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Maniac - We Swear At You

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lyrics: Atomic winds blowing in the cold Across our land Our trust the government has sold Might in their hands They dropped the bomb never thinking of anyone Children die, scream in pain What have they done What have they done Nuclear waster land, death in the air Skinburning lights Broken dreams, broken hearts No chance to fight Destruction, contamination Disease in hand We watch our generation Get turned to sand Get turned to sand We swear at you - at you we swear We swear at you - at you Oh - we swear at you - at you we swear We swear at you at you Five survived the disaster You know their names Took their revenge for the people As the world stood in flames Killed the rules - hung 'em high They never listened to fools They screamed out for vengeance And made their own rules - yeah Made their own rules 1995 The year of rebellion Rising from the seners Like rats from a cage The rebels took to the streets Accepting the challenge of a power so mighty That the world shock with fear As one, they rose up and fought for their rights The right to rock We swear at you - at you we swear
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Text Comments (10)
Jorge Trinidad (1 month ago)
Que temazo por favoooooor!!!
Salvador Machen (5 months ago)
que buena bandota subterranea nada comercial ahi que subirle hasta que esplote el sonido
Круто! With love from Ukraine!
ritosso 666 (6 months ago)
great song,best album,cheers from Argrntina brother i love this song and album
Black QuickSand (2 years ago)
Speed as ..
Ronaldo Sousa (2 years ago)
metal puro!;;;;!!
Franki Beard (3 years ago)
True Speed Metal
Allan Cunha S. (4 years ago)
Oooow, I Love This Sooound.... Nostalgic ! Hail From Brazil! \m/
Cristian Velez Roldán (5 years ago)
Traby, traby, traby... estaba leyendo el comentario sin haber visto tu nombre.. cuando... 0h sorpresa! jajajajaja
Gabriela Blanco (7 years ago)
At least 20 of those 36 are mines!! Fuck yeah!!! the most underground band of all the history... and i fuckin' know it!!!!!!

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