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Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2

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Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 Played by Vadim Chaimovich (https://www.youtube.com/vadimchaimovich) FB-Vadim: https://www.facebook.com/vadimchaimovich ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fan page: https://twitter.com/YtAndrearomano6 Chopin composed his popular Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 when he was about twenty. This popular nocturne is in rounded binary form (A, A, B, A, B, A) with coda, C. The A and B sections become increasingly ornamented with each recurrence. The penultimate bar utilizes considerable rhythmic freedom, indicated by the instruction, senza tempo (without tempo). Nocturne in E-flat major opens with a legato melody, mostly played piano, containing graceful upward leaps which becomes increasingly wide as the line unfolds. This melody is heard again three times during the piece. With each repetition, it is varied by ever more elaborate decorative tones and trills. The nocturne also includes a subordinate melody, which is played with rubato.
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Text Comments (40191)
Bamba Zillah (32 minutes ago)
4:10 is how Kashiwa Daisuke's 'Afternoon of a rainy day' (from *Garden of words* ) start
Kenneth Lisungan (49 minutes ago)
no *WHEN I WAS A BOY* reference? disappointed
joey bell (51 minutes ago)
Took me a long time to realize this song was in ahs coven
Tom Loughlin Jr. (1 hour ago)
I am glad I stopped in for this...just hopped off a Wagnerian "Immolation" video, and needed something different.
A27th (2 hours ago)
So relaxing I could went in a coma for days
LineUP K-POP (3 hours ago)
e aqui estou eu mais uma vez ouvindo essa musica maravilhosa ._ .
RoskMald (5 hours ago)
Vengo por la película "El pianista" les recomiendo enormemente esa película
Stomp Chunkman (6 hours ago)
Girls' Last Tour brought me here. That scene showing mankind and its history, both the good and the bad, the joyful to the melancholic, was a simple, powerful scene.
HotChilean大號 (6 hours ago)
karate Kid xd
Joan Mulhall (6 hours ago)
I miss you, my sweet son, Christopher. Mom
I feel Sorry for him
me gusta esa musica y se que el dibujo se llama la noche estrellada
Lukasz Lukaszewski (11 hours ago)
Cudowna relaksacyjna muzyka Chopina .
Gabby Gamer (11 hours ago)
Who else is here because of Hetalia?
Kan Rup (12 hours ago)
Here I am Choppin away at learning the guitar.
Marcela RG (12 hours ago)
Es tan hermoso! Escucharlo!! Emociona hasta las lágrimas!!! Nostalgia ..Chopin🎹🎶
Magi Soñadora (13 hours ago)
Leyendo el Infierno de Gabriel mencionaron este tema... hermoso... y a seguir leyendo 😊
jk jks (13 hours ago)
its amazing but when im studying I can hear this song for hours. Its a shame that this kind of music is part of the past.
Everest (9 hours ago)
Culture in decline, god is dead and we have killed him. I'm just thankful that the music is so freely accessible.
Niki Wonoto (15 hours ago)
i wish there are music like this today...
Tom Loughlin Jr. (1 hour ago)
All you have to do is make it.
JonDoe297 (10 hours ago)
@Niki Wonoto Look up Ludovico Einaudi. Or even pieces by film composers like Hans Zimmer. I recommend 'Time', 'No time for caution', 'Now we are free', and 'Lost but won' - all are by Hans Zimmer. They're not exactly the same as this type of music, but they're great musical pieces that I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Matheus Duarte (12 hours ago)
@Niki Wonoto Howl's Moving Castle theme
Niki Wonoto (14 hours ago)
can you give me examples? thx
Yvan Bourgault (14 hours ago)
There are you are just not looking for it
D. Rogers (15 hours ago)
Played this on piano tiles 2, been hooked ever since
D. Rogers (3 hours ago)
Hi I'm a Toenail frfr not tryna be funny, it’s really good.
Hi I'm a Toenail (7 hours ago)
rutHLess (16 hours ago)
"Finally the great war has ended, how many days, months, years have passed? It seems i can't remember what it's like outside. The sweet sound of chirping birds in the morning, the cool breeze of wind in the summer, buzzling noise of people and cars roaming the busy streets, and also the children playing outside, although there are children playing here inside the vault. All I remember is that we're scrambled to repel the enemy invading us and people are rushing in unto the vault when the siren is activated. The last thing I heard was this classical piece played on TV and everything's history". - Sergeant Wilson Oliquino, PAF, 210th TOG, serial no. 990167
Canzandridas Joe (17 hours ago)
I would play the main melody as the main melody. This is not a criticism, but a subjective opinion. But to me it feels that I'm waiting all the time for the note that always comes late. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I would make the right hand sound smooth, and not make so many pauses. This is wonderfully played tho, it's just the timing that "bothers" me, for lack of a better term xD
Canzandridas Joe (15 hours ago)
@Accomplished Diplomacy That's why it's a subjective opinion. There's pieces in which I would agree, but I just feel that this one sounds better (to me) with a constant tempo (not necessarily so strict, but you get what I mean)
Accomplished Diplomacy (16 hours ago)
The syncopation is kind of one of the main features of this piece, without it it would not be the same piece, and in my opinion, it wouldn't be as good.
Ariane Lequim (18 hours ago)
Rayanne Monteiro (18 hours ago)
Saliha Kırık (20 hours ago)
Van Gogh ♥♥
Meiyee Lee (21 hours ago)
Suspected ( 17 June 2019 ) 被移花接木了😮哈哈😄啊~ !
Polar (22 hours ago)
Yo, mi cama, un par de audífonos y ya tengo la noche perfecta.
Jarrod Yuki (23 hours ago)
i can play this. its an easy piece.
Accomplished Diplomacy (16 hours ago)
@eden '02 Yes I can confirm.
eden '02 (20 hours ago)
Not on guitar at least. Is it easy on piano?
Ruth Sanner (23 hours ago)
This song is one of most beautiful I have ever heard. I do appreciate all genres, and respect all musicians.
Muhammad Falih (17 hours ago)
Ruth Sanner so do I
Trang Nguyễn Minh (1 day ago)
Piano tile level 1 magic clover
Jefferson Rincon (1 day ago)
Fantasticaaaaa totallll
Wassll (1 day ago)
i see this i chill like a beach in summer dawn
Madd Joseph (1 day ago)
Relaxante <3
Eltun Baratlı (1 day ago)
Daha fazlası için instagramda @piano_orchestra sayfasını izleye bilirsiniz :)
complete idiot (1 day ago)
you are a leaf
Francesco Italiano (1 day ago)
JorgeMoncayoLeon89 (1 day ago)
You see Van Gogh and listen Chopin.
JorgeMoncayoLeon89 hahaha!
Ümit Bahadır (1 day ago)
harika :)
Gasmask Gopnik (1 day ago)
too bad he died outside of homeland..
IMajestQ (1 day ago)
A usted Andrea Romano, gracias infinitas por tan bello regalo, musica para nuestros oidos y tambien para el alma,DIOS LE SIGA BENDICIENDO PARA QUE SEA Y SIGA SIENDO MULTIPLICADOR
Esta música llega hasta lo más profundo de tu alma :')
Diana Karina (1 day ago)
x4 ❤️
Pilos (1 day ago)
X3 :)
Zaynep Pierce (1 day ago)
X2 ♡
Ujjen Rajkarnikar (1 day ago)
this tune takes me down a sentimental path
Meiyee Lee (1 day ago)
Starting few notes was OK, but the following ~ ummum.
Shane Ross (1 day ago)
Classical was always my favorite over everything else
Shane Ross same
Jay M (1 day ago)
This is the music that played on Days of Our Lives many years ago during many scenes (I think when John Black was having memories of something). But I never knew it was a real classical song.
GHOST9 (1 day ago)
miniterreur zen (1 day ago)
Windows Hanım (1 day ago)
aga yeni mezun oldum niyeyse bu sanat eserini dinlemek bile beni duygulandırıyor gözümde canlanır koskoca mazi. 💓
o p (8 hours ago)
Ben de, değişik bir his :p
Latoya Grant (1 day ago)
Latoya Grant (1 day ago)
Latoya Grant (1 day ago)
y 6
Latoya Grant (1 day ago)
Windows Hanım (1 day ago)
tek kelimeyle mü-kem-mel.
Marcel Nepustil (1 day ago)
Bad Santa
The Long Game (1 day ago)
i actually love you
The Long Game (1 day ago)
i hate you
The Long Game (1 day ago)
you suck
Tania (2 days ago)
Belleza 💝
Spink 4 (2 days ago)
esto, es arte ❤
L Mihael Nate (2 days ago)
If I could, I wanted to live only as an infinite energy wandering with a beautiful infinite background symphony... That's why I love music, because it's the only thing I did not want it to cease to exist.
imceline 5 (2 days ago)
Imagine Listening this with your partner while watching moon with many stars
Dicky Tsuki (2 days ago)
roberto carrion (2 days ago)
Ahs Coven
roberto carrion (1 day ago)
@Arthur Ms Thanks
Arthur Ms (1 day ago)
oh yeah you're right! I actually didn't even realize that
Tania Eapinoza (2 days ago)
Que lastima que esta canción la conozcan por un juego :c
G (1 day ago)
@Zaynep Pierce ya lo busque creo que es Fallout
Zaynep Pierce (1 day ago)
¿Cuál juego?
G (2 days ago)
@Tania Eapinoza yo también los vi jsjs
Tania Eapinoza (2 days ago)
Algunas personas no todas, lo dije por qué vi varios comentarios :)
G (2 days ago)
Cuál juego? Yo la conocí por el pianista jsjsj
LoluzoHG (2 days ago)
Fallout 4 Bioshock Infinite
Taylor Baier (1 day ago)
I can't hear this without the incessant ticking from Fink mfg. haunting my subconscious
isaac Cordova (2 days ago)
No es normal llorar mientras escuchas está canción
Cristian Hernández (1 day ago)
Es normal, la música es como hacer audibles las emociones
Francisca Menjivar (2 days ago)
Christopher Nobody (2 days ago)
“Exactly, Houston. Everything is okay. Nothing is wrong. Nothing has ever been wrong, anywhere. The cosmos is like a flawless jewel, each of whose facets is another flawless jewel, and so on to infinity. Except there is no jewel. It’s all light. No, there isn’t even light. From within Time you can’t see any of it, but when you step outside into Eternity it’s all so…full. It’s so beautiful, Houston.” Unsong Interlude ז: Man On The Sphere
First Name Last Name (2 days ago)
Where are those lines from man?
Escuchas esta clase de música y sabes que en estos años se fue la música a la mierda
Eduardo Lee Ray (2 days ago)
Es normal que esta canción me haga llorar?
Pooja (2 days ago)
Aww you all nice people listening to this great music. Hope you all have a great day!
Axopodius (1 day ago)
you too! is 11:24 am here in Chile, sunday
I Am
alia blue (2 days ago)
Its 1am. I have my finals exams tomorrow. But im here and that’s calming my soul, i feel like im in another world, watching the rain in an another century... dreaming at the window...
Catherine (1 day ago)
Same I have my final exams in two days and I hear it all the time
Ron Hall (2 days ago)
Have been there a few times. Passed them all, barely. Let us know how you did.
Fritz (2 days ago)
I'd have slept already if I were you- need the sleep
kvn (2 days ago)
alia blue aye bro you got this
Big Smoke (2 days ago)
Are you in Dubai?
Lena Almusawy (2 days ago)
Brian Insua (2 days ago)
Me encanta
Rodrigo (2 days ago)
Tantos comentarios de las ultimas horas, es como si muchas personas hayan recordado casi al mismo tiempo esta obra de arte.
Cristion A.Assis (2 days ago)
tive a mesma sensação
thtree (2 days ago)
te juro que a veces tengo esa misma sensación con temas parecidos. suelen ser de bandas sonoras o clásicas, pero me da por buscarlas al acordarme y de repente es como si miles de personas a la vez hubieran sentido lo mismo
Emin Yazg (2 days ago)
i feel tired and now i'm here to rest my soul.
Liya B (18 hours ago)
Emin Yazg same here :)
John Hdez (2 days ago)
A 15K sordos no les gusta xD
thaila santos (2 days ago)
Lile Khorguashvili (2 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
Anna B (2 days ago)
Liz Lily (2 days ago)
Painting fabulous... Piano killing me...
collenz aligway (2 days ago)
Always and will be.
ㅈㅇ (2 days ago)
It is always my favorite
I just feel this
Leah Heap (2 days ago)
I don’t think I could’ve been happier when this piece came up in my music a-level exam!! What a classic!
omgjimmyboy (2 days ago)
Love that I just randomly listened to this song at 3AM and so many other people here are commenting and listenin!
blue tooth (2 days ago)
it's 2:15 am now here in the PH
Anastacia Blask (2 days ago)
nearly 1AM 🌙
Deesee Jey (2 days ago)
me too : >
Armando Zazueta (2 days ago)
Same lmao
Emma Mohring (2 days ago)
I remember listening to this piece as a child going to sleep. Oh the nostalgia
N_N_S (2 days ago)
Hi guys just wanna ask what you favorite games are :)
Ron Hall (2 days ago)
Bioshock Infinite, Fallout 4, Dying Light, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (beautiful), What Remains of Edith Finch, The Talos Principal. The Talos game might not be many persons favorite. I skipped much of the dialog, they never say it, but. Anyway give it a row.
SkyBlue R (2 days ago)
Minecraft all the way
S Tyrrell (2 days ago)
Mass Effect and Oblivion and Halo
bora yurtseven (2 days ago)
Fallout 4
Ezra Libertino (2 days ago)
Brawl Stars
SugarAmped (2 days ago)
How are you guys doing
Hot Dogg (1 day ago)
SkyBlue R (2 days ago)
Well! hbu
Anastacia Blask (2 days ago)
been better but been worse, 💫
CRY CRY (2 days ago)
Thanks for asking I’m doing great!
Am Bacc (2 days ago)
Im doing good. Thank you for asking. How about you?
Judy Soy (3 days ago)
I swear I can repeatedly listen to piano pieces attentively. But when its pop music, I wont last the first minute.
@Przemyslaw Halasik If you are educated enough in music you would know that Classical music is many levels above today music
Przemyslaw Halasik (2 days ago)
There are gems in every genre. Pop, electro, rap.. you just have to open yourself:)
Fritz (2 days ago)
Listening to the wrong stuff then, eh?
Ola Jaśkiewicz (3 days ago)
Chopin jak zwykle doskonały. Przepiękne wykonanie.
mary mat (3 days ago)
Amazing. The perfect lullaby for my son😍
gowings5751 (3 days ago)
Truman - Ed Harris
Ludmila Alacia (3 days ago)
¿alguien que hable Español?
Spike V. (2 days ago)
Aqui, yo
Ludmila Alacia (2 days ago)
@Jenecheru Masters holaaa ¿qué tal?
Jenecheru Masters (2 days ago)
Hola . Yo
Il FENEX Il (3 days ago)
No, en absoluto. :V
elvis Pereyra Vaz (3 days ago)
Fragmento que lo toma charly garcia para su último simple
Crni Covek (3 days ago)
Ludmila Alacia (3 days ago)
Just a bug (3 days ago)
I wish him well
SRISHTI BANZAL (3 days ago)
I would give it a thousand likes if I could. :')
Tec Sherman (3 days ago)
Doomer Classical music
Libre Nao (3 days ago)
Happiness and Melancholy perfectly balanced.
Jesús Alarcón Ponce (3 days ago)
How to tear up
Exnem (3 days ago)
I like when comments are sorted by new by default. Less spam, less overused jokes. Wish more people did it. Works well here.
mauro amarante (3 days ago)
This melody had been haunting my head for weeks ! I had to visit every classical composer i knew to find it
Becky Carlin (13 hours ago)
Judy Soy (3 days ago)
Me too! I kept humming this since last week so I kept on searching for chopin pieces and FINALLY FOUND IT 😭
Oscar Flores (3 days ago)
Thx man lots of love i have a feeling you're a good person.
mauro amarante (3 days ago)
Oscar Flores it definetly does make you reflect on things better, its raining here in Buenos Aires Argentina so i think it suits the ambience quite well
Oscar Flores (3 days ago)
Welp later man
luiza travib (3 days ago)
Fantástico, essa música me lembra uma série de jogos muito boa, chama Cube Escape
Euns Constant (3 days ago)
oh yeah, i was born way too late
Anna B (2 days ago)
I think we should be grateful to be born in the internet era because we have access to anything we want to hear, read and watch.
Fritz (2 days ago)
Oh shush- if you were born any earlier the likelihood is that you'd be too poor to even hear Chopin perform.
박창석 (3 days ago)
가난과 정직함과 클래식음악은 클래식 애호가의 3요소라고....
irvinx456 gutierrez (3 days ago)
Piano ti les :)

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