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Currency Trading - Trapped Traders® Daily Analysis - Selling GBP/USD

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Get Mark Chapman's Free Daily Trade Calls - Click here: http://mytotalsupport.com/cpv/base.php?c=119&key=c335fd1ebae1ef722be28559d78941b3&ls=youtube&keyword=currency_trading&ad=DEScv0vBop8 The trap we’re going to look at today is referred to as a trap break pullback, which occurred in this area here. Traders would have believed at the hard right edge this market was heading higher, but that would’ve been a mistake, especially with the negative sentiment surrounding the GBP because of the potential for us leaving to the EU. The GBP is now at lows against the USD, which it hasn’t seen for several years. So, should prices pull back in and around this area here, you should be in for a good trade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEScv0vBop8
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