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Rihanna - Stay / Love On The Brain / Diamonds (Live From The 2016 MTV VMAs)

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Rihanna performs a medley of “Stay,” “Love On The Brain,” and “Diamonds” live at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City. http://vevo.ly/hg5hIE
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Text Comments (9167)
anil tatre (36 minutes ago)
Lara Mota (4 hours ago)
arrepiei toda amooo
xjaylist (4 hours ago)
this never ever ever gets old. good LORD!
Chyna Nelson (6 hours ago)
Can we just replace the album version of Love On The Brain with this one ? Please🌹
GüGü Malik (11 hours ago)
Feeling is art.Legends never die in our hearts
it iz (13 hours ago)
You all keep saying that she felt it but no she was just high
it iz (13 hours ago)
Why all black?
Cat Perez (14 hours ago)
Rihanna is just totally awesome 👏🏽
Cat Perez (14 hours ago)
2019 💋❤️💯❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hi (14 hours ago)
I wonder who disliked this
BadgalririVEVO (16 hours ago)
vyvyxs s2 (1 day ago)
nao me canso de assistir isso '-'
Liliana P. (1 day ago)
Fernanda solis (1 day ago)
Ella sabe como transmitir las emociones! La Adoroooo! 💞
Madelyn H. (1 day ago)
What’s a belaver?
Zelfi Erka (1 day ago)
Aymen Sadouni (1 day ago)
This is for who said that Rihanna can't sing ! 🖕❤❤
nivka (1 day ago)
I always come back to this
Characato (1 day ago)
She kills me
This threesome is just woooow
The girl who Stan (2 days ago)
Her outfit is so pretty 💖💖💖
alfonso lopez (2 days ago)
Lo puedo ver y ver y ver !!!!! La tres canciones perfectas!!!!
Lilly Aina (2 days ago)
It's January 2019 and I miss Rihanna so here I am
Karina Padilha (2 days ago)
Alguém em 2019❤
Kayla González (2 days ago)
Blueside ! (3 days ago)
i love this chic right here
Justina Clara (3 days ago)
Every second of this video is so emotional...In love with this performance!
Laís Oliveira (3 days ago)
Virginia King (3 days ago)
actual chills.
David Gustavo (3 days ago)
Riri love you ! 😍😍😍😍
Janos Czirkelbach (3 days ago)
beauty clip
Karin Milian (3 days ago)
I wish she woulda wore a bright red gown with sparkle 😍
Wina Juned (2 days ago)
Yeah😍😍😍 Riri in Red would look 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍
Zutima Butdee (3 days ago)
Shine bright like riri ❤❤❤
Sphamandla Hlela (4 days ago)
03:16 that is where it all start
Dasha Ivanova (4 days ago)
When it's already 2019 but u still can't stop listening
M C (4 days ago)
Her hands and hips went wild
ani rus (4 days ago)
Kim Taehyung (4 days ago)
i have goosebumps right now
Mukelani Balondo (4 days ago)
You nailed it girl!!!
Otávio Lins (4 days ago)
Talento puro
Typical K!wi (4 days ago)
Who is here in 2023
Rodney Milante (5 days ago)
Tayah Kallitsas (5 days ago)
She sounds Australian at the start 😂😂 but obviously AMAZING 😉
Renata Santos (5 days ago)
2019 💕
canta muito!Eu amo
Ekklésia Barros (5 days ago)
Rihanna I love uuu❤❤💕💕
kat lily (5 days ago)
Oh my gosh i love her
Jovanildo Borges (5 days ago)
Stay ela tinha acacado no instante com um baseado!
Kübra Topsakal (5 days ago)
Queen 💜💜
Moniroth Chan (5 days ago)
One of my all time favorite RiRi performances
Halimat Bello (6 days ago)
Wish I could like this more than once
jo mi (6 days ago)
Nanda Silva (6 days ago)
Como não se emocionar ❤❤
eu VIGGO (7 days ago)
Janeiro 2019 ?
Felipe Valasques (7 days ago)
Gustavo de Castro (7 days ago)
So perfect! ❤️
Abdy Augusto (7 days ago)
It's amazing how much emotion and personality she demonstrates in a presentation. So beautiful!
SantaClaus643 AJ (7 days ago)
our sister was really feeling it. james charles has left the chat :) wOkE
Alexsander Martins (8 days ago)
Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Matheus Silva (8 days ago)
Meu amoooor😍
renata maria (8 days ago)
que voz!
Elizabeth Calderon (8 days ago)
Chris prolly like 😯
Elizabeth Calderon (8 days ago)
This shows that you dont need to be dancin all over the place to have a great performance. IT COMES FROM WITHIN 🔥🔥🔥
Elizabeth Calderon (8 days ago)
We want a new album riri!!! 😘😘😘
Klawany Gomes (8 days ago)
Rainha ❤
Darlene Stella (8 days ago)
Rihanna is just so beautiful
Darlene Stella (8 days ago)
Rihanna is just so beautiful
Gabriele Fonseca (8 days ago)
Linda 😍
andy b (8 days ago)
Kamille Oliveira (8 days ago)
Não me canso de ver essa maravilha!❤
Reni Martins (8 days ago)
Whadsson (8 days ago)
Todos estamos no aguarde da sua volta pra música #R9 ❤👑
LayLay Latrice (9 days ago)
I don't really like Rihanna that much but she did good on this performance. I give her props for now
María Pía Navarro (9 days ago)
Te amo
Kiuk K (9 days ago)
00:00 <--- Reply Button
Omuhinda Daisy Aseka (9 days ago)
Love on the Brain 😍❤
Marcia Mirelly (9 days ago)
Eray (9 days ago)
Sen harikasın
Пока наши артисты не научатся хоть на 10% выполнять песни также будто рири я не буду их внимать.
Yasmin Barbosa (10 days ago)
That voice omfg
Rocio Aguirre (10 days ago)
Thessalonica Reigns (10 days ago)
Can't get over this exhibit
2:58 😍
zemetras (10 days ago)
Diamonds reflects, dont shine.
Rusli Lubis (10 days ago)
Classy. On the mood she so slay.. Slow but i can feel her energy
danielle richard (10 days ago)
Neema Alex (10 days ago)
Love you riri
Bruxo Da noite (11 days ago)
January 2019 Stay 😍Brazil
Pamela Gomez (11 days ago)
Que mina perfecta
Kathy Caceres (11 days ago)
Maylla Souza (11 days ago)
Johan Franco (11 days ago)
She is a queen 👑!
Ella Chris (11 days ago)
I just keep coming back... And for those legs too
Juan Fenty (11 days ago)
She is amazing ♥ Rihanna is my life forever ♥♥♥ #RihannaNavyBrazil
Jade R. (11 days ago)
shes cute with those hand gestures
It's Hollie (11 days ago)
santiago bastidas (12 days ago)
A ella que le da por que hace esos movimientos jajaja grande love riahana

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