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How video editing makes you look good

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When I play I often see people say that I am skilled/capable/pro and other things. Personally I feel that I am not that good of a spy, but regardless I decided to make my own "frag" video, where I want to emphasize not the actual kills, but my actions before a certain stab (Watch how I go up stairs, turn around a corner, know how someone is after me, listen through the headphones and know how far someone is, predict how long it will take them to get to where I am etc.). I try not to give off the impression of a pro spy with 50 unusuals and the flashiest of the flashiest SFM posters, but rather keep the lowest profile possible, which is why I always wear the Gibus and the Pyrovision Goggles (that, and also to mess with people's heads). This video is intentionally long and doesn't have any music to not give viewers a big burst of dopamine and adrenaline, but rather to show what spying is actually about, that is proper movement and deception, not sick trickstab after sick trickstab. All of these clips have been taken from a 15 day period, and I have used aliases sometimes because I was being matched against the same players by TF2 Matchmaking. I may make more videos in the coming months, but videos I will certainly make will be on high ping/bad internet connections, and another video when I reach 1000 hours in spy. I may also make a video less strict and better presented, focused mainly on looking good on the surface.
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YoungAts (2 years ago)
Edit can makes you look like the best in the world because you just pick up your best moments. i didnt say that you are bad you are one of the best i have ever seen. but if they dont edit a lot of em will look terible!! Keep working you are awesome!!!!
MrJason005 (2 years ago)
That is from stabby's script
YoungAts (2 years ago)
MrJason005 You Know what is bind? i see you didnt type anything and you said on chat sapping
MrJason005 (2 years ago)
What binds?
YoungAts (2 years ago)
MrJason005 Okay. Just keep Working. also you have binds?
MrJason005 (2 years ago)
My other video is better edited
Almighty (2 years ago)
Haha , you played good in those montages yet all of those players look like they play the game not for very long since they haven't even got the gibus or something , or chasing you like a blind man.Played with you on a MGE server :P
MrJason005 (2 years ago)
I have nohats mod Really gauging someone from their hats is wrong I believe
1500lego (2 years ago)
credits to me for getting you to make this

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