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Learn how to walk like a Male Model! A strong Walk makes you look more attractive! As a professional Runway Model or just to look more confident: In this Video I teach you the DOs and DONTs for a male Catwalk! You wanna become a Male-Model? Get my FREE E-Book here: https://marioadrion.com/become-a-model All the best, and keep walking with Confidence! _________________________________________________ I am traveling the world as an Actor and Model. We can all achieve the great things that we want. I am sharing my experiences on my journey around the world to help and inspire people to follow their dreams. So if you want to become a model or just have a dream that you need to follow I would love to have you subscribe and join this journey! BECOME A MODEL! https://marioadrion.com/become-a-model SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/user/marioadrion?sub_confirmation=1 LET'S CONNECT! https://marioadrion.com https://facebook.com/marioadrion https://instagram.com/marioadrion
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Mario Adrion (1 year ago)
Become a Male Model with my Free Ebook! https://www.marioadrion.com/become-a-model (: Hope it helps!!
Dydy Bdbhouston (14 days ago)
Mario Adrion I have a tattoo do U think I’m gonna make it as male model?
Nosa Irabor (3 months ago)
Mario Adrion I can't download. Pls check if link is broken or something. Thanks.
Aries Betonio (3 months ago)
Mario Adrion thanks for your tutorial 😊
Jishnu Prakash (4 months ago)
Thanks babe
Ankit Meshram (5 months ago)
i cant download your e book..can you email it to me? [email protected]
Jhon Reeve Adolfo (1 hour ago)
Geraldine Jayme (2 days ago)
ThankYou so much this is helping me improve my walking in my school pagent today.
yolandoarayan (4 days ago)
Hi mario i followed you on IG .. hehehe your cute ..
Thanks mario i have a model contest on monday
manthan LN (18 days ago)
it is helpful
madridi ishmael (19 days ago)
I think i should meet my crush tommorrow...i am walking that way right😜😜
ACE DIMACULANGAN (22 days ago)
He's freaking hot yet very funny!
Mohamed Ali Ali (23 days ago)
People cares only those who belongs to rich familyies,nobody care people from middle class family, i am handsome and conviced guy i wanna to be a model but i have no support so sad my dream just will be a dream
Unknown User (27 days ago)
thanks 👏
Elijah wali (28 days ago)
I have my first runway tomorrow 😂😂
TreborYl (1 month ago)
Eh..question, and the walk is like with the legs going on a single line? or like imagine both legs have each one their own path, i ask because for female models is usually walking on an imaginary stright line and therefore crossing a bit the legs to be able walk on that line.
Angelie Derecho (1 month ago)
Subscribe to mr.beast
Kazora Money (1 month ago)
this nigga
Shine Khit (1 month ago)
i like ur speech
•• Bartier (1 month ago)
His voice is HOT 🙄
Chester Minoro (1 month ago)
Thank you 🙏
kill the boringness (1 month ago)
Love you bro.. thank you
Tengo Jincharadze (1 month ago)
Thanks bro :)
Project Zorgo (1 month ago)
I’m an escort for my school and I have to do this and I hate it and I’m a kid
De Hypnotize (1 month ago)
I have been struggling to walk like a man I mean I have been teased and made fun of for my walk , saying I walk like a lady or don’t walk straight or many things , what should I do ?
alexander stewart (1 month ago)
omg, Can i get a goodluck, 'cause I'm here to learn to and try to win in our pageant in our school
Target (1 month ago)
Thx bro I have an audition Saturday If I pass I can possibly get picked up by a high end agent This really makes me feel more confident with myself thx! I will probably edit this and tell you peeps what happened.
Gokul kumar (1 month ago)
Love you bro..
UNKNOWN GUY! (1 month ago)
Yun cesotasoda
Prathvi Parihar (1 month ago)
wtf are you doing on road 😂
Mark Jay SaysonVEVO (1 month ago)
"Let's get down to your...... down.. p*nis" Im like what? seriously? Hahahahaha
Juliano Azz (1 month ago)
Like a faggg
Amrik Singh (1 month ago)
Bro can you help with me. I am from India.
Amrik Singh (1 month ago)
Hello brother. Tnx bro
Gray Beta (2 months ago)
Men buy your face and voice is perfect...
Ishrar Azam (2 months ago)
What is the name of this white shoes?
Dipankar Ray (2 months ago)
woo nice you are super mario
Avtar Singh (2 months ago)
More then men he looks gy
Monyeen Dongon (2 months ago)
Ok?the books put head then walk slowly.walk,walk,walk,and back or by step going left and right.the books careful and watch people.straight stand up and keep moving.ok?walk like model or ramp model show.troy thompson
Patrick Dave arandia (2 months ago)
Hi, Mario! Thanks for the advice! I just followed your IG account. 😅✨
Joshua Mendoza (2 months ago)
Thank you! for your tips👍👍
sushil boss (2 months ago)
Are you soon you so so so So so so so so much good walk
Rajan Vishkarama (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
Dom Jay (2 months ago)
I have a big show tomorrow in Santa Monica. Thanks for the useful/insightful tips <3
BROCKEN HEARTS (2 months ago)
You r so funny..I loving it😍
Michael Hanz Barlaan (2 months ago)
hi mario! thanks for the tips! what’s ur haircut? i’m planning on having a haircut tomorrow and i think i can rock ur look wahahaha just kidding. but what’s ur haircut?
ucheucheuche (2 months ago)
I fell over, too much multitasking for my he-brain 😵
Guitso Tambal (2 months ago)
Thanks for nice video
Britanny Wilson (2 months ago)
Idk why i am here or a am a tomboy? Hahaha when i am really serious about this, and when i heard (p*nis) i am like wtf i am in the wrong video Hahahahhah.. -nice vid mario
pro legion (2 months ago)
thanks your tips dude iam from in the philipines
Jacinth Gabrino (2 months ago)
Tnx for this tips that you've inspired me, i really appreciate it...
coollego profotions (2 months ago)
Thx mario bcs i have a fashon show tom and reach down for my what!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
URHO TM (2 months ago)
This guy is so likeable, the type everybody wants to be friends with. 😊
Toxicity Panda (3 months ago)
So I gotta walk like a confident wolf? Okay
mark silver (3 months ago)
Mines cat
ZEN revenge (3 months ago)
Put something in your mouth to shut up...
ZEN revenge (3 months ago)
Sisters of mercy !!!
Bilal Rasheed (3 months ago)
its easy to say when my crush got infront of me i cant stop starring @her
vrushabh mudda (3 months ago)
Your advices are good, but your sense of humour annoys me
Elmer Penera Jr. (3 months ago)
this is very helpful
Rahul Jain (3 months ago)
Teri MAA ki chud
Shahan (2 months ago)
teri maa ka tandoor hai kya?
Channelistic (3 months ago)
i'm a koala lmao
Rohan malik (3 months ago)
Guide was good but your illustrations in between..😂😂
grantapus donald (3 months ago)
To be a male model: #1 Not be ugly... SMH
All u need is Here (3 months ago)
I couldn't download it...!!
Devla (3 months ago)
What if u have man boobs?
Siddhesh sardar (3 months ago)
Nice spirit animal thing great video
Bani jasso (3 months ago)
Summary: lets not be fem lmaooo
Vinay V Kay (3 months ago)
What is your height bro..?
Tristan Ndianga (4 months ago)
lol. i walk like a woman. tipss for me BTW. U earned one subscriber
Joseph Miguel Lee (4 months ago)
Jess FD (4 months ago)
1st time i watch this video.. and im curious.. and after wathing this..its.. TRUE absolutely agree 👍chin up..arms hanging by your sides, roll up and open up your chest, look forward have a purpose.. make a long steps to show  confidence, dnt walk too fast..show determination..and if helps you. Turn on your Spirit animal..feel like a model.. by d way.. im a PWD (w/ cleft palate) but because of these qualities that i think i have and updated in fashion.. im able to gain a respect and feel the love from the others. and im happy abt it.. regardless who or what you are.. always keep smiling and walk w/ confidence 😉💖
Carlo Ferrando (4 months ago)
Chicken is my spirit animal :O
moath kassem (4 months ago)
Am i the only one who died laughing after seeing his walking lol
DL (4 months ago)
Anybody else's spirit animal happen to be a shark?
Yung Macks (4 months ago)
Mach more confident
Prince Pradhan (4 months ago)
Hahahahahahahaha u r wearing pink lip balm n that is feminine too
Can I Try? I wanna be an Old Man Model. Why doesn't anyone Give a F*** about us? I lost a lot of Opportunities by Listening to what Other people wants me to be. Why? Because I was Young and Respect them so I let them take Control? No way this Year is my Year!!! I say Old is Sexy... I wanna Die Old and Happy and a Music man. I am just Getting Started. So here it Is... Thank You Young Man for this Wonderful Tip. Uncle Lucky Loves You. LoL
ALI (4 months ago)
If my face is like you i wouldn't have to wonder what confident is 🙄🙄🙄
Masked mASK (4 months ago)
What should i do if my spirit animal is an owl? *Moooo mooooooooo* while waving head
Yash Solanki (4 months ago)
My life sucks I don't know how to walk in style 😞 I walk like shit my shoulders don't move while I m walk I everyone judge my walking style, they say u should walk like this or that but I don't know why I can't 😥
Kenaz Halwai (4 months ago)
I feel lost
Bijo John (4 months ago)
I am becoming a big fan of you dear
Mico Hazakin85 (4 months ago)
You deserve a million subs bro 👍👍👍
PhantomSixth 8 (4 months ago)
Amazing bro! It can boost confidence.
Rishabh Rajbhar (4 months ago)
Mario is a masterpiece
TheLazyHikikomori (5 months ago)
My spirit animal is an eagle
Dario Werbowy (5 months ago)
there ain't nuthin' special with men's walk! they all look the same! that's y the industry is dominated by women
3ple L (5 months ago)
Hey Stop looking at his eyes! He's not yours. 😝
Reyvic Simon (5 months ago)
Did this, then got mugged...
Atta Rajpoot (5 months ago)
bro your are awesome thanks and you also keeps smiling ☺
XCrisHD (5 months ago)
1:47 Random person: wtf is this guy doing?
just_mikelife ig (5 months ago)
Man I really dig your vids man and it’s been helping me out a lot
The neon cosmonaut (5 months ago)
Mario actually was walking like a gorilla down that crowded city walk.he is living his best life
Charles Ini (5 months ago)
So helpful 💖
Ujjawal Upadhyay (5 months ago)
Nice advice I inspired you
Sumit Ali (5 months ago)
Nice advises
Goldy (5 months ago)
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Erik Chompina (5 months ago)
Te Amo Mario eres el Mejor 😍😍😍
Squirtle Hvac (5 months ago)
What song is that playing?
Doctor X (5 months ago)
i expand my chest now they are 👙breast. 😁😂😀😋😂
Civious (20 days ago)
Good. That means it's working.👍👍👍
Dale Bulaso (3 months ago)
ramp modelling
niane (5 months ago)
my spirit animal is going to be... fainting goat.
khemark Nicor (6 months ago)
Iloveyoumario 😍😍😍😆😆
khemark Nicor (6 months ago)
Iloveyoumario 😍😍😍😆😆

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