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Chinese electric car company Nio makes its Wall Street debut

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Nio CFO Louis Hsieh joins 'Squawk Alley' to discuss his Chinese electric vehicle startup and why it decided to go public.
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beijinghsk (11 days ago)
I'm back in a bit. see what happens
beijinghsk (11 days ago)
this is an unconventional stock, thus cannot be measured conventionally.. very explosive
Justmyopinionlol (21 days ago)
China wants to push out Tesla in China but in USA they want to sell to Americans. I would never buy a single Chinese product for as long as I can. China is a terrorist state and must be stopped at all costs.
Alex Diaz (28 days ago)
Welcome Tv (29 days ago)
bctopper (1 month ago)
I can't see Americans driving a Chinese car.
Neojhun (13 days ago)
Yet Volvo is critically acclaimed ever since GEELY took over. Volvo almost died under Ford's mismanagement. Wierd how the world changes soo quickly.
I bought NIO don't regret it!!!!!!!
Xavier Tan (1 month ago)
Nio hired the right CFO.
BenL (1 month ago)
that girl is hawt
Bishop Miller (1 month ago)
is he looking at me or the door on my right? lol jk
m hazey (28 days ago)
Bishop Miller hes looking at the money hes about to make lol
BenL (1 month ago)
what is up with this dudes eyes
Zion Josh (1 month ago)
Remember there is a quote : No matter what product which company did it first, Chinese company will did it even better than that
Zion Josh (27 days ago)
Nicky Swift wth are you just say? How old are you? Are you a kid ? I am saying the iPhone is made by China... What’s the point you talk about how easy it break down and bla bla bla ... come on you can do better than this
Nicky Swift (27 days ago)
+Zion Josh ive seen a fair share of apple breaking down easily it depends on the user and the condition of the phone. But for a phone made in china where the cost of labor is low while the final product is 10x the price forget it.
Zion Josh (27 days ago)
Nicky Swift how about iPhone ?? it is made in china ....
Nicky Swift (27 days ago)
But Made in China doesn't last long and breaksdown easily.
Ufo Trailers (1 month ago)
Nio is a CHINA funded scam, only a stock they don't even make there own cars lol. So no cars built but no testing but will launch in one year with only a years data huh! This company has made $7 million and has $500 million in debt yet doesn't make their own cars. Do your research this is a SCAM you'll see nothing of this ever in the future. Other than tIts up!
Martin Hu (1 month ago)
Zhe Yan (17 days ago)
我感觉它真不怎么愁钱。我也没仔细研究过它的资金来源。但是它如果愁钱的问题,谁会一开始就做Formula E,EP8和各种各样概念车?都是极端烧钱的东西。它用江淮造是极为聪明的一步。把初始厂房车间的投资和风险都省了。一头扎在研发上。如果以后它一直会光研发然后让其他工厂代工,可能还真会成为一个中国汽车界前所未有的新模式。当然revenu 就不会高了。
Zixxerlyfe (1 month ago)
i like china
J1824 (1 month ago)
the only people who buy these shares only wants to cash out after a short while to make a quick buck
WK T (1 month ago)
Every Chinese company is a scam.... dont buy it.....
223554545 (1 month ago)
you mean 10 shares ahmed lol
mike B (1 month ago)
Short term is great! But long term? Time will tell.
Zhengguo Sun (1 month ago)
modern Chinese family donot need 7 seats. that's 3 seats too many hhhh
Neojhun (13 days ago)
Umm Grand Parents, because you are stuck with them.
MaximaMan06 (1 month ago)
This company looks very promising with what they have to offer. However, I feel that the stock is going to be day traded heavily because the premarket volume on it on Friday was intense. It was so volatile that trading was halted on the stock twice. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1736541/000119312518271849/d560276d424b4.htm#rom560276_3 The SEC document in the link above paints a very grim picture for the investors of this company. If you click the "Risk Factors" link on the document and see what is stated in bold it reads: "Our ability to develop and manufacture a car of sufficient quality and appeal to customers on schedule and on a large scale is unproven and still evolving. We have negative cash flows from operation, have only recently started to generate revenues and have not been profitable, all of which may continue in the future." I hate to sound like a person spreading FUD but this company is a huge gamble at this moment based on that. However, nothing is certain in the stock market and there is a chance that NIO can surprise a lot of people. Tilray (TLRY) practically had analysts seeking psychiatric help because the stock defied all that they know about stock analysis. The TLRY stock kept rising like the morning sun despite all the bad news and super bearish stock downgrade calls about it from research firms.
King Kang (1 month ago)
I avoid chinese stocks like the plague but this is intriguing to say the least.
Neojhun (13 days ago)
Yep not interested in the stocks. The Products companies like NIO & GEELY are selling looks good.
naguoning (1 month ago)
His eyes. Is he the eyes equivalent of Deng XiaoPing's son?!
Mike Reiley (1 month ago)
Americans stop buying goods from China.
Neojhun (13 days ago)
Well bye bye to the modern world. U.S. does not manufacture any modern Consumer Electronics. Then again Internet Free Life does seem very nice.
Unicorn Blood (1 month ago)
90 percent of the component in the device you're using to access the Internet is made in China lol
Argasy Argasy2 (1 month ago)
China Superpower (1 month ago)
China should buy Tesla.
megatone1D (1 month ago)
No fundamental reason the share price DOESN'T halve in 6 to 12 months...this is more of a marketing branding sales "car" company, who doesn't actually have manufacturing capabilities at all unlike Tesla, nor major prop technologies or their own unlike Tesla. Car manufacturing takes a long long supply chain and along the whole supply chain this company doesn't seem to have ANY advantage in any link of the supply chain.
Tommy Gun (1 month ago)
he just said that trump was bringing local manufacturing back to America!!! amen
Richard Tom (1 month ago)
BYD :)
Baruch Spinosa (1 month ago)
Sounds fishy
Yeh No (1 month ago)
NIO is a scam.. after research found this is only produce battery.. they don't have any car patents nor building any car..on top of that either Chinese govt or other Chinese companies pumping price who knows... there are well researched YouTube video check out.. I will not fall for trash Chinese stocks.. see their valuation it's a joke..
obsidianstatue (1 month ago)
LOL everyone go to his channel, look through his liked videos, he's a butt hurt indian, who frequently likes China bashing videos.
Benjamin (1 month ago)
Apple doesn't build it's own phones too so that doesn't count as bad . The valuation , yes too high .
Wei Zhang (1 month ago)
Thapa ui guy you are a scam, can free release rumors
Green World (1 month ago)
+Unicorn Blood dude there is no source. It's just a bigot talking smack. How would they not own the design for their own car? Those things can easily be found out and there are no electric suv in the world like them.
Unicorn Blood (1 month ago)
Alan Cane (1 month ago)
So far as I know NIO doesn't even make their own cars and only earned $7M the first six months this year while racking up $500M in debt. It's one thing to call themselves the Chinese Tesla, it's quite another to actually deliver.
jimmy moy (1 month ago)
Amazing returns...lol. jk. I thought of jumping in but ill wait and see. Tesla didnt start shooting up for a few years.
Nirav Patel (1 month ago)
This stock will go $30 and then it will hit back to $1. Eventually will add all into PUTs
surya316 (1 month ago)
Haha..first they stole American technology, now the Chinese want to steal American money by listing in the U.S! And all NIO has sold till date is 481 cars ....gud luck to all those who buy this stock cause u will need it.
lotto (1 month ago)
They should open up a manufacturing plant in Fremont right across from Tesla. 😂
Neojhun (13 days ago)
LOL The chinese are far more savy. They already know to setup factories in "Right to Work" states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-work_law#U.S._states_with_right-to-work_laws Geely Volvo opened one in near Charleston South Carolina.
Todd Johnson (1 month ago)
Nio makes all others look like model T.
ollieone051 (1 month ago)
Buy this stock before December!
no further west (1 month ago)
The cars look decent
Carlos Sora (1 month ago)
Nio all the way to 36...pls . Hopefully I am become a millionaire $$$. This is the only hope.....let’s see
Davin Solomon (19 days ago)
Carlos Sora how much stocks should I buy I’m new to all this stuff I’m 18 years old and I only buy one stock off NIO , ik that’s not enough so I’m trying to figure out how much is good .
Henry (1 month ago)
I already bought some and sold too soon :(... on a separate note, am I the only one that can’t stop staring at his eyes?? 🤷‍♂️
Hold hold hold I bought 1000 shares for 9
Chris Chris (1 month ago)
*He looks like he is on the toilet... trying to talk sht, when really he knows Tesla will destroy them!*
Neojhun (13 days ago)
But that is not Tesla's goal. Tesla will eventually get out of the Premium Luxury Market to focus more on Mass Mainstream Commuter market like Toyota products. NIO & Lucid should take the Premium & Luxury BEV sector. You have no clue what you are talking about.
Andi S (1 month ago)
The Chinese company has higher priority in China. If you have a kid and some else kid at home, and that somebody always trying to put up a fight with you, who will get a better treatment? Your own kid off course. You actually want to kick that kid out of your house if you can.
Daniel Brown (1 month ago)
you see the cfo checking the screen every 2 minutes to see if hes successfully pumping the stock. LOL
gary hsu (1 month ago)
more like every 10 sec
Qian G (1 month ago)
Awesome!!!! Looking forward to having one of these car
漢仔 (1 month ago)
Good English,Hsieh.
Rameshbhai Amin (1 month ago)
Car manufacturer need license to develop autonomous car and a license to put up a factory. How is China ever going to compete with USA.
Neojhun (13 days ago)
With Money & Development. Geely Volvo already opened a factory in South Carolina. You have no clue what you are talking about.
Unicorn Blood (1 month ago)
And what makes you think Chinese government don't give their domestic companies licenses? That is a very stupid statement. 😕 China has already approved two full licenses to Shanghai-based SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, and the other went to electric vehicle start-up Nio last Thursday and even one foreign class license to German Daimler to test and develop autonomous cars.
KMW (1 month ago)
Rameshbhai Amin Chinese government invested $4 billion in them. Don’t see US doing that.
Davin Solomon (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me why when I go to stash and I put NIO I can’t see it !?
Davin Solomon (1 month ago)
Yea I also have robinhood but for some reason when I signed up months ago it just keeps telling me you can start investing once your account is approved. I don’t know why it’s saying that I’m 18 year old so idk what’s the problem.
Luis Chavez (1 month ago)
Davin Solomon get Robinhood app, stash does not let you invest in what ever stock you want
Christine Wallace (1 month ago)
Bought 2000 NIO @ $6.12 and 5000 APHQE @ 11.10 (purely speculation).
Since Chinese drivers in China do not follow traffic laws, all of the time, autonomous driving cars in China, should be fun!
Neojhun (13 days ago)
It would be a way better Test & Development environment. The harder more erratic the natural environment, the better AI has to be.
Fawk Yu (1 month ago)
Way to generalize 1 billion + people who live in 100 + large cities in China. I could say the same thing about the US too having been to Detroit but i know better than to stereotype an entire country based on one bad experience.
amAZZiEng andcool (1 month ago)
Bought 500
umair khattak (1 month ago)
and with the new emerging chinese middle class, i am expecting a very high demand.
umair khattak (1 month ago)
china is a huge ev market
umair khattak (1 month ago)
just b ought some well positioned at this price
hundred cs (1 month ago)
Looks awesome! Finally there's a company about to compete with Tesla.
Nas kshshdh (1 month ago)
Bought 10000 shares today... see what happens.
Farhat h (6 days ago)
I am going to buy as well it's already a good price at around 7.40 as of writing this today and will let it run for 3 to 4 years I am on no rush this could be the next HUGE EV STORY
223554545 (1 month ago)
Naseer Ahmed stop trading these scams and u will see
Davin Solomon (1 month ago)
Naseer Ahmed u bought 10,000 shares when it was how much money bro ?
J C (1 month ago)
NIO is very ambitious
Morningstar (1 month ago)
+Nas kshshdh Don't sell brother. NIO is gonna be Tesla 2.0 in the stock market. I am sure many people regret missing out on Tesla in 2011. In 10 years people will regret missing out on NIO in 2018.
Fiva Five-Stars (1 month ago)
Compare that to an Elon Musk interview.
Steven Sherman (1 month ago)
Fiva Five-Stars I assume you mean more composed and overall better?
Henry Zhang (1 month ago)
sounds awesome!
Kevin Mas (1 month ago)
Stealing intellectual properties from the USA and Europe is part of Chinese innovation
Neojhun (13 days ago)
Where is NIO EP9 stolen from. No competition Exist. You are Factually WRONG.
Todd Johnson (1 month ago)
Peanut brain.
ks lee (1 month ago)
Kevin Mas is a cheapskate Indian from Malaysia
hundred cs (1 month ago)
well, name 5 companies that build better electrical cars than Nio.
Kevin Mas (1 month ago)
America Europe Japan and Australia are accusing China of stealing intellectual property
Mark AD (1 month ago)
Another brown cockroach commenting. Can you even walk straight???
George Wong (1 month ago)
your people can't make a toilet .
Kevin Mas (1 month ago)
Communist China should not be accepted in WTO because they don’t believe in democracy freedom capitalism intellectual property human rights and free market
Kevin Mas (1 month ago)
Communist China is world leader of intellectual property theft
naguoning (13 days ago)
So that I can't be mis-understood... I had said China has a real problem with IP theft, but nothing has made me think that NIO is part of that. Actually they seem to be a really interesting company so far.
Neojhun (13 days ago)
Such a stupid false slander. Where the frack is NIO EP9 stolen from. It has no competition. They freaking invented that architecture.
naguoning (28 days ago)
? USA is not even remotely near to the biggest empire in history. Just look at a map of the empires I mentioned and compare the size. Also China is trying to build an empire. Look at their map of the sea to the South of it which is claimed in part by many countries. It is absurd to think that bits near Burnei or the Philippines that are no where near China are part of it (and the UN ruling agreed with my view as of course do those Asian countries that I mentioned so don't suggest it is some Western thing).
Min Pan (29 days ago)
you dont even know how US developed. read history.
naguoning (1 month ago)
The British were, but some of the other big empires were not European (eg the Mongolian or Ottoman).
Lew Paul (1 month ago)
Bought at $6.25
Lew Paul (1 month ago)
Jose Matorras did u buy? Up to 100% after hours :)
Jose Matorras (1 month ago)
+Lew Paul Me too I also knew
Lew Paul (1 month ago)
J Why through facebook because im following business groups like bloomberg, cnbc, etc
Lew Paul (1 month ago)
Arab Stunna up 28% today so far :)
Arab Stunna (1 month ago)
lucky bastard
David Yang (1 month ago)
Both NIO and Tesla will reorganize the car markets for sure.
Benjamin (1 month ago)
If Tesla starts manufacturing in China , it will . Otherwise , American made goods just can't compete with anything internationally and that drips into the American market . Even Apple knows making their products in America is suicide .
WinMarFaulk (1 month ago)
Nio will be worth a lot more than they are they are a Chinese company the first to be producing ev in China at a time when China wants to stop producing gas vehicles, and with the trade tariffs Tesla had to raise vehicle prices 20% in China already when competing against a company that was offering a product already half their price
David Ruddle (1 month ago)
Yep take advantage of our greed which is at a 1980s level again, I mean to my initial reaction is heck, if it can be 10% of a Tesla, it could be worth 39 bucks! So its quite tempting.
beijinghsk (1 month ago)
like it. I bought NIO stocks already
Sebastián Coronado (10 days ago)
beijinghsk you are right bro
James Sempy (1 month ago)
beijin, Elon Musk too ....
beijinghsk so did i
+Gee Aaa online broket
Gee Aaa (1 month ago)
Where can I buy?
Htin Moe (1 month ago)
If Tesla want to be succesful, they have to follow Apple model. Design in USA, assemble in China.
Rizz md (1 month ago)
At last American's will able to Ride a Car from a Civilized world, it's advanced unlike their rusted muscle cars.
megamanxu (1 month ago)
also china's income doubling is due to the fact that they are a developing country. wait like 100 years, it'll be stagnant lol. But hey man, if you like having a dictator/king as your president, all power to u
megamanxu (1 month ago)
go to the website i showed u, he got a lot of things done, and a lot of things changed, saying nothing has changed is a hyperbole. Either way, do you live in the US or in China?
Wei Zhang (1 month ago)
Anthony it’s wonderful for a society to refuse the the media full of fake and distorted news about china. You are idiot
megamanxu (1 month ago)
but to make u feel better, I do think that china is heading in the right direction overall, I still do not like that you guys can't vote in your presidents/representatives, and that your government can just censor anything, but any progress will help ease the suffering of your people. everyone do better when the world's economy is better.
Johnny Chao (1 month ago)
So what did he get done? Those things I mentioned he didn't get done, nothing changed. And that's just more proof that your democracy system doesn't work to get anything done.Why is it the middle class is shrinking in the US but growing like crazy in china? Why is it china's average income is doubling every 10 years and its been the same in the US for the last 20 years. why is your infrastructure shit while the rest of the world is developing so fast? Stop listening to your "facts" from facebook or google, most of those are not truths, go and see the world outside and talk to the locals.
Mo Man (1 month ago)
🙏 yes competition.

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