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Weekend Jazz Music - Jazz Hiphop, Jazz ballad, - Smooth Jazz - Have a nice weekend

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Text Comments (130)
Kilotv 541 (21 hours ago)
"Just go with the flow and smooth to the cruise".
Gladys Wilkerson (11 days ago)
Best jazz ever
nlati13 (18 days ago)
What's the first song called because It is soo mellow and smooth
岩田愛美 (21 days ago)
Michael Hernandez (26 days ago)
So damn relaxing, love this
Tracy Barber (27 days ago)
Melodrama to start the morning with soft music kinda.
kirszeen (28 days ago)
so relaxing
Jessicah Ivo (29 days ago)
1:06:28 <3 super cool
Magdalena L. (29 days ago)
Dimitrios Pappas (1 month ago)
sometimes you just need it and forget all the work or anything else that make you stress. thank you^^
YdK ARTIST (1 month ago)
relaxing chilling grooving jamming....enjoying
Diego Jair (1 month ago)
Jordan Daniel Heuvel (1 month ago)
Have a nice weekend everyone :)
Perpetual Rabbit (1 month ago)
i'm slipknot fan amd i love this to
IsaiahYT channel (1 month ago)
I love this smooth and right
Shadilay (1 month ago)
This isn’t jazz
April Dusett (1 month ago)
Love it!! Jazz is my favorite type of music :)
Yoorim Seo (1 month ago)
very good jazz song
LolaClo (1 month ago)
Well this put me in a better mood! Thank you! Playing this at work tomorrow!!!
Sonia Pankhania (1 month ago)
what a nice start to the week i mean Sunday whoooooo i only know weekend jazz and that is everyday
Beni beni beni (1 month ago)
Iike is very Gold
Jordyn Lipscomb (1 month ago)
i can finally sleep at night
Thatonefilmmaker (1 month ago)
Is there a shorter version of this song I can use for a mini series?
SupremeGames (1 month ago)
1:26:52 / 4:03:08 Don't mind me. Just putting this here so I can remember where I left off!
Rundelhaus Code (1 month ago)
It's autumn
땅콩TV (1 month ago)
Have a nice weekend everyone!
早川敬介 (1 month ago)
Sun through the autumnal leaves over a lake, a good pic to the music, thanks.
Aahh, Relaxing!.. I hope my videos will make people as happy as this music makes me!! :D
Mark Lundgren (2 months ago)
Smoooth jazz 😍
Purple Galaxy Gamer (2 months ago)
This is the best thing i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LISA Socheatta (2 months ago)
I love it
Fraser DAVIS (2 months ago)
So sorry 😐 It’s me
Fraser DAVIS (2 months ago)
Terrible music
Christof S (8 days ago)
You don’t have to listen to it, just leave this masterpiece be...
Mark Lundgren (2 months ago)
Viviana D (2 months ago)
This amazing jazz puts me to sleep after a long day, thanks so much!
Todd Gariepy (2 months ago)
Mistre Berihun (2 months ago)
ow i have no word to explain how much its beautiful wow
Citron (2 months ago)
Sick of school this morning just felt like putting everyone in a good mood..
diver noise (2 months ago)
I love Jazz, the best musical style
Você não sabe nem eu. (2 months ago)
Não tem melhor <3
Você não sabe nem eu. (2 months ago)
Brasil?? :)
yukinho loko (2 months ago)
i love this 💖💖
Natdanai Khunsriuchen (2 months ago)
Thank you for your kindness to share this masterpiece with us all
nawu zheng (2 months ago)
totally nice feels relax
Jordan (2 months ago)
You like jazz?
Diego Jair (1 month ago)
Diego Jair (1 month ago)
Hanz Ferrer (1 month ago)
Nancy Thomas (2 months ago)
Lyn VJ Bennett Wilson (2 months ago)
I love Jazz and this is perfect listening while I write my blog. <3 Fantastic.
Zeniel 14 (2 months ago)
this music is really relaxing i love it
KURO猫 (2 months ago)
Study was getting along thanks to this‼︎
Melanin_ Beauty (2 months ago)
Wish I could sit on that bench with my dad one more time and talk and enjoy ourselves and have fun and listen to jazz music like we use to . One day we will meet again and we will spend time like we use to when you were here on earth . I love you daddy R.I.P. 11 months gone and in 8 days his birthday is here . Sweet memories ....💔❤️
Turkish Airlines Fan (2 days ago)
Rest In Peace your dad.I am sure he was an amazing one :)
Undertale oyuncusu (11 days ago)
Rip random commenters dad.... ; _ ;
Cristina Laird (1 month ago)
i had the same experience with my dad. a musician and a lover of life. Like Luther Vandross said: "if i could have another dance with him, I'll play a song that will never end"
Zander Plays Games (2 months ago)
What is the name of all music sir cuz i love it
Cameron Hughes (2 months ago)
Very relaxing love it!!
Brandon Tran (2 months ago)
Makes my day!
Vinita Maharaj (2 months ago)
I dig this so much
Elena hämäläinen (2 months ago)
Любимый ДЖАЗ!
Where can i get the Picture from?
Day Marcelly (2 months ago)
karlsson (3 months ago)
Playing arenas in wow to this love it
Arky ARKY (3 months ago)
Wow so great sooo bootyful 😍
Tyson Tran TigerTyson17 (3 months ago)
Anyone feel like a cup of coffee now?!
amy Hennessey (3 months ago)
soooothing.. . not waiting 'til Saturday morning! A great way to finish out a hellish week. Leave the crap in the office. Home to a good wife and kids, and a weekend off the treadmill!
razeeq285 (3 months ago)
Saya suka lagu ni ( I love this music! )
TheLonelyFox Dc (3 months ago)
Late reply, but have a nice weekend yourself! Thanks for the music :)
ЕE (3 months ago)
cool. just cool.
Amy Li (3 months ago)
Wow! I love this:) So beautiful and relaxing
now this morning has turned into a GOODMORNING😊
Chelly Chell (3 months ago)
I like it❤
Music Universe (3 months ago)
You've got my attention!
Rundelhaus Code (1 month ago)
give it back
Andrea Prater (3 months ago)
Just gave it a listen. I like what I am hearing so far. Nice, smooth, mellow music.
ᄋ ᄋ (3 months ago)
ᄋ ᄋ (3 months ago)
ᄋ ᄋ (3 months ago)
U Boy Obinna (3 months ago)
Caio Antonine (3 months ago)
i love to listen this channel when i am studing or doing a text
eu (3 months ago)
nice!,i love jazz! :D
吕汉楠 (3 months ago)
such beautiful music thanks for sharing
Dmitri B (3 months ago)
Nice music
Ronni Gama (3 months ago)
Tenham uma ótima semana! ( Have a great weekend!)
휘휘이이잉 (3 months ago)
잘 듣고 있어요~
Pia Legaspi (3 months ago)
great stress relief! thanks.
Carmelo Rosario (3 months ago)
This is very good and relax I love
Carmelo Rosario (3 months ago)
Beautiful weekend jazz🎤🎶🎙🎼
DUB NATION (3 months ago)
This is really some amazing music! BTW, I hope you still remember me, since I haven’t been here in a long time. But now I’m back and listening to your music! Don’t worry; you haven’t lost a fan, and your fan still enjoys your amazing music! ;) Edit: I’ve noticed the time I was gone, you guys have now started playing music for four hours, and for every day, too! That’s insane! You guys really make the best band ever! 2nd Edit: And especially you...for uploading the wonderful music that the band makes...😂😂😂
Yadira Martin (3 months ago)
ownasaur (3 months ago)
BGM never disappoints.
DUB NATION (3 months ago)
Of course!😄😄😄
Stone Cold fan 316 (3 months ago)
Oh my God I'm feeling the soul behind this music it's off the hook!
natsuネコ (3 months ago)
I'm Japanese.first comment.beautiful music! This music love it!!
tung truong (2 months ago)
oh i love to eat natsu,,, my sis now in kobe and i mis her,, love jazz and japan also!!!!!
pin prick (3 months ago)
Yee I'm so glad its the weekend
TheTakenKing Oryx (3 months ago)
Thomas Thompson (3 months ago)
Is there a way to get a list of tracks/producers? I may just be silly and missed it somewhere. I'm a writer and love this little group.
Thomas Thompson (3 months ago)
I was doing something similar on Spotify, I like your refinement though
Thomas Thompson (3 months ago)
+NICK M You're the dopest
NICK M (3 months ago)
Not the exactly answer but one writer talking to another here use Spotify and try Jazz Hop playlists and deep focus
I like it!🎶🎵💟
식탐빌런 (3 months ago)
It makes me relaxed. thanks :)
L M N T (3 months ago)
David Torres (3 months ago)
What beautiful masterpiece of the jazz hip Hop
David Torres (17 days ago)
DUB NATION (3 months ago)
I agree, David!
poku 21 (3 months ago)
good feeling
OLIVIA PESSANHA (3 months ago)
Amo demais esse canal !! Love you!!
Tangerine Sky333 (3 months ago)
Sounds like a metronome on steroids. That's not what jazz is about
Reyna Ortiz (3 months ago)
Cada día ☕
짐똥원투따리Drink (3 months ago)
Aviation Channel (3 months ago)
Very good
JordadGames HD (3 months ago)

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