
4 years later, I'm still in shock on how this masterpiece did not win.
Alexandra (1 month ago)
+drake. maybe he wanted to say too different from the original song the vibe to this remix is a chill one indeed a masterpiece tho
drake. (5 months ago)
slavik anton What do you mean by "it broke originality too much"?
slavik anton (2 years ago)
In my opinion, It has good quality but It broke originality too much. Thats why the contest did not choose it.
Ocarina654 (2 years ago)
Literally just thinking the same thing. This remix is INCREDIBLE!
Anat Nati (3 years ago)
LOVE IT!! what software do you use? :O
sunnygirly2k4 (4 years ago)
I liked this! Sounds professional.
gem reynoso (4 years ago)
Great job! you make me feel the heat bro! :D the beat is deep in my heart :D
supablue (4 years ago)
You Should be a professional.
А. Анар (4 years ago)
i like it :)
Paolo Bejar (4 years ago)
Wondering if u could make a remix of Girls Generations "Goodbye"?
Sarah Ramadhania (4 years ago)
my goodness this is amazing. great job dude!
achmad fathoni (4 years ago)
Damn... this remix are sooooooo goooooood...... :D
Hun Jin (5 years ago)
Very nice!!
David Blakely (5 years ago)
Proper remix, pure talent.
MrHellowassup (5 years ago)
Lim0ride - (5 years ago)
Can't understand why SM haven't recruited Robotaki to produce/remix for their SM artists....
애슐리김 (5 years ago)
i was just thinking that! you'd be so amazing and i'm sure it would be a huge hit > .<
matheuspaog (5 years ago)
please reup this, mediafire deleted it!
Alice Soshi (5 years ago)
You need to apply becoming SM composer at SMGlobalAudition..
Pehsoua Xiong (5 years ago)
aqlajeison dova (5 years ago)
so cool
Syauqy Lukman (5 years ago)
Second that notion! You should definitely do a song for SNSD! Man, all them remixes!
loverbackgirl (5 years ago)
Can you remix the new song I got a boy from Snsd! Please!
Kim Ramos (5 years ago)
nice ilike sicas part
mechanimekid (5 years ago)
Would it be too much to ask if you reupload the remix and instrumental? I can't find them :(
Ryesthetics (5 years ago)
It was a fitting remix for your departure from K-pop remixing, idk it just felt like it had one of those cheesy 80's ending feel to it but it was great. Hope you get a lot more recognized with your current and independent stuff bro thanks for all the remixes! ....Anyway K-pop these days sucks so you aren't missing out lololol
clarissaems (6 years ago)
you should do a remix for flower power!
Nadia Novieta Lola (6 years ago)
Bleachfanforeva (6 years ago)
Hey guys, the download link is dead, you can download from either 4shared(dot)com/mp3/gO_DswMv/the_boys__robotaki_remix_.html or soundowl(dot)com/track/2858/girls-generation-the-boys-robotaki-remix . Both are HQ
pdahl615 (6 years ago)
This is sick!
Bleachfanforeva (6 years ago)
Awesome, Reallly really nice.
Freakdeke88 (6 years ago)
REMIX D.I.S.C.O. feat top please <3
Johnny9 (6 years ago)
do more snsd remixes !~ thx love ur stuff ;)
tinkerbella8290 (6 years ago)
one of my favorites
listen all day (6 years ago)
Like actually, I have no idea how you didn't win...
Arlen Tolentino (6 years ago)
this is awesome ^^
jane villagara (6 years ago)
Nice one ... :)) Luv It
Chris.t.o.p.h.e.r (6 years ago)
please re upload pleeeaseee
David Muela (6 years ago)
Deadlink damn it
David Muela (6 years ago)
This is great, real nice
Ajia Ne (6 years ago)
THe link died... Even if you're not remixing anymores, could you reupload the link?
JustinMaesOfficial (6 years ago)
Really great its a shame you havent made kpop remixes for like 10 months i hope you come back one day ^^
Natan gomes batista (6 years ago)
I love this remix ,very good *-*
Baby J (6 years ago)
Van Masterzon (6 years ago)
Dead link...
TheRedHood Smilee (6 years ago)
I can't download this...xd
Jummi Engsödegård (6 years ago)
This music I'll play in my fashion show in this october ^^
Andy Park (6 years ago)
How did this not win..
Emma Haley (6 years ago)
You have talent. This was the best remix contest entry I heard. I never heard this until now.
Onknow (6 years ago)
I didn't like this remix compared to the amazing remix by Epitone (gotta give credit where its due) but this remix grew on me and now I really like it!
LaLaPinkGreenNails (6 years ago)
I love this song! May I please have permission to use this in one of my videos, I will give credit of course!
yun lee (6 years ago)
me gusta todos tus remix
Kuya117 (6 years ago)
Hands down this remix is the best
Aaron Randall (6 years ago)
the main groove in this song is on par with daft punk, breakbot, all the big players. you need to be extremely famous, because you are that good.
Paprika (6 years ago)
I like the original, but love this remix.
zNimbus (6 years ago)
NorikosCookies (6 years ago)
You had me from the drum roll and the first bass line. You, my friend, have skill!
LEON (6 years ago)
Bro fix the download link!
better than original dude
Xyza (6 years ago)
can i know backsound music? anyone please tell me..:) NICE backsound music + the boys = perfect!!
talim67 (6 years ago)
I can't find some of your songs to download.. the links are either broken or not posted at all.
Jessa Baria (6 years ago)
better than the original version :)
Glósóli (6 years ago)
noooo i just discovered them he cant be :(
bluewker (6 years ago)
Yeah, for sure. Still, I was looking forwards to him saving some of their not-so-good songs D:
Gura Hida (6 years ago)
But just because he's done, don't let that stop you from enjoying his other stuff! He's done a lot of remixes for others artists and gets featured on their albums and things. It's all quite nice, really. :3
Gura Hida (6 years ago)
Robotaki's done with remixing K-pop. :[
bluewker (6 years ago)
Twinkle sounds really remixable :D DOOOO ITTT
Educasian (6 years ago)
I really like your remixes. I actually dont like K-pop. But I love French electro. I can tell that you have some influences there.
lloyd1185 (6 years ago)
Would you a Mr. Taxi remix?
7vgitz (6 years ago)
wtf=what the fuck. wta(new)=what the awesome? shit is dank, yo!!! DAYUM!!!
モニカサンタ (6 years ago)
very cool!!!!!!!!!!^^*  
SuperBb666666 (6 years ago)
i listened to the original song for 1 time, but cant stop replay this....just repeating......
luv4Aerith (6 years ago)
You need to produce a song for Girls' Generation!!!!
chiisester (6 years ago)
Demasiado buena, no me canso de escucharla, para mi la version original no existe.
Koi Sora (6 years ago)
matter of taste, u can't ask for ppl to like everything all along, variety of opinions it's a good thing, my personal opinion it's that this beat it's superb C: i couldn't stand the original song no matter how many times i tryed to listen to it xD
Michii Concepcion (6 years ago)
Awesome! :D
Tevlem (6 years ago)
Noooo, the download link! :'(
BornWithStyle (6 years ago)
wow 3:08 rocked!
Thien Thuan Tran (6 years ago)
i dont get why people or saying "the original sucks" -___- this remix is just as good though :)
CrestfishElixir (6 years ago)
Way better than the original. I can only bear to stand the original because of this remix.
Ace Xiong (6 years ago)
download is link is dead.....please bring back this killer song!
quiet (6 years ago)
download link is broken :( would love to dl this track!!!
Hawhaw Gyo (6 years ago)
Download doesn't work :(
Hasan Gök (6 years ago)
I honestly think that if SM used this as the original English version it would be so much more successful in the U.S. because nowadays techno & dance beats are in. I am not saying the original doesn't have that because it does but this remix is like the half of a pyramid, it builds up to a certain point and is so amazingly catchy. You can tell by the way he edited 1:08 till 2:07, actually he build the tension for a complete minute and then let's Taeyeon burst that high more, simply incredible!
bobby1634 (6 years ago)
Keep it up. Sounds awesome!
Porshe Jns (6 years ago)
Dominic Ong (6 years ago)
this is actually amazing ohhh myyy-
benda Lee (6 years ago)
Gotta admit that the original sucked bad..
Caden M (6 years ago)
This slaps hard! Despite Teddy Riley producing the original I actually like this better, respect.
Keziakai (6 years ago)
xEzzbrahx (6 years ago)
xoxoxtechno (6 years ago)
Can you put another link for the instrumental? :) It reached it's limit ^__^
bronzenrule (6 years ago)
Alright, The Boys to a funkadelic rhythm and beat - I can dig it. :-)
shintasic (6 years ago)
dude I hated this song until you remixed it. that's fucking amazing.

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