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11 - 6 - 9.4.1 - Stylistic devices part 1 (1016)

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Lilly Otsuki (7 months ago)
Man, you are so incredible. :D
Mk Mk (7 months ago)
Very cool simple explanation of S.D's and funny of course ☺
TR's (1 year ago)
Stelaimer Heller (2 years ago)
I wanna ask, is this base on literary stylistics itself? or some sub disciplines of stylistics? confused.
Ishtiaq Ahmad (2 years ago)
thanks for such an informative lecture
Mathew Jackson (2 years ago)
great series! thanks for posting
SGE 1899 (2 years ago)
Very Good 👌🏽
Abdul Khadri Akeela (2 years ago)
love it
Ahmed Kh. Othman (2 years ago)
Ahmed Kh. Othman (2 years ago)
Very nice , thank you,
Ellie X. (4 years ago)
Very good, thank you!

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