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Girls' Generation 소녀시대 '훗 (Hoot)' MV

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Girls' Generation’s 3rd mini album "Hoot" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id401601304 #소녀시대 #GIRLSGENERATION #SNSD #Hoot #훗 #Release #101025 Girls' Generation Official http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration Girls' Generation 소녀시대 '훗 (Hoot)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (33767)
KPOP9 (1 day ago)
43 735 125
dina knul (1 day ago)
YCGRis (1 day ago)
Ahmad Rizqi Kurniawan (2 days ago)
october 2018 anyone?
Isabella. Castro. (3 days ago)
October 2018😊
Era Clarkson (3 days ago)
Hoot 💕
redmoon (3 days ago)
No other SNSD song beats this. Omg! It's been like this for 8 years.
Rizky Mulyana (4 days ago)
Yoona siwon fix💑❤❤
Mr. Wan channel (4 days ago)
Only snsd can dance and sing like this.
Cici Lin (4 days ago)
真的很喜歡SNSD 的歌💓 每個時期的各種風格都超棒的。
No.1 Girls Group (4 days ago)
OMG, this is so lit 😍
svt shinee (6 days ago)
this was and still is the best girl generation song to me
shan alzola (7 days ago)
if snsd and other veteran groups (legends) debut this generation they could gain so much views
Ardiansyah Firdaus (7 days ago)
i miss ot9
Art Lover (8 days ago)
God bless Siwon... what a yummy treat he is
NaingHtoo Aung (8 days ago)
Miss OT9 💞😔
NaingHtoo Aung (8 days ago)
Hoot Hoot💞
lc (8 days ago)
i'm shocked it be almost 9 years ago!!
Magda (8 days ago)
sooyoung makes me want to cut my hair short...
YCGRis (8 days ago)
puput pipi (9 days ago)
haha 123 (10 days ago)
What's wrong with everyone's hair 😂😂🤣
paola pineda (10 days ago)
haha 123 it’s supposed to be 60s inspired
Akbar Maulana (10 days ago)
Still playing and Listening this catchy song, even tought i was old right now But i dont c are. Always love them so much .
Tan Jantie (12 days ago)
Anyone still watch this? 9 October loll
HM胡喵 (12 days ago)
Cristine Joy Dapulayan (12 days ago)
October 8,2018
Trung Nguyen (12 days ago)
My past.... miss hers
Thiên Ngọc Trần (12 days ago)
I miss OT9. 181008
Yurri (14 days ago)
Oct 2018?
Kevisrandom (14 days ago)
3:19 my colon exploded when I heard this.
Era Clarkson (14 days ago)
6.4M left to 50M! Keep streaming sones 💕
Taesic Love W.y (15 days ago)
SNSD fanlight came out 😍😍😍
GG PoP (15 days ago)
This elegance song of Girls' Generation brought me to Kpop.. When i was in high school around 9th grade. Now i graduated. Even i am working now ... but my love for them will never ever change and this love will never end.. #BESTSUPPORTER #HOOTFORLIFEASSSOWON
YCGRis (15 days ago)
Cath M. (17 days ago)
This brings a lot of my childhood memories!
Kawai Slime (17 days ago)
DinoHat (18 days ago)
It's Bond, Asian Bond
Hakim Dreamtrips (18 days ago)
10/3 - 43.567.362
강지원 (18 days ago)
강지원 (18 days ago)
강지원 (18 days ago)
강지원 (18 days ago)
강지원 (18 days ago)
Yuliya Stream (19 days ago)
2018.10.02 01:49PM (KST) - 43,558,454
Grim (19 days ago)
a bop
Erikka Rocha (19 days ago)
essa música é sample de alguma outra? pq esse refrão é familiar... será que eu já ouvi essa música alguma vez antes e não lembro????
SONE 4EVA (19 days ago)
This song got me into SONE HOOT is that song ❤️
taeyeon's wife (20 days ago)
The first ever KPOP song I've watched and listened 💖💜
Faraa Ali (21 days ago)
September 2018?
Thành Công Hoàng (22 days ago)
YCGRis (22 days ago)
YCGRis (23 days ago)
木村香 (25 days ago)
やっと見つけた!! ずっとこのMVが見たかったんだ!!
puput pipi (25 days ago)
This was the most viewed mv in 24 hours by kpop artist in 2010 (1M in 24 hours)
jrd wew (25 days ago)
2018? GG poreber!
Sarita Mae Acebuche (25 days ago)
Good old days💗💗💗
ngô hoàng anh (25 days ago)
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YCGRis (25 days ago)
SONE IGOT7 STAY (26 days ago)
2018? Who stream
Thảo Đào (26 days ago)
lets make 50mm <3
Thảo Đào (26 days ago)
2018 ?
Timmy Christian (26 days ago)
Lil touch gonna surpassed~ in a few minutes
Cherry Blossom (27 days ago)
Go vote for GG on AAA Asian Artist awards We are on 44th place Let's do it sones Vote from your different accounts https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html#none This is the link Don't worry for Yoona,Yuri,Seohyun They have managed to be on top spot in acting Please vote for GG We need to show new generation that SNSD is still on T.O.P Share this as far as you can
Nguyên Võ (27 days ago)
2018 ❤️
̈FHER ̈ (28 days ago)
Siwon de espía? <3 💖
[email protected] (28 days ago)
2018 anyone✋
Sowoneul Malhaebwa (29 days ago)
Yuri's body here is really goals. 💖
Huyền Nguyễn (29 days ago)
Bài này hay vch. Chỉ tiếc là thời đó youtube k thịnh hành như ngày nay nên view mới ít như vậy ^^ nhưng mà hay thật đó huhu
janessa alcosero (29 days ago)
Imaw SONE (29 days ago)
This song made me a SONE. first song I heard from SNSD.
Minh Nhựt Lê (29 days ago)
Lil's Touch is coming 😂
min sugalovers (1 month ago)
Kpop old days so good
hideki fukumoto (1 month ago)
過去に戻りたいけど 今の自分まだ生きてるのようです 皆んな優しく生きてください
Alleah Marie Picardo (1 month ago)
YCGRis (1 month ago)
Elita Zahrani (1 month ago)
2018 by
YCGRis (1 month ago)
병아리_07 (1 month ago)
레전드 비주얼 보컬 댄스 다 소시 따라잡을수있는 그룹 옶음 ㅠ
2018 ç_ç?
Via Rusty Ani (1 month ago)
Miss them so muchhh 😭😭
김건일 (1 month ago)
2:06, 2:10 180918 0303
Sachi Ko L (1 month ago)
Mary Deocelyn Matula (1 month ago)
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
Published on 27 Oct 2010
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
SM Entertainment (on behalf of SM Entertainment); UMPI, Abramus Digital, ASCAP, UBEM, UMPG Publishing, União Brasileira de Compositores, and 14 music rights societies
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
Girls' Generation 소녀시대 '훗 (Hoot)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
itunes and apple music, spotify and google play music
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
listen and download on
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
hoot has been released
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
girls generation 3rd album
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
i have 1 trillion giga bite of my memory about SNSD
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
keep commenting guys
prasacas tona (1 month ago)
i love them
주황TV (1 month ago)
Huyền Trần (1 month ago)
Red Rose (1 month ago)
Yuri sexy
Charmian Wong (1 month ago)
Omg i miss this song frm my childhood
Ratri Nur Fitriana (1 month ago)
puput pipi (1 month ago)

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