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How to Style Contact Form 7 with CSS Hero

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In this video tutorial, I show you how to style a form created by the popular Contact Form 7 plugin with CSS Hero - No code required! Use HEROBEAVER to Get 40% off CSS Hero when using this link: http://j.mp/csshero
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Richard Moore (3 years ago)
This looks an excellent plug in - When I can afford this I am definitley going to purchase.   One question, if I may, i need help like right now on one thing with my form.  Which css code do i need to alter to change the whole form outline size so wordpress doesnt have it taking up the whole page?  I dont mean individual boxes, you can see it when you are clicking on the form in your video. like the whole padding or border which appears to surround the form.  I want to have an image next to the form you see.
Beaver Beat (3 years ago)
+Richard Moore I'm having a bit of a problem visualizing what you're asking and it's also a little difficult to give you the css for a form I can't see. Can you give me the URL of your site and I'll take a look? Cheers, Colin

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